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Before you spend another dollar on a protein powder or add another pound of steak or chicken to your daily diet, read this letter. If you value how your body looks and performs, then it could make you a very wealthy individual.

Scientists around the world agree that you need to eat protein to build muscle. But this isn’t the same as saying that eating protein builds muscle. Imagine if it were that simple. Imagine if you could increase the size of your biceps or develop “bubble” abs by eating more of this essential macronutrient. The reality is that it is not this simple.

Proteins That Don’t “Stick”

You’ve probably spent hours in the gym lifting hard and heavy and then come back home and thrown 100, 200, 300 or more grams of protein from chicken, beef, tuna, eggs, protein powders and other sources into your body over the remainder of the day. Yet no matter how hard and heavy you train, and how much protein you eat, it seems as if it rarely “sticks” to your body in the form of lean, hard muscle. You’re not the first person to be frustrated by this all too frequent observation.

The problem for many of us is that we can’t generate enough “anabolic leverage.” It’s like you’re trying to change a tire by attempting to loosen the lug nuts that hold the wheel onto the axis of the car using only your empty hands rather than a tire iron. Unless the lug nuts are very loose (a highly unlikely situation) you will make virtually no progress. Does this sound familiar?

So if all of those jugs of protein powder and grams of protein-rich food can’t generate enough leverage to build or shape your body any faster, then what’s the point? Is there any hope of finding the nutritional equivalent of a tire iron in your future, something to loosen the lug nuts and make some real progress?

Jacob Mangan holds Muscle Provider next to Mass Maker
Jacob Mangan stacks Muscle Provider and Mass Maker

The Lego® of Building Muscle

You’ve no doubt seen or played with Lego as a child. Lego pieces can be snapped together to form any of a number of different objects –a man, a truck, or a dog, for instance. Similarly, amino acids can be chemically “snapped” together by your body’s cells to synthesize protein molecules of various size, shape and function. Your muscle cells, for example, can synthesize myofibrillar proteins, which are responsible for generating force. Without them you couldn’t lift a finger let alone a barbell. Besides contributing to strength, myofibrillar protein gives your muscles size, shape, tone, definition and other benefits. Indeed, when we talk about “building muscle” what we’re really talking about is stimulating our muscle cells to increase their myofibrillar protein content so that we can enjoy more of these bodybuilding and shaping benefits.

The basic idea behind adding more protein to your diet, whether from regular foods or supplements, is to raise the amino acid levels inside your body. If you raise them high enough, then myofibrillar protein synthesis may be stimulated. Add to this the even more powerful stimulus provided by lifting weights, and you’re off to the muscle building races.

Well, you’re not off to the races just yet. If building muscle were as simple as raising amino acids to high levels, then you could just lift weights and take a rapidly absorbing protein powder (protein powders have been demonstrated to rapidly raise amino acids to high levels in numerous clinical studies) and you’d be all set. But many of us have tried this approach for weeks, months or years and been frustrated by the lack of results.

Ultimate Muscle Protein: “Raise and Sustain”

With frustration come breakthroughs –muscle building breakthroughs, in this case. With the release of Ultimate Muscle Protein, Beverly International Nutrition has put an end to the tyranny of protein powders that don’t “stick” and don’t taste as good as promised. The reality is that no matter how much protein you eat, and where you get it from (food or supplements), the chances are astronomically small that it will manage to provide precisely the same balance of features and benefits (including desert-like taste) offered by UMP.

High anabolic leverage is very much the secret to UMP’s bodybuilding and shaping potency. Raising amino acids levels inside your body is part of the challenge you face, as implied earlier. However, the even bigger challenge involves sustaining these levels. When you combine the two –“raise and sustain”—you generate what we refer to as “anabolic leverage.” Like applying a tire iron to the lug nuts on a car tire, this particular type of leverage can loosen the grip that various genetic and non-genetic factors hold on myofibrillar protein synthesis inside your muscle cells. If enough anabolic leverage is applied, their grip loosens and you are finally free to gain muscle size, strength, shape, tone and definition at the pace that your training always had the potential to produce, but continually struggled to deliver. Plateaus crumble into thin air as lean, hard muscle breaks through your skin for everyone to admire to the point of disbelief.

MPI, “The Leverage Protein”

How do you design a protein powder for high anabolic leverage? UMP is composed almost entirely of top quality milk protein isolate (MPI) –a staggering 90% by protein weight. Beverly is not aware of any other company in the world that manufactures a protein powder with such a high content of MPI. Known as “the leverage protein”, MPI is ideally suited to raise and sustain amino acid levels for hours at a time –almost as long as a full day at the office or school. Beverly has given UMP even more leverage potential by packing so much MPI into each serving that it supplies your muscles with 80% slow-release micellar casein (not non-micellar casein, which behaves far differently) and 20% fast-release whey.

Beverly’s research and development team selected a serving size for UMP based on compelling clinical studies. Specifically, each serving of UMP contains 20 grams of protein providing 18 grams of MPI. Some of these aforementioned studies have shown that by consuming 20 grams of a whey/casein protein blend before and again after a weight-lifting workout (i.e. 40 grams of protein total) you can increase your muscle mass, strength and myofibrillar protein, not to mention the levels of anabolic hormones like insulin-like growth-factor 1 (IGF-1). Importantly, these clinical studies used proteins containing only 10% MPI by weight (2 grams of MPI per 20 grams of protein). In comparison, imagine what kind of bodybuilding and shaping benefits you could get by consuming a serving of UMP before and after every one of your workouts.

The “Critical Cluster”

UMP’s potential for high anabolic leverage doesn’t just come from its staggeringly high content of MPI. Every clinically-derived serving also contains additional “critical cluster” amino acids; namely, arginine (a precursor to the vasodilator nitric oxide, or NO), glutamine (encourages muscle protein and glycogen synthesis), and the BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine)(supports muscle protein and ATP synthesis). This has been done in an effort to give UMP even more muscle anabolic and vasodilating leverage.

The Revolution: A Protein that “Sticks”

If you’ve thrown endless jugs of protein powder, cans of tuna, pounds of chicken, egg whites and other protein sources at your body only to find that none of it “sticks” in the form of lean, hard muscle, then you’re quite possibly suffering from low anabolic leverage. End the suffering and begin the revolution. Grab a nutritional “tire iron” in the form of UMP. With its exceptionally high content of “the leverage protein”, milk protein isolate (MPI; 90% by protein weight), topped with additional “critical cluster” amino acids, UMP has the potential to overthrow and subvert its predecessors and contemporaries –the many protein powders that have left you frustrated and fatigued by their lack of taste and bodybuilding and shaping efficacy.

UMP has paid bodybuilders, athletes and celebrities incalculable dividends in terms of its ability to support greater gains in muscle size, strength, shape, tone and definition. Regular users admit that they could hardly have known in advance that a protein powder could have such far-reaching effects on their body’s appearance and performance. No longer do you have to be subservient to the marketplace. Revolt and overthrow the “monarchy” of tasteless, inefficacious protein powders by making UMP your only protein powder. Soon you’ll be free to make all of the progress your training efforts had the potential to reward you with all along. Soon your body can have the distinctive motif of the bodybuilder.

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