Beverly Super Pak FAQ

Chelated minerals for greater bioavailability

What is Super Pak?
Super Pak by Beverly International (BI) is a multi-component micronutrient supplement consisting of super-dietary quantities of vitamins, minerals and supportive ingredients.

 Each packet contains the following components:
1 large, oval, yellow-orange, sustained-release tablet supplying B vitamins (up to 10,000% of DV)
1 large, oval, beige, sustained-release tablet supplying 1000 mg vitamin C (1670% of DV) from ascorbic acid and rose hips
1 large, oval, brown, sustained-release tablet supplying 1000 mg vitamin C (1670% of DV) from ascorbic acid and rose hips plus 725 mg bioflavonoids
1 small, round, white tablet supplying selenium (114% of DV)
2 large, oval, gray tablets supplying minerals (up to 500% of DV) plus vitamin D (200% of DV)
1 small, round, speckled tablet supplying 5 digestive enzymes plus betaine (a methyl donor and osmolyte)
1 small softgel capsule supplying vitamins A & D (200% of the Daily Value of each)
1 large softgel capsule supplying vitamin (E and tocopherols) (3333% of DV)* The white tablet supplies 70 mcg of selenium. Another 10 mcg occurs in the mineral tablets. The total is 80 mcg, representing 114% of DV.
  • How is Super Pak intended to be used?
    Super Pak is intended for use as a supplement to the diet by men and women 18 years of age and older who want to increase their micronutrient intake above and beyond what can be achieved from the diet alone. Super Pak is supplied to consumers in a box containing 30 packets. One packet is to be taken each day. Thus, the product is intended to be used on a 30-day cycle.
  • Is it possible to ingest the same quantities of micronutrients present in Super Pak from a single day’s eating?
    • Super Pak contains more than 40 different ingredients. It would be virtually impossible to obtain the quantities of micronutrients supplied by a single packet of the product from the typical daily diet; hence the term super-dietary.
    • Does Super Pak need to be taken with water? What about food?
    • The components of the Super Pak packet –compressed tablets and soft gelatin capsules (softgels)– are to be swallowed with water. Do not attempt to swallow all of them at once. It is also advised that they be taken with food. When there is no food in the digestive tract, it is less stimulated and contains less water. When it contains food, on the other hand, enzymes are actively being secreted and the body is otherwise better prepared to absorb the micronutrient cargoes inside Super Pak’s tablets and softgels. Also note that sensitive individuals may experience stomach upset when consuming certain vitamins (e.g. B vitamins) without food.
  • Some of the tablets in Super Pak seem quite large. Why is this?
  • The super-dietary doses of micronutrients (e.g. vitamin C) used in this formula necessitate the use of larger tablets. These quantities cannot be achieved with smaller tablets. The tablets have been coated to make them easier to swallow and hide unpleasant tastes and odors.
  • Can I chew the tablets? Will this make Super Pak work any better?

Do not chew the tablets. They are meant not to be chewable so as to slow their disintegration in the digestive tract. This helps ensure that the micronutrients are efficiently utilized by your cells.

  • Why does Super Pak contain tablets of different colors, shapes and sizes?

By making the tablets in different shapes and colors, consumers can better tell them apart. The size of each tablet is also dictated by the dose of each micronutrient that it contains, as indicated above. In addition, an elongated oval is used for the large tablets (vitamin C, B vitamins and minerals) because this is the easiest shape to swallow. While a large round tablet is certainly possible, many consumers would have difficulty swallowing it.

  • What is the shelf life of Super Pak?

The Super Pak tablet manufacturing lab does everything it can to make sure that the tablets maintain their potency for at least 2 years. The results of assays and other feedback indicate that they have been successful in this regard. Some loss of potency over time is generally inevitable with vitamins and minerals. Much is dependent on how well the consumer takes care of the product. When Super Pak packets are kept sealed in a cool, dry place away from light, they can maintain their shelf life very well. Remember that Super Pak is intended to be used in 30-day cycles. The main concern is not that an aged micronutrient supplement will be harmful, but that it will have lost some of its potency.

  • What makes Super Pak better than other micronutrient supplements?

Exclusive, custom formulation: Super Pak is not an off-the-shelf formulation. The Super Pak tablet manufacturing and packaging labs are small, family-run businesses. Their small size and highly experienced staff allow them to make custom formulations precisely according to BI’s specifications. The Super Pak formula is not made for anyone else.

Super-dietary doses: By distributing its ingredients across a combined total of 9 tablets and softgels, Super Pak is able to provide you with higher quantities of micronutrients than can be achieved from the daily diet, practically speaking.

Absorbed dose

Non-chewable, compressed tablets: The ingredients in chewable tablets can absorb faster because the act of chewing speeds up the disintegration of the tablet. However, faster absorption may also result in a higher percentage of the absorbed dose being excreted in the urine. In order to give consumers super-dietary quantities of micronutrients while minimizing waste, BI knew that it would have to sustain their absorption over time. This required making non-chewable compressed tablets and using techniques like granulation to slow down their disintegration. Rather than breaking down in, say, 30 minutes, the tablets can release their micronutrient cargoes over a period of up to 6 hours. This theoretically allows your cells to utilize a higher percentage of the absorbed dose. Chewable tablets also contain more filler ingredients which reduces their nutrient density. Sugars or other sweeteners may be added which of course adds calories.

Individually-procured ingredients: The Super Pak tablet manufacturing lab insists on individually procuring all of its ingredients before blending and compressing them to form tablets. This enables the lab to achieve superior quality control from batch to batch.

Protection of potency: Granulation, coating, the use of overages and other manufacturing techniques help protect the potency of Super Pak’s long list of ingredients and make sure that you get 100% of what is stated on the label every time you purchase the product. Super Pak packets are made of an acrylic-coated polypropylene film that has a low moisture-vapor transmission rate (MTVR). The lower the MVTR, the greater the barrier to moisture. The packets are sealed with a 4-fin seal which offers another level of protection to the micronutrient cargo inside.

Mineral chelates

Mineral chelates: Super Pak contains multiple mineral chelates. The Super Pak tablet manufacturing lab makes its own mineral chelates using a proprietary process involving hydrolyzed proteins. Originally chelation involved administering a substance to the body in order to remove a toxic substance, or reduce it to non-toxic levels. Nutritional chelation is essentially a reverse of this. The theory is that minerals that are chelated to the amino acid residues of hydrolyzed proteins are more bioavailable.

Banned-substance-free manufacturers: The Super Pak tablet manufacturing and packaging labs are free of banned substances.

Convenient: Super Pak packets can be taken anywhere at any time.

Cost-effective: With a suggested retail price of only $40, the product is highly cost-effective.

Super Pak contains alfalfa, kelp and other plants. In what form are they procured before being incorporated into the tablets?
The plants are obtained in powder form before being incorporated into tablets.

Contains digestive enzymes

How do I know they are still active by the time I get the product?
The top 2 personnel at the Super Pak tablet manufacturing lab possess more than half a century of experience between themselves. The founder of the lab is a pharmacist with licenses in several states and training in chemistry and food science. Lab technicians are trained to handle Super Pak’s enzymes very carefully prior to blending and compressing them to form tablets. The enzyme molecules are coated both internally and externally, i.e., on the outside of the tablet.

  • Is the Super Pak consumer box made of recyclable materials?
  • The box is not made of recycled materials. It can, however, be recycled. BI encourages consumers to recycle all of their empty supplement containers whenever possible.
  • I’m concerned about packages printed with toxic inks. What types of inks are used to print the Super Pak box?
  • The Super Pak is printed with non-toxic soy-based inks. The box printer is Chain-of-Custody certified by the Forest Stewardship Counsel. For more information, visit
  • Does Super Pak produce any undesirable side effects?

Occasionally, sensitive persons may experience stomach discomfort when taking vitamin or mineral supplements. This may be more likely with the B vitamins, particularly if they are taken on an empty stomach. It is advised that Super Pak be taken with food. The tablets and softgels should be swallowed with water. Do not attempt to swallow all of them at once.

Is Super Pak safe for people with medical conditions?
Micronutrients are a natural and necessary part of the human diet. They are required for the body to function. Nevertheless, it is advised that you discuss the use of Super Pak with your medical doctor before using if you have a medical condition or if you are currently unaware of your health status.

Is Super Pak safe if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing?

Medical doctors often prescribe pre-natal micronutrient supplements to pregnant women. Nevertheless, discuss Super Pak with your medical doctor before using if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing.

Can Super Pak be used while preparing for a bodybuilding competition? What about a fitness or figure competition?
Yes. Super Pak is ideal for athletes who are preparing for any type of physique competition. The fact that it contains super-dietary quantities of micronutrients and is free of sugar or fat makes it very nutrient-dense indeed.

Can Super Pak be stacked (combined) with other BI products?
Yes. Contact the BI customer service team for help in developing a supplement stack that will help you achieve your physique and performance goals with a minimum of difficulty. Contact information is provided below.

Where is Super Pak made?
The product formula was developed by BI’s research and development team at the head office in Cold Spring, KY.

To learn about the manufacturing of Super Pak’s tablets and the packaging of the finished product, refer to the Super Pak white paper at the link provided below.

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