Lack of sleep isn’t the only thing tiring you out today.

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“Anabolic Fatigue” isn’t a condition you hear talked about very much. In fact, this may be the first time you’ve heard it mentioned. Yet it may be responsible for your struggle to gain muscle mass and strength and recover properly from your workouts for weeks, months, or even years.

There are no freebies in life. This includes the building of bigger and better-performing muscles. To increase in size and strength, your muscle cells must synthesize more protein, glycogen and other cellular components. They also need to take up more electrolytes, nutrients and build bigger cell membranes. None of these anabolic processes are “free”. All of them cost energy.

Protein synthesis is the most important element of building muscle. And it’s highly energy-intensive, like running up a steep hill. One out of every five calories that you consume is used up by protein synthesis. Add to this glycogen synthesis, the transport of electrolytes and nutrients, and other anabolic processes, and you are facing a seriously steep anabolic energy bill…and the very real possibility of suffering from anabolic fatigue.


!          Lethargy

!          Flat muscles

!          Muscle atrophy

!          Loss of vascularity

!          Reduced thermogenic rate

!          Delayed recovery from exercise

In search of…

Beverly’s search for a solution to anabolic fatigue began decades ago with glutamine, an amino acid that is considered among the body’s most important energy precursors. In particular, it is a source of “anabolic energy”: energy that can be used to drive anabolic (bodybuilding) processes. Glutamine’s anabolic energy is so great that it can stimulate muscle glycogen synthesis after exercise more than 750% more effectively than glucose polymer (carbohydrate) per gram consumed! Advanced bodybuilders know how important glycogen is to building muscle. Think of how flat, lethargic and lacking in vascularity your muscles get when they are low in glycogen, as occurs when you eat too little carbohydrate (or not enough glutamine). Scientists have even determined that low glycogen levels can depress muscle protein synthesis, putting you at major risk of muscle atrophy.

Besides its proven ability to stimulate glycogen synthesis, glutamine has also been found to stimulate protein synthesis and even thermogenesis (calorie-burning) in healthy human subjects. Glutamine’s anabolic energy is highly versatile. It has been called the most versatile amino acid in existence.

As much anabolic energy as glutamine possesses, however, “[it] can’t alleviate anabolic fatigue by itself”, Beverly’s scientists observed. Its role as an energy precursor is affected by the availability of other amino acids, some more than others. Thus, they predicted that supplementing the diet with glutamine by itself wouldn’t be the best plan of attack for a bodybuilding athlete to undertake. Yes, as great as glutamine’s anabolic energy is, it can be even greater. It was at this point that they began searching for other amino acids to partner with glutamine in an effort to uncap its potential.


!          Lethargy

!          Flat muscles

!          Muscle atrophy

!          Loss of vascularity

!          Reduced thermogenic rate

!          Delayed recovery from exercise

…a solution

Based on decades of research,Beverly’s scientists predicted that a perfect partnership could be had by combining glutamine with branched-chain amino acids (BCAA: leucine, isoleucine and valine). Repeated tests on Beverly’s own bodybuilding athletes confirmed this. Increases in muscle size, hardness and vascularity were continually reported. Test subjects felt that their overall energy levels remained more stable over the day. Recovery was enhanced. Even hunger and well-being seemed to be affected, making it easier to avoid overeating, lose body fat and remain lean and shapely.

The clinically-proven combination of glutamine and BCAA that Beverly’s scientists released to the public in 2003 is known as GLUTAMINE SELECT™. It continues to be a hit sensation to this day and is regarded by elite athletes as the “red bull” of bodybuilding amino acid formulas.

GLUTAMINE SELECT™: Anabolic Energy, Uncapped.

What makes GLUTAMINE SELECT™ so effective? So many things* [for details, click on this link (to the Glutamine advertorial)], one of them being that glutamine and BCAA are involved in one another’s metabolism. For instance, supplementing the diet with BCAA supports glutamine levels and unlocks even more of its anabolic energy. And supplementing the diet with glutamine supports BCAA levels and makes them even more anabolic.

The uniquely energizing effects of GLUTAMINE SELECT™ are as useful to building a masterpiece body as effects of GLUTAMINE SELECT™ are as useful to building a masterpiece body as they are hard to describe. Users report having the undeniable sensation that anabolism is charging ahead at full speed. Maybe that’s why they refer to it as the “red bull” of amino acid formulas.

GLUTAMINE SELECT™ contains ingredients that published scientific studies suggest can*:

Protect muscle glutamine levels

Reduce BCAA & protein catabolism

Support glycemia (blood glucose levels)

Support arginine & nitric oxide (NO) levels

Reduce ammonia accumulation during exercise

Reduce exercise-induced muscle damage

Reduce central (CNS) and peripheral (e.g. muscle) fatigue

Support arginine and nitric oxide levels

Stimulate protein synthesis

Replenish Krebs (tricarboxylic acid) cycle intermediates

Support ATP levels

Increase muscle cell volume

Increase muscle glycogen storage

Support immune system regulation

Support recovery from exercise

Reduce impact of overtraining

Protect against muscle atrophy

Increase muscle mass & strength

Increase energy expenditure (calorie-burning)

Support electrolyte levels

Support immune system function

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