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One Week with Density :Joy

Editor’s note: This journal documents the experiences of Joy, an advanced fitness trainer, as she uses the nutritional supplement Density for one week.


A Day in the Life of Joy
Training: I get leaner and harder when I lift weights than when I do cardio. I can even lose weight faster. I perform 12 reps of mostly free-weight exercises. I barely rest at all between sets. My favorites are barbell bench presses, stiff-legged deadlifts and bent-over rows.
Diet: I eat whatever I want so long as I don’t consume more than 1600 Calories per day. I probably eat too many carbs and too little protein –another reason why I think Density is a valuable addition to my diet. I may nibble on breakfast cereals, crackers, cake. It’s not the healthiest diet, but I’ve found that total Calories (portion control) is ultimately what matters most.
Supplements: Beverly Muscle Provider, Density, glutamine