Training for the “Man in the Middle”

For the Man Who Wishes to Gain Muscle and Lose Fat

In this article we will present a comprehensive training, nutrition, and supplement plan for the man who wishes to gain muscle (primarily) while at the same time lose some excess body fat. Our program comes directly from the BevSolutions section of our website. For this article we’ve gone to BevSolutions and chosen a workout from the Training section, a diet plan from the Nutritional Programs section, and a supplement plan from the Supplement section for you.


First up, let’s start with your workout. We’ve picked a program called Training for the “Man in the Middle”. We’ve included a beginner’s version and will include guidelines as to how the “advanced man” can use it as well, but perhaps its greatest benefit is for “the man in the middle” - the intermediate trainee who is stuck and can seemingly go no farther. This program consists of all basic exercises aimed at working the large mus-cle masses and developing the most muscle and the most power. We have no intentions here of giving you a lot of supposedly innovative exercises just for the sake of offering something different. These are the exercises that WORK!


If you are a beginner, or are just getting back into training after a long layoff, you should workout three days per week. Your first workouts should be easy. “It’s not where you begin, but where you end up that counts.” Use a weight that you can easily perform for 12 repetitions on each exercise. However, instead of pushing to get 12, stop at 7. Add a repetition every other workout day. On day two, you’ll again do 7 reps. On days three and four, you’ll complete 8 reps and so on until you are performing 10 repetitions. At that point add 5lbs to the weight on the upper body exercises and 10lbs on the lower body exercises and start back at 7 repetitions. Then work up to 10 again in the same manner, add weight and go back to 7 again.

Do just one set per exercise the first month. The following month continue to work-out three days per week, but now you will do two sets on each exercise. Continue the progression listed above – work up from 7 reps to 10 reps with a particular poundage, when you successfully perform 10 reps on each set of an exercise, add weight and drop back to 7 reps. Progress slowly. Always hit a specific rep target two days in succession before adding another rep.

The “Man in the Middle”

If you are “the man in the middle”, neither a beginner or advanced man, but whose progress is stalled, you should definitely give this program a try. However, you should do 3 sets of each exercise. You may follow the same type of progression as the begin-ner, adding a rep every 2nd workout and adding more weight once you’ve successfully completed 10 reps on all your sets for two consecutive workouts. There is a slightly different progression you can use instead, especially if you are a veteran of the iron game. In this case, you’ll do 3 sets of 7 reps during your first workout. You’ll add just one rep total to each ex-ercise on your second workout day by doing one set of 8 reps and 7 reps on the other two sets. The third workout you’d do two sets of 8 reps and 1 set of 7. Fol-low this progression until you reach 3 sets of 10 reps on an exercise and then add 5lbs on upper body work or 10lbs for the lower body exercises and start again at 3 sets of 7 reps.

Here’s how this progression scheme looks in chart form:

Week 1

Day 1: 7,7,7
Day 2: 8,7,7
Day 3: 8,7,7

Week 2

Day 1: 8,8,8
Day 2: 9,8,8
Day 3: 9,9,8

Week 3

Day 1: 9,9,9
Day 2: 10,9,9
Day 3: 10,10,9

Week 1

Day 1: 10,10,10 add 5-10 lbs
Day 2: 87,7,7
Day 3: 8,7,7

Continue With Same Protocol

Whether you are a beginner or “the man in the middle”, rest about two minutes between each set and three to five minutes between exercises.

Here’s the exercise schedule. I know you are going to think these are the same exercises that everybody does so what’s so special. Well, you are probably right, there’s certainly nothing new here. But, if you want overall muscle mass and shape, the following exercises have been proven by millions of bodybuilders to be the very best.

  • Standing Two-arm Press: The first exercise is the standing two-arm press. Many think of this as just a shoulder developer but it also develops the arms, back, and overall body power.
  • Squat: Many consider this the greatest exercise of them all. Hard work on the squat not only stimulates muscular growth in the legs, but in your entire upper body as well. It can’t be beat for developing overall body power, for develop-ing the legs, and it even increases upper body mass.
  • Barbell Curl: Another old standby but no better biceps exercise has been found.
  • Bench Press: One we’re sure you are familiar with. The bench press is a terrific developer of the chest, triceps, and front delts. If you follow the recommended progression procedure de-tailed above, you will add 5lbs to your bench press about every 3 weeks. Doesn’t sound like much, but when is the last time you added 80lbs to your bench in a year?
  • Bentover Row: Here’s one many of you do not like, however, when it is performed correctly it is one of the best for bulking the back, arms, and shoulders.
  • Sit-up: Work up from 10-15 reps to 30 reps per set.
  • Calf Raise: This is an area that many bodybuilders neglect, don’t be one of them. Start at 20 reps per set and work up to 30 before adding weight.

The advanced man can also benefit from this pro-gram. The three-day per week full body workout can do wonders for him. He should choose two of the above exercises which he wants to concentrate on and perform 4-5 sets of each. On these two exercises he should lower his rep range to 3-5 or 6-8, but still progress in the same manner as before by adding just one rep per workout until he reached the top number for all his sets. He should also perform these exercises first in his workout. He’d want to limit the remaining exercises to 3 sets each or he would be overworking. That’s it! Now let’s get to work and show some real results.


Next let’s look at the diet section. At BevSolutions you’ll find a menu of diet plans to achieve specific goals. We’re going straight to the Gain Muscle and Lose Fat section. There are actually two relevant plans, one is for you if you weigh 185 or more, the other if your weight is less than 185. We’re going to illustrate the “under 185lbs” plan here. But, if you weigh 185 or greater, no problem, just check out BevSolutions and you’ll find your “over 185lbs” plan there. Before we go further we want to make sure you understand that a consummate nutrition plan is all important to your success at building muscle while losing fat.



Your Gain Muscle and Lose Fat Diet

Now that you have the supplies you need to get started, let’s take a look at your Gain Muscle and Lose Fat Plan (up to 185lbs). If you are not used to a structured eating plan like this, it may be difficult at the start. It will also seem like a lot of food at first, especially at breakfast (Meal #1). Soon you’ll be looking forward to your next meal. It is ok to ease yourself into the full plan over a week or two. One of the keys is preparedness. We urge you to prepare what you can ahead of time.

Meal 1
1 whole egg + 3 egg whites, 5oz lean meat, ½ cup oatmeal (before cooking)

Scramble 1 whole egg and 3 whites (or 1 egg and 1/3 cup of liquid egg whites) together in a skillet. It’s ok to use Pam or a teaspoon of butter. One of the best ways to cook the lean meat (usually lean ground beef or ground turkey) is to weigh it out crumble it and cook it in a skillet. When it’s done, drain any excess fat, add your eggs and scramble it all together. Alternatively, just make your lean meat into a patty and cook it like a hamburger.

We recommend 1-Minute Oats, use ½ cup oats, 1 cup water, and a pinch of salt. Mix it together in a microwave safe bowl and cook it for 1 minute and 45 seconds. The best timesaver for this meal is to cook your lean meat ahead of time and store it in 5oz ready to microwave portions.

Meal 2
Protein Drink: 2 Scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, 2 tbsp healthy fat (almond butter, flax oil, olive oil) or 2 tbsp heavy whipping cream, add enough water to make a shake or pudding the consistency you desire. It’s important to add the fat here. We favor almond butter or heavy whipping cream because it makes the best tasting protein out there, taste even better. Our favorite shake recipe is to add 4-6 ice cubes to a blender, add water to the 15oz mark and then add 1oz whipping cream or 2 tbsp almond butter. Then put in 2 scoops UMP and blend until the ice is liquefied. (You can do this in advance and take to work in a Thermos or put it in the fridge at work.)

Meal 3
8oz lean meat, 6oz sweet potato or 2/3 cup cooked brown rice, 2 cups vegetables (broccoli, etc.) and/or salad with 2 tbsp Newman’s Own vinegar and oil dressing (or Balsamic)

Meal 4
(same as meal #2)

Meal 5
8oz lean meat, 2 cups vegetables, Salad with 2 tbsp Newman’s Own vinegar and oil dressing

Notice that at this meal we cut out any starchy carbs, so the last time you had carbs was at lunch. This is one of the secrets to being able to add muscle, but still cut fat.

Meal Frequency

As you can see you’ll be eating small meals spread about 3 hours apart. This is important to your success in building muscle and losing fat. You don’t have to sit down at the table and eat a meal, but you must take in the proper amount of nutrients. Plan ahead. If you’re going to be in meetings or running errands all day, make a couple of shakes the night before.

Beverages: Make sure that you drink at least six to eight 8oz glasses of water each day (that’s four 16oz bottles). Watch out for calories in the liquids you drink, juices and regular soft drinks will sabotage your progress. Limit your beverages to water, coffee, unsweetened tea, diet sodas, and Crystal Light.

Free Foods: You can eat any of the following at any time, without jeopardizing your results: Sugar free gum, sugar-free Jell-O, Splenda, Equal, seasonings, mustard, vinegar, hot sauce, salt and pepper.


Your Grocery Shopping List

Before starting the diet you’ll be using to build muscle and lose fat, you’ll need to go to the grocery and pick up the foods you need. (This list is also available in the Nutrition section of BevSolutions.) Here’s what you’ll need for the first couple of weeks.

  • 1 carton of liquid egg whites
  • 1 carton eggs
  • 1 small carton of Heavy Whipping Cream
  • One container of Almond Butter (usually found in the Natural Health Foods section of your store)
  • One container Quaker 1 minute Oatmeal
  • Skinless chicken breasts
  • Fresh or frozen fish or tuna cans (packed in water)
  • Lean ground beef or turkey breast
  • 2 bags of salad (or fresh greens for salads)
  • Fresh or frozen vegetables of your choice
  • Newman’s Own Vinegar and Oil (or Balsamic Vinaigrette)
  • 4 bags of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice (brown rice or whole grain wild rice are the best choices)
  • 2 twelve-packs of bottled water


If you are a raw beginner we’d suggest UMP and Fit Tabs to start. These two supplements will help you get the protein you need to make maximum gains and fill in any nutritional gaps that might limit your progress.

It’s for the “man in the middle” and the advanced man where supplements be-come almost crucial. We have seen time and time again where the “man in the middle” was stuck, maybe taking an inferior supplement or “supplement of the month”, and then gained more in the next 3 weeks on a targeted, quality supplement program than he had in the previous year (or more)!

You’ll find an entire Supplement section at our BevSolutions website, our Supple-ment Recommendation Chart is also an invaluable resource for finding just what you need for your particular goal. But here, we are going to spell it out for you. If you are “the man in the middle”, we are going to pull no punches and tell you just what you need to start making progress again.

We list them as Essential, Advanced, Comprehensive, and Maximum on the Supplement Recommendation Chart and in our BevSolutions. We do this to help you prioritize according to your budget. Be sure to check them out when you can, however to make it simple, we are just going to show you exactly what you need here.

1. Start with two containers of UMP. Vanilla and Chocolate are the most popular, so if you are new to UMP, start with one of each. We recommend a UMP plus healthy fat shake at Meals 2 and 4. If you can’t do a blender shake it’s always fine and very convenient to have a 2 scoop UMP shake and eat about 9 almonds, walnuts or cashews.

2. Creatine Select will blast you out of a sticking point faster than anything we know. If you’ve tried Creatine before with little results, it’s still a good idea to try it one more time with Beverly’s Creatine Select. Start with a 5 day loading phase taking 1 scoop 4 times daily; after that take 1 scoop daily before you work out or with a meal. (Remember, Beverly guarantees all of our products, so if it doesn’t work, you can return an empty jar for a full refund.) We had to write that but we hope it doesn’t take away from how much we believe this product can do for you – especially if you’re the “man in the middle”.

These two supplements, UMP and Creatine Select will add a big boost to your muscle gains. If you are true to the nutrition plan you’ll also be seeing some fat loss. One of the best markers for muscle gain and fat loss is if your weight stays the same on the scale, but your weights (or reps) are going up in the gym.

3. If you are over 35 years of age we highly recommend Quadracarn. This supplement aids in fat burning as well as optimizing your hormonal environment for building muscle. In other words, it helps you utilize your own naturally produced testosterone to build muscle. Take 3 tabs 2 times daily with meals 1 and 5. Add 3 additional tablets on training days with your pre-training meal.

If your budget allows, and you are a guy who doesn’t have any trouble taking a lot of tablets, we are going to tell you about a supplement stack that has been responsible for more muscle gain than any other that we know of.

4. Take 4 Mass Aminos and 4 Ultra 40 liver tablets with each of your meals and shakes (18 -20) tab-lets each throughout the day). Now, you do not see overnight results. Instead you see lasting muscle gains of about a pound every two weeks. They not only work individually, but by completing the amino acid profile of each of your meals, they geometrically increase your potential for muscle growth. If Beverly International has a secret, it’s the Mass and Ultra 40 secret. Have you noticed that no other supplement company manufactures a similar stack. (Shh, don’t tell them!)

You might be asking, “Is there anything else I can take?” We are a little reluctant to say yes, because we know if you are taking UMP, Creatine Select, Quadracarn, Mass and Ultra 40 that you are really covering all your bases, but for general health and to make sure you are getting all the micronutrients needed to build muscle you should include the Super Pak.

Finally, Muscle Synergy and Glutamine Select can also help. If you are 40 or older, or have historically had a hard time adding muscle, we definitely recommend Muscle Synergy. If you want to try Muscle Synergy, you’ll see faster results if you load with Creatine Select first.

If you are very active at work, participate in sports, like to run or do a lot of cardio, Glutamine Select can save the day. It is a wonder for recovery.

There you have it. Follow this three phase plan and monitor your progress. The scale is not the end all, be all tool to monitor fat loss. In fact, we hope that your weight on the scale doesn’t change that much at all. Think of it this way, if you can lose 5lbs of bodyfat and gain 5lbs of muscle the scale weight doesn’t change at all, but the way you look in the mirror certainly has. This would be a +10 in body recomposition.


In this issue, we are sharing Beverly International’s best Gain Muscle while Losing Fat nutrition program. This is our proven 50% protein - 20% carbs - 30% fat nutrition system. You are welcome to share it with your gym mates, clients, and anyone else whose primary goal is to add muscle while at the same time losing body fat.

This report is comprised of four sections:

  1. Goals and Strategy
  2. Basics
  3. Male Gain Muscle - Lose Fat Plan
  4. Female Lose Fat – Gain Lean Muscle Plan

Beverly’s Gain Muscle – Lose Fat Nutrition Program – Goals & Strategy

Goal: The goal of this program is to improve your body composition. That means you are going to improve your muscle-to-fat ratio.

Beverly’s 50-20-30 nutrition system helps you maintain and gain lean muscle while you reduce fat at the same time. We call this your net body composition change

Strategy: The key to gaining muscular size and density while losing excess fat is through a specialized nutrition program with an emphasis on the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

  • However, the correct ratio is not enough. You must also eat the right protein, carbohydrate, and fat types.
  • This area is where many (who know something about nutrition) go wrong. They eat the correct ratios but the wrong foods.
  • Another area where things can go wrong is your choice of supplements.
  • In this program, we will stick to a proven, time-tested supplement formula.
  • We’ll give you some prioritized options to stay within your budgetary boundaries, but we won’t recommend what’s cheapest; instead, we’ll recommend the supplements that will give you the most value in terms of results.
  • The most important measure of this program is not the total amount of lean muscle you gain (for this, you’d use our off-season bodybuilding nutrition program) or how many total pounds of fat you lose. Your net body composition change (NBCC) is what counts.
  • Your NBCC is calculated by adding together the pounds of lean mass you gain and the pounds of fat you lose.
  • If you gain four pounds of lean mass and lose five pounds of fat, your net body composition change is nine pounds. (And that will make a tremendous improvement in your physique.).
  • The recommended supplement program will improve your results in NBCC by another 30%.
  • You should set a realistic goal for your NBCC over the next six weeks to three months that you will be on this program. One-half to one pound NBCC per week is excellent progress.

Gain Muscle – Lose Fat Basics

You have to take a disciplined approach and consistently eat the right combination of nutrients and the right types of nutrients to add quality muscle and improve your body composition as you slowly reduce your body fat percentage. Your nutrition regimen should consist of three basic food types (macronutrients) in the following proportions.


Your total diet (including supplements) will consist of approximately 50% proteins.

  • Best protein sources for building quality muscle while cutting your bodyfat percentage are lean beef (90% or leaner), salmon, turkey breast, chicken breast, egg whites, fish, whole eggs, and lean pork.
  • The best protein supplements are UMP and Muscle Provider.
  • Mass Amino Acid tablets and Ultra 40 Beef Liver are invaluable to make sure that you utilize the protein you eat, and they provide additional amino acids you need to build muscle.


Complex carbohydrates comprise about 20% of your nutritional intake.

  • Best sources of complex carbohydrates for gaining lean muscle while losing fat are oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and all variations of beans.
  • Low-carb vegetables include salads, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, green beans, and just about any other green or yellow vegetable.
  • Low-carb fruits are blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, peaches, and strawberries.


Dietary fats should make up 30% of your caloric intake.

  • For best gains on this plan, you should really pay attention to getting the right amount and right kinds of dietary fats. The best sources are olive oil, coconut oil, flax oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, almond butter, almonds, walnuts, and heavy cream.
  • You should also take an essential fatty acid supplement like Beverly’s EFA Gold, which contains a synergistic combination of EFA’s from 3 naturally concentrated sources: fish, organic flaxseed, and borage oil.

Free Foods

You can eat any of the following at any time without jeopardizing your results: Calorie-free drinks, sugar-free gum, sugar-free Jell-O, cinnamon, Splenda, Equal, seasonings, mustard, vinegar,
hot sauce, salt, and pepper.

Free Meals

Remember that this program is designed to add maximum muscular size while reducing fat. The only time that a “free meal” is acceptable is if you have a special occasion like a birthday, wedding, holiday meal, etc.


Make sure that you drink plenty of water. If you are dehydrated, you will not burn fat, and you can’t build muscle. Water is necessary in every metabolic process. You should drink at least 96 ounces each day.

Other acceptable beverages are unsweetened tea and coffee; diet drinks like Crystal Light, diet-flavored waters, and diet sodas. Regular fruit juice and milk have large amounts of naturally occurring sugar, and although they may be good foods, they may also result in fat accumulation, so they are not part of this nutritional program.

“50-20-30 Gain Muscle – Lose Fat” Nutrition Plan for Men

Here is a typical meal plan based on six meals. Adjust portions or add or decrease a meal as needed to maintain progress. If you weigh less than 180 lbs or if fat loss is your primary goal, eat just five meals.


Essential: UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein), Super Pak, Quadracarn

Next Steps: Creatine Select

Stack: Mass Aminos (or Density if fat loss is your most important goal), Ultra 40

Additives: Glutamine Select, Muscle Synergy, EFA Gold

Breakfast (recommended): two whole eggs, four egg whites, five ounces lean beef, one-half cup oatmeal.

[Option B (if you don’t like eggs): eight ounces lean beef, one-half cup oatmeal.}

[Option C (if you want to drink a protein shake for breakfast): two scoops UMP, one-half cup liquid egg whites or egg beaters, one-third cup oatmeal, and one-third cup frozen blueberries or three frozen strawberries.]

Mid-Morning Meal: Protein Drink with two scoops of UMP, two tablespoons of a healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter), or heavy cream. – Optional: one serving low carb fruit.

[Option B: one can tuna (water packed), one cup cottage cheese, and one-half cup pineapple (unsweetened) or one-half cantaloupe.]

[Option C: 8oz lean beef, one small apple.]

Lunch: eight ounces chicken breast, two-thirds cup brown rice, green salad with oil, and vinegar dressing.

[Option B: eight ounces lean beef, five ounces sweet potato, two cups low carb vegetables.]

Mid Afternoon Meal: Tuna or chicken salad - two cans tuna (water packed) or eight ounces chicken breast, two tablespoons mayonnaise, celery, relish, one-half apple.

[Option B: Protein Drink with two scoops Muscle Provider or UMP, two tablespoons healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter), or heavy cream.]

[Option C: Protein Pudding – put two scoops of UMP into a bowl or Tupperware container, add just enough water to stir into a pudding consistency, then add two tablespoons almond butter or heavy cream.]

Dinner: ten ounces steak, pork loin, chicken, turkey, or fish; two cups low low-carb vegetables; green salad with four tablespoons oil and vinegar dressing.

[Option B: ten ounces salmon, two cups low-carb vegetables]

Before bed: Protein pudding – mix two scoops UMP in a bowl with just enough water to make a pudding texture. Add two tablespoons of almond butter, walnuts, or heavy cream.

[Option B: six egg whites, five ounces chicken breast, one serving low carbohydrate vegetable or fruit.]

“50-20-30 Lose Fat – Gain Lean Muscle” Nutrition Plan for Women

Here is a typical meal plan based on five meals with an optional “before bed” snack. Adjust portions or add or decrease a meal as needed to maintain progress.


Essential: UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein), Lean Out, Muscularity

Next Steps: Glutamine Select, 7-Keto MuscLean

Stack: Density, Energy Reserve

Additives: GH Factor, Fit Tabs, EFA Gold

Breakfast (recommended): one whole egg, three egg whites, three ounces turkey breast, one-half cup oatmeal. (Don’t forget you can add cinnamon and Splenda to your oatmeal.)

[Option B (if you want to drink a protein shake for breakfast): one scoop UMP; one-third cup liquid egg whites or egg beaters; one-fourth cup oatmeal or one-third cup frozen blueberries and three frozen strawberries.]

Mid-Morning Meal: Protein Drink with one or two scoops UMP, one tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter), or heavy cream. – Optional: one serving low carb fruit.

[Option B: one can tuna (water packed), one-half cup cottage cheese, and one-fourth cup pineapple (unsweetened) or one-fourth cantaloupe.]

Lunch: five ounces chicken breast or lean beef, one-half cup cooked brown rice, green salad with two tablespoons oil and vinegar dressing.

[Option B: Tuna salad - one can tuna (water packed), one tablespoon mayonnaise, celery, relish, one-half apple.]

Mid Afternoon Meal: Protein Drink with one or two scoops Muscle Provider or UMP, one tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter), or heavy cream.

[Option B: Protein Pudding – put one or two scoops of UMP into a bowl or Tupperware container, add just enough water to stir into a pudding consistency, then add one tablespoon almond butter or heavy cream.]

Dinner: five ounces steak, pork loin, chicken, turkey, or fish; two cups low low-carb vegetables; green salad with two tablespoons oil and vinegar dressing.

[Option B: five ounces salmon, two cups low-carb vegetables, green salad with two tablespoons oil and vinegar dressing.]

Optional “Before Bed” snack: Protein pudding – mix one scoop UMP in a bowl with just enough water to make a pudding texture. Add one tablespoon almond butter or walnuts.

[Option B: six egg whites, one serving low carbohydrate vegetable or fruit.]




Man (and woman) are a mammalian species. Unfortunately, science has shown that we as a species are the slowest maturing, slowest growing of all mammals. While slow to develop, what we develop is not slow, perhaps a paean to our very long evolutionary period, leading to such extreme adaptation intelligence. Dogs evolved quickly and are rough and tough but not too smart. They reach maturity at 18 months, but man takes 18 years!

For a bodybuilder past maturity, past age 18, to try and add muscle, this becomes a very testy proposition. Once more, trying to add muscle mass at the SAME time you try to add ripped cuts and definition is even a testier test!

Bodybuilders fight physiological logic right down the line. That being said, it is possible to increase muscle size and cuts simultaneously without having to use nutrient-partitioning drugs such as steroids, which certainly make the job easier (if not more health-impacting).


Adding muscle and definition is what this phase of our Ultimate Muscle Workout is all about.

Why do you grow so much in size and strength from age 12 to age 18? Well, because you are major-league anabolic during that period, with massive rushes of natural testosterone and growth hormone flooding your system. The trick is to keep any anabolic phase ongoing as long as possible.

Luckily, you can continue adding muscle size and power, and with the proper nutrition program and a few tweaks to your training program; you can decrease your body fat and carve in deep definition right along!

In the second phase of your Ultimate Muscle Workout, you will continue with power movements, add a few more refinement exercises to increase your muscularity, and use UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein) for dual action results for added muscle and less body fat.

Continual progress is the critical factor in training for additional muscle size with cuts. This includes using heavier weights, increasing reps with the same weight, or reducing rest periods between sets. Another more subtle form of progression is “try something new.” Try a different exercise or use a rep scheme that you have never used before. Here is a workout that includes different rep schemes and some seldom-used but very effective exercises for adding Muscle and Definition over the next 6-12 weeks. You’ll use a 3-day split – 2 days on and 1 off.

Day 1: Chest / Shoulders
(Workout 1)

Day 2: Triceps / Legs
(Workout 2)

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Back / Biceps
(Workout 3)

Day 5: Chest / Shoulders
(Workout 1)

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Triceps / Legs
(Workout 2)

Day 8: Back / Biceps
(Workout 3)

Day 9: Rest

Day 10: Start over

(All sets listed are work sets)

Bench Press 4x5-6
Incline DB Press 3x7-11
2 DB Bent-arm Pullover, Press, and Flye* 3x6-8
Clean and Press* 3x5-6
Lying 1 DB Lateral Raise* 3x10-12
Bent Over Rear Delt Row 3x8-12


* 2 DB Bent arm Pullover, Press, and Flye
The third exercise on the list, 2 DB Bent-arm Pullover, Press, and Flye, is a compound exercise that will hit your chest from three angles. Lie on a flat or decline bench with a medium-weight dumbbell in each hand, palms facing at chest level. (Start very light until you master the exercise performance.) Take a deep breath and lower the weights past your face and behind your head. Then pull the dumbbells back over to the starting position. Then, do a dumbbell press (palms still facing). Now lower them to the side in an arc as a bent-arm flye, and return in an arc to arm’s length. Finally, lower the weights to the original starting position for the pullover. The whole series, pullover, press, and flye, are one compound rep! Do 6-8 such compound reps.

* Clean and Press
The Clean and Press will give a new meaning to the term "hard work.” Start each rep standing with the barbell on the floor. You power clean the bar from the floor to your chest and press it. Return to the floor and do it again. Each clean and press counts as one rep; repeat for 5-6 reps. Rest for about 3 minutes, then repeat until you complete 3 sets of 5-6 reps. Add weight whenever you can get 6 reps on all 3 sets.

* Lying 1 DB Lateral Raise
Lying 1 DB Lateral Raise was a favorite of Arnold. Lie on your left side on a bench with your right arm holding a dumbbell. With your arm slightly bent, raise the dumbbell in an arc until it is vertical above your shoulder. Lower and repeat for 3 sets of 10-12 reps with each arm.


(All sets listed are work sets)

Squat 4x6
Hack Squat or Sissy Squat 3x12-15
Leg Press (feet very wide) 3x7-11
Straight Leg Deadlift superset w/ Leg Curl 3x10
Standing EZ Bar French Press 3x7-11
Lying 1 DB Triceps Extension 3x7-11
Right arm to left shoulder while lying, a favorite of Steve Reeves.
Straight-arm Triceps Raise 2x12-15
Here's what you do. Hold a barbell at arm’s length behind your rear end with palms facing backward (like an old school hack squat), then keeping arms straight, raise the bar backwards, getting a massive cramp in the triceps.

Wide Grip Chin or Pulldown 3x7-11
T Bar, Cable or BB Row 5x6, superset w/ DB row 5x8
Lying DB Curl 3x6-8
Lie flat on a bench or a very low incline – one of Reg Park’s favorites – look him up.
Seated BB Curl 3x7-11
Start seated at the end of a bench with the bar laying on thighs - curl to neck and lower back to thighs – your arms will not straighten completely out.
Lat Machine Curl 3x7-11
Lay on a bench facing up with your face under the bar. Get someone to hand you the bar, and then with upper arms perpendicular to the floor, curl the bar to the bridge of your nose.

Abs, calves, and cardio are up to you. 2 days of cardio, abs, and calves.


Meal #1:
2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 5oz lean beef,
½ cup oatmeal before cooking
1 Super Pak, 5 Density, 6 Ultra 40,
3 EFA Gold, 3 Quadracarn

Meal #2:
Protein Shake: 2 scoops UMP (Vanilla or Angel Food Cake flavor), 4 frozen strawberries,
16 oz water

Meal #3:
10oz chicken (weighed before cooking),
6oz sweet potato, 2 cups green vegetables
5 Density, 6 Ultra 40

Meal #4:
Protein Shake: 2 scoops UMP (Chocolate or Rocky Road flavor), 1 tbsp almond butter,
16 oz water
3 Quadracarn

Meal #5:
10oz lean beef, 2 cups vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach, or zucchini)
5 Density, 6 Ultra 40, 3 EFA Gold

Meal #6:
2 scoops UMP (Cookies & Crème flavor), 1 tbsp heavy cream (optional), 4oz water mixed in a bowl as a pudding before bed
3 Quadracarn


Nutritional density and high protein quality and quantity are the rule now. Your diet should be 40-50% protein. Meal protein must be eggs, lean beef, cottage cheese, turkey, chicken, and fish.

Beverly's Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) is the best (and only scientifically proven) protein supplement to gain lean muscle and carve in cuts simultaneously. Take UMP between meals and before bed.

To achieve maximum nutritional density and improved amino acid utilization from each meal, Density (the 8 Essential Amino Acids) and Ultra 40 (defatted extract of Argentinean beef liver) help enormously and are vital. Work up to 5 Density and 6 Ultra 40 with each food meal.

Remember, we talked about extended anabolism at the beginning of this article? And how hard it is to add muscle mass at the SAME time you try to add ripped cuts and definition? And that once your past age 18, it is almost impossible? Beverly had been looking for a drug-free, natural solution to this problem for years. After extended research, BI developed an entirely new category of dietary supplement, the carnitine analog formula. In a recent study, subjects safely reduced total fat mass (by nearly 4 lbs) and increased total muscle mass (by over 8 lbs). Were the subjects teens or in their twenties? No, this study was performed with 100-year-old subjects! *

For extended anabolism, use Quadracarn three times daily: one serving (3 tablets) with meal one, one serving before training; and one serving with your final meal (or before bed).

Carbohydrate sources should account for 20-30% of your nutritional intake. It’s important that you use only the best, nutrient-rich, low-glycemic carb sources to maintain stable blood sugar. Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, red and black beans, green vegetables, and low-carb fruits such as strawberries, cantaloupe, and grapefruit are best.

Although you’ll get good nutrients from the healthy food sources listed above, we recommend a daily Super Pak vitamin/mineral packet.

You should eat 20-30% fat. Much of this will come from your protein sources. However, it is very important to make sure that you also get the essential fatty acids you need. Fish oil and flax oil are excellent sources of healthy fats, but an essential oil blend from Beverly, EFA Gold, is even better. This is a blend of the finest sources of essential fatty acids, including fish oil from cold-water salmon, flax oil, and borage oil.



This training program is perfect for you, too. Here’s how to modify your nutrition plan.

Meal #1:
1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 3oz turkey breast, ½ cup oatmeal. (Remember you can add cinnamon and Splenda to your oatmeal.)
2 FitTabs, 3 Density, 3 Ultra 40,
3 EFA Gold, 2 Quadracarn
(or 2 Lean Out if under 40)

Meal #2:
Protein Shake: 1 scoop UMP (Vanilla or Angel Food Cake flavor), 4 frozen strawberries, 8 oz water

Meal #3:
5oz chicken (weighed before cooking), ½ cup cooked brown rice, 2 cups green vegetables
3 Density, 3 Ultra 40

Meal #4:
Protein Shake: 1 scoop UMP
(Chocolate or Rocky Road flavor),
1 tbsp almond butter, 8 oz water
2 Quadracarn or 2 Lean Out

Meal #5:
5oz lean beef, chicken, turkey, or fish; 2 cups vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach, or zucchini), 2 cups green salad with oil and vinegar dressing
2 FitTabs, 3 Density, 3 Ultra 40,
3 EFA Gold

Meal #6:
1 scoop UMP (Cookies & Crème flavor), 1 tbsp heavy cream (optional), 2-3oz water mixed in a bowl as a pudding before bed
2 Quadracarn or 2 Lean Out




  • 3-day split, train two days, rest one.
  • The key factor is continued progress, e.g., heavier weights, more reps with the same weight, or reduced rest between sets.
  • New training stimulus, i.e., new exercises or a different rep range.


  • Eat the best sources of protein, carbs, and fats.
  • Daily intake: 40-50% protein, 20-30% carbs, and 20-30% good fats.
  • Supplements: UMP, Density, Ultra 40 Liver Extract, Quadracarn, Super Pak (or FitTabs), EFA Gold.


L-carnitine helps cells to produce energy from fat. The highest concentrations of the molecule are found in parts of the body with high energy demands, such as the skeletal muscles and the heart. Overall concentrations of L-carnitine decline as you age.

To determine if supplementation with L-carnitine might improve energy levels in people 100 and older, Malaguarnera’s team randomized 66 male and female centenarians to 2 grams of L-carnitine or placebo daily for six months.

Cholesterol levels fell significantly among the individuals taking the supplement, they report. L-carnitine takers also gained 3.8 kilograms (8.4 pounds) of muscle mass, on average, and lost 1.8 kg (4 pounds) of fat mass. People given L-carnitine were also able to walk 4 meters (13 feet) further during a 6-minute walking test after treatment than those given placebo.

Study participants in the L-carnitine group also reported significant reductions in mental, physical, and overall fatigue, while placebo treatment had no effect on fatigue. The individuals who took the supplement also scored higher on a test of mental function after treatment, while there was no change in the placebo group.

Angling for an Edge

Ever since I can remember, I was involved in the outdoors with my dad. I like to call it following the good old country boy lifestyle. Not quite to the extreme that he was able to experience growing up, but I’m sure it was close.

Long before I was old enough to have my hunting license, I remember walking around with a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun, and I couldn’t even tell you how old I was. Maybe four or five. Just old enough to be able to cock it using both hands and bracing the butt of the gun between my thighs for leverage.


Around the same age, I would get to go with Dad and sit in the deer stand. His stand was an old-school style that he had built himself. It was made for only one person with a single platform wedged between a giant tree that split into two trunks.

He made some changes once I could go with him, so I had my own platform below him to sit under his feet. I remember falling asleep so many times in that stand before sunrise hit.

After a few years of learning the tricks of the trade and practicing shooting, starting out with .410 shotguns, & .22 rifles, I could take a hunter’s education course at age 9 and get my license. From there, it was game on!

With fishing, man, that started as soon as I could hold a little Zebco Rod with a push-button reel. Whether it was fishing off the bank, going on Dad’s boat, or ice fishing, I was there.

I’d say that the best thing my father introduced me to was river fishing and wading the river. It would be just me and him, or a group of a few family members wading miles and miles from bridge to bridge catching smallmouth bass. You had one rod and reel, a handful of lures tucked in a Ziploc bag or hook onto your hat, and you’d be off for the day. There were no cell phones or any connection to the outside world. I don’t remember if we even had food.

I was around 10 when I fished in my first tournament. This was a tournament with kids only, and I won; from there, I was ready to go pro!

I continued with my hunting and some serious fishing through high school, and that’s where I was first exposed to what became another passion – lifting. I began lifting for football but didn’t get serious until after college.

As I became more serious about lifting, I saw a direct link between my physical condition and my ability to win or place high in fishing tournaments.

Being physically fit will always help with competitive fishing, whether pedaling a Hobie Kayak all day or standing on the front deck of a bass boat for 8+ hours in the wind and waves. The main advantage, though, is from a mental standpoint. Both tournament fishing and getting the most from a workout in the gym take a mental focus and require that competitive edge many don’t have.

This competitive and mental focus keeps me in the mindset that I’m in it to win it, and I can’t live without fishing or fitness. I fish around 10-15 tournaments each year. I try to fish the larger tournaments and go for the “home run” every time. My goal is always to win, and if not, finish 2nd or 3rd because that’s where the money is.

In closing, I’m thankful for my dad and everything he taught me. My goal is 100% to share the same with my boy, Jaxon, and somehow get him to experience the same style of life that I was fortunate enough to live throughout my childhood.


After being introduced to Beverly International several years ago, UMP Protein shakes, UMP Protein Bars, the Super Pak, Joint Care, and EFA Gold have been staples in my daily food plan throughout the year. All are easy to pack while on the go for fishing trips/tournaments as well as to keep at home ready to go for everyday use.

Up-Lift and Fast Up are critical in getting great workouts in or when you need that extra boost during the workday. For me, I love them in the mornings before my fishing tournaments. Also, during the tournament, while I’m on the water all day, I need something I can eat quickly. Something that has both carbs and proteins that supply me with energy. With that, I eat quite a few UMP Protein Bars and some easy-to-eat fruit.


My training program varies from week to week, but I try to get to the gym 4-6 days per week, depending on my responsibilities.

One week may look like this:
Day 1 Chest
Day 2 Back
Day 3 Legs
Day 4 Shoulders
Day 5 Arms

The following week, I’ll mix it up with the following schedule.
Day 1 Chest and Back Supersets
Day 2 Arms and Shoulders Supersets Day 3 Legs
Day 4 Push
Day 5 Pull

I’m no pro by any stretch, but I accomplish a lot in a 45-60-minute workout. I train at a fast pace (30-60 seconds rest between sets and supersets). Using heavier weights (but still under good control) with short rest periods can go a long way in building and maintaining muscle and burning fat. It’s worked for me, even with straying from healthy eating occasionally.


Sample Chest and Arms workouts

Warm Up
Light Machine Flys 3x20
DB Incline Press 5x12
Low Incline DB Press 5x10
Incline DB Hex Press / Incline Supinated Grip Fly (Superset) 5x10
High to Low Cable Fly 5x12

The following exercises are performed as supersets or tri-sets.
Light EZ Bar Curls / V Bar Triceps Pushdown 3x30
Cable Curls / Triceps Pushdown 5x12
Concentration Curl / Triceps Rope Pushdown 5x12
EZ Bar Curl / Reverse Grip Pushdown / Hammer Curl 5x12

Faith + Fitness = Overcomer

At a Glance: Angela Cucola

Age: 56

Occupation or Education: Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM, AFFA, NETA) and Owner of Personal Best Fitness Studio.

Family: Husband, 3 daughters, 13 grandchildren (14th on the way!)

Current Residence: Fisherville, KY

Years training: 33

Height: 5'7"

Weight: Off-Season: 140, Contest: 127 (lowest) and 134 (highest - won my pro-card at this weight)

Favorite Bodybuilding or Fitness Meal: One whole egg, two egg whites, one teaspoon olive oil, a handful of spinach, ¼ cup oatmeal, and ¼ cup blueberries.

Favorite Supplements: Chocolate UMP, Provosyn, 7-Keto MuscLean, Lean Out, Glutamine Select, GH Factor, Quadracarn, and ZMA 2000.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? UMP, 7-Keto MuscLean, and Lean Out– I refer all my clients to these as my top three.

Music:Contemporary Christian

Most inspiring book: The Bible and Arnold’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Spending every minute of free time with my 13 (soon to be 14) grandchildren; teaching summer art camps for children.

Words to live by: (1) The closest thing you will ever find to the fountain of youth is keeping your muscle! (2) Weight training is the poor man’s plastic surgery!


As children, we all have dreams and aspirations for our future. However, life doesn't always go according to plan. For me, though, it turned out even better than I expected. I had always envisioned myself as an art teacher after finishing college. But at a young age, I made decisions that took me down a different path. In 1985, I became a teenage mother and got married. By the time I turned twenty-two, I had three beautiful daughters. As a young mother struggling financially, I had to find alternative ways to support my family while being there for my girls.

One day, I saw an advertisement in the local paper in Mt Washington, KY, for a babysitter needed at a Commit to Be Fit exercise group. I got the job, and when they offered to train anyone interested in becoming an aerobics instructor, it felt natural to jump at the chance. At $7 per class, it was a perfect way to stay fit and make some extra money. That’s when my passion for fitness and helping others started to take root.

In 1991, I landed a job at a local YMCA and began working towards acquiring every fitness certification I could get my hands on. I studied step aerobics, kickboxing, personal training, senior adult fitness, kids' fitness classes, water aerobics, and many more. After obtaining 13 national fitness certifications, I was offered a full-time position in 1997 with insurance and benefits. It was a true blessing and allowed me to build my confidence and feel like a successful provider for my family. I continued to work for the Y in different locations, including Kentucky - Bullitt County and Southwest, as well as North Carolina - Harrison Family YMCA, Rocky Mount, NC, for 21 years. Over time, I was promoted to Assistant Wellness Director, then Wellness Director.

In 1998, my personal life was in shambles, but my fitness career was thriving. During this time, I worked hard and trained rigorously to keep my mind off my struggles. A friend suggested I compete in a bodybuilding competition and introduced me to Beverly International products. I was informed that Beverly International is one of the most trusted brands in the industry. It’s the go-to brand for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Even after twenty-five years, I continue to use and recommend them to clients today.

Despite having zero experience, I placed second in Women's Open Bodybuilding in my first show. This fueled my passion for bodybuilding, and I went on to compete in many other NPC shows in KY, NC, OH, and VA, where I also tried my hand at the Figure and Bikini categories that suited my physique better.

At 42 years old, during the peak of my competitive career, my first grandchild was born in Kentucky while I was living in North Carolina. I chose to quit my 21-year career with the Y and move back to Kentucky to be closer to my grandchild. I had no job or immediate plans, but I knew I could support myself as a trainer/gym manager.

The following year as a new grandmother ("Mi-Mi"), I earned my pro-card in figure at the 2010 NPA USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships in Highland Springs, VA.

In 2011, I decided to open my own gym in Lexington, KY, and focus on building my business rather than competing. After 12 successful years, I opened a smaller studio in Fisherville, KY, in 2019, specializing in personal training and group fitness classes like Kettlebell, Tabata, and Boot Camp. This move allowed me to downsize and sell my gym in Lexington, giving me more quality time with my family. My faith and passion for fitness helped me overcome the toughest challenges in my life. Instead of feeling down and turning to drugs or alcohol, I focused on improving my fitness and helping others do the same. This helped me heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. As I learned more about the fitness industry, I realized I tended to take things to the extreme. I was teaching 17 fitness classes a week and running excessively to cope with stress. I had to learn to back off and find a healthier balance. I also realized that undereating and overtraining don’t achieve the desired results. By making nutrition adjustments and adding complex carbohydrates, adequate protein, and fat, I was able to improve my physique and attain my goals.

As a highly active individual, I constantly strive to improve my physical fitness while juggling multiple responsibilities, such as managing my own business, instructing group fitness classes, coaching clients, and teaching physical education at a local Christian school. In addition, I enjoy spending quality time with my 13 grandchildren. I rely on Beverly supplements to provide the necessary energy and support to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I am confident that without them, I would not be able to maintain my current level of productivity. In the future, if I decide to return to the stage as a "grandma,” I know that Beverly supplements will be an integral part of my preparation.

To me, fitness encompasses more than just my outward appearance. It's a critical aspect of my life, serving as my profession, pastime, interest, stress relief, and even a social outlet. It's incredibly gratifying when my grandsons are eager to learn from me and ask their Mimi to initiate them into a strength-training regimen.

Contest Prep Diet – Maximum Fat Burning Healthy Active Grandma (“Mimi”) Diet
Meal 14oz turkey breast, 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, ½ grapefruit or 4 strawberries½ cup oatmeal or 1 slice Ezekiel bread, 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, ½ cup berries or ½ grapefruit
Meal 22 scoops UMP and ½ grapefruit or apple8 almonds, 1 piece of fruit, one scoop UMP
Meal 35oz chicken (weighed before cooking),
2 cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc), 1 tablespoon oil and vinegar dressing
1 can tuna or 1 grilled chicken breast or grilled white fish, 2 cups green leafy salad or 1 can green beans, 1 red potato or sweet potato or ½ cup brown rice
Meal 42 scoops UMP and grapefruit or apple2 scoops UMP or Provosyn
Meal 55oz lean meat (chicken breast or turkey breast) or 6oz cod fish, 1 cup
3oz grilled chicken, fish, or lean red meat, 2 cups green leafy vegetables, no carbs at last meal
Meal 6*Monday and Thursday, in place of the 5th meal at the end of the day, ½ cup oatmeal or 2/3 cup of cooked rice, 6 oz sweet potato, 4 oz banana, 1 cup vegetables, 2 tsp butter**can be a small treat – dark chocolate square
Easy UMP Dessert Ideas 
Recipe #1:
1 scoop vanilla UMP with ½ cup Greek yogurt,
2 tablespoons cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons of fat-free cool whip, and ¼ cup blueberries
Recipe #2:
2 scoops chocolate UMP and 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter, add a little bit of water to make a pudding-like consistency

Supplements Schedule

ZMA 2000 - To ensure I get a good night's sleep, I take ZMA 2000 (two) to help me fall and stay asleep at night, especially since I wake up at 4:00 am and am constantly on the go until bedtime. This supplement is essential since I am going through menopause.

7-Keto MuscLean, Lean Out, GH Factor, Quadracarn - Before I teach my early morning group classes (fasted cardio), I take (3) 7-Keto MuscLean, (1) Lean Out, (3) GH Factor, and (3) Quadracarn. The Quadracarn and GH Factor help with recovery and maintaining muscle as I age. I take (2) more Quadracarn before my second meal and (3) GH Factor before bed on an empty stomach. Since I eat my last meal early (around 4/5 pm), this helps me get a good night's rest.

UMP, Provosyn - I rotate between UMP and Provosyn for their great taste and for the protein and iron they provide, which helps keep my energy levels up.

Ultra 40 Beef Liver, Mass Amino Acids - I also take Ultra 40 Liver and (2) Mass Aminos with each meal to fight the effects of muscle loss due to aging.

Glutamine Select - I sip on Glutamine Select during my workouts to help with recovery.


Training Schedule

I teach daily classes (noted in parenthesis) in addition to the training below

Day 1 (Monday) Chest, Biceps, Abs
(45-Minute Kettlebell Class)
Standing Cable Flye 3x8-15
Seated Concentration Curls 3x12
Incline Chest Press 3x8-15
Olympic Bar Curls 3x12
Decline Chest Press 3x8-15
Rope Bicep Curls 3x15
Push-Ups 100
Decline Abs 3x20

Day 2 (Tuesday) Legs, Shoulders, Abs
(45-Minute Kickboxing Class)

Day 4 (Thursday) Back, Triceps, Abs
(45-minute Pilates Class)
Wide Grip Pulldown 3x8-20
Rope Pressdown 3x20
High Pull 3x8-15
Rope Triceps Pull Outs 3x15-20
Low Pull 3x8-20
Triceps Dips 3x20
Ab Wheel 3x20

Day 5 (Friday) Legs, Abs
(45-minute Boot Camp Class)
Leg Extension 3x12
Leg Curl 3x12
Cable Kickbacks 3x15-20
Plank 3x1 minute

Day 6 (Saturday)
(60-minute HIIT Training Class)

Day 7 (Sunday) Rest Day
Seated Arnold Press 3x8-20
Walking Kettlebell Lunges 3x60
Lateral Raise 3x12-20
Deadlifts 3x6-12
Reverse Flye 3x12-20
Hip Thrusts 3x10-20
Hanging Abs 3x30

Day 3 (Wednesday)
(45-Minute Tabata Class)


I do 45 minutes of cardio, five days per week by teaching classes at my studio (HIIT Training, Kettlebell, Kickboxing, Tabata, etc.)

Offensive Lineman Turned Pro Bodybuilder

At a Glance:  Quadarius Belser

Age: 28

Occupation: Director of Health, Wellness,
and Nutrition at the Edmundite missions, also
a trainer/nutritionist at 2A Fitness Gym in Montgomery, AL

Family: Wife, Abigayle, and our cat Einstein

Current Residence: Montgomery, AL

Years training: I started when I was 6 years old with my dad in our home gym

Height: 6'0"

Weight: Off-Season: 215, Contest: 195

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: 2 cups oats with 1 scoop UMP, 1 whole egg plus 2 egg whites omelet

Favorite Supplements: Muscle Synergy powder, Up-Lift, Super Pak, ZMA 2000

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? UMP is the perfect protein. All the flavors taste great and mix easily in a shaker.

Music: Pop Culture, Gospel, Rap, and Country

Most inspiring book: Atomic Habits

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Podcasting and writing. I have a book on Amazon called "The Meal Prep Play Sheet, Fighting the Fight From Within."

Words to live by: “People will quit on you. You have to make sure that every single day you don’t quit on yourself.” ~Sadik Hadzovic


We’ve all heard of a “see food” diet. That described my eating habits to a tee during my  college football days. I was an offensive lineman and thought the bigger I was, the better I’d be. I ate buffet-style meals daily – never knowing when to say “enough is enough.” It wasn’t just the meals, but my daily snacks included cookies, ice cream, and my favorite, bags of sweet and sour chips. My bodyweight was pushing 300 lbs at age 19 when one day after practice at Huntingdon College, my heart started beating erratically, and the pain was shooting through my body.

My first encounter with my health

It was a scary experience, and not a day has passed since I haven’t thought about the many days and nights I spent with pain radiating through my body. Doctor after doctor examined me to no avail. Finally, a cardiologist, Dr. Stoudemire, my eighth doctor in a year, got to the root of my problem. She said, “young man, you must change your lifestyle. I am over twice your age and can do more squats than you.” Seeing a lady twice my age kicking dirt in my face pushed me to make a change!

At first, I had many challenges as I tried to make some lifestyle changes.

  • The first challenge was having no plan. I had no clue what to do. I started out going cold turkey, eating none of the foods I was used to, and not eating anything for 8-12 hour spans during the day. This attempt at dieting lasted about a week before I returned to my old habits.
  • So, I found myself again with no plan and no self-control. A midnight snack turned into eating any and everything I could find.
  • I tried tons of fad diets that didn't work for me. I would do good for 2 weeks and then go back to my old ways of eating everything all the time. At times I felt like I had two stomachs, like a cow. Food was my comfort when I felt down.

A life-changing experience

Things began to change for me when I joined a gym and found a mentor. My mentor was a Beverly International advocate, and he introduced me to Beverly. This experience has changed my life. I felt more and more alive!

Getting on track nutritionally led ultimately to my entering competition and winning a natural pro card. Here’s one of the meal plans that helped me go from way too fat to shredded. This plan built both my metabolism and my strength.

Meal One
60 grams steel-cut oats or 2 sweet potatoes, 1 whole egg and 6 egg whites with sauteed onions

Meal Two
Protein Shake - 2 scoops UMP Chocolate in water

Meal Three
Chicken or whitefish, 1 sweet potato or 1 cup brown rice

Meal Four
Whitefish, 1 cup cauliflower rice or brown rice

Meal Five
Protein Shake - 1 or 2 scoops UMP Chocolate in water, 3 rice cakes

Meal Six
Whitefish or chicken, ½ cup brown rice

Meal Seven
Six egg whites, green beans with sautéed onions

Supplement Schedule

Muscle Synergy 2 scoops twice daily

Lean Out 3 capsules morning, noon, and night (9 total)

Mass Aminos 3 tablets with each meal

Glutamine Select 2 scoops post-training or during the day to stabilize blood sugar

FitTabs 2 tablets with meals 1 and 6

Training Schedule

Prep season. Abs were done every day as follows:

  • Crunches 3x15
  • Russian twist x60
  • Hyperextension x60
  • Planks 2x30 seconds
  • Kickouts 2x15

Monday: Chest
BB or DB Bench Press 6x8 (working up in weight each set)
Incline Press 6x8 (same as the bench working up in weights each set)
Flyes 6x8 (slow pace on these)
Dips 6x8
Incline Pushups 2x30
Band Chest Press for 60 reps (finisher for pump and mind-muscle connection)

Tuesday: Biceps/Triceps
DB Curl 6x8
Hammer Curl 6x8
Cable Curls 6x8
Triceps Cable Kickback 6x8
Triceps Extension 6x8
1-Arm DB Extension 6x8

Wednesday: Back/Shoulders
Shoulder Press 6x8
3 way-DB Laterals (Side, Front, Rear) 3x8 each
Shrugs 2x30
Hyperextensions 6x8
DB Bent Row 6x8
Pulldown 6x8
Seated Cable Row 6x8

Thursday: Quads
Squat Machine 5x10 (slow and controlled)
Leg Press 6x8
Leg Extension 6x8
Hack Squat 6x8 (sometimes one leg at a time)

Friday: Calves & Hamstrings
1-Legged Calf Raise 2x30
DB Deadlift 6x8
Leg Curls 6x8
Hyperextension 6x6 (with weight)

Note: I change up some of my exercises from barbells to dumbbells for variety or use a different exercise targeting the same body part.



I challenge myself to burn 1000 calories from my daily activities, including cardio and get at least 11,500 steps a day. I ran sprints on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for cardio, along with my 11,500 or more steps.

Presentation Tips

Practice posing between sets. This will harden your muscles. I pose every Tuesday and Thursday in place of my cardio session. Make sure that you have an organized plan that surrounds your life.


In Closing

There isn’t a substitute for hard work. I love when someone I knew in my past life tells me that I’ve inspired them. This motivates and makes me happy, knowing I was previously a nobody. I want to thank Beverly again for the opportunity to put my story of literally dying out there so that someone else could know that as long as you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you will see a change.

You can find my book on Amazon at “The Meal Prep Play Sheet, Fighting the Fight from Within.”

How Bodybuilding Helped Me Live My American Dream

At a Glance:Taneisha Henline

Age: 30

Occupation: Certified Food Manager; Owner & Operator of Top Shotta Jerk Chicken.

Family: Eli - husband of 8 years, and our pup Ruby

Current Residence: Bloomington, IN

Years training: 3 years total

Height: 5'4"

Weight: Off-Season: 145, Contest: 125

Favorite Fitness Meal: Jerk chicken breast with rice and red beans from my food truck, Top Shotta Jerk Chicken

Favorite Supplement: My all-time favorite supplements are: Lean Out, 7-Keto MuscLean, Glutamine Select, and Creatine Select. UMP flavors I really enjoy are Chocolate, Cookies & Crème, and Graham Cracker.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? I would definitely recommend Lean Out, 7-Keto MuscLean, Glutamine Select, UMP & Mass Amino Acids.

Music: All genres of Jamaican Dancehall and Reggae.

Most inspiring book: The Everyday Guide to Self-Compassion.

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Yoga, mental health advocating, listening to audiobooks, True crime, and everything Star Wars.

Words to live by: "Mens sana in corpore sano" (A sound mind; in a sound body)


Growing up in Jamaica was extremely hard for me; I survived poverty, sexual abuse, death of friends and loved ones. So as one can imagine, I had too many issues to deal with, so I never really thought of working out or the gym. I did have a friend at the time in high school who ran track. I can clearly remember thinking that I'd never want to look that way, i.e., "masculine or muscular," because, unfortunately, my culture is one where a woman's body is considered more attractive if she has a thicker body type and not "manly" as we say back home.

As an adult, however, I then wanted to join a gym, but it was just too expensive; after all, I was surviving financially on $70 USD every two weeks, and that was hardly enough to feed myself, so at that time, a gym membership was unattainable.

Fast forward some years, and I'm working as a receptionist at a small resort in my hometown, and in walks Eli Henline; I didn't know it then, but when he saw me, he told his friends he was going to marry me. I would imagine they probably thought that'd be a long shot because not only did he just meet me, I lived in Jamaica, and he lived in Indiana. We spoke while he stayed at the resort, and when he left to return to America, I sent him a Facebook friend request. We talked for a couple of months, and I came for a visit to see how we would connect. We fell in love, got married, and started building a life together.

Eli has always been an avid bodybuilder and a gold club member of Beverly International since 2005 when he did his first Beverly bodybuilding competition. He then competed in three (3) more Beverly shows. Naturally, he introduced me to Beverly International after I expressed in 2020 that I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable in my body. I thought it was time to be healthier, especially now that I could afford a gym membership! Also, I thought it could be something else that Eli and I could bond doing together. I started watching The Gladiators and was fascinated by the beautiful black women and their amazing bodies. That planted a thought in my head that maybe one day, I could look like those amazing women. I had wanted to join a gym for years but wasn't ready until 2020.

On March 17, 2020, I started training with the coaching of my husband; I stopped eating out and only ate from my food truck Top Shotta Jerk Chicken because I make my food from scratch; it’s fresh, never frozen, extremely healthy but most importantly; I know what's in every meal! My first day in the gym was perfect; we did legs. I was so excited to start my fitness journey, but sadly, on March 18, 2022, the entire world was shut down due to COVID-19. This would be a major deterrent for many people, but I was undaunted. Therefore, Eli and I decided to go for runs around the neighborhood, continue to eat clean, do bodyweight exercises, and continue to take our Beverly supplements. This kept us on track; once the gym reopened, we got back in and started lifting heavy daily.

I found it struggling at first not to be able to have carbs with every meal, having cheat meals only on Sundays, and not being able to snack 🙂 I am also not an egg or oatmeal person. I solved this by having a UMP shake or bar when needed, especially when working on my food truck or if I needed a quick meal!

For me, the gym is not just a place where I go to pick things up and put them back down 🙂 it has helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I lift as a form of self-therapy; it has increased my confidence, self-love and appreciation. For years I dealt with my childhood trauma internally.

I thought I didn't need to speak with a professional because I had it all under control. Sadly though, in April 2022, I reached a breaking point and decided to speak with someone. It was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, but I’m now happy and proud of myself for making it! I started reading my therapy books and made an everyday effort to work not just on my physical strength but also my mental. I started practicing self-love and compassion; working on my childhood trauma made me realize that I was not living up to my full potential, and it was time to fall back fully in love with myself. I also recognized that I did not have a lot of great moments in my life, and so in March of 2022, I started thinking that maybe I could compete in my first show; I was also being told by my husband and by others, including Ryan Stanton an elite IFBB Pro who trains at the same loyal gym; that I was capable of competing in a show. In May 2022, I answered the call and signed up for my first competition.

Immediately I started doing more in-depth research on bodybuilding, posing, previous competitions, and competitors. I used the Beverly Method to get me to the stage, took a disciplined approach & used it as my blueprint.

Saturday, June 25, 2022, was the big day! At the hotel on the morning of the show, I had a Jamaican Supligen, a milk-based meal supplement nutritional drink used in many Jamaican punch recipes, and a Beverly UMP bar. While backstage, I sipped on Glutamine Select with salt and took small bites of my Beverly goo. My number and name were called, and it was go time! I won all the Figure categories I entered: the Open Novice, Class B, and Overall. I am the 2022 NPC Natural Miss Figure Indiana; I am so happy and proud that I accomplished such success at my first show! Not a lot of people can say they won an overall on their first show.

This was an experience that I will never forget; hearing strangers yell my number was just a tantalizing moment. My family there, especially my husband yelling and cheering for me was so special. I also told myself that I was going to make friends at my show, and I did just that. I'm just elated with how this journey turned out for me. Hard work does pay off, and it also helps to be genetically gifted!


Not having a solid meal prep plan can be discouraging for one's fitness journey. Luckily, I have a healthy food business, so I'm fortunate to be able to cook most of my meals fresh. You may cut or increase portions as you see fit! Add your carbs where necessary for you. Eating a solid meal first thing in the morning is extremely difficult; I find that I can drink a UMP shake after my workout or eat a UMP bar, and that's just perfect for me. I have a very sensitive tummy which other protein powders only irritate, plus Beverly's UMP is super delicious.



Every morning before I lift, I take 2 Lean Out and 2 7- Keto MuscLean with a scoop of Glutamine Select. After each of my six meals, I take 2 Lean Out, 2 Mass Aminos, and 2 Ultra 40s with another scoop of Glutamine Select. I will be adding Muscle Synergy back to my supplement list during the off-season as well.

While lifting, I'm constantly sipping on Glutamine Select and Creatine Select. This is the perfect blend for working out on an empty stomach!


My workout is a 6-day split. I aim for 3-4 sets of 10 reps on each exercise with a drop set on the final set. Here are examples of the exercises I use for my various body parts.

Leg Extension
Leg Press

Leg Curls
Squats (wide stance)
Leg Press (feet high on platform)

Back & Biceps:
DB Curls
Hammer Curls

Chest & Triceps:
Pec Dec
Triceps Extension
DB Kickbacks

Back & Delts:
Face Pulls
Rear Delt Laterals

Abs & Calves:
Seated Crunch Kicks
Leg Raises
Seated Calf Raise
Standing Calf Raise

In Closing

My first contest prep experience was good. I struggled at first with being moody and trying not to let those emotions get the best of me. Sometimes I felt light-headed while working on my food truck and was sleepier than usual. But, I made perseverance an integral part of my mindset and was determined to relish the process. My high school's motto, “Mens sana in corpore sano,” the Latin term for "a sound mind in a sound body," helped me keep my focus. I made sure I had everything taken care of for show day way in advance so I wouldn't be anxious about anything.

Meal Plan

Meal One
1 scoop UMP, 3 strawberries, and 1/3 cup of blueberries

Meal Two
4oz Body by Shotta chicken breast, 1 small apple, half cup rice, red beans, or sweet potato

Meal Three
5oz lean beef, 2 cups vegetables, 2 tbsp olive oil and vinegar

Meal Four (snack)
1 scoop UMP, half cup rice or red beans

Meal Five
4oz lean meat 2 cups vegetables

Meal Six (snack)
1 scoop UMP, 1 tbsp almond butter


I walk for 20 minutes every morning. When preparing for a contest, I add a session after my workout. My favorite cardio forms include HIIT, running, or the elliptical. I would also go for walks in the afternoon! I always listen to my favorite tracks during cardio; this helps me stay in the zone.

Here’s The Solution For Anyone Who is Sick and Tired Of Being a Perpetually Skinny Bodybuilder

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Does this sound familiar? You just finished another fantastically grueling workout. You pushed your body to the max, and you’ve got that familiar combo of pride (and relief that it’s over) rolling around in your head. You make your way out of the gym and notice that you’re a little shaky…a bit too unsteady – and you know it’s definitely time to get something in your stomach. It’s not like you haven’t eaten today, but that machine gun metabolism of yours never gives you a break! Others struggle to lose… you’re struggling to gain.

In this case, your ideal post-workout meal is something with a 2 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein; an example would be 12 egg whites with an 8 oz baked potato, a cup of brown rice, AND a green vegetable or salad. But your schedule is packed…you’ve got someplace to be, and EVEN if you could tolerate all that food after such a hard workout, it’s impossible to fit it into your plans today. Or is it…?

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The Perfect Workout Drink!

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We Swear It’s Not Magic - - It’s Really Just Good Science

Mass Maker Ultra contains the “Mass Maker Multi-Stage Protein System” - the combination of state-of-the-art proteins that will send your muscles into orbit! This incomparable multi-species protein blend utilizes the finest nitrogen sources in the world – milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, casein, and egg whites. Mass Maker Ultra delivers a hard-hitting anabolic and anti-catabolic array of amino’s to support your muscle tissue for growth and repair.

Another prominent feature of Mass Maker Ultra is the scientifically advanced “Multi-Stage Carbohydrate System,” an unparalleled high octane energy source comprised of four proven complex carbohydrate sources, premium grade maltodextrin, waxy maize, sweet potato, and a unique super-low glycemic fibrous carb (dahlia inulin) to keep a steady stream of insulin pumping your muscles with nutrients.

Plus - Mass Maker Ultra:

  • Is a snap to prepare, and you can use it year-round (even up to the day of a show if you’re competing!)
  • Drives more nutrients into your muscles, so very little is left to become fat!
  • Helps you recover faster from your workouts, avoid hunger, stay leaner, get stronger, add muscle mass, perform better overall – and as if all this isn’t exciting enough, keep in mind that Mass Maker Ultra packs more nutritional benefits than most meals – NO Cooking Required!

Here’s Why People Think Mass Maker Ultra Is “Magic”

I Gained 13 Lbs of Muscle and Lost 21 Lbs of Fat in 7 Months

I have run through the gauntlet of using every product on the market (or at least the best-advertised products) and am still waiting for results. I tried some “Heavy Gainers,” which I thought were supposed to be great (and I gained 9 lbs of FAT in just a few weeks). I was ready to give up on supplements. I even tried one of those fancy computer programs that help you design a nutrition program. Shortly after that, a friend told me about Beverly. I decided to give them a try, but honestly, I had little faith in any supplement company at this point. In the first 2 weeks, I gained 5 lbs of muscle! After 7 months with Mass Maker Ultra (and I love it), I gained 13 lbs of muscle and dropped 21 lbs of fat. That is 34 solid lbs in just 7 months. Needless to say, I no longer use or even have to ‘try’ another product.
Tony W, Glenwood, MN


7 Convincing Reasons NOT to Risk Leaving Mass Maker Ultra Out of Your Program

  1. Mass Maker Ultra adds more quality proteins and calories to your nutrition than you get from food alone.
  2. You train; you break down your muscles. Mass Maker Ultra’s tri-blend of 3 types of carbohydrates and 3 types of proteins (fast, medium, and slow) give your muscles what they need to repair and grow!
  3. With Mass Maker Ultra giving your muscles the “repair and grow” fuel, you will get bigger and stronger.
  4. Great for you and GREAT taste, too, whether you prepare it beforehand or right when you need it.
  5. The Mass Maker Ultra’s multi-stage carbohydrate system means your insulin stays stable rather than spiking up and down (that means no fat gain).
  6. Prepares in seconds, delicious from the first sip! What else can you do that’s so easy yet so powerful?
  7. It’s GUARANTEED! How simple is this? You try it - you love it… if not, we’ll refund your money!

Don’t settle for just a little edge…with Mass Maker Ultra, you can have it all - rapid training recovery, super-sonic, quality lean muscle mass gains…all with a taste so irresistible that your mouth will be watering for more after every training session.

Get it in Vanilla, Chocolate, or both delicious flavors! Call 800-781-3475 to grab yours now!


It takes about 3,500 extra calories to add one pound of body weight. If you take in 1,000 extra (digestible) calories daily, you will gain about two pounds per week.



THINK MASS - You must first decide that you really want to gain, that you will gain, and that nothing will stop you from gaining. Gaining weight must become the most important goal in your life. It doesn't matter that you've tried and failed in the past; this time, you have more information, you know what to do, and it's going to work. LEARN TO RELAX - Worry and stress burn calories. Stop running around worrying about little things that you won't even remember next week. Slow down - take a nap or just lay down for 15 minutes. Curtail your sports activities for a while. After you gain 10 - 15 pounds, you may return to a more normal lifestyle. You must have a tranquil mind.

EAT MASS - You must eat large quantities of food in order to gain weight. Eating four or five meals per day with protein drinks in between is not out of the question. You must face up to the fact that your calorie requirements are higher than others, so you must eat considerably more. Don't believe the often-repeated statement that you can only digest 30 grams of protein per meal. If 30 grams is the limit, there would be no big people around. The bottom line is that you must eat everything in sight. Don't feel guilty that you ate a Big Mac for lunch.

What is wrong here is that you didn't eat two or three of them! Don't go overboard on fats, but don't make the mistake of trying to eliminate them either. Tom Platz and Arnold Schwarzenegger recommend eating plenty of fats to gain weight.

TRAIN MASS - Your training program should be built around a three-day per week program emphasizing the basics. Here is a routine that I have had considerable success with. Be sure that each exercise is performed correctly. You should use explosive-type movements to increase your size and strength. There will be plenty of time later for split routines and cutting programs. Right now, we're adding mass.


Add 5-10 lbs each set, then reduce on the last set. Do this workout 3 days per week.

Bent Leg Deadlift 2x15
Squat or Leg Press 10-8-6-20
Bench Press 10-8-6-15
Row or Lat Pulldown 10-8-6-15
Shoulder Press 10-8-6-15
Curl 10-8-6-15
Dips or Tri Extension 10-8-6-15
Abs 3x15


Now, I'm going to give you some general guidelines on eating to gain mass, but really, it's a matter of consistently eating a little more than you usually do, no matter how much you’re used to eating, then adding 2-3 high-calorie drinks to your daily routine. Don't be afraid to eat plenty of whole eggs, milk, and red meat. These are probably the best mass-building foods available. By plenty, I mean up to a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk, and a pound of meat. I know this is a lot, and if you can't eat this much at first, don't worry; that's where the weight-gaining drinks come in. Here's a sample diet. Make substit

Meal One
A large bowl of cereal with raisins, glass of juice

Meal Two
4 eggs (more if possible), 2 English muffins with jelly, 2 glasses of milk

Meal Three
Protein drink (at right)

Meal Four
1/2 - 1lb lean beef, 4oz. macaroni, spaghetti, rice, or potato, 2 glasses of milkutions where necessary.

Meal Five
Protein drink (at right)

Meal Six
2 peanut butter sandwiches, 2 glasses of milk

You can add all the fruits, salads, and vegetables that you like.


The final kicker to tie all this together is the supplement program, which should include two (2) drinks daily of MASS MAKER ULTRA, nine (9) ULTRA 40 beef liver tablets, and a SUPER PAK vitamin/mineral supplement.
Take your SUPER PAK vitamin/mineral supplement with meal #1. Take three (3) ULTRA 40 with each meal #2,4,6. Drink two (2) Protein Drinks daily (Meals #3 and #5).



Mix in a blender:

  • 12 oz vitamin D milk
  • 2 scoops Mass Maker Ultra weight gain powder
  • 1 banana
  • 8 ice cubes



Print up a sign with this maxim and look at it every day. You will be successful!


Over 60, Overall Winner Ms. Alabama Gulf Coast Figure

At a Glance: Brinda deGraaf

Age: 60

Occupation: Brinda's Beauty & Wellness (Owner and operator), Fitness and Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness classes (ASFA), Board Certified - Licensed Cosmetologist and Esthetician, Manager of a local fitness center - Jay Fitness Center

Family: Children, Tony (Amanda) and Tyler (Tiffany); Grandchildren (Hunter, Jayden, Taeghan, and Tyson)

Current Residence: Flomaton, Alabama

Years training: 33 years competitively

Height: 5'1"

Weight: Off-Season: 110, Contest: 104

Favorite Fitness Meal: Pan-seared chicken breast, turnip greens, and sweet potato.

Post-workout meal: 1 scoop UMP Vanilla, add 2 tbsp egg whites and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter to make a delicious pudding.

Favorite Supplement: Of course, my very favorite supplement is UMP Chocolate protein. However, I feel that the combination of Density, Quadracarn, and Ultra 40 are the key supplements for me to build muscle and for performance and recovery.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? I would always recommend UMP protein to everyone because it tastes fantastic and is stomach-friendly. For all-natural athletes and hard gainers, I highly recommend Ultra 40 and Creatine Select as muscle-building blocks for your success.

Music: Contemporary Gospel

Most inspiring book: The Bible

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Spending time with my family. Especially watching my Grands play sports.

Words to live by: Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I also have a motto, “Don’t wish for a good body. Work for it!”.


Fitness has always been a part of my life! I started competing in agility sports and rope climbing competitions in elementary school. From then on, I participated in organized sports through school. My first job was at the local spa, where I received my first of many fitness certifications. I soon realized
I wanted to pursue a career in health and wellness. A former bodybuilder encouraged me to compete in the 1990 Miss Florida Fitness competition, which I won. This sparked my love for competing.

For me, health and wellness encompass more than simply hitting the gym. Throughout my career, I've gained experience in the medical, fitness, and beauty industries. Today, I run a business focused on beauty and wellness and also manage a local gym. My true passion lies in helping others to become the best version of themselves and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Since the start, I have struggled with gaining muscle. As a natural athlete, I experimented with various protein supplements, weight gainers, and extreme meal plans. However, in 2012, my trainer suggested Beverly International products. Slowly,
I incorporated these products into my routine, and in the past ten years, they have helped me achieve my best muscle size and physical shape yet.

My Beverly Supplement Regimen

Over the years, my Beverly regimen has changed. Today, I’m still interested in gaining and retaining muscle even though I’m in my seventh decade (60 years of age.) Science has shown that the average person loses 30% of their muscle mass by age 60. But thanks to Beverly International supplements, I now have even more muscle than I did when I was younger! Here’s my current regimen that has allowed me to gain muscle while others my age are losing it.\

My Daily Supplements

FitTabs: 2 per day – enhances my energy and vitality and helps relieve stress.

Quadracarn: 6 per day – makes it easier to lose fat, preserves muscle, and enhances energy, mood, and cognitive performance.

Density: 6 per day - helps me get much greater results from my diet and workouts by preventing essential amino acid shortages while improving my muscularity and ability to recover.

Ultra 40 Liver: 8 per day – this super-nutritious, old-school bodybuilding secret has produced amazing results for thousands of natural bodybuilders and other athletes, me included.

Fast-Up: 3 per day – brightens my day by boosting energy, alertness and, as a bonus, makes my mind seem clearer.

Multiple Enzyme Complex: 2 per day – as you get older, especially over 40, your stomach may no longer have the resilience it did in your younger years that allowed you to eat and assimilate just about anything on the menu. Multiple Enzyme Complex gives my stomach the helping hand it needs.

Glutamine Select: 1-2 scoops mixed with 12 oz water post-workout - helps prevent muscle soreness so I can bounce back from yesterday’s workout like a boss while preserving muscle size as I age.

Creatine Select: 1 scoop mixed with 6 oz water pre-workout – helps increase muscular strength, stamina, and power and, at age 60, has research based cognitive benefits as well.

UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein): 2 to 3 scoops per day – first off, UMP tastes nothing like what you’d think a protein shake would taste like; it tastes like a milkshake, even if you don’t mix it with anything other than water to make it taste delicious. Its unique whey and casein ratio helps me build and preserve lean muscle for hours.

Provosyn: 1 scoop first thing each morning – Provosyn makes it easier for hard gainers and even “40 or 60-plusers” to gain and preserve lean muscle size.


Meal Plan

First thing every morning: Supps: Provosyn and Density essential amino acids for muscle building.

Meal One
2 whole eggs, 2 cups liquid egg whites, 2 slices Ezekial bread, toasted

Supps: 1 FitTab, 3 Ultra 40 Liver, 2 Quadracarn, 1 Fast-Up, and
1 Multiple Enzyme Complex

Pre-Workout: 1 scoop Creatine Select and 2 Fast-Up capsules
Post-Workout: 1-2 scoops Glutamine Select

Meal Two
3/4 cup dry measure oats, mix in 1/2 scoop UMP protein powder and 1 tbsp natural peanut butter

Meal Three
4oz chicken breast, 4oz green veggies of choice, 1/3 cup Jasmine rice, or 3 oz white or sweet potatoes

Supps: 2 Quadracarn, 2 Density, 2 Ultra 40, 1 Multiple Enzyme Complex

Meal Four
1 pkg Tuna Creations, your choice of flavor, 1 oz Almonds, 1/4 cup Blueberries

Meal Five
4 oz Sirloin steak, 4 oz green veggies of choice

Supps: Density, 2 Quadracarn, , 3 Ultra 40 Liver, 1 FitTab

Meal Six
One Scoop UMP, 2 egg whites, 1 tbsp peanut butter

Beverly International supplements have been an integral part of my daily meal plans and workout routine for many years. These supplements have helped me gain strength and size, which I needed, and have been the key to my victory.


Presentation Tips

From my experience, I would say to new athletes who desire to compete, first find a coach that fits your needs and personality because this person will play a huge part in your success. Second, is meal planning, supplementation (I recommend Beverly International), workouts, practice posing, and routine, then, above all else, REST. To achieve your goals and be a successful competitor, you must implement the entire plan to the best of your ability. Finally, remember to stay true to the plan and yourself; you are a winner no matter where your place is on stage.

Contest History
1990-1st Place Miss Florida Fitness (State Fitness Competition)
1992-1st Place Miss Sunshine State (Regional Bodybuilding)
2012-1st Place Masters and Open Bodybuilding and Pro Card (SNBF) 2014-1st Place Pro (SNBF)
2019-1st Place Masters Figure (OCB Emerald Coast Classic)
2020-1st Place Open Class A, 40+ and 50+ (NPC Muscle for Heart) 2021-1st Place Open Class A and 50+ (NPC Riptide Classic)
2023-1st Place Masters 40+, 50+, and Overall (NPC Clash on the Coast) 2023-1st Place Miss Alabama Gulf Coast Figure (NPC Clash on the Coast)

In Closing

I have been a competitive athlete all my life. I have been a runner and played organized sports; however, my love is weightlifting, competitive fitness, and bodybuilding. Throughout my career, I have learned discipline, dedication, and determination. I have learned my self-will and ability as to how far I can push my body and how to love and respect myself as a competitor. Thirty-three years and twenty-two wins, God has been so good to me from beginning to end.