Male One Week with Density: Patrick

Editor’s Note: This journal documents the experiences of Patrick, an advanced bodybuilder, as he uses the nutritional supplement Density for one week. Because Patrick eats virtually the same items every day, he has provided readers with a sample diet (refer to sidebar) instead of documenting each meal.

One Week With Density Female


I am an "Average Joe". My upper arms used to measure 13 inches around; now they’re a hair over 17 inches. At 201 pounds my body is clearly leaner and more muscular than it was when I started lifting at 145 pounds. But that was 21 years ago.

Density Anabolic Supplement
Pratricks' Progress
  Upper Arm (circumference) Body Weight
Then 13 inches 145 lbs
After 17 inches 201 lbs

The Average Joe will gain slow. This has become a truism for me. When I do manage to gain muscle, it can vanish overnight. That’s why I’m such a fanatic about my training and my diet, and why I’m always looking for help. I’ll try any nutritional supplement as long as it is safe, legal and I can trust the company that makes it.

I trust Beverly International. They don’t just make their products, they back them. A bodybuilding buddy of mine knows the owner of Beverly. He told me that they were releasing a new amino acid formula called Density. I quipped Who needs it? Proteins are just chains of amino acids. So whatever benefits I can get from Beverly’s amino acid formula, I’m already getting from my protein supplement, right?

Wrong... way wrong, my friend said. Amino acids work differently when they’re ingested in a highly purified form than they do when they are ingested in the form of a protein. Density is a pharmaceutical-grade amino acid formula, so it’s totally pure. It has beneficial effects on your muscles and your mind. Mainly it is used to build dense muscle tissue faster.

But will it work on these stubborn muscles? I asked my friend, pointing to myself. Why don’t you try it and see? he answered. While the final product wasn’t ready for the general public yet, he thought the owner might be willing to get Beverly’s lab to mix up some samples for me to try beforehand.

Twelve days later my lab-prepared samples arrived with instructions for use. Beverly asked that I document my experiences with Density in a journal. They made me feel like I was part of an exclusive experiment which I was! The least I could do was help them out by keeping a journal.

Day 1: No Sour Stomach, Improved Strength Endurance and Mood

A Day in the Life of Patrick:
Training Approach: I like basic free-weight movements like squats, bench presses, rows, and the like. I do something Rob Thoburn refers to as "Thirds": Each movement’s range of motion is broken down into 3 equal portions, or thirds. The idea is to move the load through the third of the motion in which the muscle has to work the hardest. I normally perform 5-10 sets per muscle group, 10-25 thirds per set.
I’m unconventional with my training schedule: I don’t have one. I train whichever muscle groups I feel like training, often bouncing around from one muscle group to the next without much rhyme or reason. I take days off when I feel I need them.
Diet: I eat 2600-2800 Calories per day. I keep my protein high and my fat and carbs low pretty much all the time. I don’t cheat.
Sample Diet:
Meals 1 (post-training) and 2: protein shake
Meals 3 and 4: chicken breast, steak or fish; broccoli
Supplements: Beverly Muscle Provider and (since having written this journal) Density
7:12 AM: I pull myself out of bed and struggle to unfold my stiff body to an upright position. In the kitchen I locate my Density samples. I easily swallow 5 tablets (1 serving) with ice water. My wife and I watch the news before heading to the gym.

Comments: Some supplements give me a nasty sour stomach sensation, but this didn’t happen with Density.

Comments: I had more strength endurance during my workout. In other words, I could do more sets without getting as tired. My mood was up, too. I even found myself smiling at people more!

Summary: I had 3 servings (15 tablets) of Density today first thing in the morning, immediately after my workout, and before bed (empty stomach). While I can’t report any changes to my physical appearance yet, there has been a definite improvement in both my strength endurance and my mood. Granted, it’s a little early to be drawing conclusions. We’ll see how the rest of the week unfolds.

Day 2: Less Muscle Pain and Stiffness

Comments: It was easier getting out of bed today. Normally my upper back is knotted with muscle spasms. Today it feels looser. My lower back feels better, as well. I have a chronic disc injury between L4 and L5. It can make me feel very tired.

Conclusion: I experienced less muscle pain and stiffness today, particularly in my upper back. My mood is good and my energy level, stable. I’m not sure that it’s due to Density, but something is working.

Days 3 and 4: Rest Days

Days 3 and 4 were rest days. I took 3 servings of Density each day (morning, noon and night).

Day 5: Density Kicking In, Greater Muscle Fullness and Vascularity

Comments: I woke up with a lot of energy and a positive outlook. Density has definitely made an impact at a mental level. Its essential amino acids may be affecting my brain neurotransmitter levels.

Standing in front of the mirror I notice that my arms look significantly fuller and more vascular. I couldn’t have put a quarter of an inch on my biceps overnight, but it sure looks that way --which is almost as good!

Summary: I took 4 servings (20 tablets) of Density today. I want to make sure my blood levels of essential amino acids don’t get too low. If they do, my muscle cells will start leaking amino acids. This can cause them to become catabolic, leaving me feeling weak and small during my workouts.

As the day went on my muscles seemed to gain in hardness. I also seem to be getting better pumps at the gym. I think that Density has kicked in pretty solidly. Adding it to my daily routine is the only substantial change that I have made over the past few days.

Day 6: Rest Day

I took 3 servings of Density today.

Day 7: Conclusion... but to be continued!

Today marks the one-week point in my experiment with Density. I had another great workout. I warmed up on the treadmill for 14 minutes and then spent about 90 minutes pumping iron. Two gym members complimented me on my physique. This almost never happens to me! It felt great.

Though it’s only been a week, I am confident that my use of Density contributed to the following changes:

In conclusion, I plan on continuing my use of Density. I may be an Average Joe, but this is no average amino acid formula! I highly recommend that you give it a shot.