Female One Week with Density: Joy

Editor’s note: This journal documents the experiences of Joy, an advanced fitness trainer, as she uses the nutritional supplement Density for one week.

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A Day in the Life of Joy
Training: I get leaner and harder when I lift weights than when I do cardio. I can even lose weight faster. I perform 12 reps of mostly free-weight exercises. I barely rest at all between sets. My favorites are barbell bench presses, stiff-legged deadlifts and bent-over rows.
Diet: I eat whatever I want so long as I don’t consume more than 1600 Calories per day. I probably eat too many carbs and too little protein another reason why I think Density is a valuable addition to my diet. I may nibble on breakfast cereals, crackers, cake. It’s not the healthiest diet, but I’ve found that total Calories (portion control) is ultimately what matters most.
Supplements: Beverly Muscle Provider, Density, glutamine
My name is Joy, and I’m a membership sales associate at Level 5 Fitness & Conditioning in Delray Beach, Florida. I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 10 years, including stints at successful sports nutrition companies.

Like many ladies, I fight daily battles against weight gain and water retention. I’ve found that the winning solution comes down to: (1) not eating too many Calories (easier said than done!) and (2) emphasizing weights over cardio. When I lift weights I always get leaner and harder faster than when I perform cardio.

Aside from taking branched chains and glutamine, I’ve never really considered an amino acid supplement to be either necessary or beneficial for women. Until recently, I had no idea that there were different grades of amino acids on the market and that a pharmaceutical-grade formula like Density could help me achieve my body-sculpting goals more quickly. This is one of the reasons I was willing to give Density a trial run when provided with the opportunity to do so.

In this journal I’m going to share a little bit of each day during my One Week with Density. Maybe it will inspire you to try the product yourself!

Day 1: Less Fatigue, Better Focus

Comments: I normally shy away from tablets, but I found that it really wasn’t a problem swallowing Density’s one at a time with my coffee not much different from a calcium tablet.

8:35 AM: Arrive at Level 5 to work out and begin my shift.

Workout: I ran on the treadmill and then did sets of barbell incline bench presses, barbell bent-over rows, barbell curls, lat machine pulldowns (to the front), and machine crunches.

Summary: Today I took a total of 12 tablets of Density. I felt less fatigue towards the end of my workout. During the day I was able to focus better. I usually have a tough time focusing, especially when I’m trying to read.

Day 2: Better appetite control

Comments: When I got up this morning I felt less of an urge to eat. This is a good thing! Usually I wake up craving some kind of carb sugary cereal, a piece of cake or a cookie. Instead, I was content with a small container of fat-free yogurt.

Summary: I took 12 tablets of Density today. The main thing I noticed was that it was easier to control my appetite. I’ve used stimulant-containing supplements in the past that temporarily suppressed my appetite, only for it to rebound later. This didn’t happen. I had good control all day.

Day 3: Feeling more recovered

Comments: Today I’m going into the gym before my shift begins (9 AM) in order to do some weights. I haven’t eaten anything yet, but I will likely have a protein shake mid-morning.

Summary: Today my muscles and joints feel better than they usually do after taking a single day off from working out. Maybe Density is helping me to recover more thoroughly? Whatever the cause, it made for a great workout.

My diet is also improving now that my appetite is easier to control.

Day 4: Leaner abs!

Comments: My abs look sharper today. You can see the line down the middle of the abs. This makes me happy especially since I don’t feel like I’m restricting myself with my diet. I’m off to the gym now.

Summary: I’ve been taking 12 tablets of Density daily to this point. Each day I am seeing more proof that Density is helping me to look and feel better.

Day 5: Retaining less water, Harder muscles

Comments: Today I am retaining less water and I can see more muscle definition and hardness. I feel lighter, too always a good sign! I’m really happy with how I look today.

Day 6: Rest

Today was a rest day. I took a total of 12 tablets of Density.

Day 7: Conclusion

I’ve never taken an amino acid formula like Density before. I thought these products either didn’t work or were just for guys.

After taking 12 tablets of Density every day for seven days, I’m very encouraged. I think that by adding this formula to my diet it can help me get the body--and mind-- I want more quickly.

I can sum up my one week with Density like this. While using Density: