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Beverly Internationals’ Super Pak provides a comprehensive micronutrient spectrum specifically formulated for athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts. It provides more than 40 vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and co-factors) essential for optimal cellular function.

What: The Super Pak is a super potency vitamin/mineral packet. Each packet contains a total of nine tablets and gel caps comprising an all-inclusive, daily mega cycle of vitamin, mineral, and enzyme complexes. Each box contains 30 of these all-inclusive paks.

Super Pak 30 day

Who: The Super Pak is uniquely designed for hard training athletes including bodybuilders, fitness athletes, and anyone who works out for 200 minutes or more each week.

Why: The Super Pak is easy to use. You could open nine bottles of individual nutrients each morning, or take just one Super Pak. Th nutrients in the exclusive Super Pak formula are essential for more than a thousand of your chemical and enzymatic processes. The Super Pak’s advanced formulation is designed to improve your metabolism, maximize your energy levels, and help you build muscle, lose fat, and perform at your peak potential.

How: Take one pak with your first or largest meal of the day. 

Super Pak Lable Contents vitamins

Multi-Component Micronutrient Supplement

Muscles, liver, heart, lungs, brain –the cells of every tissue in your body need vitamins and minerals –termed micronutrients– to convert the food you eat into energy that they can build with (anabolism). Particularly as we get older, sub-optimal micronutrient intake becomes more common. At any age, however, it is easy to choose the Big Mac over the broiled fish, the cupcake and coffee over the oatmeal and OJ, the white rice over the brown, and so on. So how do you fill the resultant micronutrient gaps?

You’re only human. You can’t eat perfectly all the time. Filling the micronutrient gaps is the job of Super Pak, designed as it is to supply your body with super-dietary quantities of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients -quantities that would be impossible to obtain from a single day’s eating, practically speaking. Importantly, almost all of Super Pak’s ingredients are delivered in compressed tablets that have been engineered to disintegrate inside your digestive tract in a sustained fashion, for up to 6 hours. This allows you to utilize a higher percentage of each absorbed micronutrient dose, ideally 100%. Soft gelatin capsules (softgels) are used for 2 of Super Pak’s ingredients for reasons related to their oil-solubility. Each Super Pak consumer box contains 30 sealed packets and is intended to be used on a 30-day cycle. Each

packet contains:

1 large, oval, yellow-orange, sustained-release tablet supplying B vitamins (up to 10,000% of DV)

1 large, oval, beige, sustained-release tablet supplying 1000 mg vitamin C (1670% of DV) from ascorbic acid and rose hips

large, oval, brown, sustained-release tablet supplying 1000 mg vitamin C (1670% of DV) from ascorbic acid and rose hips plus 725 mg bioflavonoids

1 small, round, white tablet supplying selenium (114% of DV)

2 large, oval, gray tablets supplying minerals (up to 500% of DV) plus vitamin D (200% of DV)

1 small, round, speckled tablet supplying 5 digestive enzymes plus betaine (a methyl donor and osmolyte)

1 small softgel capsule supplying vitamins A & D (200% of the Daily Value of each)

1 large softgel capsule supplying vitamin E (α, β, γ, and δ tocopherols)(3333% of DV)

Super Pak Lable Contents minerals

Athletes and non-athletes alike

Will be happy to know that both the Super Pak tablet manufacturing and packaging labs are free of banned substances. They are also permitted by the California Department of Public Health’s Food and Drug Branch* -essentially the California arm of the FDA.

For a complete list of ingredients, refer to the accompanying Super Pak Supplement Facts panel

The white tablet supplies 70 mcg of selenium. Another 10 mcg occurs in the mineral tablets. The total is 80 mcg, representing 114% of DV.


UP-LIFT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  What is UP-LIFT?

UP-LIFT is a stimulant-free powdered drink mix that is intended to be mixed with water and consumed before and during training in order to sustain higher levels of mental and muscular output (performance) during resistance and cardiovascular forms of exercise.

2.  Can anyone use UP-LIFT?

UP-LIFT is intended for use by healthy, exercising individuals over 18 years of age. Bodybuilders, figure and fitness athletes, mixed martial artists, powerlifters and other athletes who regularly engage in high-intensity resistance and/or cardiovascular exercise of any kind can benefit from consuming UP-LIFT immediately before and during their workouts.

3.  What makes UP-LIFT different from “pre-training” formulas?

a.  UP-LIFT is the world’s first hybrid training formula. The term “hybrid” refers to two features:

The UP-LIFT formula was designed for consumption immediately before and during training for greater mental and muscular output. “Pre-training” formulas are consumed only before training.

The UP-LIFT formula was designed to satisfy the needs of both resistance and cardiovascular forms of exercise. Each form of exercise creates different metabolic and nutritional demands.

UP-LIFT is stimulant-free and creatine-free. Most pre-training formulas contain both.

i.   Creatine-free: This means that UP-LIFT will not produce water retention. Quite the contrary, with ingredients like arginine-AKG and citrulline (which increases arginine levels), UP-LIFT reduces water retention and thereby produces harder and sharper looking muscles. Studies performed in the 1990s indicate that arginine supplementation “flushes” out excess sodium and water when combined with a high-protein diet.

i.  Stimulant-free: Being entirely free of stimulants (i.e. no caffeine or other stimulants), UP-LIFT produces sustainable energy and mood without the “collapse”. The term “collapse” refers to the substantial depression of mood and energy levels that occurs several hours following the use of stimulant-containing formulas.

c. Beverly lists the actual amount of every ingredient found in the UP-LIFT formula on the product label. The majority of pre-training formulas and many other products hide this information behind “proprietary blends” for which the amount of each ingredient is not disclosed. Often only one or two ingredients in these “blends” will be present in useful quantities. The other ingredients in the blend are added in extremely small, physiological insignificant amounts just so that they can be listed on the label. Most supplement companies are not willing to incur the costs involved in producing a product like UP-LIFT with the same amounts of the same high-quality of ingredients.

4.  When can I expect to see results while using UP-LIFT?

You will feel UP-LIFT working in as little as 15 minutes of consumption and throughout your entire workout when used as directed. During your workout you can expect to see and feel results that include but are not limited to*:

·       Greater mental clarity and focus: You’ll be more in tune with your muscles as they contract.

·       Greater energy and motivation: You’ll be excited to train…and train.

·       Faster and harder pumps: Pumps build muscle. (“The bigger the pumps, the bigger the lumps.”)

•  Greater strength endurance: You’ll be able to lift heavier weights for more sets without tiring as easily.

5.      If I don’t perform resistance exercise, can I still benefit from using UP-LIFT?

As stated above, unlike “pre-training” formulas and many other products, UP-LIFT is a hybrid formula designed to improve mental and muscular output during resistance as well as cardiovascular exercise. For instance, UP-LIFT contains gluconeogenic (glucose-generating) amino acids such as alanine and glycine. These were specifically chosen for their ability to support blood glucose and energy levels. Glucose is a major source of energy for muscle tissue during exercise, particularly high-intensity exercise.

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