It’s that no-nonsense approach that makes the difference when using Beverly products: The difference between a workout where you’re behind the wheel and one where you’re sleeping in the back seat. The difference between taking two or three days to recover versus feeling stiff and sore for an entire week. The difference between gaining ½ on your arms over the course of weeks of training versus seeing no change or even a loss in arm size. These and other things you and I care about are determined in part by the quality of the nutritional ingredients we put into our bodies. But ingredient quality is only one part of the puzzle.  

Up Lift Arginine and L-Citrulline mix

You can give the same parts to ten different car manufacturers, yet only one may rise to the occasion by creating a truly great car that tears out of the gate, steers precisely, is stable at high speeds and around sharp turns, and gets good gas mileage. The same applies to the supplement industry. In testing and buying Beverly supplements, I’ve found them to consistently rise to the occasion.

How does Beverly manage to develop such good supplements using many of the same parts as other companies? I’ve known Roger Riedinger, the owner of Beverly, for several years. I’ve also worked in the supplement industry for many years. My opinion is that Beverly rises to the occasion through a combination of expert selection, verification and mixing:

1. Selection: Beverly selects only the highest-quality (e.g. pharmaceutical-grade) ingredients available. Top-shelf ingredients contribute to a top-shelf body. Finding such ingredients requires knowledgeable sourcing.

2. Verification: A supplier tells you that his ingredients are high-quality. Are they? Maybe. Maybe not. Beverly verifies the identity and purity of ingredients with independent laboratory assays. I’ve seen the results of these assays first-hand.

3. Mixing: One manufacturer can combine the same ingredients as another and yet somehow their supplements drive like a clunker, whereas their competitor products drive like a dream. During the ingredients mixing process, Beverly pays attention to subtle details that other companies may overlook. Those details can profoundly impact your experience of the finished product.

UP-LIFT™: A Hybrid Training Formula

With all of the above in mind, I was pretty stoked about taking the release candidate of Beverly’s training formula for a test drive. As I explained to Roger on the phone recently, there was only one problem. My work schedule had changed, making it impossible for me to spend more than 35 minutes at the gym. Roger enthused No problem, Eric. UP-LIFT™ is designed to pull 90 seconds of muscle-building fury out of every 60 seconds you spend training. You’ll see.

So how exactly am I supposed to take it? I asked Roger during the same phone conversation. 

UP-LIFT™ is a hybrid training formula. It can be taken both immediately before and during exercise. And it’s not just for pumping iron. It will turn you into a raging bull when you see a loaded barbell and a tireless gazelle when it’s time for cardio. This hybrid functionality is achieved by the way you use the formula –you’ll be taking 1 serving before you train and another serving mid-way through your workout –and the particular types and balance of ingredients.

Roger continued For example, I had our lab put the gluconeogenic amino acids L-alanine and glycine into the formula. They can be readily converted into glucose (blood sugar), a critically important form of muscular energy during weight lifting and intense cardio. When glucose levels fall, energy and performance drop, too. Adding sugar or other types of carbs to a training formula will support glucose levels. But carbs also inhibit the breakdown of body fat, or lipolysis. In contrast, L-alanine and glycine support glucose levels without producing the same anti-lipolytic impact. In fact, the conversion of L-alanine and glycine into glucose (known as gluconeogenesis) actually depends on energy (ATP) supplied by the burning of fat. Some of that energy escapes as heat. So UP-LIFT™ supports fat-burning as well as thermogenesis.

Also, UP-LIFT™ is entirely free of caffeine or other stimulants. This means there’s no need to worry about the negative effects these compounds can have on energy levels or blood glucose metabolism, such as by impairing insulin action.  UP-LIFT™ gives users the controlled sensibility of a Dr. Jekyll and the wild pumping action of a Mr. Hyde. That’s a lot of information to digest, Eric, I know. Just remember to take UP-LIFT™ according to the instructions I gave you and be open for anything!

Training Background

Free spirited and aggressive is the best way to describe my training style. For years I followed a set routine. Now I do whatever I feel like. Sometimes I’ll focus on one muscle group. Sometimes I’ll hit the whole body. My reps range anywhere from 1 to 20. I train fast, rarely resting longer than 45 seconds.

My test drive of the UP-LIFT™ release candidate begins tonight at around 6 PM. It’s Monday, a busy night at any gym. Like I told Roger, I’ve got only 35 minutes, so this will be more of a drag strip test than a leisurely cruise –a great environment to test any training formula.

Preparing UP-LIFT™: Mixability and Taste

The release candidate that I received from Beverly’s lab is sugar-free fruit punch flavor. It tasted light and refreshing. I’ve tried other sugar-free training formulas that tasted like spoiled water when prepared. UP-LIFT™ mixed up very easily and quenched my lips with just the right amount of sweetness.

As Roger instructed, I took 2 scoops of UP-LIFT™ 30 minutes before working out. Before I left the house I noticed that my legs were moving more quickly. That’s pretty impressive considering that this formula contains zero caffeine or other stimulants. I’ll prepare my second and final serving about mid-way through my workout.

In-Gym Performance

0-5 Minutes: My first exercise was barbell incline bench presses. If you train aggressively like I do, then you’ll notice more thrust from the first working set. The horsepower of UP-LIFT™ is impressive, again, particularly considering that it contains no caffeine or other stimulants. I plowed through the sticking point of every rep like a tank.

After bench presses I did 3 sets of cross-bench pullovers in rapid-fire fashion using a 105-lb dumbbell. My grip was so tight I felt like I could rip a tree out of the ground.

5-10 minutes: After pullovers I moved to the other side of the gym to do leg curls. My hamstrings powered the weight up hyper-fast and swelled with blood just as quickly. I’ve tried pre-training products that kick in all at once towards the front end of my workout only to drop off thereafter. The ingredients in Beverly’s training formula seem to fire sequentially, in contrast. This is a good example of how careful attention to mixing can impact the functionality of the product. It’s as if I can hear each ingredient chiming in one after the other. First UP-LIFT™ pumped up my mind and now it’s time for my muscles. I’m starting to get a pump in muscle groups that I haven’t even trained yet.

After leg curls I did standing calf raises before heading over to the cable crossover machine to do pull-ups.

10-15 minutes: I did 5 or 6 sets of close-grip pull-ups with my body weight only, barely resting 20 seconds between each. Flying from one body part to another like this provides some crazy hairpin turns for my nervous system. With its sports-car handling, UP-LIFT™ is allowing me to navigate like a professionally rally racer. I’ve never felt so mentally on-cue before. Stimulant-containing training formulas make me aware of too much: When I use them I end up focusing on everything and nothing. With UP-LIFT™ my attention is diverted to where it needs to be: concentrating on having a great workout.

15-20 minutes: At the 15-minute mark I took my second serving. My pump was fantastic by this point. A couple of minutes later I was accelerating into the third rep of a set of standing dumbbell lateral raises when UP-LIFT™ emitted another burst of focusing power... right when I needed it. The gym is super crowded right now. There’s a sea of chaos around me, yet mentally I’m on an island oasis. I can tell I’m going to remain there until my workout is complete.

20-28 minutes: I ran on the treadmill for 8 minutes at 8.5 mph and a 5% grade. UP-LIFT™ gave me a strong tail-wind from start to finish. The hybrid functionality of this formula is something you must experience first-hand to believe. Some days my legs feel like a four-cylinder engine by the time I get to cardio; today they ran like an inline six. The gluconeogenic amino acids in the formula probably gave me an edge by supporting blood glucose levels.

28-35 minutes: Shower, dress and off to work


Congrats to the gang at Beverly! UP-LIFT™ is probably the best-proportioned training formula I’ve tried to date, and certainly the first hybrid training formula I’ve ever tried. Overall, I had a much more fulfilling workout experience than I’m used to, which is what any legitimate training formula ought to do.

The nutritional ergonomics of UP-LIFT™ are outstanding. It provides for an ultra-comfortable ride whether you’re driving across weight-lifting or cardio terrain. In the weight room you want your training formula to provide get-me-a-pump-no-matter-what reliability. Beverly’s formula delivers. But as a hybrid training formula, UP-LIFT™ turns you into a rock star during cardio, as well. That adaptable functionality also allows you to move seamlessly from one body part to the next without losing momentum, focus, or your pump.

Being free of caffeine and other stimulants, UP-LIFT™ doesn’t give you that nasty tweaked out feeling that makes you want to hide in a dark closet until it passes. Yet you still get plenty of Mr. Hyde intensity. And rather than checking out after the first 15 or 20 minutes of your workout, UP-LIFT™ carries you until the very end. Its ingredients work together like a Ferrari F1 gearbox with no performance loss. I felt mentally upright and on-cue from the first set to the last. My muscles didn’t miss a beat. It’s definitely the fastest-shifting nutritional transmission I’ve ever tried.

In conclusion, UP-LIFT™ has a totally unique hybrid personality that will allow you to enjoy the cut and thrust of any kind of workout style. The release candidate I tested for Beverly is not for normal city driving. However, like Roger said, if you want to pull 90 seconds of fury out of every 60 seconds of working out, then you should probably give it a go. Let’s see if you can’t get 120 seconds out of every 60!

UP-LIFT™: Hybrid Training Formula
Beverly’s revolutionary training formula

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