Man (and woman) are a mammalian species. Unfortunately, science has shown that we as a species are the slowest maturing, slowest growing of all mammals. While slow to develop, what we develop is not slow, perhaps a paean to our very long evolutionary period, leading to such extreme adaptation intelligence. Dogs evolved quickly and are rough and tough but not too smart. They reach maturity at 18 months, but man takes 18 years!

For a bodybuilder past maturity, past age 18, to try and add muscle, this becomes a very testy proposition. Once more, trying to add muscle mass at the SAME time you try to add ripped cuts and definition is even a testier test!

Bodybuilders fight physiological logic right down the line. That being said, it is possible to increase muscle size and cuts simultaneously without having to use nutrient-partitioning drugs such as steroids, which certainly make the job easier (if not more health-impacting).


Adding muscle and definition is what this phase of our Ultimate Muscle Workout is all about.

Why do you grow so much in size and strength from age 12 to age 18? Well, because you are major-league anabolic during that period, with massive rushes of natural testosterone and growth hormone flooding your system. The trick is to keep any anabolic phase ongoing as long as possible.

Luckily, you can continue adding muscle size and power, and with the proper nutrition program and a few tweaks to your training program; you can decrease your body fat and carve in deep definition right along!

In the second phase of your Ultimate Muscle Workout, you will continue with power movements, add a few more refinement exercises to increase your muscularity, and use UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein) for dual action results for added muscle and less body fat.

Continual progress is the critical factor in training for additional muscle size with cuts. This includes using heavier weights, increasing reps with the same weight, or reducing rest periods between sets. Another more subtle form of progression is “try something new.” Try a different exercise or use a rep scheme that you have never used before. Here is a workout that includes different rep schemes and some seldom-used but very effective exercises for adding Muscle and Definition over the next 6-12 weeks. You’ll use a 3-day split – 2 days on and 1 off.

Day 1: Chest / Shoulders
(Workout 1)

Day 2: Triceps / Legs
(Workout 2)

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Back / Biceps
(Workout 3)

Day 5: Chest / Shoulders
(Workout 1)

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Triceps / Legs
(Workout 2)

Day 8: Back / Biceps
(Workout 3)

Day 9: Rest

Day 10: Start over

(All sets listed are work sets)

Bench Press 4x5-6
Incline DB Press 3x7-11
2 DB Bent-arm Pullover, Press, and Flye* 3x6-8
Clean and Press* 3x5-6
Lying 1 DB Lateral Raise* 3x10-12
Bent Over Rear Delt Row 3x8-12


* 2 DB Bent arm Pullover, Press, and Flye
The third exercise on the list, 2 DB Bent-arm Pullover, Press, and Flye, is a compound exercise that will hit your chest from three angles. Lie on a flat or decline bench with a medium-weight dumbbell in each hand, palms facing at chest level. (Start very light until you master the exercise performance.) Take a deep breath and lower the weights past your face and behind your head. Then pull the dumbbells back over to the starting position. Then, do a dumbbell press (palms still facing). Now lower them to the side in an arc as a bent-arm flye, and return in an arc to arm’s length. Finally, lower the weights to the original starting position for the pullover. The whole series, pullover, press, and flye, are one compound rep! Do 6-8 such compound reps.

* Clean and Press
The Clean and Press will give a new meaning to the term "hard work.” Start each rep standing with the barbell on the floor. You power clean the bar from the floor to your chest and press it. Return to the floor and do it again. Each clean and press counts as one rep; repeat for 5-6 reps. Rest for about 3 minutes, then repeat until you complete 3 sets of 5-6 reps. Add weight whenever you can get 6 reps on all 3 sets.

* Lying 1 DB Lateral Raise
Lying 1 DB Lateral Raise was a favorite of Arnold. Lie on your left side on a bench with your right arm holding a dumbbell. With your arm slightly bent, raise the dumbbell in an arc until it is vertical above your shoulder. Lower and repeat for 3 sets of 10-12 reps with each arm.


(All sets listed are work sets)

Squat 4x6
Hack Squat or Sissy Squat 3x12-15
Leg Press (feet very wide) 3x7-11
Straight Leg Deadlift superset w/ Leg Curl 3x10
Standing EZ Bar French Press 3x7-11
Lying 1 DB Triceps Extension 3x7-11
Right arm to left shoulder while lying, a favorite of Steve Reeves.
Straight-arm Triceps Raise 2x12-15
Here's what you do. Hold a barbell at arm’s length behind your rear end with palms facing backward (like an old school hack squat), then keeping arms straight, raise the bar backwards, getting a massive cramp in the triceps.

Wide Grip Chin or Pulldown 3x7-11
T Bar, Cable or BB Row 5x6, superset w/ DB row 5x8
Lying DB Curl 3x6-8
Lie flat on a bench or a very low incline – one of Reg Park’s favorites – look him up.
Seated BB Curl 3x7-11
Start seated at the end of a bench with the bar laying on thighs - curl to neck and lower back to thighs – your arms will not straighten completely out.
Lat Machine Curl 3x7-11
Lay on a bench facing up with your face under the bar. Get someone to hand you the bar, and then with upper arms perpendicular to the floor, curl the bar to the bridge of your nose.

Abs, calves, and cardio are up to you. 2 days of cardio, abs, and calves.


Meal #1:
2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 5oz lean beef,
½ cup oatmeal before cooking
1 Super Pak, 5 Density, 6 Ultra 40,
3 EFA Gold, 3 Quadracarn

Meal #2:
Protein Shake: 2 scoops UMP (Vanilla or Angel Food Cake flavor), 4 frozen strawberries,
16 oz water

Meal #3:
10oz chicken (weighed before cooking),
6oz sweet potato, 2 cups green vegetables
5 Density, 6 Ultra 40

Meal #4:
Protein Shake: 2 scoops UMP (Chocolate or Rocky Road flavor), 1 tbsp almond butter,
16 oz water
3 Quadracarn

Meal #5:
10oz lean beef, 2 cups vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach, or zucchini)
5 Density, 6 Ultra 40, 3 EFA Gold

Meal #6:
2 scoops UMP (Cookies & Crème flavor), 1 tbsp heavy cream (optional), 4oz water mixed in a bowl as a pudding before bed
3 Quadracarn


Nutritional density and high protein quality and quantity are the rule now. Your diet should be 40-50% protein. Meal protein must be eggs, lean beef, cottage cheese, turkey, chicken, and fish.

Beverly's Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP) is the best (and only scientifically proven) protein supplement to gain lean muscle and carve in cuts simultaneously. Take UMP between meals and before bed.

To achieve maximum nutritional density and improved amino acid utilization from each meal, Density (the 8 Essential Amino Acids) and Ultra 40 (defatted extract of Argentinean beef liver) help enormously and are vital. Work up to 5 Density and 6 Ultra 40 with each food meal.

Remember, we talked about extended anabolism at the beginning of this article? And how hard it is to add muscle mass at the SAME time you try to add ripped cuts and definition? And that once your past age 18, it is almost impossible? Beverly had been looking for a drug-free, natural solution to this problem for years. After extended research, BI developed an entirely new category of dietary supplement, the carnitine analog formula. In a recent study, subjects safely reduced total fat mass (by nearly 4 lbs) and increased total muscle mass (by over 8 lbs). Were the subjects teens or in their twenties? No, this study was performed with 100-year-old subjects! *

For extended anabolism, use Quadracarn three times daily: one serving (3 tablets) with meal one, one serving before training; and one serving with your final meal (or before bed).

Carbohydrate sources should account for 20-30% of your nutritional intake. It’s important that you use only the best, nutrient-rich, low-glycemic carb sources to maintain stable blood sugar. Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, brown rice, red and black beans, green vegetables, and low-carb fruits such as strawberries, cantaloupe, and grapefruit are best.

Although you’ll get good nutrients from the healthy food sources listed above, we recommend a daily Super Pak vitamin/mineral packet.

You should eat 20-30% fat. Much of this will come from your protein sources. However, it is very important to make sure that you also get the essential fatty acids you need. Fish oil and flax oil are excellent sources of healthy fats, but an essential oil blend from Beverly, EFA Gold, is even better. This is a blend of the finest sources of essential fatty acids, including fish oil from cold-water salmon, flax oil, and borage oil.



This training program is perfect for you, too. Here’s how to modify your nutrition plan.

Meal #1:
1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, 3oz turkey breast, ½ cup oatmeal. (Remember you can add cinnamon and Splenda to your oatmeal.)
2 FitTabs, 3 Density, 3 Ultra 40,
3 EFA Gold, 2 Quadracarn
(or 2 Lean Out if under 40)

Meal #2:
Protein Shake: 1 scoop UMP (Vanilla or Angel Food Cake flavor), 4 frozen strawberries, 8 oz water

Meal #3:
5oz chicken (weighed before cooking), ½ cup cooked brown rice, 2 cups green vegetables
3 Density, 3 Ultra 40

Meal #4:
Protein Shake: 1 scoop UMP
(Chocolate or Rocky Road flavor),
1 tbsp almond butter, 8 oz water
2 Quadracarn or 2 Lean Out

Meal #5:
5oz lean beef, chicken, turkey, or fish; 2 cups vegetables (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach, or zucchini), 2 cups green salad with oil and vinegar dressing
2 FitTabs, 3 Density, 3 Ultra 40,
3 EFA Gold

Meal #6:
1 scoop UMP (Cookies & Crème flavor), 1 tbsp heavy cream (optional), 2-3oz water mixed in a bowl as a pudding before bed
2 Quadracarn or 2 Lean Out




  • 3-day split, train two days, rest one.
  • The key factor is continued progress, e.g., heavier weights, more reps with the same weight, or reduced rest between sets.
  • New training stimulus, i.e., new exercises or a different rep range.


  • Eat the best sources of protein, carbs, and fats.
  • Daily intake: 40-50% protein, 20-30% carbs, and 20-30% good fats.
  • Supplements: UMP, Density, Ultra 40 Liver Extract, Quadracarn, Super Pak (or FitTabs), EFA Gold.


L-carnitine helps cells to produce energy from fat. The highest concentrations of the molecule are found in parts of the body with high energy demands, such as the skeletal muscles and the heart. Overall concentrations of L-carnitine decline as you age.

To determine if supplementation with L-carnitine might improve energy levels in people 100 and older, Malaguarnera’s team randomized 66 male and female centenarians to 2 grams of L-carnitine or placebo daily for six months.

Cholesterol levels fell significantly among the individuals taking the supplement, they report. L-carnitine takers also gained 3.8 kilograms (8.4 pounds) of muscle mass, on average, and lost 1.8 kg (4 pounds) of fat mass. People given L-carnitine were also able to walk 4 meters (13 feet) further during a 6-minute walking test after treatment than those given placebo.

Study participants in the L-carnitine group also reported significant reductions in mental, physical, and overall fatigue, while placebo treatment had no effect on fatigue. The individuals who took the supplement also scored higher on a test of mental function after treatment, while there was no change in the placebo group.

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