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Frequently Asked Questions

What are MASS Amino Acid Tablets?

MASS Amino Acid Tablets (MASS Aminos) is a nutritional formula consisting predominantly of a partial hydrolysate of casein, a high-quality protein with scientifically documented muscle-building effects. Each tablet supplies all amino acids required for tissue protein synthesis in humans.

How is MASS Aminos intended to be used?

MASS Aminos is intended for use as a supplement to the diet and training (exercise) by men and women 18 years of age and older who wish to maintain or increase lean muscle mass. Each bottle of the product contains 500 tablets.

For maximum results it is recommended that a total of 1 tablet per 10 pounds (lb) of bodyweight be taken per day. This daily allotment should be divided into smaller doses (e.g. 3-5 tablets) taken with meals and/or during training. For instance, a 180-lb male athlete might take 18 tablets of MASS Aminos each day spread out over the course of 6 meals, or 3 tablets per meal. Tablets should be swallowed one at a time with water.

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Is it possible to get the same results produced by Mass Aminos by eating regular food?

Mass Amino tabs

Regular food (e.g. meat, eggs) contains whole, or intact, protein molecules. When you eat a meal, the protein molecules are digested in the gut to form smaller pieces known as peptides. Peptide-bound amino acids (PBAAs), particularly di- and tripeptides, are the principal products of digestion. Because they are quickly absorbed, these small PBAAs are thought to be better suited to increase muscle protein synthesis and, thereby, muscle mass. Theoretically, then, it is possible that the results produced by MASS Aminos can be duplicated simply by eating a diet providing ample quantities of high-quality proteins. However, both scientific and anecdotal evidence refutes this theory.

Studies show that the administration of PBAAs like those found in MASS Aminos are absorbed more quickly and increase nitrogen retention as much as 16 times compared to a mixture of free amino acids and nearly twice as much as regular food. In bodybuilding terms, this means 2-16 times the potential gains. Furthermore, BI receives testimonials each day from customers who have experienced outstanding gains in muscle mass, reductions in body fat and increases in performance while using MASS Aminos. The addition of MASS Aminos to their diet and training was the only change they made. Prior to using the product they were unable to experience such results.

Does MASS need to be taken with water? What about food?

MASS Aminos is supplied in the form of compressed tablets that are intended to be swallowed with water one at a time. For maximum results it is recommended that the tablets be taken with meals and during training.

Will chewing MASS Aminos make it work any better?

No. The tablets are not designed to be chewable.

What is the shelf life of MASS Aminos?

The MASS Aminos tablet manufacturing lab does everything it can to make sure that the tablets maintain their potency for at least 2 years. The results of assays and other feedback indicate that they have been successful in this regard. When MASS Aminos is kept sealed in a cool, dry place away from light, the tablets can maintain their shelf life very well, for even as long as 5 years.

What makes MASS Aminos better than other amino acid or protein supplements?

Exclusive, custom formulation: MASS Exclusive, custom formulation: MASS Aminos is a custom formulation manufactured exclusively for BI.

 Rare ingredient profile: In terms of quantity, the leading ingredient in MASS Aminos is its partial hydrolysate of casein. It is also the most expensive to produce. The cost arises from the complex, proprietary process used to hydrolyze the casein. Consumers will not find a supplement containing a partial hydrolysate of protein with the same nutritional properties anywhere else.

 Exclusive, custom formulation: MASS Scientifically based: PBAAs like those found in MASS Aminos have been shown to be absorbed more quickly, but they can also increase nitrogen retention as much as 16 times compared to a mixture of free amino acids and nearly twice as much as regular food. In bodybuilding terms, this means 2-16 times the potential gains.

 High AN/TN ratio: The amino nitrogen to total nitrogen (AN/TN) ratio of the partial hydrolysate of casein in MASS Aminos is at least 0.31. This value exceeds that of other products by as much as 500%. It also meets the FDA’s specific requirements for what is referred to as a partially hydrolyzed protein.

 Extensively hydrolyzed: Hydro, referring to “hydrolysis” is a popular buzzword in the sports nutrition marketplace. The term is often applied to hydrolyzed whey protein supplements. Unfortunately, consumers are typically left wondering how hydrolyzed such products really are. The reality is that some hydrolyzed whey protein supplements may be as little as 1% hydrolyzed. In contrast, the casein in MASS Aminos has been subject to extensive, tightly controlled hydrolysis.

 Guaranteed content of small PBAAs, including di- and tripeptides: Tests are performed on batches of the partial hydrolysate of casein in MASS Aminos. The results confirm that it contains a wide assortment of PBAAs ranging from di- and tripeptides (up to 60-80%) to peptides of 4-8 amino acid residues, as well as some free amino acids and intact proteins.

 Dual Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic Effects: The intact protein molecules in MASS Aminos, being more slowly absorbed, provide consumers with anti-catabolic benefits, whereas the small PBAAs are principally anabolic in nature.

 Banned-substance-free manufacturers: The MASS Aminos manufacturing labs are free of banned substances.

 Convenient & Flexible: Because it consists of tablets, MASS Aminos can be taken anywhere, any time. They may also be used for an endless variety of bodybuilding applications.

 Cost-effective: With a retail price as low as 8 cents per tablet, MASS Aminos is a highly cost-effective supplement to the diet and training.

 Backed by real-world use: BI consistently receives testimonials from athletes of all ages and backgrounds who have experienced outstanding gains in muscle mass, reductions in body fat and increases in performance simply by adding MASS Aminos to their diet and training. Legitimate, convincing testimonials like these are very difficult to find in the sports nutrition marketplace.

 Lysine Hydrochloride: Lysine is a dietarily essential amino acid whose main role is as a substrate in tissue protein synthesis. When MASS Aminos was first developed, lysine was considered a growth enhancing, or anabolic, agent. With so many satisfied customers, BI continues to put it in the formula to this day.

Why do MASS Aminos tablets smell and taste bitter?

The tablets are not intended to be chewed. However, should you bite into one you will encounter a bitter taste. They also smell rather poorly. The bitter taste and smell provide further evidence that the tablets contain ample amounts of small, rapidly absorbed PBAAs.

What types of enzymes are used to produce the partial hydrolysate of casein in MASS Aminos?

Inside the MASS Aminos manufacturing lab intact casein molecules are treated with a solution of water and an extract of porcine pancreatic enzymes obtained from USDA and/or Agriculture Canada inspected facilities.

Does MASS Aminos produce any undesirable “side” effects?

BI is not aware of any customers experiencing any undesirable effects when using MASS Aminos as recommended.

1.   Is MASS Aminos safe for people with medical conditions?

The leading ingredient in MASS Aminos is a partial hydrolysate of casein. Casein hydrolysates have been administered to healthy people and people with medical conditions with positive results. Nevertheless, it is advised that you discuss the use of MASS Aminos with your medical doctor before using if you have a medical condition or if you are currently unaware of your health status.

2.   Is MASS Aminos safe if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing?

Discuss MASS Aminos with your medical doctor before using if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing.

3.   Can MASS Aminos be used while preparing for a bodybuilding competition? What about a fitness or figure competition?

Yes. MASS Aminos is ideal for physique competitors of all kinds. Personal trainers have found that clients who supplement with MASS Aminos during pre-competition preparation maintain more muscle mass and achieve lower levels of body fat.

4.   Can MASS Aminos be stacked (combined) with other BI products?

Yes. Many BI customers have experienced outstanding results when stacking MASS Aminos with ULTRA 40 Argentine beef liver tablets, for instance. One customer increased his lean mass by 8 pounds in only 6 weeks using this combination of products. Before this point, his gains were few and far between.

Contact the BI customer service team for help in developing a supplement stack that will help you achieve your physique and performance goals with a minimum of difficulty. Contact information is provided below.

5.   Where is MASS Aminos made?

The MASS Aminos formula was developed by BI’s research and development team at the head office in Cold Spring, KY. The tablet manufacturing lab is located in California.

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