DENSITY Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is DENSITY?

DENSITY is a dietary supplement supplying all 8 of the amino acids considered essential in the diet of healthy adult humans.

  1. What is the dosage form of DENSITY?

DENSITY is supplied in tablet form. This is the most widely used form for oral administration.

  1. Who is DENSITY intended for?

DENSITY is indicated for advanced bodybuilding athletes and others seeking to preserve or enhance their muscle mass, or who for other reasons wish to increase their intake of essential amino acids (EAA).

  1. What makes DENSITY different from other amino acid formulas?

Complete: Many amino acid formulas are not complete. DENSITY is considered complete because it provides all 8 of the amino acids considered dietarily essential for healthy adult humans. These are known as the essential amino acids (EAA). The body either cannot make these particular amino acids, or cannot make them in adequate quantities, to support optimal functioning. For this reason they must be supplied in the diet; hence the term ”dietarily essential”. The EAA include:

  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Methionine
  • L-Phenylalanine
  • L-Threonine
  • L-Tryptophan
  • L-Valine

Dual Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic: Because DENSITY supplies each EAA in ample quantities it can enhance your anabolic efficiency by stimulating protein synthesis (anabolism) and suppressing protein breakdown (catabolism) simultaneously. ”Anabolic efficiency” refers to the efficiency with which your body converts nutrients (e.g. protein, carbohydrate and fat) into tissue (e.g. muscle). No one is 100% anabolically efficient, just as no machine is 100% efficient.

Flexible: Anabolic efficiency can vary from moment to moment and person to person due to a number of complex and inter-related factors, some genetic and others environmental (e.g. dietary). As a complete EAA formula, DENSITY can be used to protect your physique and performance gains from destruction (loss) by low anabolic efficiency under almost any circumstance. Some common dietary factors that can severely lower your anabolic efficiency include but are not limited to fat-loss diets, not eating frequently enough, and irregular protein intake (e.g. consumption of a high-protein diet followed by a sudden reduction in protein intake).

Equal-Dose Formulation: Your amino acid requirements differ from second to second and are impossible to predict. Unlike many other amino acid formulas, Beverly’s scientists formulated DENSITY with an equal dose (500 mg) of each EAA so that your body can ”choose” how to use them as it sees fit.

Portable, Practical: Each tablet of DENSITY is easy to swallow and can be taken anywhere. This makes it a highly portable and practical way to protect your physique and performance from the inevitable variations in anabolic efficiency that occur over the course of the day.

Ready for Absorption: The amino acids in DENSITY formula are supplied in ”free-form”; that is, they are not bound to protein. This means that they do not need to be digested before being absorbed and can go into anabolic/anti-catabolic action immediately.

Antioxidant ”Coated”: Beverly’s scientists added a water-soluble form of natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) to protect the EAA ”payload” inside each DENSITY tablet from oxidative destruction.

Tested and Reviewed for Safety and Purity: Like the rest of Beverly’s formulas, all of the ingredients in DENSITY have been tested and reviewed for safety and purity. Only pharmaceutical-grade amino acids have been used.  Test results show that the amino acids in DENSITY are free of impurities, microbial contaminants and Peak E. Peak E is a dimer of L-tryptophan.

Cost-Effective: DENSITY costs 26 cents or less per tablet.

  1. How should I use DENSITY?

·   General training & fitness goals:

Swallow a total of 2-5 tablets** with water upon awakening in the morning. Swallow 2-5 tablets with water immediately post-training (exercise).

·   Pre-competition dieting or to achieve peak condition:

Training (exercise) days: Swallow 2-5 tablets with water, 2-4 times daily. One of your servings should be taken immediately post-training.

Non-training (no exercise) days: Swallow 2-5 tablets with water, 2-3 times daily.

*You can adjust the serving size from 2-5 tablets based on your bodyweight and 

experience level.

**It is recommended that you swallow 1 tablet at a time with water.

  1. When can I expect to see results while using DENSITY?

Users can expect to increase their circulating levels of EAA within minutes of swallowing a serving of DENSITY with water. Changes in mood, appetite and cognitive function may occur shortly after, whereas changes in muscle mass, shape, tone or definition may require days or weeks to appear.

Ultimately how long it takes for you to see results while using DENSITY depends on many factors, including but not limited to your dosage (dose x frequency), the type of diet you are following and your exercise habits.

  1. Can I stack a protein powder like ULTIMATE MUSCLE PROTEIN or a lean weight gainer
    like MASS MAKER with DENSITY?

Yes. Advanced bodybuilding athletes may wish to stack these products to further increase their intake of EAA and stimulate greater increases in muscle protein synthesis and reductions in muscle protein breakdown.

8. If I don’t perform resistance exercise, can I still benefit from using DENSITY?

As a complete source of all 8 dietarily essential amino acids, DENSITY is capable of providing you with nutritional benefits whether or not you currently exercise. However, you can expect far greater benefits when using it as a supplement to a calorically-appropriate diet and a regular program of exercise.

Because resistance exercise is more efficient at stimulating muscle protein synthesis, you can expect greater gains in muscle mass, strength, shape, tone and definition when using DENSITY as an adjunct to this type of exercise.

9.What are the benefits of using DENSITY over the short and long term?

When used as a supplement to the diet and a regular program of resistance exercise, DENSITY can provide benefits including but not limited to (where = ”increases” or ”enhances” and = ”decreases”):

circulating essential amino acid (EAA) levels

nitrogen balance

protein synthesis (anabolism)

protein breakdown (catabolism)

anabolic efficiency of meals*

muscle thickness, density & definition

muscle carnitine levels**

muscle strength & endurance

neurotransmitter synthesis

cognitive performance


muscle soreness

* Meals can differ remarkably in their anabolic efficiency. By raising circulating EAA levels before, during and after eating, DENSITY can improve the anabolic efficiency of meals of any kind, whether or not they contain protein calories. DENSITY can also be used to provide a protective anabolic/anti-catabolic ”roof” over your muscles in between meals or before bed.

** Besides being a component of tissue proteins, the EAA lysine is used in the synthesis of carnitine. Supplementing the diet with lysine in healthy subjects has been shown to raise carnitine levels in just a few hours. Levels remain high for up to 3 days.

10.  Is DENSITY safe for people with medical conditions?

We advise that you discuss DENSITY with your medical doctor before using if you have a medical condition, or if you are currently unaware of your health status.

11.  Is new DENSITY safe if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing?

Discuss DENSITY with your medical doctor before using if you are trying to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant or nursing.

12.  Can DENSITY be used while preparing for a bodybuilding, fitness, or figure competition?

Yes. To prepare for competition, bodybuilders, fitness and figure athletes need to retain as much muscle mass as possible while losing fat mass (body fat). This often requires consuming a diet that is restricted in calories; carbohydrate, in particular. One of the benefits most commonly reported by athletes using DENSITY is that they retain more muscle while on a fat-loss diet.
Note that many Beverly customers stack GLUTAMINE SELECT with 7-KETO MUSCLEAN and LEAN OUT in order to increase calorie burning, enhance fat loss and prevent the retention of water under the skin.

Contact our customer service team for help in developing your ideal bodybuilding or shaping stack. Contact information is provided below.

13.  Why doesn’t DENSITY contain L-Histidine?

Beverly’s scientists did not include L-histidine in DENSITY based on available scientific evidence showing that it is not essential in the diet of healthy human adults. Dr. William Cummings Rose (PhD) discovered the amino acid threonine and was a highly respected researcher in the field of amino acid metabolism and nutrition. More than half a century ago he reported that ”In contrast to the role of threonine, the exclusion of histidine from the ration [diet] exerts no demonstrable effect. This observation, which has been confirmed in many individuals, shows that histidine is not necessary for the maintenance of nitrogen equilibrium in normal adult man.” (Rose et al, 1951).

EAA formulas containing L-histidine but not L-tryptophan have been used in some studies. This is primarily because L-tryptophan was not available. L-histidine was used to serve as the eighth EAA.

In 1991 L-tryptophan became commercially unavailable. Beverly’s scientists felt so strongly about the need to include this essential amino acid in the DENSITY formula that they refused to continue selling it until it became available again 16 years later. Beverly re-launched DENSITY in late 2007.

The L-tryptophan in DENSITY is pharmaceutical-grade. Laboratory analyses verify that it is free of impurities, microbial contaminants and Peak E (a dimer of L-tryptophan).

Note that athletes using UP-LIFT are already supplementing their diets with L-histidine. It is included in the UP-LIFT formula along with beta-alanine in order to increase muscle carnosine levels.

14.  Where is DENSITY made?

The DENSITY formula was developed and tested at the Beverly International Nutrition head office in Cold Spring, Kentucky. Each ingredient in the formula was selected based on studies published in publicly-accessible databases such as those made available by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

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