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Creatine Select – Plus Phosphates

Build Muscle Faster
  • Lift Heavier
  • Get More Reps
  • Take Less Rest Between Sets

Let’s face it. There are enough training and nutrition theories to fill a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s. But realms of muscle building philosophy really come down to just one thing. You must overload your muscles by progressive exercise in order to grow.

Milo of Croton is credited with this discovery. Milo lifted and carried an infant calf each day from one end of his pasture to the other. As the calf grew so did Milo’s strength and muscle size. By the time the calf was a full-grown bull Milo was the biggest and strongest guy in the land.

Fact or fiction? Who knows? What’s important is Milo set the stage for progressive weight training as we know it today. To get bigger and stronger you must progressively add weight to the bar. It’s really that simple... At first, anyway. Then progress halts. You might add weight to the bar but your reps drop. Maybe if you rest a little longer between sets you can get the reps...

It happens to all of us. We reach a plateau. Muscle and strength gains stop.

I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been training since I was fourteen. What I’ve learned about training and nutrition in the forty plus years since could fill a book. But progressive training still comes down to just three variables – increase the weight on the bar, increase the number of reps without decreasing the weight, or rest less between sets. If you progress in any of these three variables, muscle gains will follow given proper nutrition.

Nutrition wasn’t my problem. After all I own Beverly International. We make the highest quality products in the industry and I have access to all of them. My problem is sticking to my diet and supplement schedule while a million and one things pull me every which way. I need something easy. Something to help me make strength gains. And something to help me recover faster between sets so I can reduce my training time without decreasing volume or intensity.

You’ve got to remember I was already taking high tech Beverly formulas. My nutrition was kind of maxed out by now. So what else was left for me to do?

I’d been looking at various creatine formulas out there and I was utterly unimpressed. Some of the best selling products out there have nearly ten times as much sugar as actual creatine. Sure it will spike your insulin. So will cotton candy. Sugar makes you fat–Period. There is no way Beverly’s going to put all that sugar into a creatine “transport” system.

Next I looked at insulin support nutrients. I was still unconvinced. Why pay for what you don’t need.

Then one day it hit me... Creatine Phosphate–Duh!

Sure, I knew the creatine phosphate molecule was too large to be absorbed and that’s why we use pure 100% pharmacological grade Creatine Monohydrate at Beverly. But, it didn’t dawn on me until now that we could combine select creatine monohydrate with selected phosphates in the proper ratio to achieve a product that would increase strength, endurance and muscle size.

Not creatine phosphate but
creatine monohydrate PLUS phosphates.

Now it was time to do the research. Here’s what I found:

Hundreds of research studies on the benefits of creatine monohydrate and phosphates individually and two very significant studies where creatine and phosphates were combined.

  1. The creatine plus phosphate group had a significant increase in muscle power. This translates to more weight on the bar. (Wallace et al, 1997.)
  2. The combination of creatine plus phosphates out performed the creatine only group by nearly 300% in aerobic work capacity, i.e. more reps in the gym with the same weight. (Eckerson, 2001.)
So I had our lab find the correct ratio of creatine and the specific phosphates used in the research. Then, without me even knowing they added an excellent orange flavor and a small amount of an extremely high-grade maltodextrin. (They know that I don’t like simple sugar so they used a predominantly five-chain saccharide which is classified as a complex carb.) I received sample A and sample B.

The first thing we did was conduct a taste test. The lab used the same research proven creatine to phosphate ratio but varied only the flavoring ingredients. Sample B won hands down. So that was what we decided to use in our field study.

Then, I decided to "hog" the product. For five days I loaded sample B–four servings per day. A serving is one 12g scoop. And the scoop actually reaches the bottom of the jar. By the third day I was already noticing my rest periods were getting shorter and shorter between sets. Then after the loading phase I took just one scoop (sometimes two) before training. My weights and reps kept going up. Now I’ve used creatine before and I certainly have been training long enough to know when something is out of the ordinary. Here I am, fifty-five years old and getting stronger. What’s up with that?

I’ll tell you what! The Beverly labs created a state of the art supplement that works fast CREATINE SELECT Plus Phosphates.

Try Creatine Select Plus Phosphates for Yourself... Here’s How

For anyone who has reached a plateau and wants to start gaining again: Stir one scoop in 4-6 oz. of water. For faster results, consume 4 servings daily for the first 5 days. Then consume one or two servings daily. Best times are pre or post training, or just before a meal on non-training days. (This way you get to use the natural insulin production that occurs maximally with balanced meals rather than relying on expensive insulin mimicking substances.)

For maximum gains in strength and size:

Combine one or two scoops Creatine Select Plus Phosphates with one serving Beverly Mass Maker before and/or after training. Take it before training and you will have one of the best workouts of your life – GUARANTEED! Research (and my own experience) has shown that the combination of Mass Maker with CREATINE SELECT Plus Phosphates gives you the greatest creatine uptake possible to date. There is nothing on the market that can even touch this combo for fast results.

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Creatine Select
Serving Size: 12g (1 scoop)
Servings per container 41 Calories 20; Sodium 60mg
Carbohydrates 5g;
Sugar < (less than) 1g