Glutamine Select – Plus BCAAs

Benefits from GLUTAMINE SELECT Plus BCAAs:

  • Preworkout or pre cardio to supply energy and inhibit muscle breakdown
  • Upon arising in the morning to quickly get your body into a positive nitrogen balance
  • Between meals to maintain a favorable muscle building environment all day long

Glutamine Select 552 grams
» Creatine Select Plus BCAAs™ Beverly International’ Muscle Recovery & Anabolism supplment.
Black Cherry Flavored Dietary Amino Acid Supplement
Available in: 30 servings (276 grams)
or 60 servings (552 grams) sizes.
Serving Size 9.2g (1 scoop)
» One scoop provides:
5000 mg
1500 mg
750 mg
L-Valine 750 mg
Why is Beverly’s GLUTAMINE SELECT Plus BCAAs™ the best muscle building formula for you?
1. It contains the exact clinical proven ratio of pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine and branched chain amino acids proven to increase lean muscle mass and strength.
2. Great tasting. Easy to mix.
3. Zero carb and zero sugar. Preserve muscle while you lose fat.
4. Easy to take after training for maximum recovery.

Now You Can Get Stronger, Increase Lean Muscle Mass and Improve Recovery with a Once-A-Day, Easy-To-Mix, Great-Tasting Muscle Building Drink

If you’re a serious, drug-free athlete GLUTAMINE SELECT Plus BCAAs may be the most important supplement you can take. You know it takes heavy, intense training to stimulate your muscles to grow. But hard training also breaks down muscle tissue, in fact, the harder you train, the more muscle you break down and the more your recovery system is compromised.

That’s why you need to quickly replenish those muscle aminos most affected by hard training, namely glutamine and the branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. We wanted to find out the fastest, easiest and best way to do this. The research helped us find the solution.

Formulated From Research

A recent study in Current Therapeutic Research, scientists examined the effects of adding the precise formulation of glutamine and branched chain amino acids found in Beverly’s Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs on experienced weight trainers. Sixteen men were divided into two groups. Subjects in each group followed a similar diet, including a 40-gram daily serving of whey protein, and a supervised weight training program for ten weeks. The experimental group received additionaly 5 grams L-Glutamine and 3 grams BCAAs (1500 mg of leucine, 750 mg of isoleucine and 750 mg of valine). Precise body composition measures and repetition maxes on the bench press (at 100% bodyweight) and leg press (200% bodyweight) were recorded at the start of the experiment and again ten weeks later.


The glutamine plus BCAAs group improved more than double on average than the control group on both performance test measures (bench press and leg press). In addition, the glutamine plus BCAAs group increased lean body mass by an average of 2.6 lbs. more than the control group. Besides increases in lean body mass and strength, the experimental group also experienced improved recovery post training.

What Does This Mean in the Real World?

Training and nutrition were controlled in the above study; the only difference was the addition of a precise, pharmaceutical grade formula containing 5 grams glutamine and 3 grams of free forming crystalline BCAAs. The results speak for themselves.

GLUTAMINE SELECT Plus BCAAs truly is a powerful anabolic (muscle building) and anticatabolic (muscle preservation) supplement formula. It contains the precise clinically proven formula of pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine and free forming crystalline branched chain amino acids that increased strength, added lean muscle mass and improved recovery in the study above. In addition, GLUTAMINE SELECT Plus BCAAs tastes great, mixes easily and contains no carbohydrates or sugars.

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement mix 1 slightly rounded scoop in 6-8 oz. water following exercise. During intense training you may mix 2 servings of GLUTAMINE SELECT Plus BCAAs in 16 oz. water and sip throughout your workout.

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