The Bodybuilding Lifestyle

At a Glance: Celeste Solis

Age: 24

Education: BA in Psychology from University of Texas Permian Basin

Occupation: Personal Trainer and Co-Owner Anytime Fitness in Odessa, TX

Current Residence: Odessa, TX

Years Training: 4 Years

Height: 5’ 4”

Weight: (Off-Season) 120-125 lbs (Contest) 110 lbs

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Grilled salmon w/sautéed peppers, jasmine rice & mixed vegetables.

Favorite Supplements: Graham Cracker UMP- I use it for anything from shakes to making protein muffins. I also enjoy the Glutamine Select during my workouts.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly Supplements before? If they are new to training, I would recommend starting with UMP, Mass Aminos combined with Ultra-40. This is what I started with when I began using Beverly and I saw drastic improvements in my physique and performance in the gym.

Music: Depending on how I feel I typically go with Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock or EDM.

Most Inspiring Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Hobby or Interests outside bodybuilding: Shooting guns, painting, reading and creative writing, trying new restaurants and foods, spending time with family and friends, yoga and meditation.

Words to live by: “The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: you create a good future by creating a good present.” - Eckhart Tolle


I have always enjoyed physical activity and competitive sports. I started playing T-Ball at age 5 and played catcher throughout my childhood. Once in Junior High, I participated in volleyball, basketball, cross-country, track & field, and cheerleading. I continued to participate in volleyball and cheerleading throughout high school, where I graduated in the top of my class at Permian High School in Odessa, TX.

After high school, my activity level began to slow down. The environment and relationships I developed at this time had a negative impact on both my physical and emotional wellbeing. I was living a harmful lifestyle indulging in alcohol and drugs. My life had become filled with toxic relationships, chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. My weight ballooned up by 35 pounds. During my junior year of college I was prescribed Xanax and anti-depressants.

It was in August of 2013, after a night of excessive partying, that I began making a turn for the better. I realized that I was in an unhappy relationship, not just with those around me, but with myself. I began changing my diet, eliminating processed carbohydrates and sugar and eating smaller, more frequent meals. I started working out with the Insanity program in my kitchen in the mornings before classes or work. Despite the physical improvements I had made, I was still lacking in how to properly diet and train for the goals I wanted to achieve. I had become skinny, but with little to no muscle tone and was unsure of how to take my physique to the next level.

I began working on my certification as a Personal Trainer. In February of 2014, I began working at a local gym here in Odessa. I felt blessed having the opportunity to help others improve their daily lives with physical fitness. Slowly, I began building a client base for my personal training services while still attending college and working as a server at Saltgrass Steakhouse. I realized that helping others had become my passion and when my client base became large enough, I quit my serving job and decided to focus all of my efforts on personal training and graduating from college.

Working within the Odessa fitness industry introduced me to many people with similar interests and goals regarding health and fitness. One of those people was Clint Gillispie. We began working together at Anytime Fitness in July of 2016, where I oversaw the personal training program at the club. A year later, I became co-owner, with Clint, of Anytime Fitness Odessa. Our business partnership eventually turned into a romantic relationship and we became inseparable. We began working together on developing our PT program and opening additional Anytime Fitness locations in the Permian Basin. This loving and healthy relationship has been such a blessing! It was at Anytime Fitness that I was introduced to Beverly International products. Clint, along with his father, had both been long time advocates and users of Beverly products.

After graduating from college in May 2017, I decided to compete in my first bikini contest. Clint and I sat down and put together a regimen that I would follow all the way up to my first show in November of 2017. (For a look at my exact programs, see the diets, supplements, and training sections of this article). It was also at this time that we reached out to Julie Lohre to help me with my bikini prep. She provided me with an incredible amount of advice and inspiration leading up to show day. I competed at the Lackland Classic in San Antonio, TX where I placed first in the Class D Novice and fourth in the Class D Open. After the show, I realized that I was hooked and that the bodybuilding lifestyle was something that helps me cope with life’s challenges and allows me to focus all of my energy on something that is positive and fulfilling. I competed in my second show in June of 2018 at the Dallas Europa Games where I placed third in Open Bikini Class D. Despite finishing third, it was gratifying to see the improvements that I made in such a short amount of time. I have no doubt that my gains and improvements would have been severely limited without the use of Beverly International supplements.

Off-Season Diet


Meal 1: 3 whole eggs, 4oz turkey sausage or turkey bacon, 1/2 cup quinoa with honey & blueberries

Meal 2: 1 cup of honey vanilla Greek yogurt

Meal 3: 8oz lean chicken, turkey or ground beef, 1/2 cup jasmine rice, 2 cups steamed broccoli

Meal 4: UMP a couple of hours before training with 1/4 cup oatmeal or a banana

Meal 5: Mass Maker Ultra with almond milk post workout

Meal 6: 8oz lean chicken, ground beef or salmon, 1/2 cup jasmine rice or sweet potato, 2 cups steamed broccoli or other veggies


I take Super Pak every morning upon waking. Creatine Select and Up-Lift are taken before workouts. Glutamine Select is taken during workouts. (4) Mass Aminos and (4) Ultra-40 are taken with meals 1, 3 and 6.

12 Week Contest Prep Diet


Meal 1: 4 egg whites, 2 packets sugar free apples & cinnamon oatmeal

Meal 2: 1 scoop of UMP

Meal 3: 6oz grilled chicken or tilapia, 2 cups steamed vegetables. I include a sweet potato or jasmine rice on leg days.

Meal 4: 1 scoop UMP

Meal 5: 1 scoop UMP

Meal 6: 6oz grilled chicken or tilapia, 2 cups steamed vegetables


Super Pak with meal 1, Up-Lift pre workout, Glutamine Select during workout, 7-Keto MuscLean with meals 1 and 3, Density (5) tablets with meals 1, 3, and 6


Day 4: Off


Day 1: LegsAmount
Wide Stance Squat: 4x15,12,10,8
Hip Thruster: 4x15,12,10,8
Romanian Deadlift: 4x12-15
Leg Curl: 4x12-15
Day 2: Shoulders & TricepsAmount
Military Press: 4x15,12,10,8
Alternate DB Press: 4x15,12,10,8
Lateral Raise: 4x12-15
1-Arm Smith Mach Upright Row:4x12-15
Rear Lateral Raise:4x12-15
Close Grip Bench Press:4x15,12,10,8
Dips: 4x15,12,10,8
Tricep Pressdown: 4x12-15
Day 3: Back & BicepsAmount
Pullups: 4xAMRAP
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: 4x15,12,10,8
Underhand Grip Pulldown: 4x15,12,10,8
Wide Grip Cable Row: 4x15,12,10,8
Barbell Curl: 4x12-15
Preacher Curl: 4x12-15
Rope Curl: 4x12-15
Day 5: LegsAmount
Front Squat: 4x15,12,10,8
One Legged Leg Press: 4x15,12,10,8
Box Step Up: 4x12-15
Narrow Step Lunges: 4x12-15
Leg Extensions: 4x12-154x12-15
Day 6: Shoulders & Triceps (same as Day 2)Amount
Military Press: 4x15,12,10,8
Alternate DB Press: 4x15,12,10,8
Lateral Raise: 4x12-15
1-Arm Smith Mach Upright Row: 4x12-15
Rear Lateral Raise: 4x12-15
Close Grip Bench Press: 4x15,12,10,8
Dips: 4x15,12,10,8
Tricep Pressdown: 4x12-15
Day 7: Back & BicepsAmount
Deadlift: 4x15,12,10,8
Barbell Row: 4x15,12,10,8
DB Row: 4x15,12,10,8
Cable Row:4x15,12,10,8
Barbell Curl: 4x12-15
Preacher Curl: 4x12-15
Rope Curl: 4x12-15


I keep my cardio to a minimum during the off-season. Every Monday I coach a track session at the local college where I run with my clients. Other than that, I typically use my diet to bring my bodyfat down for a contest. I am naturally lean and struggle with adding and maintaining muscle. I find that keeping cardio to a minimum and taking 15 Density a day helps me maintain as much muscle as possible while dieting for a show.

Final Thoughts

No one can stop you from becoming your best self and having the life you want but you. Your self-worth begins inside you. I believe the mind and body are intrinsically connected and that positive thoughts and actions influence your physical, spiritual and emotional health. Beverly International athletes prove that your goals can be achieved with consistent exercise, training, a healthy diet and quality supplements. Nobody can teach you to have discipline and will power. That is something only you can create.

Health and Fitness saved me from destructive behaviors while helping me learn to love myself and others. It inspired me to live my purpose by helping others achieve their goals, while also pursuing my own. Establishing a healthier routine helped me manage my anxiety and depression symptoms. I was able to come off all of my medications and my mood and life improved significantly. Every once in a while, my anxiety will creep in, but the severity is nowhere near what it used to be. I love the life I live and I am proud of who I am. I’ve come so far!

Bodybuilding – A Life Changing Experience

At a Glance: Andrew Reilly

Age: 28

Occupation: I work for my family at F.N. Sheppard & Co. as a conveyor belting fabricator

Education: B.S. from Eastern Kentucky University in Dietetics

Residence: Villa Hills, KY

Years Training: 6

Height: 5’10”

Weight: (Off-Season) 210, (Contest) 192

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? I always say this; UMP is the best protein on the market. It has the best taste, the best mouth feel, and the best consistency to cook/bake with. To the people in the gym who are looking to improve their workouts, or looking to add more mass, I always recommend Muscle Synergy.

Music: Everyday by Logic

Hobby or Interests outside bodybuilding: I love to eat and try new foods. I also enjoy going to the zoo, the movies, or just staying inside and being lazy.

Words to live by: “Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Instagram: I post one motivational pic a day on my Instagram. Follow me at harambe_fitness


My life changing journey into bodybuilding began my sophomore year at Eastern Kentucky University. I was working at the campus gym and many of the clients said that I should think about competing. So, after graduating, I decided to give it a shot. I stepped on stage for the first time at the NPC KY Derby Bodybuilding Championships and finished dead last! I’m sure many would have given up, but I only became more determined that the next time I stepped on a contest stage I would not only place, but win! The first step was for me to find a trainer to guide me in my quest.

After researching many trainers, I chose Dave Uhlman to guide my physique transformation at Team Elite. The first thing Dave did was make me take a good look at my nutrition. He explained that proper nutrition and supplementation would account for 80% or more of my ultimate contest success. Prior to working with Dave my meal planning and supplement intake was pretty random – whatever was being touted in the current magazines or internet posts. Dave also analyzed my workouts and created workout schedules that spelled out exactly what I needed to do. After working with Dave for 2 years I stepped on stage again at the NPC KY Muscle in 2017. This time I won my class! You can see a sample of my successful diet, supplement, and workout programs accompanying this article.

Facing Death!

This spring I was in even better shape than at the KY Muscle. I had created a physique package that I was extremely proud of. Going in to the show I thought I would win for sure. But when I stepped on stage I was dwarfed by two of the other competitors. I ended up third, but couldn’t get the size of those two guys out of my mind.

In my mind, I felt like a loser and this drove me to take a risk that I came close to paying for with my life. I started researching online steroid sites. Ultimately, I purchased growth hormone from an underground site.

Almost immediately after I started on it I noticed that I was having trouble swallowing. I went to Urgent Care, but two days later I was unable to swallow at all, and when I tried, the pain was so excruciating that it brought me to my knees. My girlfriend, Sarah, took me to the hospital and after four hours in the ER that included a CAT scan, IV fluids, and Tylenol, they diagnosed my condition as Epiglottitis. This is an infection of the epiglottis and an ENT was immediately called in.

But just fifteen minutes after I was diagnosed, my airway completely closed and I was rushed to the OR for an emergency tracheotomy. While heading to the OR I coded, so they had to apply CPR for five minutes. I then coded two additional times during the procedure. I literally died three times! After hours in the OR I became septic. The doctor told my mother and Sarah to call my family and loved ones because the chances of me making it out alive were slim. I was finally stabilized at 4:30am and moved to the SICU where I was placed in a medically induced coma with paralysis, and put into a hypothermic state as a last ditch effort to save my life. After 24 hours of barely clinging to life, my body began to respond and I slowly began my recovery.

I’m not sharing this story to tell you how I beat death and have been given a second chance at life. I’m telling it to encourage you to not make the same mistake. The underground growth hormone was the cause of my trauma. The drug was contaminated which caused an infection, and the growth hormone cells then attached to the infectious cells causing severe epiglottitis and closing my airway.

I know that during our fitness journeys we hit plateaus, or get frustrated and begin to question the process and ourselves. But I want to encourage you to keep pushing, and to keep working as hard as you can. Good things come to those who work hard and don’t give up. Be proud of who you are, and what you have accomplished. I should have been proud of being in the best shape of my life at that last show, but instead I focused on the judges’ placings and the two guys that placed ahead of me.

I am now playing catch up with my body and fighting to recover. The advantage I was seeking ended up nearly killing me. I am blessed to have a second chance at life, but someone else may not be as lucky. Through this battle, I saw the pain I caused my friends and family, and no trophy or victory is worth the heartbreak that they endured because of my decision. But through that I also saw the love and support of those same people during the toughest time of my life and for that I am forever thankful.

Meal Plan


Meal 1: Blend the following with water for an on-the-go breakfast shake – 2 scoops UMP, 2 cups blueberries, and 1/2 cup oatmeal

Meal 2: 1 cup oats, 3/4 cup egg whites, 1 tbsp peanut butter

Meal 3: 6oz chicken, 1 cup rice, 1 cup veggies

Meal 4 (Pre-workout): 2-scoop UMP shake, 4 rice cakes, 1 tbsp peanut butter

Meal 5 (Post-workout): 6oz chicken, 1 cup rice, 1 cup veggies

Meal 6: UMP Graham Cracker Pancakes: Blend together 1 scoop UMP Graham Cracker, 4 tbsp oat flour, 1 tbsp flax meal, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 tsp baking soda, and add water until you get a pancake batter consistency. Cook as you would regular pancakes. Top with sugar free strawberry jam or syrup.



Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP): As noted in my diet plan, I use as a morning on-the-go shake, pre-workout, and in the protein pancakes I make for my last meal.

Multiple Enzyme Complex: 1 tablet with every meal to enhance protein digestion in order to fuel my body for growth.

Mass Amino Acids: 4 tablets with meals 1, 2, 4, and 5 (16 tablets total per day) for muscle growth in the offseason, and to reduce muscle catabolism pre-contest.

Muscle Synergy Powder: 2 scoops 35-40 minutes before workouts gives me incredible pumps and fullness.

To get ripped before a contest I add:

Lean Out: 2 capsules with each meal

7-Keto MuscLean: 3 capsules in the morning and 3 more with Muscle Synergy 35-40 minutes before my workout

Energy Reserve: 2 tablets before cardio and 2 tablets before my workout

Training Schedule

I train 6 days a week. I love supersets and tri-sets to keep the intensity high and hit every angle of the muscle.


Days 1 & 4:
Chest, Arms, Abs/Core*

Tri-set 1:
Incline DB Press,
Push-ups (to failure),
Concentration Curls
Tri-set 2: Swiss Ball DB Flyes,
Hammer Curls,
Tri-set 3:Smith Machine Flat Press,
Standing Cable Curls,
Lying Skull Crushers
Tri-set 4: Underhand 1-arm Pushdowns,
Planks (45 seconds),
DB Kick Backs

*Reps are 15, 12, 10, 8 unless otherwise stated

Days 2 & 5:
Legs, Calves, Abs/Core

BB Squats (12,10,8,6,6)
and Calf Raise (5x20)
Tri-set 1: Leg Extensions (20,12,10,8),
Leg Curls (20,12,10,8),
Wall Sits (1 minute)
Tri-set 2:Lunges (4x15),
Sumo DB Squats (20,15,15,15),
Swiss Ball Squats (4x20)
Tri-set 3: Adductor Machine,
Abductor Machine,
Seated Calf Raise
(20,15,15,15 on each),
Roman Chair Leg Raise
(4 sets of 15-20)
Days 3 & 6:
Back, Shoulders, Low Back

Seated DB Press (15,12,10,8),
Seated Row (4x10)
Tri-set 1:Chin-ups (4x12-15),
Cable Laterals (15,12,10,10),
Front DB Raise (15,12,12,12)
Tri-set 2: DB Row,
DB Deadlifts,
DB Shrug (5x8 on each)
Tri-set 3: Close-grip Pulldowns (15,12,10,10),
Hyperextensions (4x12-15),
Cable Rear Delt (15,12,10,10)


I do 30 minutes of fasted cardio at 5am on my stationary bike or elliptical. Helpful tip: it’s great to be able to wake up and just hop on your own cardio equipment – check out FaceBook Marketplace for someone who is trying to sell their barely used equipment. You can usually pick up a great deal and the equipment is like new.

It’s Never too Late to Feel Great

At a Glance: Linda Stephens

Age: 50

Occupation or Education: Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, IFBB Pro Athlete, Writer, Nutrition Coach and a Full-time Mom

Family: 16 year old son and a 13 year old daughter

Current Residence: Darien, CT

Years training: 10 years

Height: 5’7

Weight: 155lbs (Off-Season), 140lbs (Contest)

Favorite Fitness Meal: Grilled grass-fed steak, spinach and sweet potato (off-season make that sweet potatofries). My favorite post workout meal is my shaker cup filled with strawberry UMP, cinnamon, powdered peanut butter (off-season only) and water. Shake and bottoms up!!!

Favorite supplements: Strawberry UMP Pre/Post workout, mixing Graham Cracker UMP in with my eggs, and I LOVE chocolate UMP pudding at night before bed. Lean Out / 7-Keto stack to burn fat and aid in getting lean during prep, ZMA 2000 to help with recovery and rest at night, Density to make sure I get a full complement of amino acids. I use Glutamine Select BCAA’s to aid in intra-workout performance.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? I always put my clients on UMP right off the bat. It’s easy to digest and refuel post workout. Tastes amazing mixed with just water. It’s also a great way to fuel up in between meals when hunger strikes. It can also be made into an amazing pudding when that sweet tooth rears its ugly head. Chocolate UMP protein pudding before bed is AMAZING.

Music: I love doing cardio to 80’s and 90’s music.

Most Inspiring Book: Women and Self Esteem. It’s so important to fill yourself up. So often we look for others to validate ourselves. IT MUST come from within or every relationship you have will suffer.

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: I’m a HUGE basketball & Boston Celtics fan. I enjoy a good basketball game especially when it’s my daughter’s team playing.

Words to live by: Be a VICTOR not a VICTIM – Joel Osteen



My parents raised me to be active. I played basketball and figured skated as a kid and in my teens and early twenties I taught aerobic classes. It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I ventured into the weight room. From the first time I picked up a pair of dumbbells I was hooked. Building beautiful, feminine muscle became my new focus. It’s pretty simple, cardio and weight training are the keys to developing a shapely healthy body while reversing the effects of aging.

I lifted weights throughout both my pregnancies and couldn’t wait to get back to the gym. My body bounced back within days after giving birth. In 2010, I decided to compete in an NPC show and took my workouts to the next level. I had no idea what class I’d compete in, but I knew that taking the stage was my next goal. I’ve been competing ever since, doing 3-5 a shows a year. I spent 4 years as an amateur NPC figure competitor until turning IFBB Pro in 2014. It’s been fun and challenging but so worth it. I’ve built so many solid relationships competing and some of my best friends are the women I’ve competed against.

Before I became a nutritionist/personal trainer, I worked on Wall Street on the institutional equity trading desk. I covered major institutions’ listed equity transactions. I loved that life. It was fast-paced and exciting to have your finger on the pulse of U.S. economy. Once I became a mom, I knew that life wouldn’t work for me anymore. I wanted to be there for my kids and be the best mom possible. Working 12-hour days would not allow me to do that. I retired from the investment world, but my gym time never lapsed. One day a friend said, “You should get certified as a trainer and make money at what you love to do.” Before I knew it I was sitting for my CPT with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I didn’t stop there, as I wanted to have something in my arsenal that would put me a cut above the rest. My passion about living and eating healthy sparked my interest in nutrition. I researched local colleges and universities that offered programs and degrees in nutrition. I sought real knowledge backed by credentials and embarked on my graduate degree in nutrition at the age of 43. I was both nervous and excited. There were classes required that I hadn’t had since high school such as biology and chemistry. It was very challenging for me with two small kids plus being in contest prep several times during my 3 years in grad school. I thought about quitting many times because it was so hard and challenging. I shed many tears throughout those years as I pushed myself to achieve that degree. I’m happy to say I graduated magna cum laude with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition at the age of 46. It was also the same year that I turned IFBB Pro in Figure. Blood, sweat and tears, but I did it.

I reached a new milestone in my life on my last birthday (age 50) in March, 2018. But, I'm not done yet. I'm working toward a new goal - to the hit the IFBB stage in my first Women's Physique competition. I’m a firm believer that it’s “never too late to feel great”. I hear many clients tell me that they can’t do it because of age. Well, I’m here to prove that age IS JUST A NUMBER. I’m here to lead by example. I’m here to inspire women of all ages but especially my demographic that you can do whatever you want at any given time. Never ever put limits on yourself.


Before earning my degree in nutrition, I had worked with 3 different coaches for my contest prep. I learned what not to do and I also learned what worked for my body. After attaining my degree, I understood carb cycling, keto diets and other ways to lean out and be healthy. I grasped the science behind it and what our bodies do with the foods that we consume. The tilapia and asparagus diet was one of the worst that I’ve ever done. After reading about certain fish and how they affect our bodies I knew what not to eat and how to make better choices. I teach my clients that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or flavorless. I give them the meals I’ve created on my own. It’s not always a culinary experience but it is tasteful and healthy.

Here’s a look at how I eat both off and in season. My in season meal plan is much tighter with portions and timing but for the most part I just eat more of my prep diet when I’m not in contest mode. I’m also doing about an hour of cardio a day during contest prep. I will also include cheat meals once or twice a week during offseason. I think there may even be a bit more guacamole too.

The key to any successful meal plan is preparation. You must cook in bulk and package up your food. It won’t work if you wait until you’re hungry to start cooking or decide what you even want. There are also excellent food prep companies that will ship the food to you for ease. It’s not that expensive but it will ensure that you’re eating within the macros for your body goals.



Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP): I recommend this product to all my training and nutrition clients. I tell them if they don’t like it I’ll buy it back. I’ve yet to have anyone take me up on that offer. It’s taste is the best, mixes the best and never causes any bloating or gas. No one is more lactose intolerant than me and I’ve never had a GI issue with UMP. I put it in my eggs, oatmeal & make blended shakes with it. It keeps me fueled pre and post workout or when I don’t have time to eat I’ll drink a shake. It’s easy and tastes amazing.

Density: I use Density to ensure that I’m getting the full complement of amino acids daily. I take 2 tablets three times throughout the day. I have all my vegetarian clients incorporate it into their daily regimen to cover their daily dose of amino acids. Definitely helps with building muscle and aids in recovery time.

ZMA 2000: Not only does ZMA increase your ability to have a more restful night’s sleep it also naturally helps raise testosterone levels. Important for building muscle and having productive workouts. Zinc is an antioxidant, which aids in cell regeneration while resting and keeps the immune system strong. All my clients male and female utilize this little gem.

7-Keto MuscLean: This favorite of mine gives you a nice little spring in your step without giving you the jitters. It does have caffeine in it so it instantly gives you a boost to your energy and mood. I like to take 2 before fasted morning cardio and another 2 before my early afternoon workout to ensure I have maximum energy for my lifts.

Joint Care: It helps prevent joint issues by improving lubrication, elasticity and recovery. With the right balance of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM it will also help relieve pain and inflammation in your joints. MSM is key in aiding proper absorption. Everyone can benefit from this product.

Meal Plan


Meal 1: 1/2 cup of egg whites plus one whole egg mixed with graham cracker UMP, 1-2 slices of Ezekiel toast with 1 tbsp. of natural almond butter, 1/2 cup of berries

Meal 2 (usually preworkout): 1.5 scoops of strawberry UMP mixed with a 1/3 cup oats, 1 tbsp. powdered peanut butter, cinnamon shaken with water, 1 toasted whole grain waffle

Meal 3 (usually post workout): 3/4 cup of 1% cottage cheese no salt added, 1/2 medium apple, toasted cinnamon raisin Ezekiel English muffin with coconut oil drizzled on it. (No cottage cheese during contest prep. I use 3oz of chicken for my protein here)

Meal 4: 1.5 scoops of Chocolate UMP with 8oz of water, instant coffee, pb2 and ice in the blender for a thick milkshake, 1/2 medium apple.

Meal 5: 4oz grass fed beef or wild caught salmon, green veggie, and either brown rice or sweet potato.

Meal 6: (if needed) Chocolate or Graham Cracker UMP pudding an hour or so before bed. I add in decaf instant coffee and some PB2.


Sunday: Rest


Monday: Quads/GlutesAmount
Leg Extensions:4x12 (medium/heavy weight)
Smith Machine Squats:(close feet) 5x12 getting my glutes low
Walking DB Lunges:12 on each leg for 3-4 sets holding 35lb DB’s
Hip Thrusts:I alternate between barbell and Smith machine. I go as heavy as I can 6x12-15.
Add a resistance band above the knees.
Other movements I love: Hack Squat, Sissy Squats, Leg Press, Split Squats, and Front Squats
Tuesday: Back & Biceps
(superset when I need to work faster)

Lat Pull Downs:4x12, I use a Maxagrip (, I love the hand
positioning of it. I also use the wide grip bar and pull behind
the head for 2-3 sets.
Seated Row:4x12 also with the Maxagrip bar
Bentover Barbell Rows:4x12
Assisted Pull Up Machine:4x12 – alternate between wide and neutral grip
Back Extensions:4x12 holding a 25lb plate
DB Bicep Curls:4x12-15
EZ Bar Wide Grip Bicep Curls:4x12-15
ROPE Bicep Curls using the low pulley:4x12-15
Wednesday: Shoulders & TricepsAmount
Seated Side Lateral Raises:4x12, last set is a drop to failure
Smith Machine behind the head Press:4x12, last set is a drop
Rear Delt Machine:4x12, last two sets are drop sets
Seated Press Machine:4x12 (one arm at a time)
Low Pulley Rope Front Raises4x12
Triceps Rope Pull Downs:4x12
Seated DB Overhead Triceps Press:4x12
Thursday: Hamstrings & GlutesAmount
RDL’s: Lift from the floor:6x10-12
BB Hip Thrusts with a resistance band: 4x12
Lying Leg Curl: 4x12, last set is a drop set
Seated Leg Curl:4x12
Good Mornings: 4x12
Rope Pull Throughs: 4x12
Friday: Chest, Biceps, AbsAmount
Hammer Incline Chest Press:
Incline DB Fly:4x12
Pec Dec Machine: 4x12
Push Ups:4x12
DB Bicep Curls: 4x12
Hanging Knee Ups: 4x15-20
Incline Sit Ups:(slow on the way down)
Smith Machine Hip Thrusts:
Lat Pull Downs4x12
DB Pullovers: 4x12
Resistance Bands Squat Jumps: 4x12 jumps
Side Lateral Raises: 4x12


I love fasted cardio. I rise at 5:30am and do about 20-30 minutes steady state in my off-season 5-6 times a week. I own an Elliptical so I literally roll out of bed and into my cardio. When I’m in-season I do much more cardio. But, I still do fasted early cardio for about 30-40 minutes. I warm up for 5 minutes and then I perform HIIT sprints. I sprint fast for one minute and recover for 2-3 minutes then repeat for the remainder. Usually at some point in the afternoon I’ll do round two of cardio usually steady state for another 15-20 minutes. Afternoon cardio is my least favorite of contest prep but it’s necessary to get that lean shredded look.



When I come off of a season I usually take a break from posing. But, I always practice certain poses during my rest intervals when training. It’s fun to pop a front pose after smashing some delts. I’ve been doing figure for the last 7 years but this season I’m crossing over to physique. So, I’ve been learning the poses with my coach, IFBB Pro Jamie Pinder. I also have to put a routine together. It’s a whole new ball game this season. I was resistant to change but I’ve finally got my head around it and I’m excited.

In Closing

My fitness journey continues to be exciting and spiritual. I’ve met so many wonderful people along the way. Some live close and some live far. But, no matter the distance the support is always there. It’s spiritual because whether you compete or not there’s always something to learn about yourself as you pursue your goals. You should never stop evolving. The fitness community is one where people are constantly striving to be better versions of themselves. They will support you unconditionally and pick you up when you falter. My tag line for my business is: “It’s NEVER TOO LATE to feel GREAT”.

Helping others train and eat properly is my passion. It’s worth its weight in gold when a client thanks me for helping them change their body. Don’t put off your personal fitness journey any longer.

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions at
Or on Instagram: lindastephensifbbpro

My First Top 5 Pro Finish

At a Glance: Ken Blunkosky

Age: 45

Occupation: IFPA and OCB Pro Bodybuilder, OCB Judge, ACE certified personal trainer, Associates of Science in Nursing, Certified Massage Therapist, and owner of Diamond Athletic Club in Pittsburgh, PA

Family: Married to my amazing wife Beth, daughter, Madison. We are a faith and fitness-based family.

Current Residence: Export, PA

Years training: 25 years

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 175 (Off Season), 171 (Contest)

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: 1 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup walnuts, 1 tsp flax meal, cinnamon, 2 scoops UMP Graham Cracker!!

Favorite supplements: I can’t pick just 1 or 2 products; UMP, all the flavors are awesome! All through my contest prep, I enjoyed making mine a little thicker and eating it like a pudding. Post-workout I have 2 scoops of chocolate or vanilla Muscle Provider, or sometimes one scoop of each. I always have 2 scoops of Glutamine Select during my workout and another 2 scoops 1 or more times throughout the day to help get me past those cravings. 16 tabs of Muscle Synergy (8 a.m., 8 pre-workout) had me feeling pumped all day. Ultra 40, Mass Amino Acids, Quadracarn…I can’t say enough about the results I see and feel with all the Beverly products I take.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before?  First and foremost, I would emphasize the quality of Beverly International products. And not only “they are what they say they are,” but through numerous emails and phone calls, I felt like they were genuine, they answered all my questions, and gave some recommendations…they made me feel like I was family.

Music: K-Love plays 24/7 at our gym, but while I’m working out, it’s usually Toby Mac, Mercy Me, Mandisa, or FLAME in the headphones.

Most Inspiring Book: I Am by Joel Osteen

Words to live by: “Fear is a liar” Zach Williams; “I will fight” Steven Furtick


I've been training for 25  years, and competing for twenty. My first ever competition was in 1998, and then I did a couple more here and there over the next couple years. I bought a gym in 2003 and took time off from competing, but continued to train. In 2009 I got back in the game. I competed in a natural show and ended up winning the novice class, bantamweight class and the overall and earned my IFPA pro card. Since then I’ve competed in numerous drug-free pro shows. My goal was always to be better than I was at my previous show. Although my condition was improved show after show, I still did not crack the top 5 in a pro show.

In January 2018, I decided to  compete in, what I thought would be my last show. I trained like it was my last…4 am fasted cardio, increased intensity every workout, near perfect diet, but something just wasn’t right. I turned to the internet for answers (cause we all know, if it’s on the internet, then it’s got to be true). That just shows my desperation. I’m the guy who is skeptical of just about anything published on the web.

However, in this case, I believe divine intervention may have been involved and lead me to Beverly International. I searched for “supplements”, “best supplements for competitive bodybuilding”, “best supplement brands”, etc. The results lead me to many different supplement company websites, but in my side bar, Beverly International products kept appearing… UMP, Muscle Provider, Mass Amino Acids, Ultra 40. I figured someone (the man upstairs) was trying to tell me to look into this company. I did some more research, then took a leap of faith and ordered that day. (The funny thing about that is I’m one of those people who puts items in my cart and they are still there 3-4 weeks later, it’s a running joke in our family.)

As I was browsing through the Beverly International website, I clicked on the BevSolutions link. The information here is priceless! I incorporated the “Bodybuilding Pre-Contest Dieting Program up to 185” and went all in with the supplement recommendations (UMP, Muscle Provider, Ultra 40, Mass Amino Acids, Glutamine Select, Lean Out, 7-Keto MuscLean, Quadracarn, Density, Muscularity, Creatine Select, Muscle Synergy).


I really didn’t know what to expect, or what results I could achieve in such a short period of time. Within the first week, I felt fuller, thicker and leaner, with more energy and endurance. I couldn’t believe the transformation that was taking place. In as little as 3 weeks, I knew that I was going to show up with my best physique ever! At 8 weeks out I emailed Beverly International and explained exactly what I was taking and asked for any suggestions as to what I should take coming down the home stretch. Almost immediately I received a reply with a couple of suggestions that I implemented and never looked back (or better).

I went into the competition in the best shape of my life and was honored to place 5th in the best pro class that I have ever been a part of. This was “supposed” to be my last show, but with the results that I achieved with Beverly International, it’s only the beginning! Every finish line is the beginning of a new race!

My Daily Nutrition Plan


Post AM Cardio: 1 scoop Muscle Provider in water

Meal 1: 5oz lean ground turkey, 6 egg whites, 1/2 grapefruit

Meal 2: 6oz chicken, 4 cups salad with tomato, carrot, and cucumber, 3 tbsp Newman’s oil and vinegar dressing

Meal 3 (post-workout shake): either 2 scoops UMP in water, 2 scoops Muscle Provider in water, or 1 scoop each Muscle Provider and Provosyn in water

Meal 4: 5oz chicken, 2 cups salad, 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp olive oil

Meal 5: 5oz chicken, 1 cup broccoli or green beans

Meal 6 (Protein Pudding): 2 scoops UMP stirred into about 6oz water (every flavor is amazing!)

Carb Load Meal (Monday and Thursday, in place of meal 6): 1 cup oatmeal (precooked), 8oz sweet potato, 4oz banana, 1 cup broccoli or green beans, 1 tbsp almond butter (to prolong the positive effects of the carb-up meal and stabilize my blood sugar through the night).

My Daily Supplement Plan

Throughout the years I have used many different brands of supplements. I took advice from others who I believed knew the answers to my problems. I did this for all the pro shows I competed in and all produced the same result…minimal change. It was the definition of insanity… doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Going into my last show (so I thought) I decided that I wasn’t going to
listen to anyone else but myself. I began with the same supplements, but changed my workouts and diet to pre contest mode. I started out feeling good, then I just hit a brick wall. That was when I decided that I needed to change the supplements. I did the research, figured out the best supplement plan for me (Beverly International makes this process seamless). I only wish that I would have found Beverly International
when I started my bodybuilding career. The BevSolutions section on their website makes sense of it all, nutrition, supplements and training. You can’t go wrong, but even when you are in doubt, they are just a phone call or email away.

My results were far greater than I had ever imagined. I stepped on stage in the best shape of my life. And now I can only imagine what the results will be with a full 16-week prep with Beverly International supplements. Thanks to Beverly international, the finish line is just the beginning of a new race and retirement is nowhere in my near future!

Beverly breaks down their competition supplement plan into four levels – Essential, Advanced, Comprehensive, and Maximum. If a competitor had enough time before his contest he might start at the Essential level and add the next levels of supplements progressively as the show approached. For example, if you had 16 weeks to the contest you might start at the Essential level for four weeks, then add the Advanced level supplements, with eight weeks to go add the Comprehensive level supps, and finally add in the Maximum level supps for the final 4 weeks.

Personally, I went straight to the Maximum plan. I was competing in what I thought would be my final Pro show and wanted to be at my absolute best. Here is the complete supplement regimen that I followed leading into my first ever top 5 pro placing.


Essential: To maintain and gain muscle while dieting: UMP, Quadracarn, Creatine Select, and Glutamine Select.

• Ultimate Muscle Protein – As part of my daily meal nutrition plan
• Quadracarn – 3 tablets, three times daily (morning, pre workout, and evening)

• Creatine Select –1 scoop in the AM and 1 scoop preworkout
• Glutamine Select – 2 scoops mixed in 8-16 oz. water and sipped during training

Advanced: Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean took my fat loss to the next level, while Density ensured that I was completing the amino acid profile for all the foods I was eating.

• Lean Out – 2 with every meal

• 7-Keto MuscLean – 3 capsules, 2x daily morning and early afternoon

• Density – 2-3 with each meal

Comprehensive: Mass Amino Acids and Ultra 40 Liver tabs to preserve and gain muscle on a fat loss diet.

• Mass Aminos – 3 with each meal

• Ultra 40 – 3 with each meal

Maximum: The final step in achieving my best ever competition body was to add Muscularity and Muscle Synergy.

• Muscularity – 2-3 with each meal

• Muscle Synergy – 8 tablets 2x daily; on training days, make sure one dose is taken prior to your workout.

Ken Blunkosky’s Off Season and Pre Contest Training Programs

I started to use Beverly’s Pre-Contest Training manual as a guide in early 2018. I have made some adjustments along the way (more sets, lower reps, heavier weights). My workouts last from 45 to 90 minutes. Here’s an example of my training:


Off Season Training Schedule
One body part per day. On major exercises I do 5 sets of 5 reps heavy, and then repeat the same exercise with lighter weights for 3 sets of 10 reps to maximize my pump.

Monday: ChestSetsReps
Bench Press55
Bench Press (pump)310
Incline Press48-10
Decline Press48-10
Pec Deck (or Cables)412-15
Tuesday: BackSetsReps
Bent Row48-10
Lat Pulldown55
Lat Pulldown310
Wednesday: LegsSetsReps
Leg Extension312-15
Walking Lunge310
Leg Curl48-10
Standing Leg Curl48-10
Thursday: ShouldersSetsReps
1-Arm Lateral Raise48-10
Front Cable Raise48-10
Bent Lateral48-10
Friday: ArmsSetsReps
BB Curl55
BB Curl310
Incline Curl315
Preacher Curl48-10
Triceps Pushdowns55
Triceps Pushdowns310
DB Kickback315
1-Arm DB Extension48-10

Pre Contest Training Schedule
3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off. I go as heavy as I can to get the reps while keeping good form. I limit my rest between sets to the minimum required.

Here’s an example of my training: Day 4: Rest, Day 7: Rest

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, CalvesSetsReps
Incline DB Press512
Seated Calf Raise610
Incline DB Flye410
Military or DB Press58-10
Lateral Raise415
Weighted Triceps Dips415
Close Grip Incline Press410
Calf Raise425
Day 2: Back, Traps, Rear Delts, Biceps, AbsSetsReps
Triangle Bar Pullups315
Behind the Head Pullups312
Curl Grip Pulldown48
Bent DB Lateral410
Reverse Curl410
1-Arm Preacher Curl412
Hanging Leg Raise420
Day 3: LegsSetsReps
Leg Extension420
Leg Press*210+
Leg Curl410
Seated Leg Curl410
Single Leg Deadlift310

*On Leg Presses I start with one plate on each side, do 10, add a plate to each side, do 10… keep adding until I can’t get 10 reps. That completes one set. I rest two minutes and start over at one plate per side.

Day 5: Shoulders, Chest, CalvesSetsReps
Shoulder Press512
Pec Deck512
Seated Lateral Raise410
Cable Crossover320
DB Round the World316
Flat DB Press412
Cable Extension w/Rope415
Triceps Pushdown415
Stair Calf Raises*13

*Start at the bottom of a set of stairs. Step up to the 1st step and do one calf raise, go up a step and do 2-3, add 1 or 2 reps on each step up until you reach the top. On the top step do 10 reps with toes straight ahead, step down and do 10 reps with toes pointed outward, step down and do 10 reps with toes pointed in, then step down and do 9 reps with toes pointed forward, and so on all the way back down.

Day 6: Back, Traps, Rear Delts, Biceps, AbsSetsReps
Incline DB Row410
Bent Row48
Reverse Pec Deck410
Hammer Curl410
Drag Curl58
Preacher Curls48-10
V-Ups (for abs)520
Weighted Hyperextension310
Weighted Plank360 sec



I typically do 30 minutes fasted cardio 3-4 days/week, usually treadmill with an incline of 15 and average speed of 3.2 (start slow and work the speed up as tolerated, because the idea is to NOT hold on). I occasionally would slow the speed to 2.7 and walk backwards for 60-90 second intervals. I am a firm believer in heart rate-based training, so this was the best form of cardio for me to regulate my heart rate (speed up and/or slow down).



The key here is practice, practice, practice! I suggest that you practice your mandatory poses at least once/week starting the day you decide to enter a competition. At about 8 weeks out, I usually start holding each pose for 2-3 sets of 10 to 15 seconds, 3 days/week. Then each week I add 5 seconds to each pose and do 3-4 sets. I have even used posing in place of my morning cardio. Posing can make you or break you. I have seen many “backstage winners” place lower than someone who didn’t look as good but knew how to present their physique through posing.


The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to compete is to trust and believe in the process and more importantly, yourself! You will find that everyone has “the answer”, they all have their opinions, but you can’t worry about them or what you see on social media. So, if you need a push, find one person who has been there/done that and has the credentials to guide you on this amazing journey. There’s no doubt that a good, reliable training partner is beneficial, but you’re the only one who can hold yourself accountable; dedication is doing the things you don’t want to do, when you don’t want to do them. Remember that the only one who can tell you that you can’t is you, and you don’t have to listen.

A strong support system goes a long way. These are the ones who build you up and give you that reassurance when you need it the most (when you’re carb depleted!). I can’t thank my wife and daughter enough for all their love and support. And I also want to give a huge shout out to Chuck and the rest of my Diamond Athletic Club family in Pittsburgh, PA.

I’m blessed, and I thank God every day for everything that happens to me. It’s a blessing to be able to do what I love to do.

Figure Competition – No Longer a Dormant Thought

Photo Credit: Chris Banks, Sinnerman Photography

At a Glance: Ayana Domingo

Age: 42

Occupation: Patient Screening Navigator for Breast Health at New York-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital

Family: Married; 2 children - Tyler 22, Synda 14

Current Residence: Cortlandt Manor, NY

Years training: 1.5 years

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 130 (Off Season), 119 (Contest)

Favorite Body Building Meal: 4oz beef or bison burger, 5oz sweet potato, grilled asparagus

Favorite Supplements:

  • UMP is my absolute favorite – I love the chocolate and cookies and crème This is my last meal of the day and I consider it a dessert.
  • Glutamine Select – I drink Glutamine Select pre/ intra/post-workout. I love that it contains BCAAs which keeps me from getting sore during the recovery period and the flavor is not overpowering.

Advice to Someone who has never used Beverly: I recommend that you check out the Beverly International website ( All the supplement recommendations are available there. No matter your fitness goals, you will definitely benefit from Beverly products.

Music: As a classically trained pianist for over 30 years, I enjoy all genres of music.

Most Inspiring Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I read this book every year because it reminds me to never give up on your dreams.

Hobby or Interest outside of Bodybuilding: Outside of bodybuilding, I am a freelance photographer of life and love; shooting baby showers, engagements, birthdays, and weddings. I also love to run 5Ks and am a member of USA Track and Field; the 100 meter sprint is my favorite event.

Words to Live By: The mind tells the body what to do, not the other way around…

Favorite Quote: “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” –Paulo Coehlo


I've been an athlete for most of my life. I ran track competitively throughout junior high, high school, and some college, specializing in the 55, 100, and 200 meter dashes, as well as running on the 4 x 400 meter relay team. I worked out occasionally during those years and was encouraged by a friend to compete. My response was, “no way”, and I tucked that thought deep in the back of my mind. I went on to earn my Bachelors of Science degree in Health Education and Promotion from Lehman College in 2005. Then life happened, marriage and children, and any remaining passion for fitness fell to the back burner.

What really prompted me to focus on my health

In 2010, I was incidentally diagnosed with hypertension and was placed on blood pressure medications due to increased weight gain, eating processed foods high in sodium, and stress. My readings ranged from 140/100 – 150/120 some days. Over the years, I made numerous attempts to get my health in order but everything I did was a short-term fix.

Fast forward to 2016, I set a goal of getting into the best shape of my life by 2018 and started to document my fitness journey on Instagram. That same year, I joined and started to use their various workout programs and challenges, but still, I fell short and didn’t complete them. The consistency and drive was not there. Any thought of competing was a thing of the past, reserved for the young.

Journey to the stage

On January 8, 2018, I pushed the hard reset button and made a decision that I was going to compete in an NPC Figure show in the summer. I signed up for the $50K, 12 week transformation challenge to see what results I could achieve on my own. Although I did not win the challenge, my transformation was phenomenal. At that point, I knew I was ready to take the next steps necessary in order to prepare me for the stage.

Through word of mouth, I contacted competition prep coach Steve Poynter who worked with me starting at 14 weeks out. He outlined my nutrition and training in detail and made adjustments where needed during my prep. Beverly supplements were an integral part of my regimen throughout my entire prep.

On July 7, 2018, I stepped on stage in the best shape of my entire life at the NPC Northeast Summer Classic show in White Plains, NY. I placed fifth in Novice and the 40 and Over Figure division.

My journey to the stage was not easy, like many, I experienced setbacks. I developed quadricep and bicep tendinitis, along with a condition called notalgia paresthetica on the right side of my mid-back which made it painful to open up my right lat. (Not a good thing for a Figure competitor.) Luckily, I was able to seek medical therapy in a timely fashion and learn how to work through and strengthen my injured areas.

Presentation Tips

As I will be preparing for my 2nd show this year, I emphasize “practice, practice, practice” no matter how seasoned you are. I continue to practice my posing for 15 to 20 minutes a day as posing is considered a huge component of overall stage presentation.

Helpful Tips

  • Incorporate stretching before and after all training as it reduces risk of injury.  Invest in a stretching strap (it works wonders).
  • Know your “why”? Why are you competing? Knowing your “why” will add depth, passion, and fuel your inner strength towards achieving your goals despite any obstacles that might stand in the way.
  • Don’t compare yourself to other competitors. Always strive to be the best version of yourself and beat that person staring back at you in the mirror.

Closing Thoughts

At 42 years old, I finally reached my fitness goals and can now say that I am an NPC Figure competitor. This journey has been a life changing experience for me. I did what I thought was impossible. I learned a lot about myself, how my body responds to different types of foods, and learned who was really on my support team for the long haul. I’ve met amazing friends who supported my goals and gave me that mental push on days when I wanted to give up.

For anyone thinking about competing or even weight loss in general, know that it will take time, patience, and dedication, but you can do it if you put your mind to it. Results may not happen overnight; however, with the right guidance and support system by your side, anything is possible. I believe in you.


Nutrition is key; there’s no way around it.

Every Sunday, my husband helps me meal prep for the week by grilling all of the meats and veggies. I measure out my portions the night before and carry my meals with me to work every day. It saves so much time, money, and keeps me on track with my fitness goals.

Meal 1 (pre-workout): 5 egg whites, 1/2 cup steel cut oats

Meal 2 (post-workout): 1.5 scoops Muscle Provider, 1/2 banana or 1/4 cup blueberries, 2 tbsp PBfit powdered peanut butter

Meal 3 (usually post workout): 4oz lean ground chicken or chicken breast, 1 cup green vegetables, 1/2 cup white rice

Meal 4: 4oz lean ground chicken or chicken breast, 1 cup green vegetables, 3-4oz yam

Meal 5: 5oz lean beef or salmon, 1-2 cups vegetables, avocado or 2 tbsp unsalted peanut butter

Meal 6: 1.5 scoops UMP

Water Intake: Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day


Muscle Provider – post workout to build lean muscle and recover from tough workouts faster

UMP – as a great tasting, contest friendly, nighttime meal replacement

Glutamine Select – before, during, and after my workout reduces soreness and quickens recovery time

Lean Out stacked with 7-Keto MuscLean to help my body to convert stored fat into energy and lose fat without losing lean muscle

Training Schedule

I started to use Beverly’s Pre-Contest Training manual as a guide in early 2018. I have made some adjustments along the way (more sets, lower reps, heavier weights). My workouts last from 45 to 90 minutes. Here’s an example of my training:

Monday: Legs & AbsSetsReps
Leg Press310-15
Hack Squat*310-15
Straight Leg Deadlift312
Leg Extension312
Abs (various exercises)825-50

* Hack Squats are one and one half reps – go all the way down, then half way up, back down, and all the way up = 1 rep.

Tuesday: Back, Delts, Biceps, CalvesSetsReps
One-Arm Row38-10
Lat Pulldown38-12
Seated Row38-12
DB Lateral310
Front DB Raise310
Bent DB Lateral310
Cable Preacher Curl38-12
DB Curl38-10
Barbell Curl35-6
Calf Raises (various)6-815
Wednesday: Chest, Triceps, AbsSetsReps
Incline DB Press46-10
Flat DB Press48-12
Pec Deck38-12
Triceps Pushdowns48-12
Lying Extension410-12
Abs (various exercises)615-25
Thursday: Legs (glute emphasis), CalvesSetsReps
Romanian Deadlift310-15
Wide Leg Press310-15
Leg Curl36-8
Walking Lunge312-15
Leg Extension312
Smith Machine Squat312
Superset each pair of exercises above
Calf Raises (various)6-815
Friday: Delts, Back, Arms, AbsSetsReps
Shoulder Press36-10
Lat Pulldowns38-12
Upright Row38-10
Straight Arm Pulldown310-12
Bent Laterals310-12
Seated Row38-12
Barbell or EZ Curl36-10
Close Grip Bench Press36-10
Concentration Curl210-12
Triceps Dip210-15
Superset each pair of exercises above6-815
Abs (various exercises)825-50

Cardio Schedule

For heart health and to keep my blood pressure under control, I do some form of cardio every day for 20 – 30 minutes alternating between the stair master, spin bike, and arc trainer. Leading up to contest day, I increase my cardio intensity and incorporate plyometrics and wind sprints depending on my condition.

Purpose Driven Prep

At a Glance: Jesse Dale

Age: 40

Occupation: Co-Founder MacroMissionary & Gym Owner

Family: Wife, Erika Dale

Current Residence: Indianapolis, IN

Years training (total): 28

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 200 (off season), 185 (contest)

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Beverly UMP treats! (pancakes, brownies, ice cream), huge stir fry’s and salads

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? Read the No Nonsense magazine, order UMP, ask anyone who has been around for a while about Beverly

Most Inspiring Book: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Music, travel, mentoring others to reach their goals

Words to live by: “If you want to make a million dollars then help a million people” and “people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


I did my first show when I was 18 years old, the Teen Novice Michigan. I was able to win my class and like many others who catch the “competition bug,” was hooked on the sport! In 2003, I was introduced to Beverly International. I have been using Beverly products now for 15 years! But, not only their products, the foundation I gained from Beverly’s information and philosophy on training and diet have led me to many successful competition experiences throughout the years.

In 2011, I did a final series of shows and then decided to “hang up my trunks”. At this time, I owned a few gyms, promoted two drug free NPC shows (the Natural Indiana & Indianapolis), and had a number of nutrition counseling clients. I hadn’t really intended to “quit” bodybuilding, but my priorities slowly drifted away from competing. I still kept in shape and people would always ask when “The Shark” (a nickname I’ve had as long as I can remember) was going to return to the stage.

I half-heartedly planned on competing in 2013; however, due to poor decisions and too much ambition in business, I ignored my relationships, didn’t pay as close attention to family, and even got “too busy” to go to church. As a result this was a rough year of divorce, dividing and dissolving assets, and a time for inner reflection and needed council.

It was later that year that I met Erika. I coached her as she achieved her lifelong goal of competing as a figure athlete, and as our friendship grew, I found myself attracted to her work ethic and dedication to her faith. I was madly in love and didn’t even realize it. Luckily she felt the same and we got married in 2016. Erika shared my passion for health and fitness and using it as a platform to help as many people as we possibly can. She helped me rebrand our nutrition company into MacroMissionary and in late 2017 she declared that she was going to compete again.

Self Reflection Time!

Erika’s decision to compete really made me think. I stopped competing for two main reasons.

  1. I did not want to start using illegal drugs.
  2. I’d get too caught up in winning to where it would be messing with my head.

I made no commitment to compete, but set a goal to get in my best shape ever for my 40th birthday. I buckled down and got to work eating and training like a bodybuilder... and the thought of returning to the stage began creeping into the back of my mind.

About this time I read Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life. The book inspired me to make the very best of the gifts that God has given me. And to honor not only Him, but also the people that He put in my life to help me foster these talents. Those who helped me the most in life and bodybuilding were my mom and dad, brother, and Erika. I decided I would compete again, not striving for ripped abs or a trophy, but for a much greater purpose - to honor these people who had meant so much to me.

Jump Back into the Contest Waters

I set my mind to compete in the same two shows Erika was doing -- the Indianapolis Championships, August 4th and the Indiana state Championships, August 18th. Unfortunately my dad has later stage Alzheimer’s so travelling to Indiana for the shows would be too hard for him and my mom. But on the 4th of July I was scrolling through the NPC site and came across a show in Michigan not too far from my parents’ house. The show was just 3 days away!!! I called my friend and leader in the NPC, Ed Sanders, and asked him his thoughts about my competing and he gave me his blessing. I’ve never believed in crazy changes the final week, and Erika was BEYOND supportive, so I entered the show and dedicated it to my dad.

Three valuable lessons that my dad taught me are:

CONSISTENCY - Dad didn’t chase the next new thing, or greener grass on the other side. He was loyal to his work at GM, never missing a day in 36 years. This taught me in bodybuilding & life to find the basics, follow them, and stay focused, not for days or years, but for a lifetime.

HARD WORK - My dad was not gifted with an Einstein brain or a Michael Jordan jump shot. He put in the work, period. His thought was “I work until the job is done.”

In bodybuilding, I’d get up before school and pay an older friend with a car to drive me to the gym, then hit it again after school. I started weeding gardens, cutting grass, and shoveling snow at 10 years old. Thank you Dad for teaching me to WORK.

FOLLOW THE RULES - Although we butt heads on this one, it’s probably the primary reason I choose not to do drugs illegally. My dad followed the rules, period! If he signed a contract he made right on it. His word meant everything. Thank you for your example dad!

As it turned out, I won the Masters and Open Classic Physique Overall titles, as well as 1st in the Open Bodybuilding LHW class with my dad and mom right there in the audience!


Midwestern States and Indianapolis

The next show was the NPC Midwestern States. This show’s purpose was to honor my brother Jason. He was always a positive role model and was the one who actually got me into lifting when I was 12 years old. He showed me how to do the exercises using old sand weights in my parents’ basement. He gently “forced me” to follow the workout routine 3 times per week and as I grew into high school I became known as “the lifting expert”. While other kids were experimenting with alcohol I was testing new lifting protocols, and when they were eating cafeteria food I was preparing meals and eating out of Tupperware. I never really told him how much I appreciated him until the day of the contest.

I won the Masters Bodybuilding Overall and the Open Men’s Physique Overall. My first overall victory in Indiana.

The next show was the Indianapolis Championships! Erika and I would compete together! I won the Master 40+ class and the Masters Overall at this show and Erika competed with amazing confidence having lost 23 pounds of body fat and reducing her bodyfat percentage by 17% in her journey to the stage!

Our final show was the Indiana State Championships. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be Mr. Michigan or Mr. Indiana. It was my dream and at one point the only thing that mattered. As it turned out, I cracked top 4 in the open LHW and 2nd in the Masters Over 40, but the mission was much bigger and more meaningful than my placing. This show was dedicated to my mom! She inspired and motivated me in life through her example of overcoming adversity, societal bias and ALWAYS letting her light shine NO MATTER WHAT.

The journey back to the stage was incredible, but also the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I gained an entirely new respect and empathy for athletes who compete, the hunger, the low energy, social events, and concentration which are really tough the last few weeks before shows. If it wasn’t for the PURPOSE behind the prep there is no way I would have followed through, NO WAY.

Looking for help on your nutrition? Email:

Shark Nutrition

One of my more strict contest diets. Guaranteed to get you ripped.

I’m going to start this section with one of my most effective contest diets as a reference for anyone who would like an exact diet template to follow.


Meal 1: 8oz lean beef or turkey, 3 egg whites, 1 grapefruit

Meal 2: Protein Drink: 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, 1 scoop Muscle Provider, 1tbsp almond butter or heavy whipping cream

Meal 3: 8oz chicken or turkey breast (weighed prior to cooking), 2 cups vegetables

Meal 4: (same as meal #2)

Meal 5: 8oz lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish, 93% or leaner beef, etc.), 4 cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc.), 2 tbsp cider vinegar and 1 tbsp olive oil (or other vegetable oil) for a dressing

Meal 6: 4oz chicken or turkey breast; 6 egg whites; 1 cup omelet vegetables

Monday and Thursday: In place of meal #6: 1.5 cups oatmeal (measured before cooking) or cooked rice, 10oz sweet potato, medium banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 tbsp butter, almond butter or oil at the end of the day.

Today, I vary my food choices more than in the past and constantly come up with new recipes. Here are a few recent favorites.

Breakfast: Egg white, ham & cheese omelet w/tomato, zucchini, and onion, and my Shark Supershake (kale, spinach, blackberries, strawberries), coffee

Lunch: Massive stir fry or salad (spinach or bok choy, mushrooms, riced cauliflower, red onions, and fish, chicken or ground turkey)

Post Workout: Protein Ice Cream (2 scoops UMP, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tsp xanthan gum - blend almond milk and ice gradually in a high powered blender, gradually add UMP and xanthan gum to an ice cream consistency. Top with a drizzle of Walden Farms no-carb chocolate sauce and Cool Whip free. Delicious!

Dinner: Sharkenator (I saw a commercial for a baconator burger with barbecue chicken from Applebee’s so I created my own healthy version): 6oz Laura’s Lean Beef, 3oz shredded chicken breast mixed with a little G Hughes barbecue sauce, a couple strips of bacon, 1 slice fat free cheese, tomato, and horseradish on a Healthy Life high fiber bun. I also slice a small potato into fries and cook them in our air fryer.


I’ve been using Beverly supplements for 15 years. Over that time I’ve had great success with their supplements. Staples for my supplements this past year were:

UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein) - We make AMAZING ice creams, brownies, pancakes, muffins and other delicious treats with UMP. This protein is an absolute MUST if you do not want to sacrifice flavor or quality. We have tons of recipes that you’d swear are straight from the bakery and yet they are nothing more than UMP, Cool Whip free, oatmeal, and maybe some Walden Farms calorie free sauce!

Super Pak and Vitality Stack (Protandim, probiotic, fish oil) – I take these supplements with my first meal of the day. The Super Pak provides my body with high levels of micronutrients for a full 24 hours to promote maximum growth and performance. Protandim is not a Beverly product but it is very good for reducing oxidative stress.

Lean Out and 7-Keto MuscLean stack - Lean Out is a great stimulant free addition to anyone’s fat loss strategy, it’s a perfect blend of well researched ingredients. It’s also great at controlling blood sugar levels. I take 7-Keto MuscLean in the morning and pre workout to keep my metabolism stoked and to aid the fat burning process.

Mass Aminos and Ultra 40 stack – I’ve used this stack to successfully add muscle in the off season, and to preserve muscle and keep my energy up pre contest.

Creatine Select and Glutamine Select pre workout – Beverly’s Creatine Select is the ONLY creatine on the market that does not bloat me and I get noticeable strength gains from it. I like Glutamine Select over other BCAA products because it contains the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle – glutamine – I consider it a MUST.

Shark Workout Terminology

In my workout I use a “Heavy/Light” method which I call “4:13’s”. It consists of using a heavy weight on a particular exercise for 4 reps, then I immediately lower the weight and perform 13 explosive reps of the same exercise. I rest for up to 4 minutes, and repeat 4 reps heavy, 13 reps light until a total of 4 sets of “4:13’s” are completed.

HATA is my abbreviation for (heavy as technique allows).

“Death by” exercises – start a new set every 2 minutes. 1st set use a very moderate weight and perform 10 reps. Add 1 rep each set until you can no longer complete the assigned reps for a set while adhering to the rule of starting a new set every 2 minutes.


Here is the split that I followed this year that made a huge impact in my muscularity and fullness.

Day 1: Lats & Hamstrings intense/heavySetsReps
Weighted Bridge39
Neutral Grip Seated Row44:13’s
Wide Grip Machine Row49 (HATA)
Day 2: Chest, Shoulders, Arms intense/heavySetsReps
Floor Press44:13’s
Cable Crossovers47 (HATA)
DB Overhead Press44:13’s
Seated Side Laterals39 (HATA)
Tricep Cable Extension44:13’s
Seated DB Curls44:13’s
Barbell Curls39 (HATA)
Day 3: Legs (quad focus) volumeSetsReps
Box Squats
“Death by”
Leg Extensions5+10+
Walking Lunges3 20
Day 4: Back & Shoulders volumeSetsReps
Wide Lat Pulldown512
Close Grip Pulldown410
Wide Grip Bent Rows
“Death By”
Cable Overhead Press5+10+
Cable Laterals312
Wide Grip Upright Row217
Day 5: Chest & Arms (volume)SetsReps
Bench Press
“Death By”
Cable Incline Press5+10+
Pec Deck217
Overhead Rope Extension
“Death By”
Cable “V bar” Extensions5+10+
Cable Curls
“Death By”
Overhead Cable Curls217

From “Skinny Fat” to IFBB Pro

At a Glance: Lacy Green

Age: 40

Occupation: For 15 years I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I left my career early in 2018 to open a Virtual Gym called C323 Fitness.

Family: Husband Andy, Mom to Jensen, Isaac, Lili, Karson, and Asher

Current Residence: Elida, OH

Years Training: 3

Height: 5’6”

Off Season Weight: 128, Contest Weight: 118

Favorite Fitness Meal: The “M3 Smoothie”: 1 scoop UMP Angel Food Cake, 2oz Plain Greek Yogurt, 4-6 whole strawberries, 6 ice cubes, and 4oz water blended. Reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake!!!

Favorite Supplements: UMP is number 1!! My first experience with a protein drink came from chocolate UMP. Nothing could compare after that! I am currently hooked on the Angel Food Cake UMP. It is smooth and delicious!!

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? UMP is an easy recommendation. The flavor and texture are like no other protein supplement I have ever used. It mixes and cooks beautifully. It is easy to digest and never leaves me bloated.

Music: When I workout I rarely listen to music. I listen to motivational speakers, sermons, and inspirational stories. If I were to listen to music, it would be Gospel or Contemporary Christian.

Most Inspiring Book: The Bible inspires all that I do!!!

Hobby or Interests outside of Bodybuilding: Talking to people. I love to go to the grocery to simply chat with people. I have the most fulfilling conversations with complete strangers. I look for opportunities to talk to people everywhere I go.

Words to live by: “The disciplined mind rooted in truth can do the impossible” ~Billy Alsbrooks


I was always what I call skinny-fat. You know – low bodyweight, with a lot of flab and hardly any muscle. Like a lot of women, I was careful about what I ate, but my physique did not change. I spent a few years running. I did several 5k races and ran several times a week for exercise. I enjoyed it, but again, my physique did not change. I thought that lifting weights might be the answer, but I had no idea what to do in a weight room, so I didn’t pursue it.

In 2011 my husband deployed to Afghanistan. While deployed he lifted weights daily. He came home a year later completely transformed! He had gained a large amount of strength and muscle mass. Unfortunately, that quickly went away when he quit lifting and began running for almost 2 years. He lost muscle mass and became very thin. He wanted to regain the muscle he had while deployed so he joined a local gym. Each day after work he went to the gym. I began to miss him. He is a law enforcement officer and I recognized the great value in fitness for his career, so that we could spend more time together, I started going to the weight room with him. At first, I kind of hung out with him while he worked out. After a few days I decided to try the exercises that he was doing, albeit with lighter weights. I could tell that it was just what I needed and started noticing changes in my body. We both loved it and our gym dates became routine.

I am an all or nothing kind of gal, so I wanted to know everything about weight training. I took an ISSA course and became a Certified Personal trainer. Even after learning the correct way to weight train, I ran into a brick wall with my fitness goals. I’d made great progress, but now I was stuck in a plateau. I could not lose fat off my body. I tried several diets and eating plans, none worked so I knew it was time to get some nutrition guidance. I hired Hammer Fit Coaching led by IFBB Pro, Mark Hummel. This was a game changer! Three weeks after beginning a bikini prep meal plan I barely recognized my body! In July of 2017, after 3 months of being on Hammer Fit coaching plans, I decided to compete in the 2017 NPC Natural Indianapolis as a Bikini competitor. I won 1st place Novice, 1st place Masters, 1st place Open Bikini, and the overall Bikini title! All of a sudden I was instantly Nationally Qualified!! A short 8 months later, in July, 2018 I competed at the the NPC Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh. This was my second competition ever and I earned my IFBB Pro Card!

During my training for Nationals, I decided to leave my career after 15 years in Respiratory Therapy to open a fitness business. I had developed a passion for fitness and wanted to share it with others. I recall a day during my training where I caught a glimpse of myself in the gym mirror and could not believe what I was seeing. I barely recognized my own fit physique. It brought joyful tears to my eyes right there in the gym. I vowed to learn all I could about fitness, so I could help others experience the joy I felt in that moment. I saw a need to help people “find their fitness”. We all have a personal level of fitness and I want to empower and inspire people to achieve their highest personal level. To continue my knowledge base, I completed my certification as a Fitness Nutrition Coach through the ISSA.

I currently work as a personal trainer and nutrition coach for Westwood Fitness in Lima, Ohio. I also work as an online competition coach for Hammer Fit. It is an honor to work for the coaches who changed my life by coaching me from a recreational gym junkie to an IFBB pro in less than a year. I love coaching novice competitors! My big project right now is C323 Fitness, my virtual gym. While talking to people, I recognized a huge need to bring a gym to the people, not ask them to come to a brick and mortar gym. I believe in meeting people where they are at in their fitness journey. For many, that is in the comfort of their own home. Most people that I spoke with could not get to the gym for various reasons. They want fitness, but are limited by things like child care issues, shame due to their current lack of fitness, fear of judgement, lack of time, and lack of motivation. I created a solution to these issues by providing people with a gym that comes to them through Wi-Fi to their smartphone, personal computer, and tablet wherever and whenever they choose. C323 has a variety of recorded content for all fitness levels that can be accessed around the clock and live one on one personal training with a variety of highly motivated personal trainers from all over the country. There is something for everyone!

I am often asked about the name of the gym. C323 is short for Colossians 3:23; Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. I chose this scripture because as a business owner I am my own boss. I am the steward of the gym, but I work for Him to serve His creation. The members of my gym deserve my very best service!

Presentation Tips

In bikini, posing is very important. I practice it year-round. I highly recommend a posing coach who knows how to angle your body in the most flattering ways. Confidence is key! From the moment you step on stage you are being judged so make every step count. Show your personality and have fun!

My Diet

I carb cycle every 3 days. This is a typical day of my regular diet.

Meal 1: 3 egg whites, 2 eggs, 1 cup spinach (I make into an omelet), and 1 cup oats.

Meal 2: Strawberry Smoothie (5 strawberries, 2oz Greek Yogurt, 1 scoop Angel Food Cake UMP, 6 ice cubes and 4oz water blended)

Meal 3: 4oz cod, 15 almonds, 1 cup spinach

Meal 4: (post workout): 4oz sweet potato, 1tbsp chunky natural peanut butter, 1/2 banana (all mashed together), 1 scoop Beverly UMP Graham Cracker.

Meal 5: 5oz 90/10 ground beef, 1 cup green beans

Meal 6: 6 egg whites, 1 cup green beans


Pre-Workout: 1 scoop Muscle Synergy, 6 Muscularity capsules

Fit Tabs – 2 tablets with Meal 1

UMP – for meals 2 and 4 (see diet schedule on the next page)

EFA Gold – 3 softgels with meal 6

I use Multiple Enzyme Complex with every meal.

If I want to have a leaner look or as a contest approaches, I take 2 Lean Out each meal and 3 7-Keto MuscLean in the AM and mid afternoon.

Training Schedule


Day 4: Rest

Day 1: Back/Legs

4x20 of each

Triset: Pull Up, Cable Straight Arm Pulldown, Seated Close Grip Pulldown

Triset: Leg Curl, Leg Extension, Leg Press

Triset: Banded Glute Kick, Lateral Banded Walk, Ankle Band Jumping Jacks

Day 2: Back/Shoulders

4x20 of each

Superset: Pullups, Standing Military Press

Superset: Seated Low Row, Face Pulls

Superset: Behind Neck Pull Down, Lateral Raise

Superset: Close Grip Pulldown, Front Raise

Day 3: Glutes (Dominant)

Barbell Deadlift 4x12-15

Cable Kickback 4x12

Dumbbell Sumo Squat 3x8-10

Superset: V-bar Cable Squat, Straight Bar Cable Deadlift 4x12

Superset: Smith Wide Deep Squat, Smith Close Deep Squat 4x8-12

Day 5: Shoulders/Arms

4x20 of each

Triset: Dumbbell Arnold Press, Wide Grip Upright Row, Lateral Raise

Superset: Bicep Cable Extension, Rope Push down

Triset: Dumbbell Curl, Skull Crusher, Lying Cable Row


Then I go back to day 1

Cardio Schedule

Off Season I do 20-30 minutes on the Step Mill every other day. During show prep I have done as many as two 40-minute sessions a day on the Step Mill.

The Beverly Brick Road

At a Glance: Michael Smith

Age: 47

Education: Bachelor Degree in Management and Economics

Birthplace: Dalton, GA

Years Training: 17 years

Height: 5’ 9”

Weight: 210 (off-season), 177 (contest)

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: 2 scoops UMP chocolate with 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup pecans, crushed ice, egg whites, and a tablespoon of sugar-free pancake syrup. (You’ll feel like you are cheating on your diet.)

Favorite Supplements:

  1. Lean Out: I notice that I lose stubborn fat faster while using Lean Out during my cardio sessions without the jittery effect that other fat burners have.
  2. UMP: Even though I am using it for the added protein and recovery source, the taste of the UMP actually keeps me sane. Most of your food is so lean and tasteless during show prep, knowing that your UMP shake is going to feel like you’re at an ice cream shop can sure lift your spirits.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? I highly recommend the UMP Chocolate. As soon as you taste it, you are going to be hooked, not to mention you’re getting 20g of protein and only 4 carbohydrates per scoop. That is a win win!

Music: Creed

Hobby and Interests: Watching UFC with friends and family

Words to live by: Give 110 percent to anything that has your name on it.


I was that guy - the one who followed the major bodybuilding shows like the Olympia and its competitors - the one who was always talking about doing a bodybuilding show “One Day”, but never did.

In college, my studies took up much of my time and working out became a lesser priority. After college, I caught the money fever and making money was my new objective. Working late hours and weekends was the norm. Bodybuilding took a further step back on the burner and any thoughts of competing were fast fading. This trend continued from age 21 to 37, so 16 years had passed and still no competition in sight. Then one day I learned that a long-time friend, who was the same age as me, had a heart attack at work and passed away on the spot. Two months after that event my father was hospitalized with cirrhosis of the liver (from years of drinking) and Hospice came to his home. He died in front of my eyes a week later. At that point I no longer felt that I had plenty of time left in my life to do all the things that I had been putting off.

So, at 37 I started making some life changes. One thing I knew, if I was ever going to do a bodybuilding show, I needed to get started on it, NOW. And that’s what I did. I picked a show that was only 3 months away and immediately started my diet and cardio. Three months later I had lost 46 pounds (210lb to 164lb) and entered the open middleweight class. There were 12 competitors in my class and they broke us up into 3 groups during pre-judging, I wasn’t called for either the 1st or 2nd group. I thought, “There has to be a mistake, I did 2 hours of cardio a day, lost 46 pounds, and was here to honor those that had fallen in my life.” The night show came and the top 5 were awarded with trophies. Needless to say, I was not one of them! In fact, I was 12th out of 12. (Dead last!) That was my introduction to the world of bodybuilding competition. It also served as a wakeup call.

My introduction to Beverly International:

With my very disturbing dead last finish at my first show fresh in my mind, I realized I had the will power and desire, but not the “know how” or “knowledge” of contest preparation. At this point I felt a lot like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”. I realized that although I was not in Kansas, I was in a place just as unfamiliar. Working out, hours of cardio, and limited calories would not make me a successful bodybuilder. I needed guidance, but where should I turn? Once my fellow gym goers learned that I had competed, it seemed that every one of them was giving me advice, each person contradicting the other. Adding Google and YouTube to the mix quickly put my mind in overload.

Then, almost magically, a road appeared. I call it the Beverly Brick Road.

I still remember Googling “Contest Prep” more than 10 years ago and coming across Beverly’s articles “16 Weeks Out Contest Count Down” and “8 Weeks Out Contest Count Down”, by Roger and Sandy Riedinger. I saw right away that these articles were actual roadmaps of how to get from here (12th place out of 12) to there (top 3 or better). In these articles was an answer to every question I had.

  • What to eat.
  • What supplements to take.
  • What body part split to use.
  • When and how much cardio to do.
  • And my favorite, "what to do the last week before a show." (Priceless)

So just like “The Wizard of Oz” theme, I was given a road to follow. I printed out the articles, laminated them, and put them into a binder that I referred to over and over. My next show was exactly 17 weeks away. Just enough time to follow the guidelines exactly as written. I ordered the recommended Beverly supplements, UMP Chocolate, Creatine Select, and Lean Out and at 16 weeks out started the program just as it was written.

The program had me hold off on cardio until closer to the show and everyone kept telling me I needed to do it now. But I reminded myself that I needed to stay on the Beverly road. I had followed my own road before and knew where that ended. During the 16 weeks, I kept getting bigger AND leaner, and now those same gym gurus who were telling me what I should do were now asking me what I was doing to get so cut and lean. I would tell them to go to Beverly’s website and download the article. And don’t forget the recommended “Beverly” supplements. (Other supplement brands are not the same.)

Finally, it was Showtime. Pre-judging was once again very deep in competitors, there were 20 in my class to be exact. I started to get that same feeling as the first show (failure and stress), and the next thing I know they are calling my number out with the first group of competitors. When the night show starts they brought me out with the top 5 to receive awards. I knew that at least I got 5th place and felt very pleased that this time I would be getting something for my effort. Then they handed out the 5th place award and it wasn’t me. Well, 4th is better than 5th! After they awarded 3rd place, I looked down at my competitor number wondering if they had already called it and I just didn’t hear it. Then they called 2nd and it still wasn’t me. By this time I was really nervous, I was the only one left in line. Then they called my number. I had won, first place out of 20!

Since then I’ve gone on for 10 years, doing 2 or 3 shows a year, almost always coming in 1st or 2nd and even a few overalls. I was able to achieve my bodybuilding goals because I followed Beverly’s guidelines and supplement programs. I followed what I call, “The Beverly Brick Road”!

Nutrition, Complete Diet and Supplement Program


At 16 weeks I reference Beverly’s Contest Countdown 16-weeks out nutrition plan:

Meal 1: 2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites, 6oz lean meat, 1/2 cup oatmeal - before cooking

Meal 2: Protein Drink with 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP), two tablespoons healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream

Meal 3: 8oz lean meat, 6oz sweet potato or 2/3 cup cooked brown rice, 2 cups vegetables (broccoli, etc.)

Meal 4: (UMP shake, same as meal #2)

Meal 5: 10oz lean meat (lean beef – sirloin, filet, chicken breast, fish, turkey breast, etc), 2 cups vegetables, salad with 2 tablespoons vinegar and oil Dressing

Meal 6: Protein Shake or Pudding: 2 Scoops UMP, add enough water to make a shake or pudding the consistency you desire

As the contest approaches I modify the above plan into 4-week phases as follows.

From weeks 12-9 I alternate red meat one day with ground turkey the next, and start cutting down a little on the complex carbs.

Weeks 8-5 I drop the egg yolks, eat red meat one day, ground turkey the next, and grilled chicken the third, while reducing the complex carbs further

Final 4 weeks: grilled chicken or fish as primary protein sources (see sample meal plan below)

Sample Plan for the Final 4 Weeks:

Meal 1 (Pre-Workout): 2 cups egg whites, 4-5oz grilled chicken strips

Meal 2 (Post-Workout): 2 scoops UMP; I like the strawberry and chocolate flavors best

Meal 3: Salad: baby spinach, cucumber slices, 4-5oz grilled chicken strips or fish

Meal 4: 2 scoops UMP

Meal 5: 4-5oz grilled chicken strips or fish, 1/2c green beans

Meal 6 (Bed time): 1-2 scoops UMP

Supplement Schedule

UMP – At meals 2, 4, and 6 as a shake or pudding like a dessert

Quadracarn - 3 tablets 3-4 times a day (better pump, energy, recovery)

Creatine Select - 1 scoop daily (fuller look, energy, and recovery)

Lean Out – Starting at 8 weeks out from contest, 4 capsules per day (to lose that last bit of fat)

Training Schedule

In the off season I rotate upper body, lower body, off day - then repeat, sticking with 8-15 reps. At 16 weeks out from a show I up the intensity.

I have a full gym setup at home even though I also work out in a standard gym. The closer I get to the show I like to work out at home so I can flex and pose in the mirror between sets. I feel this allows me to see my striations and hardens me up while at the same time I’m training the muscles to pose on command.

Below is the Beverly International Contest Countdown – 16 Weeks Out Training program which I mentioned earlier.


Train 2 days on, 1 day off for weeks 16-13, then 4 days on, 1 off for weeks 12-9.

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Chest / Triceps

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Shoulders/Biceps/Legs

Day 5: Back

Day 6: off

Start over

In this program you’ll use two basic progression schemes:

1. Pyramid Training: Add weight lower the reps each set.

Set 1: 12 reps with a very easy warm-up weight – not all you can do for 12 reps

Set 2: 10 reps still pretty easy

Set 3: 8 reps – use a weight you could get for 9 – 12 here but stop at 8

Set 4: 6 reps – use a weight you could get 6 – 8 reps with but stop at 6

Set 5: 4 – 6 reps – a max set. Once you reach 6 reps add weight to the final 3 sets and start back at 4 reps on set #5.

(Exercises using the Pyramid system are marked with *.)

2. Double Progressive System: Use the same weight for all Start at the low end of the suggested rep range. Gradually increase the repetitions, usually adding one rep each week until you reach the top number of suggested reps for each set of a particular exercise. Then add weight and start over at the lower end of the rep scheme.

(Exercises below where you should use the Double Progressive System are marked **.)

Day 1: Legs / CalvesAmount
Squat5 sets x 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 / 4-6 reps
Leg Press** or Hack Squat** 4 x 10 – 16 reps
(you may want to increase 2 reps per workout here)
Leg Extension**3 x 12-15 reps
Superset #4 and #5
Leg Curls** 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Lunge or Straight Leg Dead Lift** 3 sets x 10-12 reps
Superset #6 and #7
Seated Calf Raise** 5 x 10-12 reps
Free Standing (no weight) Calf Raises** 5 x 25-50 reps
Day 2: Chest, Triceps, CalvesAmount
Bench Press* 5 sets x 12 / 10 / 8 / 6 / 4-6 reps
Incline DB Press** 3 sets x 6-8 reps constant weight. First session do 6-6-6 and gradually
add reps until you get to 8-8-8 then add weight and start back at 6.
DB Flyes** 3 x 8-12 reps
DB Pullovers** 3 x 8-12 reps
Close Grip Bench Press* 4 x 12 / 10 / 8 / 5 -7
Superset #6 & #7
Triceps Pushdown**
Dips** 3 x 6-12 reps each – constant weight no rest between exercises, rest
only after both exercises have been performed.
Heavy Calf Raises** 4 x 8-12
Light Calf Raises** or Donkeys** 4 x 15-20 reps

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Shoulders / BicepsAmount
Military Press* 4 sets x 12 / 10 / 8 / 6-8 reps
DB or Machine Laterals** 3 x 8-12 reps
DB or Cable Bent Laterals** 3 x 8-12 reps
Barbell Curl* 4 x 12 / 10 / 8 / 6-8
Incline DB Curl** 3 x 8-10
Machine Curl or Preacher Curl** 2 x 8-12
Day 5: Back, AbsAmount
Chins** 4 sets up to 12 reps per set. (If you ever get to 12 reps on all 4 sets, start reducing rest periods or add weight.)
Deadlifts 3 sets 10 reps (add weight each set but stay at ten reps per set) Concentrate on perfect form and add weight very gradually in 5-lb. increments each week.
You can do a compound Deadlift and Shrug movement instead of regular Deadlifts if you wish to stress traps a little more.
Bent Rows* or T-Bar Row* 4 sets 12 / 10 / 8 / 6-8
Reverse Grip Front Pulldowns** or 1 Arm DB Row** 3 x 8-12
Straight Arm Pullovers** 3 x 10-12 (lie on a bench length wise – keep arms straight)
10 minutes of abs


I start at 8 weeks out with 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, 4-5 days a week. Every 2 weeks I increase the time by 10 minutes until the week of the contest.

Presentation Tips

I begin working on my posing routine at 8 weeks out. The best tip I can give you on presentation is to practice and practice some more. I put my posing music in a loop with a break song in between. I let the loop play over and over; I do my routine, set myself back up during the break song, and then do it again, again, and again. It is sometimes easy to lose track of time and I’ve found myself practicing a routine for up to 2 hours without realizing how much time had passed. This type of practicing is a sure cure for stage jitters. It makes your presentation second nature when you take the stage.

Contest Preparation

The biggest mistake that competitors make is their refusal to reduce their carb intake as a contest approaches. They are dead set against sacrificing size for definition. I’ve literally pleaded with clients and friends to stick with their diet plan, but as soon as they start to lose a small amount of size they panic. That’s their excuse to add carbs. Consequently, they place 4th or 5th in their show and blame the judges. I personally follow the nutrition program in Beverly’s Contest Countdown at 16 weeks out article on the website and end up winning my class and sometimes an overall at the same show. Tip: Follow Beverly’s Contest Countdown Plan and use their products in the recommended manner because it works. Period.

Note: You can find Beverly’s Contest Countdown articles by visiting Click “SEARCH” at the top left of the page and enter Contest Countdown.

My Natural Pro Figure

At a Glance: Wendy Doran, NGA Pro Figure Champion

Age: 50

Occupation: Preschool Teacher

Family: Mother of two wonderful children - Ashley (13) and Tyler (10)

Current Residence: Cincinnati, Ohio

Years training (total): 5 years

Height: 5’8”; Weight: 160 (off-season), 140 (contest)

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: My Chewy UMP Granola Bars! Too delicious to resist!

Favorite Beverly Supplements: UMP is by far my favorite supplement! It’s very versatile! I use vanilla UMP in just about everything that I bake! It’s an easy on-the-go first meal of the day and a “must have” post- workout meal! Lean Out and Muscularity are also essential supplements during competition prep. Lean Out helps me with my conditioning and Muscularity aids in lean muscle mass maintenance.

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? Beverly International has a Supplement Profiling Chart that is a great reference. I recommend it for specific individualized goals. (You can find it on the home page at

Music: I like to listen to hard rock music, especially Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson. It’s music that motivates me to lift heavy!

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: I enjoy spending time with my children; making posing suits for competitors; cooking healthy food; and landscaping my yard.

Words to live by: “It’s not how hard you hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” (Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa)

At the age of 44 I was rapidly gaining weight and didn’t know why. I went to the doctor for answers and was shocked to find out that I was going through menopause! I knew that I had to do something fast to get my weight back under control and live a healthier lifestyle.

So, I joined Beechmont Fitness Club and did cardio for an hour a day, three times a week for an entire year. My weight decreased and my confidence increased, but I still wasn’t content with my overall appearance. I needed more shape. To do this I needed to add muscle! That, however, required lifting weights and I had no idea what to do. I asked a friend at the gym, Tom, for advice.

Tom advised me to cut back on cardio, start lifting heavier weights, and start using Beverly International supplements. I did some research and found Tom’s advice for gaining muscle was right on the money. For inspiration, Tom also suggested that I attend a bodybuilding show.

When I saw the Figure competitors step on stage for the first time at the NPC Northern Kentucky show, I was amazed! I wanted to learn what they did to be able to get in that kind of shape! They had a lot of muscle, very little fat, and looked stunning! I later found out that it required as much mental as physical strength to attain their physique.

I think the “conceive, believe, achieve” mindset is essential for anything that you want to accomplish in life, including a competitive physique. You need to dream, visualize yourself in that dream, and strive to make it reality. There are times you might be the only one who believes in yourself with an image of how you want to look. If you can sustain that mindset, you can achieve your goals and grow stronger through the process.

Because of bodybuilding, I am mentally the strongest I have ever been in my life! I went on to become a Pro Figure competitor in the NGA, WNBF, ANBF and nationally qualified in the NPC. I own and operate Cutting Edge Posing Suits, LLC where we design custom made posing suits, write meal plans, and give posing classes. I also teach preschool and created the “Fit for Life” program at the Goddard School in Anderson Township, Ohio. My program introduces children to a healthy lifestyle with fitness and good nutritional decisions. Most of my achievements are due to the mindset that I learned through bodybuilding, which has been an ongoing journey that originated from a desire to lose weight and be healthy.

Here’s a look at how I achieved the following contest accomplishments:

2014:  NGA Kentucky Natural Classic – 1st Open Figure, 1st Masters Figure, Overall Winner;

2015: NGA Kentucky Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships – 1st Pro Figure;

2016: NGA Kentucky Natural Classic – 1st Pro Figure; NGA Pro/Am Western Kentucky Natural – 1st Pro Figure, Overall Pro Figure; NGA Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships – 1st Pro Figure, 1st Pro Masters

Nutrition & Supplements


Daily Meal Plan - In the off-season I eat many small “meals” throughout the day. Here is a typical meal plan I use between competitions to build muscle while keeping my bodyfat relatively low:

Meal 1 (7:00 am): 1 scoop of vanilla UMP, 12oz almond milk, blended with ice (tastes like a milkshake!)

Meal 2 (8:30 am): 2 brown rice cakes, 2 tbsp almond butter, and a small banana

Meal 3 (10:30 am): 1/4cup of nuts

Meal 4 (11:30 am): Salad with chicken, shredded cheese, and low fat dressing

Meal 5 (1:30 pm): Beef jerky

Meal 6 (3:30 pm): My Chewy UMP Granola Bars (see recipe below)

Meal 7 (5:30 pm): Burrito bowl made with venison, beans, shredded cheese, and plain Greek yogurt

Meal 8 (6:30 pm): Protein bar (during workout)

Meal 9 (8:30 pm): 1 scoop vanilla UMP, 12oz almond milk, blended with ice (it’s an essential post-workout meal)

Meal 10 (10:00 pm): Steak with broccoli

Water Intake: I drink about 1 1/2 gallons of water each day, because of my active lifestyle.

Meal prep tips:

Kai Greene (IFBB professional bodybuilder) said, “Plan and preparation prevents poor performance.” When I prep for the week, I like to cook multiple things at one time. I get more accomplished that way and it’s a lot easier. I’ll have something cooking in the oven, on the stove top, in the crock pot, and mixing in a bowl. Then, I stock my freezer and I’m set for the week! I make it fun by blasting music!

Wendy’s Chewy UMP Granola Bars


  • 2 1/2 cup oats
  • 4 scoops Vanilla UMP
  • 1 cup sweetened coconut
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds
  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cup blueberry Craisins


  • 1/4 cup light brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Preheat oven to 325°
  • Line 9 x 9 pan with parchment paper and spray with olive oil
  • Mix dry ingredients in a bowl
  • Stir in wet ingredients


  • Press down firmly in the pan (use a glass cup to roll firmly)
  • Bake for approximately 40 mins
  • Make sure to let cool in pan
  • Cut into bars, serve, and enjoy!

Supplement Schedule

Ultimate Muscle Protein - 1 scoop at meal 1 and 9 and also the main ingredient of my Chewy Granola Bars (meal 6). (Daily total: 3 scoops to maintain and build muscle, reduce body fat, and satisfy a sweet tooth.)

Lean Out - 1 capsule with meals 1 through 9. (Daily total: 9 capsules to reduce body fat.)

Muscularity - 3 capsules with meals 1, 4, and 7. (Daily total: 9 capsules to maintain muscle mass, during my strict dieting as the contest approaches.)

Density - 3 tablets with meals 1, 4, and 7. (Daily total: 9 tablets to improve gains and acquire that rock, hard, solid muscle look.)

Glutamine Select - 2 scoops with water after every workout for muscle recovery and growth, and/or for a tasty treat when cutting calories.

Fit Tabs - 2 tablets with meals 1 and 7. (Daily total: 4 tablets to ensure that I am getting the necessary vitamins and minerals that my body requires to perform at its best.)

Joint Care - 3 capsules with meal 5 as a precautionary measure to maintain healthy joints.

Weight Training


Monday LegsAmount
Leg Extensions5x10
Leg Press Machine5x10
Tuesday ChestAmount
Bench Press5x10
Pec Deck5x10
Dumbbell Flyes5x10
Cable Cross-Over5x10
Wednesday Back Amount
Seated Rows5x10
Lat Pulldowns5x10
Reverse Pec Deck5x10
Thursday Arms & Shoulders Amount
Dumbbell Curls5x10
Dumbbell Hammers5x10
Cable V-Bar Pushdowns5x10
Rope Pressdowns5x10
Dumbbell Raises(Forward) 5x10
Dumbbell Raises(Side) 5x10
Friday Legs (second time in the week
with lighter weights, higher reps)

Calf Raises5x12
Seated Leg Press5x12
Leg Extensions5x12
Glute Kickbacks5x12
Saturday CardioAmount
Yardwork “grass cutting cardio”for 2.5 to 3 hours

Sunday Rest

Abs (every other day)Amount
Hanging Leg Raises(to failure)
Incline bench sit-ups(to failure)
Ab wheel(to failure)

Cardio Schedule


I am a preschool teacher and move around all day. Because of that, I don’t need to do cardio until I’m 30 days out from a competition. I found that I tend to eat more when I do too much cardio, which defeats the purpose. I use the elliptical 3 times a week for 20 minutes each time on a moderate tension, steep incline setting. I rely more on yardwork as a means for conditioning. I live on one acre of land and cut my grass with a push mower. It’s a great workout that provides results, while also being productive.


Presentation Tips

When you first decide to compete, I believe you should seek out a posing instructor to help you understand the basic comparison poses. Then, do your research! Watch YouTube videos. Check out contest photos and online images of the top competitors in your category. Then, analyze everything they do. Try to emulate their positions/poses in front of the mirror and make minute changes to see what works best for your physique. Keep practicing and adjusting as your physique changes throughout prep. Also, make sure someone critiques you throughout the process. A second opinion is very important, especially when you don’t have the use of a mirror as an aid. Last, but not least, don’t forget to exude confidence on stage! It makes a huge difference in your overall appearance!

In Conclusion

Bodybuilding is a very difficult yet gratifying lifestyle. It will take you through a journey that will test your limitations, both physically and mentally. You must to be able to set yourself apart from others, especially in the way you think. Then, with a strong mindset, you can achieve your dreams not only in bodybuilding but in life!

A Strong Mind In A Strong Body

At a Glance: Brian Bourkland

Age: 52

Occupation: Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Art Model at Indiana University Bloomington School of Art, Architecture, and Design

Education: Bachelor of Music Education, Master of Music Education, Master of Music History and Literature, Bachelor of Exercise Science, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified R.I.P.P.E.D. Instructor

Family: Married to my wonderful wife Gail for 24 years, daughters Julia and Rachel, son Matthew

Current Residence: Bloomington, IN

Years training (total): 38 years

Height: 5’ 9"

Weight: (Off-Season) 215, (Contest) 194

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: UMP Pancakes made with 1 cup of egg whites, 1 scoop of vanilla UMP, 1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese, and 1/2 cup of oats

Favorite supplements: UMP helps me meet my daily protein requirements and is a great lean protein choice that keeps me feeling full. I like to mix Muscle Synergy and Glutamine Select together in a shaker and drink pre- and intra-workout for a great pump and to maximize recovery. I take 1 tablet each per 10 pounds of bodyweight of Mass Aminos and Ultra 40 during contest preparation to ensure I always have the full spectrum of amino acids available in my body at all times

What would you recommend to someone who has never used Beverly supplements before? I would recommend a combination of UMP, Mass Aminos, and Ultra 40. This is a basic stack that will maximize protein availability.

Music: I have a huge music library. Depending on what mood I’m in, it could range anywhere from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, to Rage Against the Machine, Radiohead, or Little Big Town or even James Taylor.

Most Inspiring Book: The Success Principles, by Jack Canfield.

Hobby or interests outside bodybuilding: Ballroom dancing, spending time in our national forests

Words to live by: “Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” —Socrates


A Strong Mind In A Strong Body

Since the age of 14, training with weights has brought me tremendous satisfaction over the years. The physical benefits are evident, but the time I’ve spent with weights has been just as productive mentally. Over the last 38 years, training with weights has been my companion as I’ve challenged my mind earning multiple degrees in the field of music, and later, a degree in exercise science. The traits of consistency, patience, and perseverance that are key to success in bodybuilding are also keys to succeeding in life.

The great old-school bodybuilder and former Mr. Universe, Dave Draper, has had a profound influence on my approach to bodybuilding. He is an extremely entertaining writer and I highly recommend his Brother Iron, Sister Steel book. Those of you who are familiar with his style will acknowledge that he is strictly no-nonsense, very thoughtful and witty with words, and not swayed by fitness trends. I try to emulate his approach to my work and in my own training. Here is some advice I can offer:


  • Bodybuilding is best done by feel and gut I treat bodybuilding as a mind-body connection much like yoga—continuously analyzing the feedback I am getting from the muscle group I am working on and being in the present.
  • For a year-round nutritional plan, I recommend one of Beverly’s Gain Muscle and Lose Fat diet When you are ready for contest prep (or to just get into the best shape of your life), choose their Contest Countdown meal plan.
  • Whether you are going through a bulking or cutting phase, choose one or the other and stick with Don’t be indecisive and not give either phase enough time to be successful. Don’t think you’re going to maintain a chiseled look while bulking – with bulking comes some fat gain. There is no avoiding it. The key is to choose a nutrition plan for your current goal and stick to it. Avoid influences from internet forums.
  • Always be a gentleman (or a lady), be positive, and be as helpful as Especially be helpful to someone who is just starting out. Always be kind.
  • Competing is not for everyone and that’s Dave Draper talks about how he disliked competing and he went on to accomplishing something truly awesome with his life! I use competitions as sort of a checkpoint and like to meet other athletes like myself.

If you keep this up for several years, there will come a time when people will start noticing you – in a good way. Always have a smile and positive demeanor.


My background in art, music, and bodybuilding has led me to view the human body as a work of art. This mindset influences how I approach training, contest preparation, and also posing. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of practicing posing early on in contest preparation. I setup a timer so that the pose lasts one minute with 10 seconds rest. Holding each pose for a full 60 seconds in practice will allow you to breeze through your time on stage while other competitors are struggling and winded. It also will help put the finishing touches on your conditioning. At many shows with a lot of divisions/classes the prejudging runs at a fast clip, so don’t take a long time getting into your pose, or you risk the judges going on to the next pose before you have even hit the previous one they called for! That will not bode well for you.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I had not started lifting weights 38 years ago. A lifestyle that does not include the gym seems so foreign to me, if not downright frightening! I have no regrets whatsoever and not for one second wish I were someone else. I just have the innate feeling and knowledge that I’m living the life I am meant to live, and Beverly International’s products have helped me greatly along this journey that is far from over.


My diets come from the Beverly International Pre Contest Bodybuilding Workshop Manual – Diet and Supplements section. One of my favorite off-season diets is:


Meal 1: 2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites; 6oz very lean meat; 1/2 cup oatmeal

Meal 2: (Choose one option):

Option A: Protein Drink with two scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein; two tbsp healthy fat source (olive oil, flax oil, almond butter) or heavy cream

Option B: 8oz lean beef or chicken or 2 cans tuna, one small apple or orange

Meal 3: 8oz lean meat (chicken or other lean protein source); 6oz sweet potato or 2/3 cup cooked brown rice; 2 cups vegetables (broccoli, etc.) or green salad with 4 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing

Meal 4: (same options as meal #2)

Meal 5: 10oz very lean meat (chicken breast, fish, turkey breast, lean beef - sirloin, filet, etc.); 2 cups vegetables; salad with 2 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing

Choose one option:

Option A: Protein Shake or Pudding: 2 Scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, add enough water to make a shake or pudding the consistency you desire

Option B: 8 egg whites + 2 whole eggs or 6oz beef; 1-2 cup vegetables

When I am preparing for a contest, I like to follow Beverly’s:


Meal 1: 5oz lean beef or turkey, 6 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1/2 grapefruit

Meal 2: (Choose one option):

Option A: Protein Drink: 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein, 1 tbsp healthy fat or heavy cream, 4 strawberries (optional), 16oz water

Option B: 6oz can tuna or 5oz chicken, 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 tomato

Meal 3: 8oz chicken (weighed prior to cooking), 4 cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc.) 2 tbsp cider vinegar and 1 tbsp olive oil (or other vegetable oil) for a dressing

Meal 4: (Choose one option):

Option A: 6oz can tuna or 5oz chicken, 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1 tomato

Option B: Protein Drink: 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 12 oz. water (if post training), or 2 scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein

Meal 5: 8oz lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish or 93% lean beef, etc.), 2 cups vegetables

Monday and Thursday:  Add a 6th meal: 1.5 cups oatmeal (precooked) or cooked rice, 10oz sweet potato, 4oz banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 tbsp butter, almond butter or oil at the end of the day.


Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) - I like to stick to the basics with supplements. Being a personal trainer and art model with a tight schedule often means that I rely quite heavily on Beverly’s UMP. It’s a great on-the-go choice for the times when I can’t prepare a meal and I find it works well to sip on during workouts.

Muscle Synergy powder is my all-time favorite. I mainly like it for its arginine ingredient which helps increase blood flow. It also helps with sexual performance and maximizes the pump when taken about 30 minutes prior to a workout.

I use Glutamine Select morning and night to help with recovery. There is never a time when I’m not sore somewhere and Glutamine Select helps keep me anabolic.

In order to make sure I always have the full spectrum of amino acids in my body throughout the day, I use Mass Aminos and Ultra 40’s religiously. Follow the recommendations on the side label to dose the right amount throughout the day.

One interesting Beverly supplement for men my age is Quadracarn. This product takes a few days to build up in your system. I take six per day and have noticed overall benefits in energy and general anti-aging effects.

As I come closer to competition, about 8 weeks out, I make some additions to my supplements with Density, Lean Out, and 7-Keto MuscLean, all taken according to their side panel instructions.

Muscle Synergy powder is my all-time favorite. I mainly like it for its arginine ingredient which helps increase blood flow. It also helps with sexual performance and maximizes the pump when taken about 30 minutes prior to a workout.



Instead of using a treadmill, elliptical, cycle, or other piece of cardio equipment, I opt instead for an hour-long R.I.P.P.E.D. class three days per week at my local YMCA. I am also one of the instructors for this class. The acronym stands for Resistance Interval Power Plyometrics Endurance and Diet. This class can get your heart rate up to 80% max multiple times. You will not be able to talk during many moments of the class if you are doing it right.


I mainly train for hypertrophy, which for me means a large number of sets performed in slow, strict form- some would say to ridiculous levels of volume. Weights are relatively moderate to moderately heavy. I wasted 10 years using the “more weight is better” approach to training, but with very little development to show for it. Instead of doing a pyramid approach of say 4-6 sets, where the weights are increased at each set while reps decrease, I take a couple of sets to build up to my working weight, and then grind out 6-8 additional sets of at least 10 reps each for an awesome pump.

The following workout is not set in stone. I use an open approach and if I feel that I need to spend more time on an area, I will take whatever time I need and may move other exercises off to the next day. My routine is split up into 8 days as follows:

Day 1: Legs (focus on quads, abductors, and calves)

Leg Press:
6-8 sets, 10 reps with various foot placements

Barbell Squats:
6-8 sets, 10 reps

Leg Extension:
(while crunching abs to remove back as leverage) 10 sets of 10 reps

8 sets, 10 reps

(I am blessed with large calves, so I use only bodyweight) 4 sets, 50 reps on a step

Day 2: Back

Deadlifts superset with Smith Machine shrugs:
8-10 sets x 10 reps for deadlifts, 8-10 sets x 20 reps for shrugs, 10 reps performed facing the bar and 10 reps performed with my back toward the bar

Performed using strict form for however many sets it takes to get to 50 reps

Assisted Pullups:
100 – 200 broken down into sets of 10 reps, concentrating on full range of motion

Day 3: Chest

Low incline dumbbell press:
6-8 sets, 10 reps

Dips, forward leaning with elbows out:
10 sets, 10 reps

Low Incline Dumbbell Flye:
6-8 sets, 12 reps

Pullovers, performed across the bench:
6-8 sets, 10 reps, keep elbows in

Decline Cable Flye:
6 sets, 10 reps

Day 4: Legs (focus on glutes, hamstrings, adductors, and calves)

Leg Press:
6-8 sets, 3 foot positions totaling 30 reps: 10 reps medium shoulder width, 10 reps high and wide, and 10 reps low and close together

Dumbbell Split Squats:
Performed with one foot extended behind on a bench 6 sets, 10 reps on each leg, try to get into the widest split possible

Dumbbell or Barbell Straight Leg Deadlifts:
6 sets, 10 reps

Glute Flexion (Kickback) Machine:
6 sets, 10 reps on each leg

Adduction Machine:
6-8 sets, 10 reps

Day 5: Back

Dumbbell or Barbell Rows:
6-8 sets, 10-12 reps

T-bar row, old-school style:
4-6 sets, 10 reps

Seated Cable Row with a very wide grip:
4-6 sets, 10 reps Elbows as even with the shoulders as possible to keep tension in the upper back

Lat Pulldown Behind Neck:
4-6 sets, 10 reps Weight light enough to focus on getting the most intense contraction possible

V-bar Pulldown to the clavicles:
4 sets, 10-12 reps

Straight arm pulldown:
4-6 sets, 10 reps

Reverse fly:
6-8 sets, 10 reps

Day 6: Shoulder Day Number One (focus on anterior deltoid and upper pectorals across the clavicles)

Arnold Press:
6-8 sets, 10 reps

High Incline Dumbbell Press:
6-8 sets, 10 reps; set the bench at a steep incline, maybe one or two notches from vertical, this builds the front deltoid/upper pec/clavicle area nicely

High Incline Dumbbell Flye:
6-8 sets, 10 reps, hands facing each other, then superset same number of sets and reps with hands facing forward

Day 7: Shoulder Day Number Two (focus on medial delts and posterior shoulder muscles)

Seated Smith Machine Press Behind the Neck:
6-8 sets, 10 reps, be sure bring the bar down only to ear level, no further

Seated Smith Front Press:
4-6 sets, 10 reps

Lateral Raises with dumbbells or cables:
One set start behind your back, the next from the front, 10-12 reps per set, do as many sets as you feel you need

Rear Deltoid Flyes lying face down on a bench:
(3 positions raise arms forward, out to the side, and to the rear), perform as a tri-set 4-6 sets, 10 reps each position

Day 8: Arms

Close-grip Bench Press:
4-6 sets, 10 reps

Skull Crushers:
4-6 sets, 10 reps

Triceps Pushdown:
As many sets as necessary using a variety of attachments

Strict form using 3 different grips for the biceps: a) close-grip with hands facing you, neutral grip to mimic the hammer curl, and slightly wider hands-facing grip just outside shoulder width to target the long head of the biceps, I do however many sets it takes to get to 50 reps, rotating through the grip variations

Low Pulley Cable Curls or Olympic Bar Curls:
6 sets, 10 reps

Preacher Curl:
4-6 sets, 10 reps

Various Dumbbell Curls:
Hammer, concentration, supine with wrist turned outward, etc.; as many sets of 10 reps as your heart desires