Anyone Who Wants to Gain 8 Pounds

of Fat Free Mass in Just Sixteen Weeks

You can win contests! That’s a pretty bold statement, I know. But a true and accurate one nevertheless!

You are no different than the rest of our remarkable clients. We don’t go out and recruit the genetically gifted. We take whoever comes to us.

Most people find it hard to believe...but, hard work, self discipline, a sound diet and the right supplement program are all that’s responsible for the transformations you read about in the No Nonsense Magazine. Well, it’s true.

Take a look through the enclosed newsletter:

Just look at the difference Andre Ewing made. At the shows where Andre competed everyone marveled at his genetics. Look at the before picture of Andre in competition finishing 4 th place in a local show. Did his genetics just appear overnight? No, Andre tells it in his own words in the Magazine his exact diet and supplement schedule. Andre learned the secret.

  • What about Chris David? Chris competed for years without ever winning a show. Suddenly, this year he wins two consecutive overalls. Did his genetics suddenly improve this year? Not hardly. Chris gained 6 lb. and lost a percent of bodyfat in the first week using this secret bodybuilding success formula!
  • And how about the Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championship Contest Report ? If you look closely you’ll see asterisks next to the names of all our clients. The four overall winners, Rainer Hartmann, Rita Kaya, Chris David and Kevin True all used this secret bodybuilding success formula.
  • In the Winter Magazine you’ll learn how Troy Johnson used this secret bodybuilding success formula, This simple formula made my size and strength increase almost overnight! It wasn’t a placebo effect either. My wife even started making comments about how great I was looking! I gained 5 lb. lean mass while losing 6 lb. fat weight in less than a month! (By the way, Troy’s article will be titled, A Story for the Genetically Challenged.) If you’re like ninety percent of the people we work with you want to gain or maintain lean muscle mass while cutting body fat. Well our big secret formula is not a secret at all...

If you’re like ninety percent of the people we work with you want to gain or maintain lean muscle mass while cutting body fat. Well our big secret formula is not a secret at all...

It’s just a real world success formula that gets results. All you have to do is add two fail-safe nutritional supplements at each meal.

Here’s our secret bodybuilding success formula in mathematical terms:

(4 Beverly International Mass Amino Acid Tablets + 4 Beverly International Ultra 40 Liver Tablets) x 5 meals per day x 112 days (16 weeks)
= 8.32 lbs. Net Gain in Body Composition]

Here’s why it works!

Each meal for the next 16 weeks you will be adding a blend of 13 grams (not too much to be burned off as energy, but just enough to tweak your metabolism into a positive nitrogen balance) of the highest quality, utilizable protein available in nature. Five daily meals result in 65 extra grams protein per day.

It’s a mathematical fact! [65 (grams protein) x 4 (calories per gram of protein) x 112 (number of days in 16 weeks) / 3500 (number of calories equal to one pound)] = 8.32 lb. lean mass!

Often it takes less time than 16 weeks to get the results you’re after. Sometimes as you get leaner than you’ve ever been, you might lose body weight, but mathematics don’t lie: you will come in to your contest 6 – 8 pounds heavier, in better condition, or both when you use this simple success formula.

More proof from future issues of the No Nonsense Magazine:

  • Scott Mabry, class winner at both the Columbus and Gold Cup bodybuilding championships added ten lbs. to his competition weight. I went from an also ran in June to a winner in October after 16 weeks on Mass and Ultra 40.
  • Ann Thornberry came in fuller and more defined after adding Mass and Ultra 40 to her pre contest regimen. She won the overall at two national Qualifiers in a row, the Mid East Regional and Kentucky championship.

  • Derek Childers added Ultra 40 and Mass to his contest diet and won the first two contests he ever entered.

Even more proof from past issues of the No Nonsense Magazine or check out the website at to see more of real world results:

  • Jeff Baugh gained fifteen pounds lean mass. See the comparison photos on page 3, Fall ’97. I’ve never looked or felt better on stage in my life!
  • Jeff Storch Fall 97, competed at 191 in 1996 and at 201 in 1997. "... 203 - 204 lb. at 4.05%. This is 1% leaner and about 10 lb. more than the Ohio ... and people thought I was lean there!"
  • Jon Charleston Fall 97, competed at 174 in 1996 and 184 in 1997. I competed 10 lbs. heavier than I did last year, and looked better than ever! We just helped Jon with his diet for the Mid East Regional, September 26, 1998. Of course he used our secret success formula for the 3 rd year in a row. Guess what? Jon weighed in at 190 and dominated his class. That’s a net gain of 16 lb.! What’s more, Jon is 48 years old.

These are real life results – not advertising hype. We’ll give you these guys’ phone numbers if you’re not convinced.

A thirty year record of producing dramatic bodybuilding results

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all supplements are the same. Nothing could be further from the truth! You need to get the best, especially if you plan to compete. There are no better pre-contest supplements than Beverly International... and we’ve been proving it for more than 30 years!

Below are a couple of articles by our owner Jim Heflin. These articles will give you a good idea of why you simply must use Beverly’s Mass and Ultra 40 if you want to imitate the results of our clients.

  1. Sports Supplements in the Real World
    Beverly International free form amino acid study
  2. Determined from the onset to produce quality
    Mr. Heflin discusses some of the product analysis studies in which he has been directly involved or has personally seen

Just how are Mass and Ultra 40 different?

Have you already tried an amino acid formulation in the past? Were your results less than you expected? Have you decided that amino acids went out in the 80’s? You ask, Aren’t there more effective products today?

The answer may surprise you... Research has proven that protein hydrolysates are more than twice as effective as the next best form of protein for increasing lean muscle mass, enhancing recovery and reducing muscular soreness.

Dr. Eric Serrano, one of the few, unbiased (as in no financial ties to a supplement company) experts on bodybuilding nutrition, states, Amino acid formulations are the most under utilized tools available to the bodybuilding community.

So why didn’t your results match the research?

Because there are very few supplements on the market whose amino acid formulation matches the research standard. Chances are you did not use a formulation with a high enough nitrogen rating to make a difference in muscle growth. The average in the supplement industry is a 10% rating, little more than protein powder in a tablet or capsule.

The key to an effective amino acid formulation is its Amino/Nitrogen to Total Nitrogen ratio. A rating of 30% (3 times the industry average) is the minimum from which you can expect to see results.

Amino supplementation with a true hydrolyses such as Beverly International’s Mass Amino tablets will give you the following benefits:

  • Peak nitrogen retention (muscle growth)
  • Rapid tissue repair (muscle recovery)
  • Less muscular soreness
  • Production in the liver of somatomedin C, the anabolic growth factor that stimulates muscle growth
  • Sparing of muscle tissue protein (this allows you to diet on restricted calories or carbohydrate and maintain your lean muscle mass while burning more fat)
  • Higher workout energy levels and a better pump
  • Greater mental alertness (workout focus)

To sum up, if you want to get research based results, you have to use a product that matches the quality of the formulation used in the research. Mass Amino Acid tablets are quite possibly the only formula available that matches the research standard.

That’s why Beverly International Mass Aminos work where others fail.

Four decades of success

The second fail-safe ingredient in our bodybuilding success formula is Ultra 40 Liver tablets. Yes, plain, old fashioned liver extract, that’s juiced up just a bit by the Beverly Labs.

If we could turn the bodybuilding clock back a few decades, we would be able to clearly see how liver came into prominence as a sports nutrition supplement. Desiccated Liver has been a training secret used by thousands of body-builders for more than four decades! Why? Because it works ... naturally!

Stories from some of the old timers tell of phenomenal gains being made on 100 plus liver tablets a day. (These were the old 7.5 or 10 grain tablets, an in-take of 20 – 25 Ultra 40 tablets per day would equate to this amount due to the higher potency now available.)

You will definitely experience increased strength, size, and endurance when you get on a good quality desiccated liver supplement.

A powerful training aid

Ultra 40 liver tablets are one of the most potent training aids you’ll find. The formula contains forty-five times the nutritional value of whole beef liver including all the nutrients and enzymes of raw liver. Since it is an extract, it contains only trace amounts of fat and cholesterol.

Include Ultra 40 into your nutritional program.

You’ll have more going for you than with any other food supplement, bar none:

  • a very high dose of the highest quality bodybuilding protein (2 grams per tablet)
  • a strong blood builder supplying heme iron
  • a very rich source of B vitamins, especially riboflavin, niacin, B-12, and the lipotropics choline and inositol
  • an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and D and other micronutrients
  • Ultra 40 is also extremely rich in minerals such as the anti oxidant selenium, phosphorous, copper, zinc (testosterone precursor), and GTF chromium (insulin regulator)

And in addition to these known nutrients, there are substances present in liver shown to have a beneficial effect on health, fitness, and endurance such as cytochrome P-450 and others that have yet to be identified.

According to Vince Gironda, the Iron Guru, desiccated liver contains nucleic acids for proper amino-acid utilization, a growth factor and an anti-estrogen factor, which keeps testosterone levels high, and it is also a great anti-toxin.

A classic research study

In a classic experiment, Dr. B. H. Ershoff demonstrated that liver extract was able to boost strength, endurance, performance, and resistance to stress and disease.

In a nutshell here’s how this occurred: Dr. Ershoff took three groups of rats and fed them controlled diets for a twelve week period. Group one ate a basic diet fortified with vitamins and minerals. Group two ate as much as they wanted of the same diet plus B vitamins and brewer’s yeast. Group three ate the basic diet but had 10% desiccated liver added to their rations.

Then the doctor placed the rats one by one into a drum of water, out of which they could not climb. Therefore, it was either swim or drown. The group one rats swam an average of 13.2 minutes before they all drowned. Group two, an average of 13.4 minutes. Group three, however, were still swimming at the end of two hours, at which time the experiment was concluded. Now either the group three rats had watched the fate of their fellow rats very closely, or the liver had something to do with them swimming almost 10 times as long.

As far as we know, no other supplement has even come close to liver in improving endurance. That’s another reason Ultra 40 will work so well on your con-test diet. You get extra protein, nutritional support factors, energy factors and as an added bonus, you get harder.

Our secret success formula explained

We have a secret success formula at the Beverly International Nutrition Center that can make you a champion! It’s the combination of Ultra 40 tablets and Mass Amino Acid tablets at each meal. Only four Ultra 40 tablets and four Mass tablets per meal for five meals per day will make a tremendous difference in your contest condition.

This simple-but-effective supplement program adds sixty-five grams of the highest quality protein to your daily intake. The addition of this protein at each meal will have a very positive effect on your hormonal response to eating.

Over 16 weeks’ time you will have ingested more than 7000 grams of additional protein, and nearly 30,000 calories of the highest quality nutrients avail-able.

Since it takes approximately 3500 additional calories to gain one pound of bodyweight, dividing 30,000 by 3500 results in a net gain for you of nearly eight and one half pounds!

Here’s what will happen if you don’t take action!

You want to come in to your next contest at least five pounds heavier, right? Well, if you keep doing what you’ve always done . . . chances are you’ll look the same as you always look almost, but not quite good enough.

All four featured bodybuilders use Ultra 40 and Mass through-out the year. I didn’t mention it earlier, but besides the improvements Chris made, Rainer and Kevin both moved up a class from lightweight to middleweight and Rita gained 8 lb. since the previous year.

If you look at it that way, my no risk offer makes sense, doesn’t it?

Don’t put this off...
You’re Worth It! Here’s what you need to do today:

Why are we giving away our secrets?

We’ve just given you our secret bodybuilding success formula and we’re giving you the opportunity to get the best book we’ve found on bodybuilding nutrition absolutely free. Why? Because I’m seriously interested in your bodybuilding success -- if you succeed using our supplements, you’ll be back for more. Besides that, I need some new testimonials and success stories for our No Nonsense Magazine -- and I know you’ll place higher and look better in your next contest than you’d ever dream possible using your old methods and supplements.

Best of luck to your bodybuilding success,
Roger Riedinger
Please don’t go through another contest season as an also ran. Take the action right now that’s going to let you take home that coveted trophy that you’ve only dreamed of up ’til now!

This is your chance to do what Andre, Chris, Rainer, Rita and Troy did. You’re going to come into your next contest harder, denser and at the top of your class.