Muscle Provider Vanilla and Chocolate

High-quality fast acting proteins whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein hydrolysate (WPH)

Whey protein was supposed to be the protein of the future. But the average whey protein has not lived up to the hype. A subtle point that has been widely missed is that protein consumption does not always equate precisely with protein utilization. There is no reason to have a high protein intake unless you can digest and assimilate it.

But, Muscle Provider is not your average whey protein. Don’t settle for poor results caused by poor protein absorption. Here’s a Science Backed Blend of the best forms of Whey and Egg with an extremely high BV (Biological Value), PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio) and unmatched NPU (Net Protein Utilization), i.e. it promotes muscular growth, nitrogen retention and is 100% utilized!

10 Reasons why Muscle Provider works

where other whey proteins have failed

  1. MP maximizes protein absorption
  2. MP is lactose free, easy to digest, no discomfort
  3. MP’s Essential Amino Acid profile sets the standard for highest nitrogen retention
  4. MP’s mouthwatering taste never gets old – you can drink it all day and still want more
  5. MP’s high concentration of whey protein hydrolysates drives anabolism detonating muscle growth any time, day or night
  6. MP gives you the strongest nitrogen use with the minimum of calories – you can literally feed your muscle and starve your fat
  7. MP’s high BCAA content increases lean muscle mass and muscle synthesis while assisting in decreasing bodyfat
  8. MP contains egg white for superb absorption and a stronger amino acid profile
  9. MP’s absence of filler and thickening agents allows you to use as much protein as you need without gobbing up the blender.
  10. Muscle Provider’s 22 grams protein per serving allows precise flexibility in your protein intake so that you can always get the right amount for your personal needs.
Muscle Provider Vanilla
Muscle Provider pre and post-workout Muscle Building, Fat Cutting formula.

Fast Fact! MP delivers more than 76g of the best protein per 100g serving! Compare a 100g portion of Muscle Provider with any protein on the market.

With an industry leading whey protein hydrolysate, essential amino acid and uniquely functional BCAA content Muscle Provider is not only completely absorbed and utilized but provides up to 68% more muscle building benefits than the next best protein out there. Muscle Provider lets you experience how whey was really meant to be.
Label ingredients
Ingredients: Protein blend (whey protein isolate, whey protein hydrolysate, whey protein concentrate, lactalbumin, egg white), natural and artificial flavor, maltodextrin, soy lecithin, malic acid, dipotassium phosphate, sucralose.

Beverly Client Testimonials

What Beverly Clients have to say about Muscle Provider...

I decided to try Beverly after I attended a series of competitions in which athletes using Beverly International’s supplements swept the top three of almost all of the weight classes. I wanted to compete and place well too.

My main consideration for trying Muscle Provider:
The quality of the protein; the bioavailability and completeness of the blend.

Real world results. Notice that average people are achieving above average results with this product. This protein is helping to create champions at all levels of competition.

In summary: I am a bodybuilder who just happens to be vegetarian as well. Yes, I know what you are thinking. How can you be a bodybuilder and vegetarian? They are almost mutually exclusive. The only way I was able to compete and compete well was by using Beverly International supplements and their eating plan. Beverly International Supplements are the abolute best and highest quality available – period.

Additionally, they guard their products well. They will not sell them unless you are on a good eating plan. I have tried almost every other company’s products on the market. While some are good, Beverly International is the best hands down.

I recommend that my clients use the supplements because I know and can vouch for the quality. I will never use anything else.

Peter Carnegie
Address: 806 Grovesmere Loop
Ocoee, FL 34761

Initially my most important consideration was whether or not spending the money on this product proved worthwhile and justified. After using MP, I felt it definitely was.

Nothing can be said to further the quality of Beverly products – they far exceed the industry standard in that respect.

Persuasion wasn’t necessary after trying the supplements and seeing the results; plus, experiencing the service you offer to your customers! A perfect example of your commitment to service is this very survey.

Intially, there was the skepticism associated with years of commercial propoganda, ineffective products, and spurious promises by other supplement companies. It was also a little hard to accept that I could be as important to Beverly as they lead me to believe; although, you all proved it to be true very quickly.

First of all, much better as a choice for questions 9 and 10 don’t quite capture the essence of my opinion of Beverly International. My opinion is infinitely greater than this choice of words. Discovering Beverly International was like discovering the panacea for all my bodybuilding woes.

Greg A Daniels
Address: 426 Corvet St. #6
Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547

I went for the total Beverly package. If I had not been presented the total Beverly Solution(diet,consultation and supplements), I would not have appreciated the quality of the product. I would have probably used them incorrectly, gotten inferior results and gone to a less expensive brand.

Price vs. Value. Initially with (any purchase) we all tend to look for another solution,something less costly. Ultimately, if we want results (satisfaction) we decrease the emphasis on price and focus on value for the dollar spent. The stories in the newsletters convinced me that the value outweighed the price and I purchased Beverly Products.

Beverly International executes a business practice that offers little room for improvement "Help enough people get what they want, and you will get whatever you want". This is what you do with your products and the attention you give to your clients. Don’t change one thing with your business plan. As for the products, I love them all!

Jack Yurich
Address: 2487 Johnstown Rd. NE
Dover, Ohio 44622

I purchased Muscle Provider because I needed a good tasting versatile protein powder

I have completely switched to all Beverly products and feel I can trust what they say is in them. I feel If a produst is put out by Beverly it is the best and their recomendations for diets and supplements have always been right on.

Lara Sloan
8 peck ln C2
Warwick RI 02888

It›s the highest quality protein in the business.

Please make a chocolate muscle provider. I love the results!

The price was a factor until I used the product. Now I wouldn’t switch.

I was as skeptical as I was with any other company when I started, then when i got serious with the supplements, and contest prep, I couldn’t have been happier.

Ultra 40′s are also a must have all year round. The energy they supply is unmatched by any product, even thermogenics. The staff has always been helpful, and pull no punches about your physique. We use no other supplements in my house.

Paul & Michele Mattox
Address: 5631 Fall Creek Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46220

I have been using Beverly products for 3yrs now. I have gotten great results with every product that I have used. They are so easy to use and thanks to the staff at Beverly they got me in the best shape on my life. I competed in July of 2000 and won my class. I usually place 3rd or second, but Beverly helped me get over that edge with 1st place. Thanks so much for what you have done, I look forward to meeting you all one day soon.

Barrett White
Address: 115 Fox Run Way
Clinton, MS 39056

  After seeing the condition of the Beverly clients and realizing they were winning all the local shows, it seemed they possessed a secret. What sold me on the Beverly products was hearing all these winners giving so much credit to Beverly supplements and how they use nothing else. So if the winners of these local contests are using Beverly, it must be really good stuff right? Obviously, I wanted the same results. Now after having used Beverly supplements for over four years, I believe Muscle Provider is the cleanest and all around best protein powder available. Coupled with a scoop of 100% egg, a better blend of protein can’t be found. Another factor that makes me continue to go back to Muscle Provider is it’s awesome taste. Let’s face it, if a protein powder doesn’t taste good it’s highly unlikely you’ll continue to use it! Muscle Provider works exceptionally well in helping me maintain and even build muscle while on a fat reduction diet. Vitally important while preparing for a contest. Hence, Muscle Provider tastes great and it works as the label claims.

  Beverly is the best in the supplement business; not just their high quality products but expert notional and competition advice. It continues to amaze me that the Beverly staff is so willing to work with the lowest level of amateur bodybuilders when they seemingly could choose to focus their expertise knowledge on only top competitors. I feel very fortunate for the time I have spent with them and the knowledge they have given me regarding body building nutrition, training, and competition. All the nutritional understanding they have given me has armed me with the tools to understand how to maintain a strong and healthy body.

Christopher Schall

Beverly is the best in the business; both their products and An athlete I sponsor used Muscle Provider and loves it, so I decided to give it a try. Not only is Muscle Provider a quality product, but Beverly is a fantastic company, with great people. Keep up the good work.

Many sources were raving about the quality of Beverly products, now I know why: Beverly is the greatest company I have ever worked with.

David Zamoider
Norwich, CT

The total Beverly package is important to me. If I had not been presented the total Beverly Solution (diet, consultation and supplements), I would not have appreciated the quality of the product. I would have probably used them incorrectly, gotten inferior results and gone to a less expensive brand.

Price vs. Value. Initially with (any purchase) we all tend to look for another solution, something less costly. Ultimately, if we want results (satisfaction) we decrease the emphasis on price and focus on value for the dollar spent. The stories in the newsletters convinced me that the value outweighed the price and I purchased Beverly Products.

Beverly International executes a business practice that offers little room for improvement "Help enough people get what they want, and you will get whatever you want". This is what you do with your products and the attention you give to your clients. Don’t change one thing with your business plan. As for the products, I love them all!

Jack Yurich
Address: 2487 Johnstown Rd. NE
Dover, Ohio 44622

I first tried Muscle Provider because Planet Muscle consistently stated that Beverly Products were top-of-the line.

Simply put-I wanted to win, the guys taking Beverly were winning AND they were doing it without drugs.

Jason Roberts
Address: 2525 Date Street #1503
Honolulu, Hi. 96826

The main reason I chose muscle provider was for the excellent list of ingredients that it contained, which presents the ideal anabolic and anti-catabolic environment

I particularly like the quality ingredients, but the taste of muscle provider is astounding. I like to mix it with my morning oatmeal, and it honestly tastes like I a eating a dessert.

I have no recommendations on improving this product other than the suggestion of a chocolate flavor. I use ultra size as well, and the chocolate taste is intense.

I have done extensive research on bodybuilding, and Beverly is one of the few companies to use REAL science to help bodybuilders achieve their goals. Beverly utilizes methods based upon proper metabolic processes and basic biochemics, which tell me and others that they are well informed about the mechanics of the body and the needs of bodybuilders.

Summarize: Beverly kicks ass!!!
Joe Padula
Address: 310 Station Street
Coventry, Rhode Island

Muscle Provider lived up to its name. It provided the utmost effectiveness for my needs.

I must say that I’m extremely impressed with all of your products! There honestly isn’t one thing to improve upon. The only recommendations I can give are to keep up the fantastic work and keep supplying the world’s best products.

I feel that the not only the fantastic quality of the products, but the help you receive from such caring individuals really makes you what you are these days!

Before ever giving Beverly a chance, I used to believe the hype that other supplement companies bragged about. Now I know that it is a lie!

I honestly cannot say how much I love and support Beverly! I would absolutely do anything in the world to help ya’ll! I will argue with anyone that I hear say that another product is anywhere close to Beverly’s. I feel that ya’ll provide the highest quality products with the most knowledgeable advice to legit bodybuilders, and for that I cannot thank ya’ll enough! I can say for a fact that Beverly has me for life. I will never even think of using another company’s supplements. Hopefully, one day when I can acquire my pro-card, I can use it to spread the word of Beverly!

John Mansour
Address: 1630 Highway 1 South
Greenville, MS 38701

The main reason I tried Muscle Provider was from the opinion of others that it was the best high quality protein on the market. Usually I am disappointed in a product touted by others. Not this one!

I started using Beverly as a result of the quality of the physiques I saw in your Champion Profiles. The first I saw was Joni Lee.

At first I hesitated because of price. I was used to buying discount brands and I got sticker shock when I started using Beverly.

But Beverly is much better than its competitors. Love you... I tell everyone. I have gained 4 pounds of muscle using your products (female) in just 3-month using Beverly versus the others.

Leslie Troisi
Address: 1221 W Water Street
Elmira NY 14905

Through the years I have tried all kinds of protein powder. Without a doubt Muscle Provider is the best tasting protein on the market and also the best product on the market.

At first I didn’t try Muscle Provider because I hadn’t heard of the product and thought that if it wasn’t advertised in all of the magazines it wasn’t good.
Boy was I wrong!

Beverly’s philosophy is simple: quality products from even more quality people!

Mark palmer
Rt 1 box 17 Castlewood VA 24224

I like the taste and quality. What suggestions do I have for Muscle Provider? Can it get any better?

Reading the first No Nonsense Newsletter given to me by a friend and seeing the changes in other bodybuilders. I had to give it a try.

I don’t believe that there could be any other company that even comes close to Beverly.

Matt Mardigian
Address: 13569 cottonwood ct.
Dewitt mi. 48820

Muscle Provider is simply the best tasting protein I have ever had – can also be used in oatmeal and other foods that need to have a sweet taste added.

When someone provides me with valuable information (bodybuilding diet) but does not force any of their products on me then I feel compelled to give them my business. I am loyal to anyone or any business that treats me as an individual instead of a number.

Roger fowler

I honestly feel Muscle Provider is the best quality protein supplement on the market. It costs more than some of the cheaper products, but you pay for what you get.

It tastes great and it can be added to any type of variety of diets since it is extremely low in fat and carbs.

I never originally bought it because of the prices at our gym. But, then I used it before my first contest to get in shape and I was sold from there.

I honestly feel Beverly has the best quality supplements on the market. I have never experienced as many gains in such a small amount of time by simply switching supplements.

Sean Young
Address: 5408 Fayridge Ct.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238

I first tried Muscle Provider to further enhance muscle growth. I was convinced initially by the success of so many bodybuilders who used it. The staff is great.

Now, after using Muscle Provider for 9 months the gains are incredible. Muscle Provider is much better than any of the other proteins out there.

Beverly is great keep up the good work!!

Tara Logan
Address: 9150 Panama Ave
Ypsilanti, MI 48198

I first learned of Muscle Provider 3 years ago at a Charles Poliquin seminar.

The most important thing to me is the quality of the product. Plus I can see the result on my physique. Also, it causes me absolutely no tummy problems. I’m really not interested in using any other protein (I do use the Ultra Size and Egg Protein) from any other company. I’m a retailer so it’s easy for me to get any brand.

I wish all companies were as easy to deal with as you are. You make it very desirable to sell your products because you don’t compete with me on price. Not only that but you help me help my customers! Your free mags are big with my people.

What more can I say? Your products and personal service are THE reason for my success in competing last fall. I’ve never looked so good!

Valerie Dussell
Address: PO Box 1337
Okanogan, WA 98840

Muscle Provider rates a 10 on a scale from 1 – 10.

I’m currently training for an INBF bodybuilding competition and Beverly’s reputation as being a quality supplement company with awesome customer service fits the bill for me perfectly.

I’ve been weight training for about 7 years now and wanted to bring myself to another level. Other competitors told me that Beverly is the BEST!

In 4 weeks I’ve seen great progress and have been given top-notch advice and service. Thanks!

Vivian Powderly
Address: One Sony Drive MD 2F8
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

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