At Beverly, we've experienced a lot of the crazy stuff happening in the world. We've done the best job possible during this crazy time. Covid swept through the company a few times, which slowed our roll. Our Beverly Advisor Team still personally answers your phone calls, and we respond to emails daily. We fill every order quickly and with a high level of accuracy! We may not be surgeons, but we have checklists just like them to strive for that kind of accuracy and precision.

Our Shipping Costs have all gone up, but we have not passed the increases on to you. In some cases, their service has not met our expectations. We apologize for any inconvenience. We want you to get your products as promised!!


Our Labs and Supply Chain have also encountered challenges. During the past year, we've had to work around lid shortages, bottle shortages, ingredient shortages, bottle seals and scoop shortages, even shortages of people power at the labs, and significant employee turnover. Covid did a number on our economy, that's for sure. We've been issuing Purchase Orders (POs) 6 – 9 months in advance to overcome these issues. It's difficult to predict sales that far in advance, and we don't want to accumulate too much inventory. We pride ourselves on moving FRESH products out the door with FAST and FURIOUS momentum. We had a few fleeting out-of-stock times, but we should be looking pretty good over the next few months. Our product costs have increased, but we have done all we can to not pass the increases on to you.

Our Social Media has been moved back in house. No one knows US, like US. If you are like me, you want take-aways… practical info, knowledge, how-to's, recipes, training, and the good stuff that helps you get better and stay motivated. We've noticed a lot more engagement since we've taken control, and we thank you all so much for that. Unlike many companies, we do not pay influencers or professionals to take staged photos of our line and pretend to use them. We've been taking REAL LIFE photos of our products and recipes. It's way better to see the real deal rather than something prepped so that you can see a pretty photo. That seems fake to me. Beverly has always been about REAL RESULTS for REAL PEOPLE. I still think REAL IS BETTER. We are all about being REAL and transparent. Hence, NO NONSENSE.


If you're in the area, our Walk-in Product Pick-up area is open again. You'll meet our two newest Team Beverly members, Cole Rankin and Patti Laughlin. We are so happy to have them! They are doing a great job for you.





Blend 1 scoop UMP Vanilla or Angel Food Cake with 6oz Sunkist Orange (or other orange-flavored drink)

2 fresh orange slices

2oz almond milk, or your choice of milk

1 tsp almond butter (I use the powdered version)

A handful of ice

The Little Known Secret Weapon That Produces Amazing Results For Thousands of Drug-Free Bodybuilders!

The Natural Protein Source Serious Bodybuilders Take to Forge Their “Bodies of Iron”

Everyone’s looking for an edge. Sure, a few modern-day supplement discoveries have provided incredible boosts for today’s bodybuilders, creatine for example, but if you constantly search for the silver bullet supplement, you’ll only wind up with holes in your wallet. Years of experience have revealed a few time-tested basics of good bodybuilding nutrition. Knowing about protein and aminos is common knowledge, but there’s another equally powerful, although less popular supplement, known as desiccated liver – AND strength, size, and endurance all typically increase after adding a quality desiccated liver supplement to your diet.
Liver tablets have been a mainstay of bodybuilding almost as long as the sport itself has existed. Stories from the old timers are filled with examples of phenomenal gains they made on liver tablets. This is still one of the most potent training aids a bodybuilder can use.

Classic Research Study Verifies Liver Extract Boosts Strength, Endurance, Performance - - And Resistance To Stress And Disease.

It was 1951 when Dr. B.H. Ershoff took three groups of lab rats and fed them controlled diets for a twelve-week period. Group one ate a basic diet fortified with vitamins and minerals. Group two ate as much as they wanted of the same diet plus B vitamins and brewer's yeast. Group three ate the basic diet but had 10% desiccated liver added to their rations. Then the doctor placed the rats one by one into a drum of water, out of which they could not climb. Therefore, it was either swim or drown. The rats in Group One swam an average of 13.2 minutes, Group Two, an average of 13.4 minutes. When the experiment finally was concluded…Group Three rates were still swimming! Group Three swam almost 10 times as long. No other supplement we know has even come close to liver for improving endurance. Since then the reports of people whose strength, muscle mass and endurance have skyrocketed (since using desiccated liver) have been as countless as the stars in the sky.

Ultra 40 – Beverly’s Form of this Most Potent Natural Bodybuilding Aid

Not all desiccated liver is what it says it is. When Beverly set out to formulate our liver supplement, Ultra 40, we had to improve upon an already proven winner. We started with the “best of the best” - the highest grade AAA purified Argentinean liver concentrate. Why? The Argentine government will not allow their beef herds to be contaminated with DES steroids, growth hormone or pesticides. Back before steroids, bodybuilders were taking 7.5 or 10-grain tablets and swallowing 1000 tablets a week was very common, (that’s 100 plus a day!). So our next move was to use technology to increase the potency packed into every tablet, because no-one wants to swallow 100 pills a day! Then we worked until we had a formula that contains only trace amounts of fat and cholesterol. What we created had FORTY-FIVE TIMES THE NUTRITIONAL VALUE of whole beef liver AND all the nutrients and enzymes of raw liver, PLUS - all the essential amino acids to pack on muscle - but none of the toxins or fats found in whole beef.

A plethora of nutritional factors occur naturally in liver:

  • High quality protein and amino acids
  • Blood building heme iron (the form absorbed best by the body without toxic buildup)
  • Energy modulating B-vitamins including B-12 and Folic Acid
  • Nucleic acids (RNA/DNA) for proper amino acid utilization and cell growth
  • Fat metabolizing lipotropics (choline and inositol)
  • Antioxidants Co Q10 and selenium
  • Minerals such as phosphorous, copper, zinc, and GTF chromium (insulin regulator)
  • Anti-fatigue and growth factors such as cytochrome p-450.

How Ultra 40 Will Work For You...
Beverly’s Success Formula

A secret at Beverly International that produces more champions than anything we’ve seen is definitely the combination of taking Ultra 40 Tablets and Mass (our amino acid tablets) at each meal. The addition of only four Ultra 40 tablets and four Mass tablets per meal for five meals per day can make a tremendous difference in your physique.

This simple-but-effective supplement program will add up to sixty-five grams of the highest quality protein to your daily intake. The addition of this protein at each meal can have a very positive effect on your hormonal response to eating (more muscle building and fat burning hormones; and less fat storing hormones are produced). Over three months time you will have ingested almost 6000 grams of additional protein, and 24,000 calories of the highest quality nutrients available.

Since it takes approximately 3500 additional calories to gain one pound of bodyweight, dividing 24,000 by 3500 results in a net gain of approximately seven pounds more than if you hadn't taken the Ultra 40 and Mass. It’s no wonder Beverly clients who compete naturally are coming into their contests leaner, yet 5 - 10 pounds heavier than before taking Mass and Ultra 40!

Here’s How to Take Ultra 40 For Best Results

The amount of Ultra 40 that you should take depends on your level of training and energy needs. Beginners can start at six tablets per day (two per meal), and intermediates should take no less than six liver tablets per meal over three meals or 3 - 5 tablets per meal over 5 - 6 daily meals. Start with 1 - 2 per meal and every week add an extra tablet until you reach the desired level. Advanced bodybuilders make fantastic progress on 30-40 liver tablets per day over periods of time. We suggest women take 9-18 tablets per day.

Advanced muscle-building tip: also a favorite trick of Vince Gironda. Take 2-4 Ultra 40 liver tablets and 2-4 Mass peptide-bonded amino acid tablets on the hour (or even every half hour) throughout the day. Clients have reported muscle gains of 1-2 lbs a week using this method.

These amounts allow you to take in tremendous amounts of protein and nutrients without large amounts of food. You should build up gradually to this amount to avoid upsetting your digestion. While desiccated liver is not considered the cure-all it once was by bodybuilders, it has proved time and again invaluable in breaking through those sticking points in your strength as well as contributing to improved energy flow on a restricted diet. In short, Ultra 40 delivers results.

If You Can Only Take One Supplement It Should Be Ultra 40

You know to build muscle it’s imperative that you intensify your rep and set efforts in the gym. But it’s truly the other 23 hours of nutrient loading outside the gym that determines whether or not you’ll make the gains you’re after. If you’re seriously interested in getting the most out of your training stick with the basics of good bodybuilding nutrition and that means Ultra 40.

Ultra 40 is the staple of any good nutrition program and with 500 per jar; you just can’t find a better value…ALL WITH GUARANTEED RESULTS! For added recovery, increased strength, and increases in lean muscle mass, call today and try Ultra 40 for yourself at 800-781-3475.

Desiccated liver contains nucleic acids for proper amino-acid utilization, a growth factor and an anti-estrogen factor, that keeps testosterone levels high, and is also a great anti-toxin. - Vince Gironda, the "Iron Guru"


My Men’s Physique Success Plan

At a Glance: Shaun Canoy

Age: 33

Occupation: OCB Men’s Physique Pro, Online Physique Posing Coach, NC Real Estate Agent, and Online Fitness Consultant

Current Residence: Greensboro, NC

Years training: 19

Height: 5'11"

Weight: Off-Season: 190's, Contest: 160's

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Steak with Russet Potatoes

Favorite Supplements: Super Pak, UMP, Creatine Select, and Ultra 40

What would you say to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? Start with UMP; it tastes great!

Music: Depends on the setting, but mostly anything with a good beat.

Most Inspiring Book: Courage Is Calling - by Ryan Holiday

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Traveling to different countries, reading, and fishing.

Words to live by: “Prepare for what’s difficult when it’s easy.”

Instagram: @shauncanoy



Growing up, my mother always encouraged me to get outside of my comfort zone and stay active. Sports have always played a role in my life in some way or another. At the age of 14, I discovered my passion for weight training. As a kid, I was always skinny, so the idea of lifting weights and gaining some muscle sounded great to me. After high school, I started fighting in the ring as a kickboxer going undefeated for 3 years.

After a successful journey in kickboxing, I continued weight training in the gym. As time passed, my friends in the gym encouraged me to enter a Physique Competition. At first, I had no interest but eventually gave in and pursued my first show in 2015. In 2016, I began my natural bodybuilding career in the OCB. Since then, I’ve become a top-ranked pro in Men’s Physique, placing 2nd Overall on two occasions at the OCB Yorton Cup.

My success opened many doors in the fitness industry, including becoming a physique posing coach and fitness model. I’ve been able to help hundreds of online men’s physique posing clients worldwide.

Now, I’d like to share my Men’s Physique Success nutrition, supplement, training, and cardio plans.


Diet (approximately 16 Weeks Out)

Contest Prep Diet
6 meals per day

Meal One
1 whole egg, 8 egg whites, 3/4 cup oatmeal

Meal Two
6oz ground turkey or chicken breast, 1 cup green beans or broccoli

Meal Three
6oz ground turkey or chicken breast, 1 cup white jasmine rice, 1 cup green vegetables

Meal Four
6oz sirloin or filet, 1 cup (green vegetables), 5oz russet potatoes

Meal Five (Post-Workout)
2 scoops UMP Vanilla mixed with Creatine Select. (Combining the UMP Vanilla and orange-flavored Creatine Select makes it taste like a Creamsicle!)

Meal Six
5oz chicken breast, 1 cup any green vegetables, 5oz sweet potato


When preparing for a bodybuilding competition, supplementation is a necessity, and it is a top priority for me to have supplements that are safe from banned substances. That’s why I use Beverly International. No matter how many accomplishments you have in life, you don’t have anything without your health; it’s very important to be conscious of what you are putting in your body.

Super Pak with meal #2

Take 2 scoops of UMP mixed with 1 scoop of Creatine Select – Orange flavor for post-workout shake no later than 30 minutes (post-workout) for recovery and growth.

Ultra 40 4 tablets with meals #3 and #6

Mass Aminos 4 tablets with meal #5

Training Schedule

I’ve always trained a minimum of 5-6 days a week, and I like to hit my weaker muscle groups twice a week if possible. My coach recently set a goal for me to put on as much lean muscle mass as possible, especially in my chest and back. The following is an example of my current training routine.

Workout 1: Chest/ Triceps/ Abs

DB Bench Press
Incline DB Press 5x10
Cable Chest Flye 4x15
Triceps Pushdowns 5x10
Skull Crushers (using EZ curl bar) 4x10
Cable Triceps Extensions 4x12-15
Lying Leg Raises 3x15
High Cable Crunches 3x15

Workout 2: Back/ Biceps

Pulldowns (Wide Grip) 5x12, 1x to failure
DB Rows (single arm) 3x10
Cable Rows (wide grip) 5x12
Cable Curls (straight bar) 3x12, 1x to failure
Hammer Curls 4x12
Incline DB curls 3x15

Workout 3: Legs

Squat Simulator Machine 5x10-12
Hack Squat Machine 5x10-12
Calf Raises 4x20
Hamstring Curls 4x15
Walking Lunges 3x20 steps
Leg Extensions 3x12, 1x failure

Workout 4: Shoulders/ Abs

Seated DB Shoulder Press 5x10
Seated Lateral Raises 5x10
Standing DB Rear Delt Flyes 3x15
Hanging Leg Raises 3x10
Hanging Knee Raises 3x10

Workout 5: Chest/ Biceps
Pec Deck Machine 4x12
Incline DB Press 6x10-15
Incline DB Flyes 4x10-15
Pushups 4x20
EZ Curl 4x10-12
DB Hammer Curls 5x12
Incline DB Curls 3x15

Workout 6: Back

Lat Machine Pulldown (Wide Grip) 5x10-12
Hammer Strength Row Machine 4x8-12
Shrugs 3x15, 1x failure
Barbell Rows (Overhand Grip) 4x8-12


I like to keep my cardio training between 20-30 minutes 5-6 days a week. I usually like to do cardio after my lifting workouts. I feel that it is much more effective that way. I primarily use the treadmill or Stair Master and incorporate the interval training style method. If I want to speed up my fat-burning results, I will start doing early morning fasted cardio and lift later that day.

Presentation Tips

When I first began competing in Men’s Physique, I had no idea how important it was to have an experienced posing coach. Not only experienced but a coach with a track record of success. Posing is an art! I found out very quickly that not all poses work for everyone. After trying to mimic the poses I saw the pros do on YouTube, I realized I needed to find someone who had successfully competed in Men’s Physique and knew how to coach it.

Having an experienced posing coach isn’t enough. You must be coachable. Knowledge isn’t enough; you must apply the knowledge. You must be willing to listen to what your coach tells you to do and do it!

I like to practice my posing year-round, and as I get closer to my show, I practice 3-4 times per week, usually immediately after my workouts for 10-15 minutes.

Lastly, don’t be prideful. I consider myself a pretty good poser and have coached hundreds of Physique competitors worldwide on how to pose. But I will be the first to admit I have never prepared for any of my shows without having a posing coach.

In Closing

Nothing about me is self-made. I owe everything to God and the people he has brought into my life. Throughout my journey, I have learned how valuable it is to have a small circle of friends and mentors who inspire you to be better and support you along the way.

After taking almost four years off from competing as a Men’s Physique Pro, Beverly International supplements played a huge role in my preparation for my comeback this year. I honestly have never felt better preparing for a show. Bodybuilding has added so many amazing things to my life. The amount of work ethic, discipline, and mental strength that I have learned while preparing for five professional bodybuilding competitions has not only helped me grow as an athlete, but it has also helped me grow as an entrepreneur.

If you have a goal, don’t focus solely on the process; focus on the reward. You can do more than you could ever begin to imagine. Just get started!

Stay strong - Shaun

The Natural Protein Source Serious Bodybuilders Have Long Relied On.

Experience IMMEDIATE and SATISFYING results with this all-around physique & performance enhancer!

ULTRA 40 is a high-potency, all-around physique and performance enhancing supplement that can provide benefits to virtually anyone who trains regularly.

Word spreads fast on the Web. As a result, each day more men and women are realizing that ULTRA 40 is one of the most powerful physique and performance enhancers available. Testimonials from real-world ULTRA 40 users reveal that it provides a comprehensive range of benefits (hence, “all-around”). Moreover, it produces results that are immediately noticeable and highly satisfying. Many users consider ULTRA 40 to be one of the best sup-plement investments they have ever made!

All-around supplements like ULTRA 40 are rare indeed. (Another example of such a product is QUADRACARN.) Why? They require the use of expensive specialty ingredients. This makes them expensive to manufacture. Only if the benefits are impressive will customers pay for them. Like QUADRACARN, ULTRA 40 regularly passes the “benefits test” with flying colors. Before we dive into the details of this powerful formula, let’s take a brief look at the history of liver tablets.

Liver tablets: A nutritional treasure from the “pre-steroid” era!

ULTRA 40 is an ultra-premium beef liver tablet formulation. Before bodybuilding became largely a chemical affair (as with steroids, growth hor-mone, etc.), legends of the sport were supple-menting their training with liver tablets. The best of these liver formulations worked incredibly well.

Bodybuilding “gurus” like Vince Gironda and Rheo Blair compared liver tablets to steroids because of their profound physique and performance enhancing effects -without the side effects, of course. They recommended that bodybuilders consume up to 100 or more tablets daily. (Keep in mind some of these liver formulations were less concentrated than ULTRA 40.)

The secret to the all-around benefits provided by ULTRA 40 lies in the fact that liver tablets are more than just a source of highly usable protein. Each ULTRA 40 tablet is literally packed with an array of vitamins and other critical nutrients and growth factors capable of stimulating a wide variety of metabolic pathways including the build-ing of healthy blood and muscle cells, and much, much more.

ULTRA 40 details

What is ULTRA 40? ULTRA 40 is a 100% Argentine Beef Liver formulation. It is available in a bottle containing 500 tablets.

What are some of the benefits that I can expect from using ULTRA 40?

  • Greater energy, strength, stamina and endurance
  • Faster muscle gains
  • Increased muscle fullness
  • Better muscle pumps
  • Improved overall well-being (users report “feeling stronger and healthier”)

What makes ULTRA 40 different?

  • Derived from 100% Grade 1 Argentine Beef Liver. ULTRA 40 uses the highest grade of liver. It is obtained from grass-fed, pesticide- and hormone-free cattle raised in Argentina. The cattle are raised in facilities inspected by SENASA, which is the equivalent of the Unit-ed States Food & Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Contains heme iron. Heme iron is the most bioavailable form of iron in the diet. It is used by red blood cells to synthesize hemoglobin and muscle cells to synthesize myoglobin. Hemoglobin and myoglobin are proteins that help your blood and muscle cells “trap” oxy-gen for use in energy-producing pathways.
  • Contains no fillers. Each tablet is packed with physique and performance enhancing nutri-ents and growth factors. There’s no “fluff” in these tablets!
  • Unlike other liver tablets, ULTRA 40 is easy to digest and does not cause gas or stomach upset.
  • Popular with elite bodybuilders, some of whom have been using ULTRA 40 for decades to accelerate muscle growth and recovery.

Who is ULTRA 40 ideal for?

Being a high-potency, all-around physique and performance enhancing supplement, ULTRA 40 can provide benefits to virtually anyone who trains regularly or is returning to training after a layoff.

Athletes and workout enthusiasts of all kinds can use ULTRA 40 to accelerate their progress, including but not limited to:

  • Physique athletes (i.e. bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini)
  • Powerlifters and Olympic weightlifters
  • CrossFit
  • Military
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Cycling
  • Track & Field
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Running
  • Golf
  • Tennis and other racket sports

What are people saying about ULTRA 40?

The following ULTRA 40 reviews were recently col-lected from the Web:

Paulwilliamanthony writes: “I have had only 5 days use of ULTRA 40 and already feel the difference with much less fatigue, greater recovery and more get up and go.”

Velmtxmaz writes: “ULTRA 40 is a product that you do have to take the recommend dosage to feel the full effect, but the reward is worth all the pills you have to take. Everything from strength plus stamina/energy and a more fullness feeling of the muscles is your reward when you stay consistent with this product. I will always have this product on my list of essential supplements and would highly recommend anyone give them a try. Remember to take the recommended dose or you will not feel the benefits as well.”

Johnboyw:ULTRA 40 is the real deal. I usually don't respond to much of anything. Many, many pre-workouts gave little to no help. I started tak-ing ULTRA 40 at 1 tab per 10 lbs weight. Monday came and the workout was as usual. Wednesday came and the workout was phenomenal. I hit 10 reps on every set of every exercise, even when I upped the weight from last week. I couldn't fig-ure out what was going on. I thought maybe I just had a good day, but I have a stuffy nose and I got maybe 6 hours of sleep last night, if that. I couldn't figure it out and then it hit me. The liver tabs! That was the only thing that had changed. It wasn't a placebo effect either because I was expecting 0% increase in strength/energy. I went into the gym to-day hoping to meet or increase slightly what I did last week.”

SQBubble writes: “I'm on my 2nd bottle of ULTRA 40, and I will forever use this product. It makes you stronger, fuller, adds detail, and lets you control the weight better when you lift really heavy. I never thought such a simple product would help so much. I will always have some on my shelf. FYI, I take 18 tablets a day (3x6) on workout days and 12 tablets (4x3 or 2x6) on rest days. Get this if you want results.”

Dkwwood writes: “Cheap and conveniently sized tablets (they are actually easy to swallow) that can be taken with meals to boost nutritional quality. I take four or six with each meal depending on the protein content and my workout schedule.”

Mikedemeter writes: “I had the pleasure and privilege of working under Vince Gironda. There wasn’t a drug-free champ that didn’t live on liver tablets, eggs and digestive enzymes to maintain muscular density and vitality. Between meals, ULTRA 40 is an ideal addition –typically 20-30 tabs at a time. You all saw the results back then. Sow the same seeds, reap the same harvest.”

Alconcel4 writes:ULTRA 40 is an old school sup-plement that has stood the test of time. Energy is prolonged and recovery is rapid when taking the recommended doses. Tablets are smooth and easy to swallow. Highly recommended!”

What can I stack ULTRA 40 with?

MASS AMINO ACIDS: For those wishing to acceler-ate mass gains, a popular stack consists of ULTRA 40 and MASS AMINO ACIDS tablets. Users of this stack regularly report making lean, hard mass gains of several pounds in 6-8 weeks.

A sample supplement stack combining Mass and Ultra 40 might look like this:

  • Client: 180-lb Male
  • Goals: Add lean muscle size and strength
  • Optimum Ultra 40 and Mass Amino Dose:
  • 18 tablets daily of each Beverly Stack:
  • Breakfast: Super Pak, Mass (3 tablets), Ultra 40 (3 tablets)
  • Mid morning: UMP shake, Mass (3 tablets), Ultra 40 (3 tablets)
  • Lunch: Mass (3 tablets), Ultra 40 (3 tablets)
  • Post-workout or -practice: UMP shake, Mass (3 tablets), Ultra 40 (3 tablets)
  • Dinner: Mass (3 tablets), Ultra 40 (3 tablets)
  • Before Bed: UMP shake, Mass (3 tablets), Ultra 40 (3 tablets)

If your meals are not as regimented as those listed above, just take 6 Ultra 40 tablets and 6 Mass tablets with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The key is to be sure to take 1 tablet each of Mass and Ultra 40 for every 10 lbs of body weight. Give it a try, your results are guaranteed – strength, stamina, and muscle size.


What else works well with ULTRA 40?

QUADRACARN: This is a top-selling supplement with men and women of all ages and backgrounds. The main reason why is that, like ULTRA 40, it is an incredible “all-around” product. QUADRACARN pro-vides a wide range of benefits including enhanced fat loss, muscularity, pumps, sexual potency, cogni-tive performance and more. Stacking ULTRA 40 with QUADRACARN is sure to produce incredible results!

If you’d like to stack Quadracarn with Ultra 40, it’s easy. Take Ultra 40 as instructed above and add Quadracarn this way.

  • Workout Days: 3 Quadracarn at Breakfast, 3 Quadracarn Pre-Workout, and 3 Quadracarn with Dinner.
  • Non Workout Days: 3 Quadracarn at Breakfast and 3 more with Dinner.

Beverly International's Iron Clad Guarantee

Every single Beverly International product is protected by our IronClad Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 60 days, let us know it. We’ll give you a full 100% refund.


From Boston to Bodybuilding

At a Glance: Rob Rosenblum

Age: 62

Occupation: Owner of DKOTA Grizzly, a lifestyle clothing brand

Family: Wife, Mary Ann, and two children

Current Residence: St. Louis, MO

Years training (total): 5

Height: 5'8.5"

Weight: Off-Season: 178, Contest: 169

Favorite Beverly Supplements: Lean Out, 7-Keto MuscLean, and Density

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Egg whites, steak, spinach omelet w/ avocado + oatmeal and blueberries on the side.

What would you say to someone who has never heard of Beverly supplements? Beverly was around before the flash and hype of social media. Straightforward ingredients and packaging say a lot about the value of what's inside.

Music: Anything by Shinedown, Godsmack, Puddle of Mudd

Most Inspiring Book: The Last Lion by Winston Churchill

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Landscaping, Corvettes, and fishing

Words to live by: "Life is not a dress rehearsal."


I was not athletic in my teenage years. I found running only in my 30s as I sought to get my weight down. I discovered that I loved the discipline, competition, and life-long friendships of a very accomplished group of men and women who often placed in their age groups and overalls in many endurance events.

My unexpected journey from endurance athlete to competitive bodybuilding began on Patriots Day, 2016, the third Monday in April, when I planned to be on the starting line for my fourth Boston Marathon at age 55. Instead, I was in my chiropractor's office choking back tears, frustrated at having to scratch my race, and, most of all, mad at myself for having failed my first attempt at rehabilitation for an L5/S1 disc injury one year earlier.

Dr. Matt Lytle was blunt; I was done running for a long time. This wasn't just a bad hammy strain or plantar fasciitis- both of which his care had healed. I'd joke that he had "kept the wheels on a vintage vehicle" through my decades of running. This time, though, I'd run myself right off the road.

Typical of many high-mileage runners who started running in the 90s- cross-training, proper recovery, and (though hard to imagine now) adequate nutrition were often afterthoughts. Want to run faster? Run more! That was the prevailing wisdom. I trained with a goal but didn't have a plan. The result: I failed to qualify for Boston in my first four attempts.

I needed a plan. (I needed to get faster- -faster than I got older.) By the time I made it to my first Boston Marathon in 2011, I had soaked up any nutritional, rehabilitation, and training guidance I could find. I started sipping BCCA's during runs, began taking Quadracarn (my first Beverly supplement), and routinely pounded Beverly UMP shakes at our post-run coffee gatherings (even bringing powder-filled baggies for the baristas to mix into banana smoothies).

Though I was knocking down lifetime running PRs, I was also running myself into trouble by increasing the demands on my aging body. I was ignoring signals. I was worn down and structurally out of balance, mashing on the gas pedal with a dashboard full of warning lights and bald tires.

That brought me to April 2016. Rather than prescribing only traditional, clinical PT, Dr. Lytle approved of working with trainers he knew had a complete understanding of disc injuries and could trust to structure a rehabilitative strengthening program given my current limits. When a chiropractor is in synch with trainers, you can be damn sure you've been hooked up with the best.

I needed a new plan. That's when I met Jared Fryman, a soft-spoken shaved-headed Marine who fills a doorway with his frame and always lights up the gym with a smile. Jared fully understood where my head was: I missed my running group, my intense cardio, and the structure and discipline of my marathon training. I'd fallen into the habit of cheering myself up with sugary treats and carbs. But without the miles to burn them up, I was closing in on 20% BF and doing nothing to preserve --much less add to-- the muscle mass I'd burned in some 24,000 miles of running.

Jared said, "Rob, I think you could change your body composition if we switch up the cardio mix and clean up your diet." He detailed a nutrition plan that started with a painful three-week "sugar detox," which quickly transitioned to a familiar muscle-building, six meals per day nutritional program. Jared recommended additional Beverly supplements and structured a lifting and cardio plan. (detailed nearby)

Without mentioning the words "bodybuilding" or "competition," Jared set me on a course for success. Always a good Marine, he knew where this mission was headed way before I did.

The upper body changes came pretty fast. Legs? Well…not so much. I would joke that my leg and glute muscles were "road kill that I'd left on the marathon course between Hopkinton and Boston." My initial squat program began with an empty bar and a bottom range limited to an 18-inch red stool, topped by a blue pad and a thick 45lb plate. To that point, I had never done a single loaded back squat in my life!

I was gradually able to jettison the blue pad, then the plate, and add load. The key was a balanced progression, alternating weeks of either increasing range or poundage.

By May of 2017, I started looking for my first physique event. Putting up the entry fee and having a target date gave me that same long-range mental focus as completing the dozens of race entries as a runner. We settled on a natural NPC Midwest event in a small venue. Jared knew it would be comfortable and a confidence builder.

While on stage, I recall Jared screaming, "squeeeeze!" I took first place in Masters divisions and novice while experiencing my first pose down. Up until this point, bodybuilding was just another challenge, something to do until I could run again.

But not now. With mixed emotions, I said goodbye to the runner who wanted to shave minutes off his PRs. Now I wanted to keep my new gains ….and add more.

I added Ultra 40 and Density and noticed I looked much fuller during subsequent contest preps. Muscle Synergy became a pre-workout favorite along with the daily Quadracarn, Lean Out, and 7-Keto MuscLean combo.

I'd noticed Jared's sword trophies from Kentucky Muscle and, typical of runners who suffered for the glory of a competitor T-shirt or race medal "bling," I knew I wanted one of those swords.

Gains were painstakingly slow for the next four years as I entered various contests. But by the time I walked on stage for my first Kentucky Muscle in 2021, I'd gained 8 lbs. of muscle.

That year, Master's Classic Physique was only one class, 35+. Right then, I knew my chances at placing would be a long shot, but that just fired me up even more. No surprise I finished near the bottom in Classic. Happily, I crossed over to Physique and brought home my first swords for 60+ and novice.

I wanted to give Classic Physique another go. We worked hard for another year and also focused on posing. I returned to Kentucky Muscle in 2022. This time, the master's group had 60+ and 50+ divisions where I earned 1st and 4th place swords.

Mary Ann, my wife of 38 years, thought my running group and I were crazy with our 5 am, rain or shine training. Now she knows bodybuilding is a different kind of crazy commitment.


Diet (approximately 16 Weeks Out)

Saturday / Sunday / Monday
Meal 1: 2 whole eggs, 1c egg whites, 3oz avocado, 1 c spinach, ¹⁄₂c berries, ¹⁄₂c oatmeal
Meal 2: 7oz chicken, 1c quinoa, 1c zucchini
Meal 3: Protein shake with banana
Meal 4: 7oz chicken, ¹⁄₂c jasmine rice, 1c green beans, ¹⁄₄c almonds
Meal 5: 7oz chicken, ¹⁄₂c quinoa, 1c carrots, 10 pecan halves
Meal 6: 7oz chicken, 2c mixed salad, 1 tbsp olive oil, ¹⁄₂ red pepper

Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
Meal 1: 6oz steak, ¹⁄₂c spinach, ¹⁄₂c mushrooms, ¹⁄₂c berries, ¹⁄₂c oatmeal
Meal 2: 7oz chicken, 1c quinoa, 1c zucchini
Meal 3: Protein shake with banana
Meal 4: 7oz chicken, 1c jasmine rice, 1 red pepper
Meal 5: 7oz chicken, ³⁄₄c quinoa, 1c carrots
Meal 6: 7oz turkey or chicken, 7oz sweet potato, 1c green beans


3 Quadracarn and 3 Density: Meals 1, 3, and 6. These are my Beverly "go-to's."

Lean Out: 1-2 capsules with every meal.

7-Keto MuscLean: 3 capsules with Meals 1 and 3, this combo of Lean Out & 7-Keto MuscLean significantly helps with cravings as calories decrease.

Ultra 40: Give yourself time to work up to dose as directed for your weight 1 tablet per 10 pounds of body weight), split over 4 to 5 meals. I always felt I looked fuller even on low-carb cycles.

Muscle Synergy: Sip during workouts - a great pump.

ZMA 2000: 3 capsules before bedtime.

Pre-Contest Diet (8 Weeks Out)

Sunday / Monday
Meal 1: 2oz chicken, 2 whole eggs, 4oz avocado, 1c spinach, 1 grapefruit
Meal 2: 7oz chicken, 7oz sweet potato, 1c green beans
Meal 3: Protein shake with 1 c berries, almond milk, plus ¹⁄₄c almonds
Meal 4: 7oz turkey breast, 1c jasmine rice, ³⁄₄c carrots Meal 5: 7oz cod, 7oz red potato, ¹⁄₂ red pepper
Meal 6: 7oz chicken, 2c mixed salad, 1 tbsp olive oil, ¹⁄₂c jasmine rice

Tuesday / Wednesday
Meal 1: 2oz chicken, 2 whole eggs, 1c spinach, ¹⁄₄c oats, ¹⁄₂c blueberries
Meal 2: 7oz chicken, 5oz sweet potato, 1c green beans
Meal 3: Protein shake with 1c berries, almond milk, plus ¹⁄₄c almonds
Meal 4: 7oz turkey breast, ¹⁄₂c jasmine rice, ¹⁄₂c carrots, 4oz avocado
Meal 5: 7oz cod, 7oz red potato, ¹⁄₂ red pepper
Meal 6: 7oz chicken, 2 c mixed salad, 1 tbsp olive oil, ¹⁄₂ c jasmine rice

Thursday / Friday / Saturday
Meal 1: 3oz steak, 2 whole eggs, 1c spinach, ¹⁄₄c oats, ¹⁄₂c blueberries
Meal 2: 7oz chicken, 3oz sweet potato, 1c green beans, ¹⁄₄c almonds
Meal 3: Protein shake with 1c berries, almond milk, plus ¹⁄₄c almonds
Meal 4: 6oz lean steak, 1c carrots, 4oz avocado
Meal 5: 7oz cod, 1c cucumber, ¹⁄₂ red pepper
Meal 6: 7oz chicken, 2c mixed salad, 1 tbsp olive oil, ¹⁄₂c jasmine rice

Periodized Workout Program

Here is an example of the periodization lifting plan that my trainer, Jared Fryman, outlined:

Monday: Chest, Mid-back, Rotator cuff
Tuesday: Quads, Adductors, Calves
Wednesday: Functional cardio (Offseason), HIIT (In season)
Thursday: Shoulders, Lats, Rotator cuff
Friday: Hamstrings, Abductors
Saturday: Arms, Abs
Sunday: Rest (Posing in season)

My workout is divided into 3-week phases. I go through each phase 1 to 2 times before going on to the next phase.

Phase 1

Week 1
Primary lifts 3x15x12x10
Secondary lifts 3x15x12x10
Emphasis, Stability (Earthquake bar is great to use, band work)

Week 2
Primary lifts 4x12
Secondary lifts 15x12x10
Emphasis Negatives 3x8

Week 3
Primary lifts 12x12x10x8
Secondary lifts 3x15
Emphasis Drop sets 3 sets, start at 90-95% of lift, drop 20% each set

Here is an example of a chest and mid-back routine for Phase 1, week 3:

  • Warm-up Rower for 5 minutes, band work for shoulders, then warm-up sets @ 50, 60, 70% working weight for primary lifts
  • Dumbbell Rows 12x12x10x8
  • Machine Chest Press 12x12x10x8
  • Machine Row Drop Sets, 3 drops each set for 3 sets. Fifteen seconds of rest between drops. Ninety seconds rest between sets.
  • Chest Press Drop Sets 3 drops each set for 3 sets. Fifteen seconds of rest between drops. Ninety seconds rest between sets.
  • Dumbbell Reverse Flye 3x15
  • One-Arm Cable Decline Press 3x15
  • Banded Face Pulls 3x15

Phase 2

Week 1
Primary lifts 5x10
Secondary lifts 3x12
Emphasis Speed/ Power work, 10 seconds, 3 sets

Week 2
Primary lifts 10x10x8x6
Secondary lifts 12x10x8
Emphasis Negatives 3x5

Week 3
Primary lifts 4x8
Secondary lifts 3x15x12x10
Emphasis Rack/ Box lifts 3x5

Here is an example of a Quad workout from Phase 2, week 2. Due to previous injuries, I can't go as heavy on my lower body, so I do supersets to get extra volume work in.

  • Warm-up Bike 5 minutes, dynamic leg swings, hip band warm-ups, warm-up on squats @ 50, 60, 70% of working weight.
  • Squats 3x10x10x8x6
  • Calf Raises 3x15 (usually keep reps higher on calf work)
  • Box Squats 3 sets of negatives. 5 count down to box.
  • Split Squat 12x10x8
  • Leg Press 3x15 (Superset with lunges for extra volume)
  • Leg Extension 3x5 single-leg negatives, and double leg extension for 15 reps with 2 count contractions at the top.
  • Copenhagen Side Planks hold 30 seconds. Or use the bottom leg to touch and help as much as needed to maintain form.
  • Single-Leg Bridge 3x15. (Keeping the posterior chain strengthened is a must, so I add an extra movement for the back side of the body each week during my Quad workout)


Off-season (up to 12 weeks before a show)
Monday HIIT 30/30 splits
Tuesday Steady state 30 minutes
Wednesday Functional cardio
Thursday Steady state 30 minutes
Friday Steady state 30 minutes
Saturday Bootcamp class or HIIT 120/60 splits Sunday Off or steady state for 45 minutes

Monday HIIT 30/30 splits
Tuesday Steady state 45 minutes
Wednesday HIIT 60/30 splits
Thursday Steady state 45 minutes
Friday Steady state 45 minutes
Saturday HIIT 120/60 splits
Sunday Steady state 45 minutes

Presentation Tips

Start posing practice early. Pose without a mirror so you can "feel" the pose without having to see yourself. Don't worry about anybody else on stage. Focus on yourself and the judges. If you are competing in Mens Physique, and you are under 6ft tall, make sure your boardshorts are not too long and baggy.

In Closing

Bodybuilding and contest prep, like life, is a journey. The results and progress you achieve are the results of consistent effort and diligence applied over time. Some days you feel like you're 26; other days, you feel like you're 62. Every day in the gym will not be your 100% best, so If you cannot bring everything you have, bring all that you've got. You will always feel better than totally skipping a day.

You may have an IFBB pro you admire, but that person is thousands of hours ahead of you. Look at your peer group for a reality check. Make a detailed checklist well in advance of your competition. It will ease your mind for the last 48hrs and let you focus.

Remember, you are attempting something that very few ever will try. You are a winner when you walk on that stage because you made the most of what your creator gave you. So be humble to your God, and then... when you walk out on stage, smile and OWN IT!.

Training for Muscular Weight Gain

The training and nutrition program explained in this article is perfect for anyone who needs to gain bo-dyweight, along with more muscle size and strength. If you follow the workout and supplement plan as written, you should conservatively gain a minimum of six pounds in six weeks. Follow either of the training programs intelligently and the accompanying nutritional program to the “tee” and a ten-pound gain in six weeks is highly achievable.

Muscular Weight Gain Training Rules

  1. Train 3 days per week. No extras!
  2. Do only the exercises listed.
    Do not add anything.
  3. Do 3-8 reps on each work set.
  4. Do 3-5 work sets on each exercise.
  5. Rest 3 to 5 minutes between each work set.
  6. Adhere to the compound interest cumulative nutrition plan as closely as possible.
  7. Follow this program for six weeks.

Chest, Biceps and Triceps


Bench Presses: 2 warm-up sets, 3 work sets; 5 reps per set.

Your first warm-up set of 5 reps will be with about 60% of your work set weight. If you plan on using 200lbs for your 3 work sets, you’d use 120lbs for your first warm-up set of 5 reps, 160lbs (80%) for your second warm-up set and then 200lbs for 3 sets of 5 reps. If you successfully achieve 5 reps in good form on all your sets, add 5lbs to each set the next week.

Incline Press: 3 work sets; 8 to 4 reps.

You can use a barbell or two dumbbells, whichever you prefer. I use barbell inclines in this particular workout because we’re going to be adding weight and going down to just 4 reps on the last set so the dumbbells can get a bit unwieldy. Do one warm-up set of 12 reps, then choose a weight that you think you can get for 8 reps. If you make 8 – stop! For the second set add 20 pounds (barbell) or 10 pounds to each dumbbell and go for 6 reps. Add 10-20 more pounds for your final work set and try for 4 reps. Record your poundages. If you successfully get 8 – 6 – 4 on your consecutive three sets, add five pounds to each set your next workout.

Biceps / Triceps

Barbell, EZ Bar or Cheat Curls: 5 sets, 5 reps (use the same set and rep scheme as bench press).

Close-Grip Bench Press or Dips: 5 sets, 5 reps.

Wednesday: Legs


Squats: 5 sets; 5 reps

Squats are undoubtedly the best exercise for weight gain. If you’ve been using a very wide stance and/or less than optimal range of motion, there’s a chance you are going to have to relearn this exercise. Use a foot position about shoulder width apart. As you descend I want you to imagine there is a marble on the center of your quad. Keep going down until the marble would start rolling toward your hips. This will guarantee that you’ve broken parallel and will reap all the benefits in added muscle and strength that come from this fabulous exercise.

Use the same progression as you did for the Bench Press. Do a general warm-up, then for your first set use 60% of the weight you will use on your three work sets. Your second warm-up set will be at 80%. You may want to experiment a little with your weights before you start this program since you may be squatting a little dee-per than normal and may have to use less weight while relearning the exercise.

Select a weight that will allow you to squat in perfect form for your three work sets of 5 reps each. When you can get 5 reps on every set – add 5-10 pounds to bar the next week!

Straight-Leg Deadlifts: 3 sets; 6-8 reps.

Form is everything on this exercise. It’s one of the best to stretch and thicken your hamstrings. Keep your back arched, head up and knees very slightly bent. Arching your back instead of rounding it like so many guys do is the key to this exercise.

Leg Curls: 3 sets; 6-8 reps.

Do not “bang out” the reps on this exercise. Instead squeeze, contract, and let the weight down slowly.


Standing Calf Raises: 3 sets; pyramid 20 down to 10 reps.

Go all the way up, hold for a two-count, and then extend slowly as far as your range of motion will allow.

Saturday: Back and Shoulders


Deadlifts: 5 sets; 5 reps.

Legs shoulder width, knees bent, back arched – use an overhand grip and straps. Keep the bar close to your body as you pull. Don’t bend your arms.

Warm-up with a couple of light sets and some stretches. Then add weight as you did for the Bench Press. Add 10lbs to the bar each week that you complete all your work sets in good form.

Bent Barbell Row or Cable Row: 2 warm-up and 3 work sets; 5 reps per set. (Same sets and reps as Monday’s bench press workout.)

Pulldowns: 3 work sets; 8-4 reps (same as incline press.)

Use an underhand (palms facing) grip. Hands should be shoulder width or closer. Pull from full extension all the way until the bar hits your upper chest. Try to make your elbows follow an arced path as you pull them down and back. This is a lat builder my friends– think lats and let your biceps go along for the ride.


Shrugs: 3 sets; pyramid from 8 down to 4 reps.

Use straps if you like. Shrug straight upward. Try to touch your shoulders to your ears. Squeeze at the top.

Seated or Standing Military Presses: 5 sets; 5 reps (same set and rep scheme as bench press).

You can use a barbell, dumbbell, or Smith Machine for this exercise; one will work as well as the other. However, it’s easier to progress with the barbell version if you’re not afraid to put a 2-¹⁄₂ lb plate on each side each week. In six weeks you increase your poundage 25lbs – not bad!

Where’s the ab work?

Actually, handling the kind of weights you’ll be building-up to will work your abs indirectly. If you really want to add some direct ab work throw in a total of 50 reps of either crunches and/or leg raises as a warm-up to your primary workout.

An Abbreviated Version for the Slow Gainer

Recovery is a very important factor in weight gain. When you are really trying to gain additional bodyweight, do not overtrain! For many (probably, most), including those relatively new to weight training, those who work at physical labor, those engaged in organized sports, or even those who have a limited time to train, the above workout will be just too much. In that case, we recommend a shorter, but just as effective, program that will allow greater recuperation.


  1. Squats: 5 sets; 5 reps (same set, rep scheme as above)
  2. Bench Presses: 5 sets; 5 reps
  3. Bentover Row: 5 sets; 5 reps


  1. Deadlift: 5 sets; 5 reps
  2. Incline Press: 3 sets; 8-6-4 reps
  3. Pulldown: 3 sets; 8-6-4 reps


  1. Breathing Squats: 1 set; 20 reps
  2. Light Pullover: 1 set; 20 reps
  3. Shoulder Press: 5 sets; 5 reps

For each exercise follow the instructions listed in the full program above. The Breathing Squat is to be performed as follows: after a general warm-up load the bar to 50% of the weight that you used for your squat work sets on Monday. If you used 275lbs for your 3 work sets on Monday, use 135lbs on Saturday. Three monstrous breaths between each rep is the key, not the amount of weight you use. If you successfully complete all 20 reps, add 5-10lbs to the bar next Saturday. Don’t give up on them because they are too hard, many men have gained 50lbs and more in bodyweight by concentrating on this one exercise. For more instruction, Google “breathing squats”. On the Pullovers, keep your arms straight, use a very light weight – 20 or 25lbs is not too light, and try to stretch your ribcage.

Compound Interest Weight Gain Protocol

I got the idea for this nutrition protocol from my experience with Weider Crash Weight Formula #7 back in the summer of 1965. I was 18 years old, 6’1” and stuck at a bodyweight of 170 pounds.

The stuff was horrible but the theory behind it wasn’t so bad. Add 3500 calories daily to your normal caloric intake and you gain a pound a day. And it worked! I drank two quarts of milk per day. I used Weider Crash Weight Formula #7 and actually gained five pounds in one week. The pounds weren’t necessarily muscle because Formula #7 was 70% sugar – but still, I finally gained some weight. That experience taught me one of the basics of weight gain, “If you want to gain weight, you need more calories, PERIOD!”

Another lesson I learned from my Formula #7 experience is to add the extra calories gradually throughout the program. (One of the side effects that anyone who used Formula #7 experienced was- your body cannot get used to pounding an overabundance of calories overnight. Consequently, a lot of time was spent during the first week eliminating the extra calories.)

Here’s how you can gradually add quality calories to your nutritional intake each week and achieve pound-a-week or better gains. Get your hands on a 5lb container of new Beverly Mass Maker Ultra and add just 1 serving daily to your current nutritional food and supplement intake to begin your Compound Interest Weight Gain program.

Then each week add to your protein and calorie intake by following the suggestions below. These subtle additions to your diet will accrue week after week just like compound interest in your muscle bank account.

Week One: Simply drink one serving of Mass Maker Ultra (MMU) each day in addition to your current diet. Don’t cut anything out, just find the best time to drink your delicious MMU shake and do it consistently each day.

Added calories = 390 per day; 2730 per week; calculated gain - 0.78lb. That’s just a little over ¾ of a pound. Doesn’t seem like much, but we’re just getting started.

Week Two: Add a 2nd serving of Mass Maker Ultra to your daily nutrition. (Be sure not to cut back on any of your regular meals. In two weeks you have just increased your daily baseline calorie intake by 780 calories per day (that’s more than a one pound weight gain each week).

Added calories = 780 per day; 5460 per week; calculated gain – 1.56lbs.
Cumulative week 1 and week 2 calculated gain = 2.34lbs.
(You’re well on your way).

Week Three: During week three add one scoop of UMP to each of your two Mass Maker Ultra shakes.

Added calories = 1020 per day; 7140 per week; calculated gain – 2.04lbs.
Cumulative weeks 1, 2 and 3 calculated gain = 4.38lbs.


Week Four: I’ll bet you are still gaining at least one pound a week, so stick with the week three protocol of 2 servings of MMU daily with 1 scoop of UMP added to each.

Added calories = 1020 per day; 7140 per week; calculated gain – 2.04lbs.
Cumulative weeks 1- 4 calculated gain = 6.42lbs.

Week Five and Six: We’ll give you 2 options here based on your progress to date.
Option 1: If you are happy with your progress, continue with 2 servings of MMU and UMP daily. To volumize your muscles and wring out the greatest strength gains possible, add Beverly’s Creatine Select with Beta Alanine for the final two weeks.

Added calories = 1020 per day; 7140 per week; calculated gain = 2.04lbs. per week.
Option 1 Cumulative Gains for weeks 1-6 calculated gain – 10.5lbs.

Option 2: If by the start of week 5 you have not gained at least five pounds, add a 3rd serving of MMU and UMP each day, along with Creatine Select for the final two weeks.

Added calories = 1530 per day; 10,710 per week; calculated gain – 3.06lbs.
Option 2 Cumulative Gains for weeks 1-6 calculated gain – 12.54lbs.

Other essentials you must include in your nutrition program are very high potency vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and a digestive enzyme complex to help metabolize the extra calories. Luckily you can get all of these from just two supplements - Beverly’s Super Pak and Multiple Enzyme Complex. Take one Super Pak each morning with your first meal and two Multiple Enzyme Complex tablets with each serving of Mass Maker Ultra.

If you follow this supplement program faithfully and continue eating your current baseline diet you can easily add ten pounds of muscular mass to your frame over the course of this six-week program. Will you gain 12 pounds of muscle? Probably not – various metabolic factors come into play that will generally limit your gains on such a program to 6-10 pounds. And everyone who reads this magazine is an intelligent person who knows that there is no program or supplement out there that requires no effort or discipline on your part. Are you willing to give it a shot?


That’s Right, It Can Be Done, but the Relationship Between Training and Rest Recovery Is More Important Than You Ever Imagined.


It is a truism that athletes have varying genetic capabilities. Consequently, there is no point in publishing the “latest secret workout program designed to make you bigger than The Incredible Hulk overnight.”

We would suggest that the one real secret is that pro bodybuilders have chromosomes that would allow them to take an aerobics class, drop a Dianabol tab or two, train with the iron about as often as the moon appears blue, and still build muscle from that.

Well gee, guess what -- ninety-nine percent of the population can not follow that protocol.

Well then, what to do?

First, you have to avoid over-training and exploit principles such as specialization and progression. From our involvement with thousands of athletes at every level, we have developed a miraculous 42-day size-surge workout to increase growth and rest-recovery to cover the wide bell-shaped curve of the genetic population.

Because it reduces over-training and increases growth in even the “genetically challenged,” this program naturally also works for the genetically blessed. Remember: the genetically blessed can grow from almost any program, so this is applicable to everyone.

This routine is built around three core training principles:

  1. Specialization
  2. Planned Progression
  3. Rest-Recovery

Specialization, it’s impossible for the non-steroid athlete to train every body part maximally in terms of volume and intensity. For this reason, specialization becomes essential. We’ve focused on leg development in this program since we find that it is the #1 underdeveloped area in most trainees.

Planned Progression, while promoting rest-recovery, is another basic premise essential to this program. Progression doesn’t “just happen”: You have to map it out strategically. Realistic progression is a key factor that most natural trainees miss because they try to progress too fast or at an unrealistic pace. Trying to progress too fast will cause you to fail. Instead, you have to become goal-oriented in your progression. Every day you go into the gym, set a small goal for yourself, even if it is just one extra rep on a particular set. Performing and achieving the goal in your mind before you physically encounter
the weight will prepare you and your body for constant success.


Rest-Recovery (and free radical suppression) can be promoted by using cycle training, planning rest days around the varying stress levels imposed upon your Neuromuscular and adrenal systems.

Remember that while you may over-train a single muscle like your biceps, you can also over-train your entire neuromuscular system. This is why we suggest two rest days following heavy leg training – because exercises like squats tax your entire body. Recovery and recuperation within the workouts are also promoted by a push/pull style of training on the major upper-body training days. This facilitates blood flow to opposing muscle groups, prevents premature lactic acid buildups and fatigue in one muscle group, and has a spinal core mediated basis for recovery.

Day 1 Chest and Back


Push/Pull Series #1
Bench Press / Bent Row or Seated Cable Row. You will do one set of bench presses, rest 60-90 seconds and then do your set of rows. Follow that for all five sets. For example:

Set #1 Bench Press warm-up – 135 x 10 reps
Set #1 Seated Rows warm-up-7-9 reps

Set #2 Bench Press warm-up – 185 x 3 reps
Set #2 Seated Rows warm-up, 7-9 reps

Set #3 Bench Press 185 x 10–12 reps. Do max reps. If you get 12 reps, then increase by 5% (10 lbs.) the next workout
Set #3 Seated Rows 7-9 reps to failure

Sets #4 & 5 Bench Press 5–7 reps to failure – 215-lbs. on both sets. When you get 7 reps on both sets, add 10 lbs
Sets #4 & 5 Seated Rows 7-9 reps to failure

Push/Pull Series #2
(Same procedure as 1st group – alternate 1 set pressing with a set of pulling)

Incline Press or Lat Pulldown

Incline Press 3 Sets 6–10 reps to failure when you can get 10 reps on all 3 sets, increase the weight by 5 lbs (DB)
or 10 lbs (BB)
Pulldowns 3 sets 8–12 reps

Push/Pull Series #3

Dumbbell Press / Chins
DB Press 1st Set: 20–25 reps to failure, 2nd Set: 12–15 reps to failure
Chins 2 sets to failure (if you can do less than 6 reps per set of chins, add additional sets so that the total reps performed over all sets is at least 12)

Day 2 Light Legs

Compound Sets – (2 sets within same muscle group).
We find very few trainees spend enough time on their legs. The addition of this short workout can make a large difference in your development.

Series One: 6 sets 12 reps each
Front Squat or Smith Machine Squat compounded with Hack Squats. Keep constant tension on the quads by descending below parallel and coming up just 3/4 of the way (non-lockout.)
Try for 12 reps per set. When you can complete 12 reps on all 6 sets, add 10% to the weight. Rest just 60 seconds after completing each superset – take no more than 18 minutes to complete all 6 supersets.

Series Two
Leg curls compounded with Straight Leg Deadlifts.
3 sets 10 reps each – constant weight. (You may add a couple of straight sets for your calves at the end.)

Day 3 Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps

Push/Pull Series #1
Shoulder Press (seated or standing).
Warm-up set, then 3 sets 5–7 reps
Heavy Barbell Curls warm-up set, then 3 sets 5–7 reps
Triceps Pushdown 3 sets 6–10 reps to failure

On the above push-pull series, you alternate exercises: 1st set of Shoulder Presses, with 60–90 second rest. Then 1st set Barbell Curls. Rest. Then 1st set of Triceps Pushdowns. Rest 60 – 90 and repeat the series.

Push/Pull Series #2
3-Way Dumbbell Raises, 3 sets. Do Bent Over Laterals, 1x 5 reps, Front Raises, 5 reps, and finally Lateral Raises, for your last 5 reps. Repeat until 3 sets of each have been completed.

3-Way Dumbbell Curls, 3 sets. Do 5 reps top half, 5 reps bottom half, and the final 5 reps are full reps!

3-Way Triceps Presses, 3 sets. Do 5 reps Skull Crushers to forehead, next 5 reps bring bar behind the head, and final 5 reps is a full Pullover and Press.


Day 4 Rest

Day 5 Heavy Legs

(You use planned progression, and your weights are based on 225 x 10 reps normal workout poundage.)

Squat straight sets (lots of rest)
1st set warm-up 10 easy reps - 135
2nd set warm-up 5 Reps - 185
3rd set warm-up 3 Reps - 205

Work Set #1: Use your normal 12–15 rep weight (in this case 205lbs) and do 15–25 reps. Rest 5 minutes
Work Set #2: Add 20-lbs. (225) and try to get 10–20 reps. Rest 5 minutes

Work Set #3: Use the same weight as work set one (205) and go for max reps.

Note: Add weight when you make 25 reps on your first work set or 20 reps on the 2nd work set, but the 3rd work set is always the same weight as the 1st work set.

Try to add at least 1 rep to each work set above each workout

Push/Pull Series to finish
Leg presses 3 x 8–12 reps
Leg curls 3 x 8-12 reps


Day 6 and 7 Rest

Nutrition / Special Supplements for Mass!

In conjunction with a much more realistic approach to training, understand that even genetic wonders do not get maximum results without optimum nutrient-dense 24-hour nutritional support.

Aim for at least 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein every day. To start, you’ll need at least three regular meals based around whole food protein sources such as steak, eggs, lean ground beef, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, and fish.

Most people just cannot eat 5-7 whole food meals every day. Instead of trying to choke down one can of tuna after the other all day long, protein drinks make getting your protein quota easier.

You need an intelligent blend of high-octane proteins for growth and support. We do strongly believe that Beverly UMP is the best in quality, convenience, taste, and thus results. UMP is best as a rich and creamy drink. Add heavy cream or half and half to your shake for more nutrient density. You can also make UMP pudding, UMP crepes, and more.

No matter how you use UMP, it provides extra nutritional support and superior source of high nitrogen to grow muscle.

Another very important support tool in your program is Ultra 40 – almost a perfect bodybuilding food. This will not only supply a surplus of amino acids and a premium grade beef protein, but Ultra 40 is laced with micronutrients that provide the groundwork within your metabolism for big growth. This will give you the constant influx of nutrients you need to recover and facilitate growth, 24-7!

For advanced trainees, we’ve all heard the phrase “you don’t grow in the gym.” “Forget what the experts say”… you can grow while you train. There are both truths and fallacies to this statement.

Your efforts in the gym stimulate the growth and recovery that takes place outside of the gym, but there certainly is nothing wrong with getting a jump-start on the process. Density, Muscle Mass and Glutamine Select provide top-grade fuel sources of amino acids for your muscles to feed on while you are training. In addition to fueling growth, an adequate supply of BCAAs in the bloodstream stimulates the utilization of fat stores and increases levels of growth-producing hormones such as testosterone, insulin, and growth hormone. During training, take one or more of these high potency amino acid supplements to increase all three anabolic hormonal environments far past what training alone can provide.

Finally, we also feel that Creatine Select and Mass Maker Ultra will help most people gain mass, especially naturals.

How long? 42 Days

Now, if after 42 days, you are still able to meet your planned progression goals, go another two weeks. Be sure you pay close attention to your nutrition. Take your supplements regularly. Plan each training session in advance. We guarantee you’ll build more muscle in the next 6 weeks than you have in the past 6 months!



The rationale behind our Natural Muscle Size Workout and Diet is that you first must lay down a foundation of size and strength. Whether you’ve been working out for decades and just need to “reinforce” your foundation, or are relatively new to the weights, this can best be accomplished through basic exercises, heavy (for you) weights, systematic progression, and an increased focus on nutrition with an emphasis on frequent use of very high quality protein and a slight overload of calories.

Natural Muscle Size Workout

Here are the basic workout rules:

  1. Read the instructions listed for each exercise. They will tell you exactly how to structure your sets, reps, and progression to get maximum results.
  2. Follow this schedule for 12-16 weeks as you progress through the levels of your Natural Muscle Size Supplement program. Whether you’re an intermediate or have been training for decades, be prepared to make some of the best gains of your life in strength and muscle size.

Monday: Chest, Biceps, Triceps

Bench press: 4 work sets; 5-6 reps, but no more than 6 reps per set. Warm up, then do 4 sets of benches with the same weight. You should be able to get 6 reps your first set or two, but may fall to 5 reps on your final 2 sets, with or without a slight spot. As soon as you can get 6 reps on all 4 sets without a spot in a workout, add ten pounds your next workout and start over!

Incline Press: 3 work sets; 8, down to 4 reps. Use a barbell or dumbbells. Do one warm-up set of 12 reps, then put on a weight that you think you can get for 8 reps. If you make 8 – stop! For the second set, add 10-20 pounds and go for 6 reps. Add 10-20 more pounds for your final work set and try to get 4 reps. If you successfully get 8 – 6– 4 on your consecutive three sets, 2 workouts in a row, then add 10-pounds to each set your next (3rd) workout.

Barbell curls / Close-grip bench press: (Alternate Sets – 1 biceps set rest, then 1 triceps set, rest and repeat.) 4 sets, 5-6 reps (Use the same set and rep scheme as bench press.)

Lying tricep extensions: 3 work sets; 8 to 6 reps (Use the same weight all three sets, when you can get 8 reps on all three sets, increase the weight your next workout.)

Wednesday: Legs

Squats: 5 work sets; 4-6 reps. Use a foot position that’s shoulder width apart. As you descend imagine there is a marble on the center of your quad. Keep going down until the marble would start rolling toward your hips. This will guarantee that you’ve broken parallel and will reap the maximum benefits from your squats. Begin with a couple of warm-up sets. Then do one more warm-up set of 6 reps with a weight that is 25-50 lbs below your 6-rep max. Now select a weight that will allow you to squat in perfect form for five sets of 4-6 reps. When you can get 6 reps on every set – add weight! It’s ok to take up to 5 minutes rest between each set!

Straight Leg Deadlifts: 4 sets; 6-8 reps.

Leg curls: 3 sets; pyramid from 12 reps down to 8 reps on the final set.

Standing calf raises alternate with Seated calf raises: 3 sets; pyramid 20 reps down to 10 reps. For both exercises go all the way up, hold for a two-count, then lower slowly as far as your range of motion will comfortably allow.

Saturday: Back and Shoulders

Deadlifts: 5 work sets; 3-5 reps. Keep the bar close to your body as you pull. Warm-up with a couple of light sets and stretch between warmups. Then add weight each set staying in the 3-5 rep range. For example: Week One you might do 135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 255x5, 275x3. As soon as you get 5 reps on the final set, add 10 lbs to each set listed your next deadlift workout.

Bent barbell rows or Cable rows: 4 work sets; 5-6 reps. (Same sets and reps as Monday’s bench press workout).

Reverse grip pulldowns: 3 work sets; 8-4 reps (same as Monday’s incline press.) Use an underhand (palms facing) grip. Try to make your elbows follow an arced path as you pull them down and back. This is a lat builder – think lats and let your biceps just go along for the ride.

Shoulder shrugs: 3 sets; pyramid from 8 reps down to 4 reps. Shrug straight upwards. Try to touch your shoulders to your ears. Squeeze at the top. Don’t roll your shoulders either.

Shoulder press: 4 sets; 5-6 reps (same set and rep scheme as bench press). You can use a barbell, dumbbell, or Smith Machine for this exercise.

Lateral rasies: 3 sets; 12-10-8 reps (use the same weight for all sets).

Natural Muscle Size Workout Summary

Monday: Chest, Biceps & Triceps
Bench Press (2-3 warmup sets) then 4x5-6
Incline Press 1x12 (warmup), then 3x8-6-4
Barbell Curls 4x5-6
alternate with
Close Grip Bench Press 4x5-6
DB Curls 3x6-8
alternate with
Lying Tricep Extension 3x6-8

Wednesday: Legs
Squat (3 warmup sets) then 5x4-6
Straight Leg Deadlift 4x6-8
Leg Curls 3x12-10-8
Standing Calf Raises 3x20-15-10
alternate with
Seated Calf Raises 3x20-15-10

Saturday: Back and Shoulders
Deadlift 5x3-5 (add weight each set)
Barbell or Cable Row 4x5-6
Reverse Grip Pulldown 3x8-6-4
Shrugs 3x8-6-4
Shoulder Press (BB, DB, or Machine) 4x5-6
DB Laterals 3x12-10-8

Natural Muscle Size Nutrition Program

Adding muscle size and strength requires more than just training. Another key component of your Natural Muscle Size program is a balanced nutrition program with the emphasis on protein. A proper nutritional regimen aimed at increasing muscle size should consist of the three major macronutrients that the human body needs in order to function properly in the following proportions: 35%-50% protein, 20%-40% carbohydrate, 20%-35% fat; the lower your carbohydrate intake, the higher your fat intake should be.

How to Utilize the Natural Muscle Size Nutrition Programs

We’ve listed two nutrition plans to go with your Natural Muscle Size Supplement program. Depending on your goal, choose either of the diets listed, or you could alternate them in 4 to 6 week intervals. Here are 4 options

  1. Follow the Maximum Size and Strength plan for the entire 12-16 week period.
  2. Follow the Gain Muscle Lose Fat plan for the entire 12-16 week period.
  3. Follow the Maximum Size and Strength plan for 6-8 weeks, then harden up by following the Gain Muscle Lose Fat plan for the remaining 6-8 weeks.
  4. Follow the Gain Muscle Lose Fat plan for the first 4-6 weeks, then the Maximum Size and Strength Plan for 4 weeks, and then finish out the program with the Gain Muscle Lose Fat plan for the final 4-6 weeks.

As you work into either of the two nutrition plans listed below, it’s okay to adjust portions or add or decrease a meal as needed to maintain progress. Do not worry about the particular order of your meals, if you want to eat Meal #1 as your last meal of the day, go ahead, it’s OK. The most important thing for you to do is make sure you have a minimum of 3 of the food meals listed below in addition to at least 2 UMP shakes (or puddings) each day. In a couple of cases we’ve indicated a particular flavor of UMP, these are just suggestions, go with the flavor you enjoy most.


Maximum Size and Strength Nutrition

Meal 1:
Option A: 3 whole eggs, 5oz lean beef or 1 cup cottage cheese, ¹⁄₂ cup oatmeal (before cooking)

Option B: 3 egg omelet, 2oz cheese, 2 slices whole-grain toast with peanut butter or almond butter, 1 apple

Meal 2:
Protein Shake Option: 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, 2 tablespoons healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream. Add strawberries, blueberries, or a banana if desired.

Whole Food Option: 6oz beef patty, 1 cup cottage cheese and ¹⁄₂ cup pineapple

Meal 3:
Option A: 8oz roast beef or turkey breast (or other protein source), ¹⁄₂ cup cooked brown rice (or other complex carbohydrate source), Optional: 1 or 2 servings of low carb fruit or vegetables

Option B: 5oz roast beef, 2oz swiss cheese, 2 slices rye bread, 1 apple, 1-2 cups salad

Meal 4 (post workout):
Protein Shake Option: 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, 1 tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream, 1 banana

Mass Maker Ultra Option: If you are a hard gainer, you can replace your post-workout UMP shake with Mass Maker Ultra - 2 scoops Mass Maker Ultra, 12oz vitamin D milk or water, 1 banana.

Whole Food Option (optional on non-workout days): 6-8oz ground beef, ¹⁄₂ cup cottage cheese, ¹⁄₂ cup pineapple or ½ cantaloupe

Meal 5:
8oz serving of protein (steak, pork, chicken, turkey or fish), 8-10oz baked potato or sweet potato, 1-2 cups low carb vegetables or salad

Meal 6 (before bed):
UMP Shake (same as meal #4) or protein pudding – mix two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein in a bowl with just enough water to make a pudding texture. Add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter or heavy cream.


Gain Muscle Size While Losing Fat Nutrition Plan

Meal 1:
2 whole eggs plus 4 egg whites, 5oz lean meat, ¹⁄₂ cup oatmeal (measured before cooking)

Meal 2:
Protein Shake Option: 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein (chocolate flavor), 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream, 12-14oz water

Whole Food Option: 8oz sliced roast beef or other protein source, 1 apple or other fruit

Meal 3:
6-8oz lean meat, 6oz sweet potato or ²⁄₃ cup cooked brown rice, 2 cups vegetables (broccoli, etc.) and/or salad with 2 tablespoons dressing

Meal 4 (post workout):
Protein Shake Option: 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein (vanilla flavor), 1 tablespoon healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream. Add banana or berries if desired.

Whole Food Option (optional on non-workout days): 6oz turkey breast, ¹⁄₂ cup cottage cheese, ¹⁄₂ cup pineapple (unsweetened) or ¹⁄₂ cantaloupe

Meal 5:
8-10oz lean meat, 2 cups vegetables, salad with 2 tablespoons dressing

Meal 6 (before bed):
Protein Shake Option: Shake (same as meal #2) or protein pudding – mix two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein (cookies & crème) in a bowl with just enough water to make a pudding texture. Add 1 tablespoon of almond butter, walnuts, or heavy cream if desired.

Whole Food Option: 4oz chicken or turkey breast, 6 egg whites, 1 cup omelet vegetables

Beverages: Make sure that you drink at least six to eight 8oz glasses of water each day (that’s four 16oz bottles). Watch out for sugars in the liquids you drink, juices and regular soft drinks will sabotage your progress. Limit your beverages to water, coffee, tea, diet sodas, and Crystal Light.

Free Foods: You can eat any of the following at any time, without jeopardizing your results: Sugar free gum, sugar-free Jell-O, Splenda, Equal, seasonings, mustard, vinegar, hot sauce, salt and pepper.

A Quick Summary of the Natural Muscle Size Supplement Plan

Regardless of which nutrition plan you choose, the Natural Muscle Size Supplement plan is a key component. Be sure to go back to page 4 and carefully reread the full instructions so that you set yourself up correctly to achieve the greatest gains. Here’s a summary:

Level 1 (6-8 weeks): UMP – 2 shakes daily, 6-18 Mass Aminos daily, 6-18 Ultra 40 daily.

Level 2 (4 weeks): UMP (same as level 1), Mass Aminos and Ultra 40 (1 tablet each per 10 lbs of your bodyweight, if you weigh 175, that would be 18 per day), Creatine Select - load 4 scoops daily for 5 days, then one serving daily until the bottle runs out.

Level 3 (4 weeks): UMP, Mass Aminos, Ultra 40 (same as level 2). Add 2 servings of Muscle Synergy daily, and Quadracarn (to optimize your testosterone production) 9 tablets on workout days and 6 on non-workout days.

Maximum Fat Loss for Men

This program is a great starting point for any male who wants to maximize fat loss while retaining or increasing lean muscle.


  • Lose Fat
  • Increase Muscularity
  • Greater Vascularity and Hardness


Daily Fat Loss Supplement Schedule

The following supplement schedule is the perfect plan to help maximize your fat loss program.


UMP (or Muscle Provider), Lean Out, and Super Pak

  • UMP or Muscle Provider as directed in the nutrition plan below.
  • Lean Out 2 capsules with each meal or shake.
  • Super Pak 1 w/ breakfast shake



For advanced fat loss and muscle retention add 7-Keto MuscLean and Density.

  • 7-Keto MuscLean 3 capsules twice daily – morning and mid afternoon
  • Density 3 tablets with each meal or shake



To retain & build more muscle while on a maximum fat loss diet add the following supplements:

  • Creatine Select load with 4 scoops per day for 5 days, then 1 scoop daily
  • Glutamine Select mix 2 scoops in 16oz water, sip before or throughout training sessions

35 or older Quadracarn should go to the top of your supplement priorities – 3 tablets, three times daily



  • Up-Lift 2 scoops before training for pump, focus, utilization of stored fat for energy, and increased strength

Daily Fat Loss Nutrition Plan

You’ll eat 5 meals daily (including shakes) five days a week, and a sixth, carb-up meal on Monday and Thursday.


Meal #1:
8oz lean beef or turkey, 3 egg whites, 1 yolk, 1 grapefruit

Meal #2:
Protein Drink: 2 scoops UMP, 1 tbsp healthy fat (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream

Meal #3:
8oz chicken or turkey breast (weighed prior to cooking), 2 cups vegetables

Meal #4:
Protein Drink: 2 scoops UMP or Muscle Provider, 1 tbsp healthy fat (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or 1 tbsp heavy whipping cream, add enough water to make a shake or pudding the consistency you desire.

Whole Food Option: 6oz can tuna or 5oz chicken, 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 tomato

Meal #5:
10oz lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish, 93% or leaner beef, etc.), 4 cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc.), 2 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing


Monday & Thursday:
As a 6th meal: 1¹⁄₂ cups oatmeal (precooked) or cooked rice, 10oz sweet potato, medium banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 tbsp butter, almond butter or oil at the end of the day.

Training for Maximum Fat Loss while retaining Lean Muscle

This training program is actually the 1st phase of a pre-contest workout routine. But you don’t have to compete to accrue the benefits (fat loss and muscle retention or gain) of the program. Your goal should be to become the very best you can be within a certain time frame. If you want to set a goal on where you will place in a contest that is fine too, but remember the real contest is with yourself.

There are four parameters of progress that you should be concerned with during fat loss (or contest) training.

  • Increase reps with same weight
  • Increase weight for the same rep range
  • Add weight whenever you are successful at the top number of reps for a certain exercise.
  • Decrease rest intervals between sets – best for fat loss and pre contest.

DAY 1: Legs, Calves

  1. Squat – (pyramid) 5x12/10/8/6/4-6 reps
  2. Leg Press or Hack Squat 4x10-16
  3. Leg Extension 3x12-15
  4. Superset #4 and #5 Leg Curls 3x10-12
  5. Lunge or Straight Leg Dead Lift 3x10-12
  6. Superset #6 and #7 Seated Calf Raise 5x10-12
  7. Free Standing (no weight) Calf Raises 5x25-50 reps


DAY 2: Chest, Triceps, Calves

  1. Bench Press (pyramid) 5x12/10/8/6/4-6
  2. Incline DB Press 3x6-8
  3. DB Flyes 3x8-12
  4.  DB Pullover 3x8-12
  5. Close Grip Bench Press (pyramid) 4x12/10/8/5-7
  6. Super Set #6 & #7 Triceps Pushdown 3x6-12
  7. Dips 3x6–12
  8. Heavy Calf Raises 4x8-12
  9. Light Calf Raises or Donkeys 4x15 -20


DAY 4: Shoulders, Biceps

  1. Military Press (pyramid) 4x12/10/8/6-8
  2. DB or Machine Laterals 3x8-12
  3. DB or Cable Bent Laterals 3x8–12
  4. Barbell Curl 4x12/10/8/6-8
  5. Incline DB Curl 3x8-10
  6. Machine Curl or Preacher Curl 2x8-12


DAY 1: Back, Abs

  1. Chins 4xAMAP up to 12 reps per set. (If you ever get 12 reps on all 4 sets, start reducing rest periods or add weight.)
  2. Dead Lift 3x10 (add weight each set but stay at ten reps per set) Concentrate on perfect form and add weight very gradually in 5-lb. increments each week. You can do a compound Deadlift and Shrug movement instead of regular Deadlifts if you wish to stress traps a little more.
  3. Bent Rows or Cable Row (pyramid) 4x12/10/8/6-8
  4. Reverse Grip Front Pulldowns or 1 Arm DB Row 3x8–12
  5. Straight Arm Pullovers 3x10–12 (lie on a bench length wise – keep arms straight)
  6. Abs 50 reps each Sit-up, Knee-up, Crunch.


Cardio work should be performed 3 times per week for 20-30 minutes in HIIT fashion for the 1st 4 weeks and 4 times per week for the next 4 weeks. You can do this first thing in the morning, directly after training, and also on your off days. Use a rower, stepper, elliptical, treadmill or kettlebell swings. You can use preprogrammed workouts on the various cardio equipment, or with kettlebells check out Pavel’s “The Quick and the Dead” or StrongFirst’s “Kettlebell Swing Conditioning” program.

Beverly International’s Blueprints for Success Maximum Fat Loss for Females Program

This program is for any female who wants to maximize fat loss and improve their metabolism while increasing muscle tone.


  • Fat Loss / Weight Loss
  • Metabolism Boost
  • Muscle “Toning”
  • Improved Self Image & Self Confidence


Female Fat Loss Supplement Plan

The following supplement schedule is the perfect plan to help maximize your fat loss program.


UMP and/or Muscle Provider, Lean Out

  • Use UMP or Muscle Provider as directed in the nutrition plan below.
  • Take 2 Lean Out capsules every time that you have a meal or shake.



If you want to take it to the next level add

  • Start your first week with one 7-Keto MuscLean capsule in the morning and another in the afternoon.
  • During your second week take two 7-Keto MuscLean capsules in the morning and two more in the afternoon.
  • Week 3 and on: take three 7-Keto MuscLean capsules in the morning and three in the afternoon.



If you want a little more muscle tone, and your budget allows it add Muscularity and Glutamine Select.

  • Glutamine Select 2 or more scoops daily. Sip before or throughout cardio or training sessions and between meals to quiet hunger pains.
  • Muscularity 2 capsules per meal.



Take 2 each FitTabs and EFA Gold with meals 1 and 5.

Fat Loss Female Nutrition Meal Plan

Eat 5 meals per day spaced 3-4 hours apart. Eat your last meal at least 1-2 hours before going to bed. Your goal will be to have 3-4 food meals and 1 or 2 protein shakes each day.


Meal #1:
3oz turkey breast or chicken, 3 egg whites, 1 yolk, ¹⁄₂ grapefruit or ¹⁄₂ cup omelet vegetables

Meal #2:
Protein Drink: 2 scoops UMP (or Muscle Provider), 12oz water (add 4 strawberries or ¹⁄₄ cup blueberries if you’d like)

Meal #3:
5oz chicken or turkey breast (weighed prior to cooking), 2 cups salad with 2 tbsp oil & vinegar dressing

Meal #4:
Whole Food Option: 1 package tuna, 3 egg whites, 1 tomato Protein Shake Option: 2 scoops UMP (or Muscle Provider), 12-16oz water

Meal #5:
5oz lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish, 93% or leaner beef, etc.), 1 cup vegetables


Monday & Thursday:
Substitute for your 5th meal: ³⁄₄ cup oatmeal (precooked) or cooked rice, 5oz sweet potato, 4oz banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 tbsp butter

Female Fat Loss Training Program

Training with weights plays a very important role in promoting fat loss because of the metabolic properties of muscle tissue. It is vital that you do the basic, compound exercises in perfect form. These are the exercises that burn the most calories and rapidly improve your metabolism and muscle tone. Learn to do them perfectly and you’ll reap a lifetime of workout benefits from them.

You’ll be working out 4 days per week, splitting your body so that you work one-half of your body on one day and the other half on the next workout day. You’ll be working abs and glutes all 4 days. The most convenient way is usually to work out 2 days, take 1 day off, then work out another 2 days and take 2 days off.

Once you become accustomed to the prescribed exercises, pick a weight that is heavy enough so that the last few repetitions of your last set are difficult to finish. This is how you will get the fullest benefit in both tone and fat loss from your training. With a little experimentation you’ll soon have a good idea of exactly how much weight you need to use for each exercise.

Keep up a good pace during your workout. Rest about 60 seconds between sets. Finish all your sets for a particular exercise before going to the next exercise.

Keep progressing in one or more of the following areas each time you work out:

  • Amount of resistance or weight used for a particular set.
  • Number of reps performed with a particular weight.
  • Reduce the amount of rest time between sets.
  • Train harder – go for the burn.


Workout Days One & Three

Chest, Shoulders, Back, Abdominals and Glutes

Perform 3 sets for each exercise (except abs and glutes). On set 1 you’ll do 12-15 reps; add a little weight and do 8-12 reps for set 2; for set 3 add still more weight and perform 6-8 reps. Here’s an example:

DB Bench Press
Set 1:
15lbs x 12-15 reps
Set 2: 20lbs x 8-12 reps
Set 3: 25lbs x 6-8 reps

Increasing the weights: In the example above, let’s say that after working out steadily for a couple of weeks you can easily perform 15 reps on your first set. You can also do more than 12 on your second set if you tried, and 8 on your third set. Now, it’s time to raise the weight for each set and start at the lower end of the recommended rep range.



DB or BB Bench Press Incline DB Flye
Cable Crossover or Resistance Bands
DB Pullover

Dead Lift
Lat Pulldown (wide grip)
Seated Pulley Row
or 1-Arm DB Row
Lat Pulldown (close grip)

Lateral Raise
Front Raise
Shoulder Press
Upright Row

2 exercises of your choice:
Sit Up, Crunch, Leg Raise, Knee Pull-Ins, etc.

Start with 3 sets of 15 reps and gradually work up to 25 or more reps per set.


2 exercises of your choice:

Step Ups, Reverse Lunge, various Hip Raises, Back and Side Kicks, etc.

Note you can also find many glute exercises on YouTube. Same sets and reps as abs.


Workout Days Two & Four

Biceps, Triceps, Legs, Abdominals and Glutes

Same Sets/Reps as Workout One, 3 sets per exercise, 12-15 reps for set one, add weight, then 8-10 reps for set two, add a little more weight and perform 6-8 reps for set three.

Barbell Curl
Concentration Curl
Incline DB Curl

One-Arm Triceps Extension Triceps Pushdown
Bench Dips
Lying Triceps Extension

Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Calf Raise

Female Fat Loss Cardio Plan

You’ll be starting with 3 HIIT cardio days per week as the linchpin to your cardio system. It is important to avoid “mindless” cardio. To keep you focused, you’ll be adding a progressive element to your cardio, just as you have done with your weight workout. Here’s how to do it:

Record each cardio workout in your training journal or a separate notebook. Don’t just get on a treadmill and walk. Quantify your cardio program. Set a GOAL! It can be DURATION, INTENSITY (mph, % incline, or level), or one that combines all of the above, CALORIES expended. A sample cardio journal entry might look like this:

Type: Treadmill
Duration:20 Minutes
Peak Intensity: 6.2 mph; 4% incline

Rest Intervals: 3.5 mph; 0% incline
Calories Expended: 300
Total Calories for week to date: 1000

The best times to do your HIIT cardio are first thing in the morning, before Meal #1, or if you must do your weight workout and cardio in the same session, always complete your weight workout before cardio. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective way to burn maximum calories, shed fat and increase your metabolism.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a type of cardio training in which you alternate short, high intensity intervals with slower intervals to recover. For example, run for 60 seconds, and then walk for 60 seconds. Or, walk fast on an incline for 60 seconds, then normally on a flat surface for 60 seconds. The benefits of doing HIIT will be maximal fat loss because you increase your resting metabolism and fat burning enzymes, while maintaining and even building muscle, all in a minimal amount of time.

Perhaps the easiest way to do your cardio workout is simply choose one of the HIIT programs built into your cardio machine and increase a level every 4th workout on that machine. If you have a Peloton or other advanced option for cardio – they work great! The main emphasis of doing this is to always advance and to never stay at an equilibrium state.

You can choose to perform each cardio session on the same machine, or use a different machine each day. Another great benefit of HIIT is that you can do it almost anywhere without any equipment at all. You can alternate fast walking or running intervals with normal walking. Do 10 kettlebell swings every minute for up to twenty minutes, or you can even use a jump rope. Spin classes, “boot camps”, or other classes are great and motivating.

The important thing is that you record each cardio workout and gradually increase the intensity level every week or two.

A sample HIIT workout on a stationary bike might go like this. Warm-up for 3 to 5 minutes by pedaling at a comfortable speed and low resistance; then start your interval work

  • 30-60 seconds: High-Intensity interval (pedal hard and/or increase the resistance)
  • 60 seconds: Rest interval (pedal at a comfortable speed with low resistance)
  • Repeat for 10-20 minutes interval training.
  • Conclude with a 3-5-minute cool down.

Now that you are set with three days per week with HIIT, you are probably thinking should I do any additional cardio during the week? Easy! We recommend simply walking or doing something active 2 additional days per week. Whether it is pushing a stroller at the park or roller blading, staying active throughout the week will keep your energy levels high and overall attitude positive.

Best of Luck to You and Enjoy Your Transformation!

If you follow the above Supplement, Nutrition, Training and Cardio programs with consistent effort and discipline for at least 8 weeks, you are sure to achieve maximize fat loss, a much-improved metabolism and noticeably better muscle tone.

This is a great program to get you back in the game and feeling great. Let us reiterate that Beverly’s educational information, nutrition programs, and supplements – including your Maximum Fat Loss program - are No Nonsense – no gimmicks or quick fixes, just sound, tried and true, formulas for success.

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