Offensive Lineman Turned Pro Bodybuilder

At a Glance:  Quadarius Belser

Age: 28

Occupation: Director of Health, Wellness,
and Nutrition at the Edmundite missions, also
a trainer/nutritionist at 2A Fitness Gym in Montgomery, AL

Family: Wife, Abigayle, and our cat Einstein

Current Residence: Montgomery, AL

Years training: I started when I was 6 years old with my dad in our home gym

Height: 6'0"

Weight: Off-Season: 215, Contest: 195

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: 2 cups oats with 1 scoop UMP, 1 whole egg plus 2 egg whites omelet

Favorite Supplements: Muscle Synergy powder, Up-Lift, Super Pak, ZMA 2000

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? UMP is the perfect protein. All the flavors taste great and mix easily in a shaker.

Music: Pop Culture, Gospel, Rap, and Country

Most inspiring book: Atomic Habits

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Podcasting and writing. I have a book on Amazon called "The Meal Prep Play Sheet, Fighting the Fight From Within."

Words to live by: “People will quit on you. You have to make sure that every single day you don’t quit on yourself.” ~Sadik Hadzovic


We’ve all heard of a “see food” diet. That described my eating habits to a tee during my  college football days. I was an offensive lineman and thought the bigger I was, the better I’d be. I ate buffet-style meals daily – never knowing when to say “enough is enough.” It wasn’t just the meals, but my daily snacks included cookies, ice cream, and my favorite, bags of sweet and sour chips. My bodyweight was pushing 300 lbs at age 19 when one day after practice at Huntingdon College, my heart started beating erratically, and the pain was shooting through my body.

My first encounter with my health

It was a scary experience, and not a day has passed since I haven’t thought about the many days and nights I spent with pain radiating through my body. Doctor after doctor examined me to no avail. Finally, a cardiologist, Dr. Stoudemire, my eighth doctor in a year, got to the root of my problem. She said, “young man, you must change your lifestyle. I am over twice your age and can do more squats than you.” Seeing a lady twice my age kicking dirt in my face pushed me to make a change!

At first, I had many challenges as I tried to make some lifestyle changes.

  • The first challenge was having no plan. I had no clue what to do. I started out going cold turkey, eating none of the foods I was used to, and not eating anything for 8-12 hour spans during the day. This attempt at dieting lasted about a week before I returned to my old habits.
  • So, I found myself again with no plan and no self-control. A midnight snack turned into eating any and everything I could find.
  • I tried tons of fad diets that didn't work for me. I would do good for 2 weeks and then go back to my old ways of eating everything all the time. At times I felt like I had two stomachs, like a cow. Food was my comfort when I felt down.

A life-changing experience

Things began to change for me when I joined a gym and found a mentor. My mentor was a Beverly International advocate, and he introduced me to Beverly. This experience has changed my life. I felt more and more alive!

Getting on track nutritionally led ultimately to my entering competition and winning a natural pro card. Here’s one of the meal plans that helped me go from way too fat to shredded. This plan built both my metabolism and my strength.

Meal One
60 grams steel-cut oats or 2 sweet potatoes, 1 whole egg and 6 egg whites with sauteed onions

Meal Two
Protein Shake - 2 scoops UMP Chocolate in water

Meal Three
Chicken or whitefish, 1 sweet potato or 1 cup brown rice

Meal Four
Whitefish, 1 cup cauliflower rice or brown rice

Meal Five
Protein Shake - 1 or 2 scoops UMP Chocolate in water, 3 rice cakes

Meal Six
Whitefish or chicken, ½ cup brown rice

Meal Seven
Six egg whites, green beans with sautéed onions

Supplement Schedule

Muscle Synergy 2 scoops twice daily

Lean Out 3 capsules morning, noon, and night (9 total)

Mass Aminos 3 tablets with each meal

Glutamine Select 2 scoops post-training or during the day to stabilize blood sugar

FitTabs 2 tablets with meals 1 and 6

Training Schedule

Prep season. Abs were done every day as follows:

  • Crunches 3x15
  • Russian twist x60
  • Hyperextension x60
  • Planks 2x30 seconds
  • Kickouts 2x15

Monday: Chest
BB or DB Bench Press 6x8 (working up in weight each set)
Incline Press 6x8 (same as the bench working up in weights each set)
Flyes 6x8 (slow pace on these)
Dips 6x8
Incline Pushups 2x30
Band Chest Press for 60 reps (finisher for pump and mind-muscle connection)

Tuesday: Biceps/Triceps
DB Curl 6x8
Hammer Curl 6x8
Cable Curls 6x8
Triceps Cable Kickback 6x8
Triceps Extension 6x8
1-Arm DB Extension 6x8

Wednesday: Back/Shoulders
Shoulder Press 6x8
3 way-DB Laterals (Side, Front, Rear) 3x8 each
Shrugs 2x30
Hyperextensions 6x8
DB Bent Row 6x8
Pulldown 6x8
Seated Cable Row 6x8

Thursday: Quads
Squat Machine 5x10 (slow and controlled)
Leg Press 6x8
Leg Extension 6x8
Hack Squat 6x8 (sometimes one leg at a time)

Friday: Calves & Hamstrings
1-Legged Calf Raise 2x30
DB Deadlift 6x8
Leg Curls 6x8
Hyperextension 6x6 (with weight)

Note: I change up some of my exercises from barbells to dumbbells for variety or use a different exercise targeting the same body part.



I challenge myself to burn 1000 calories from my daily activities, including cardio and get at least 11,500 steps a day. I ran sprints on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for cardio, along with my 11,500 or more steps.

Presentation Tips

Practice posing between sets. This will harden your muscles. I pose every Tuesday and Thursday in place of my cardio session. Make sure that you have an organized plan that surrounds your life.


In Closing

There isn’t a substitute for hard work. I love when someone I knew in my past life tells me that I’ve inspired them. This motivates and makes me happy, knowing I was previously a nobody. I want to thank Beverly again for the opportunity to put my story of literally dying out there so that someone else could know that as long as you have faith even as small as a mustard seed, you will see a change.

You can find my book on Amazon at “The Meal Prep Play Sheet, Fighting the Fight from Within.”

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