Product Description for: DENSITY™ Essential Amino Acid Tablets

DENSITY™ is the leading essential amino acid (EAA) formula in tablet form. It is indicated for advanced athletes for sports nutrition applications including but not limited to building muscle. DENSITY™ offers power and flexibility unique from any other amino acid formula developed to date.

Desity Essential Amino Acid Tabs

Key Points of Difference (also see Amino Acid Formula Comparison Chart below)

Complete: DENSITY may be the most complete such formula ever developed. This is because it contains all 8 of the amino acids that are required in the diet of healthy adults. The human body either cannot make these amino acids or cannot make them in adequate quantities to support proper functioning. For this reason they must be included in the diet and are known as essential amino acids (EAA). The EAA include:









Dual Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic: Because it supplies each EAA in ample quantities, DENSITY™ can enhance your anabolic efficiency by stimulating protein synthesis (anabolism) and suppressing protein breakdown (catabolism) simultaneously. “Anabolic Efficiency” refers to the efficiency with which your body converts nutrients (e.g. protein, carbohydrate and fat) into tissue (e.g. muscle). No one is 100% anabolically efficient, just as no machine is 100% efficient.

Flexible: Anabolic efficiency can vary from moment to moment and person to person due to a number of complex and inter-related factors, some genetic and others environmental (e.g. dietary). As a complete EAA formula, DENSITY™ can be used to protect your physique and performance gains from destruction (loss) by low anabolic efficiency under almost any circumstance. Some common dietary factors that can severely lower your anabolic efficiency include but are not limited to:

Fat-loss diets: A fat-loss (calorie-restricted) diet can bring protein synthesis to a screeching halt and result in runaway protein breakdown. Indeed, this may be why so many Beverly customers report retaining more muscle and even gaining it while using DENSITY™ on a fat-loss diet.

Not eating frequently enough: Most of us live busy lives or for other reasons cannot eat as frequently as bodybuilding experts recommend, such as every 2 hours. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes feeding your body nutrients, in particular, essential amino acids, this frequently to convince it that it is safe to engage in the energy-intensive process of building muscle tissue at a faster pace than usual.

Irregular protein intake: Your metabolism is exquisitely sensitive to changes in protein intake. If you eat a lot of protein for a couple of days and then suddenly cut back, this can result in a temporary increase in protein catabolism, possibly resulting in muscle atrophy (shrinkage). A similar situation may arise if you consume high-quality protein on a regular basis and then suddenly switch to lower-quality proteins. By taking DENSITY™ throughout the day, every day, you can protect your muscles from these inevitable metabolic adjustments. Besides being complete, it contains amino acids proven to stimulate protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown in healthy humans.

Equal-Dose Formulation: Your amino acid requirements differ from second to second and are impossible to predict. Unlike many other products in this supplement category, Beverly’s scientists formulated DENSITY™ with an equal dose (500 mg) of each EAA so that your body can “choose” how to use them as it sees fit.

Portable, Practical: Each tablet of DENSITY™ is easy to swallow and can be taken anywhere. This makes it a highly portable and practical way to protect your physique and performance from the inevitable variations in anabolic efficiency that occur over the course of the day.

Ready for Absorption: The amino acids in DENSITY™ formula are supplied in “free-form”; that is, they are not bound to protein. This means that they do not need to be digested before being absorbed and can go into anabolic/anti-catabolic action immediately.

Antioxidant Coated: Beverly’s scientists added a water-soluble form of natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) to protect the EAA “payload” inside each DENSITY™ tablet from oxidative destruction.

Tested and Reviewed for Safety and Purity: Like the rest of Beverly’s formulas, all of the ingredients in DENSITY™ have been tested and reviewed for safety and purity.

Cost-Effective: DENSITY™ costs only 26 cents per tablet.


Amino Acid Formula Comparison Chart

Features & Benefits


Other Amino Acid Tablets

Complete with all 8 essential amino acids (EAA)



Dual anabolic/anti-catabolic



Equal-Dose formulation



Tested & reviewed for purity & safety



Free of artificial sweeteners & creatine



Contains pharmaceutical-grade L-tryptophan verified by laboratory HPLC analyses




Antioxidant "coated" to protect amino acids from oxidative destruction



Summary and List of Potential Benefits

DENSITY™ by Beverly is an advanced formula complete with all 8 of the amino acids considered essential in the diet of healthy adult humans. These are known as the essential amino acids (EAA).

Perhaps because the DENSITY™ formula is so clean and straightforward in appearance, it is frequently overlooked. It may in fact be the most overlooked, underutilized and powerful amino acid formula ever developed for sports nutrition applications.

When used as a supplement to the diet and a regular program of resistance exercise, DENSITY™ can provide benefits including but not limited to (where = "increases" or “enhances” and = “decreases”):

circulating essential amino acid (EAA) levels

nitrogen balance

protein synthesis (anabolism)

protein breakdown (catabolism)

anabolic efficiency of meals*

muscle thickness, density & definition

muscle carnitine levels**

muscle strength & endurance

neurotransmitter synthesis

cognitive performance


muscle soreness

* Meals can differ remarkably in their anabolic efficiency. By raising circulating EAA levels before, during and after eating, DENSITY™ can improve the anabolic efficiency of meals of any kind, whether or not they contain protein calories. DENSITY™ can also be used to provide a protective anabolic/anti-catabolic “roof” over your muscles in between meals or before bed.

** Besides being a component of tissue proteins, the EAA lysine is used in the synthesis of carnitine. Supplementing the diet with lysine in healthy subjects has been shown to raise carnitine levels in just a few hours. Levels remain high for up to 3 days.


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