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I want to tell you about my first couple of experiences taking UP-LIFT

Now, I went into this not thinking too much about it.  I didn’t want to just “think” that the product was working.  I didn’t change anything in my program, except for adding the UP-LIFT.  About 10-15 minutes after taking UP-LIFT I got a little tingly feeling. 

The first day I took it, I did a back workout…and blew through it pretty easy.  On exercises that I was doing 10-12 reps on before I got 15 reps with no problem.  The second time I took it, I was doing a 6 x 6 bench press workout.  My last chest workout I struggled on my 5th rep and couldn’t get the 6th one up.  After taking UP-LIFT I got the 5th rep with no problem, then the 6th and since I felt so good I decided to do a 7th rep.

It’s hard to believe the way this stuff works.  I’ve tried everything.  I’ve been taking supplements for 14 years. 

Of all the stuff I’ve ever taken, Up-Lift and Muscle Synergy are the best supplements I’ve taken.  You can feel these things right away…I just start moving around and get a pump.”

AJ Wolf

The new UP-LIFT is fantastic!  I take 1 scoop 20-30 minutes before my workout.  Within 10 minutes I feel psyched and ready to go.  I mix the other scoop in with my Glutamine Select and drink it continuously during my workout and I feel like I could workout forever.  I like the taste, and actually think the UP-LIFT makes the Glutamine Select taste better.  It’s not like taking an NO product with caffeine.  I don’t get the jitters and I don’t crash.  I get a nice, alert feeling and can go and go in the gym.”

Bill Phillips, Allen, TX

Dear Sandy,

I want to thank you for making Up-lift. That's the perfect name. I tried it out yesterday in the gym when I did chest and wow what a super charge and pump. My pecs were so full and ripped that they looked as though they were about to pop over my tank top LOL.

Never had a feeling like that before.

Your dear friend

Rose (IFBB Pro, Rosemary Jennings)

“I love the new UP-LIFT!  I can’t believe how fast I’m going through sets.  It’s crazy.  My training time is shorter, more intense and I’m absolutely stronger.”

Jennifer O’Connor, Boca Raton, FL

“I got a couple of bottles of the UP-LIFT on my last order and I really like it.  My focus is great; the mental aspect is what I notice the most.  I feel dialed in, in the zone and don’t want to quit working out.  I’m taking it with Muscle Synergy, so I’m definetlly getting a better pump.  I have good energy.  From my perspective, it does just what it says it does.”

Ben Parks, Cleveland Heights, OH

Up Lift is great stuff. I tested it under severe conditions...not enough sleep and working out after a full day's work. Up Lift delivered. It does make a difference if you take a second serving mid-way through your workout. I almost didn't want to stop working out...true!

Da Coach

Randall Kawano, Waipahu, HI

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