Here’s The Solution For Anyone Who is Sick and Tired Of Being a Perpetually Skinny Bodybuilder

A Versatile Formula That Can Beat Even The Fastest Metabolism To Pack On Lean Mass!

Does this sound familiar? You just finished another fantastically grueling workout. You pushed your body to the max, and you’ve got that familiar combo of pride (and relief that it’s over) rolling around in your head. You make your way out of the gym and notice that you’re a little shaky…a bit too unsteady – and you know it’s definitely time to get something in your stomach. It’s not like you haven’t eaten today, but that machine gun metabolism of yours never gives you a break! Others struggle to lose… you’re struggling to gain.

In this case, your ideal post-workout meal is something with a 2 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein; an example would be 12 egg whites with an 8 oz baked potato, a cup of brown rice, AND a green vegetable or salad. But your schedule is packed…you’ve got someplace to be, and EVEN if you could tolerate all that food after such a hard workout, it’s impossible to fit it into your plans today. Or is it…?

So Powerful – Just One Serving Replaces TWO PLATES OF FOOD!

It’s true! Now nothing can stop you from getting the post-recovery nutrients you need! Mass Maker Ultra is one of the most powerful mixtures ever formulated into a powder. The rich calorie and nutrient content gives your body the fuel it needs to get through the most grueling workouts, and once you’re out of the gym, Mass Maker Ultra works to speed your recovery and accelerate your gains – muscle, NOT fat.

The Perfect Workout Drink!

If you need a great pre-workout drink…Mass Maker Ultra is there for you. If you want something to take after your workouts to speed growth and recovery…Mass Maker Ultra is there for you too! Mass Maker Ultra is precisely structured around a 25% protein – 50% carbohydrate – 25% fat macronutrient matrix, the perfect ratio of carbs to protein for optimal recovery. In fact, Mass Maker Ultra contains everything a nutrient-rich, muscular support meal must have and convenience regular meals don’t provide. Mass Maker Ultra - it’s all you need.


We Swear It’s Not Magic - - It’s Really Just Good Science

Mass Maker Ultra contains the “Mass Maker Multi-Stage Protein System” - the combination of state-of-the-art proteins that will send your muscles into orbit! This incomparable multi-species protein blend utilizes the finest nitrogen sources in the world – milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate, casein, and egg whites. Mass Maker Ultra delivers a hard-hitting anabolic and anti-catabolic array of amino’s to support your muscle tissue for growth and repair.

Another prominent feature of Mass Maker Ultra is the scientifically advanced “Multi-Stage Carbohydrate System,” an unparalleled high octane energy source comprised of four proven complex carbohydrate sources, premium grade maltodextrin, waxy maize, sweet potato, and a unique super-low glycemic fibrous carb (dahlia inulin) to keep a steady stream of insulin pumping your muscles with nutrients.

Plus - Mass Maker Ultra:

  • Is a snap to prepare, and you can use it year-round (even up to the day of a show if you’re competing!)
  • Drives more nutrients into your muscles, so very little is left to become fat!
  • Helps you recover faster from your workouts, avoid hunger, stay leaner, get stronger, add muscle mass, perform better overall – and as if all this isn’t exciting enough, keep in mind that Mass Maker Ultra packs more nutritional benefits than most meals – NO Cooking Required!

Here’s Why People Think Mass Maker Ultra Is “Magic”

I Gained 13 Lbs of Muscle and Lost 21 Lbs of Fat in 7 Months

I have run through the gauntlet of using every product on the market (or at least the best-advertised products) and am still waiting for results. I tried some “Heavy Gainers,” which I thought were supposed to be great (and I gained 9 lbs of FAT in just a few weeks). I was ready to give up on supplements. I even tried one of those fancy computer programs that help you design a nutrition program. Shortly after that, a friend told me about Beverly. I decided to give them a try, but honestly, I had little faith in any supplement company at this point. In the first 2 weeks, I gained 5 lbs of muscle! After 7 months with Mass Maker Ultra (and I love it), I gained 13 lbs of muscle and dropped 21 lbs of fat. That is 34 solid lbs in just 7 months. Needless to say, I no longer use or even have to ‘try’ another product.
Tony W, Glenwood, MN


7 Convincing Reasons NOT to Risk Leaving Mass Maker Ultra Out of Your Program

  1. Mass Maker Ultra adds more quality proteins and calories to your nutrition than you get from food alone.
  2. You train; you break down your muscles. Mass Maker Ultra’s tri-blend of 3 types of carbohydrates and 3 types of proteins (fast, medium, and slow) give your muscles what they need to repair and grow!
  3. With Mass Maker Ultra giving your muscles the “repair and grow” fuel, you will get bigger and stronger.
  4. Great for you and GREAT taste, too, whether you prepare it beforehand or right when you need it.
  5. The Mass Maker Ultra’s multi-stage carbohydrate system means your insulin stays stable rather than spiking up and down (that means no fat gain).
  6. Prepares in seconds, delicious from the first sip! What else can you do that’s so easy yet so powerful?
  7. It’s GUARANTEED! How simple is this? You try it - you love it… if not, we’ll refund your money!

Don’t settle for just a little edge…with Mass Maker Ultra, you can have it all - rapid training recovery, super-sonic, quality lean muscle mass gains…all with a taste so irresistible that your mouth will be watering for more after every training session.

Get it in Vanilla, Chocolate, or both delicious flavors! Call 800-781-3475 to grab yours now!

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