The anabolic Leverage with Ultimate Muscle Protein

  • Formulated to generate & sustain high "anabolic leverage", a key determinant of bodybuilding & shaping success.
  • Contains a staggering 90% milk protein isolate (MPI; the “leverage protein”).
  • Yields 80% slow-release micellar casein & 20% fast-release whey.
  • Topped with additional critical cluster amino acids for greater support of muscle anabolism & vasodilation.

Blend it up with milk or water –it doesn’t matter which—and you are guaranteed of producing a perfectly textured shake that is so addictively appetizing you’ll want one for breakfast, lunch and again before bed. The excitement never settles as you leap between vanilla, chocolate and cookies & crème flavors. Each one is prepared by a flavor chemist who painstakingly combines aromas, essential oils and essences using a process that is as much art as it is science. While it pleases your palette like a five-star dessert, this ideal protein powder is so nutritionally complete that you often use it as an entree. Each serving fills your tired muscles to capacity with a clinically-derived dose of the world’s best quality protein source topped with additional amino acids that are regarded as biochemically essential if you are to achieve your bodybuilding aspirations without disappointment.

Disappointed you are not. This protein powder is as much about aspirations as it is about operations. Consuming it every day your metabolism soon finds itself swept up in the accelerating waves of anabolism. It never strains for effect. Barriers to progress that forever haunted your training efforts seem to crumble into thin air, its unprecedented potential reflected in your increasing dimensions. As the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months, your friends, family and coworkers approve of the changes. How could they not? Your much desired, athletically proportioned frame is laden with preternaturally defined and strengthened muscles. When you compare the dollar value of your transformation to the sticker price of the protein powder, it is an extremely small investment indeed.

7 Steps to Bodybuilding or Shaping Success

With the release of Ultimate Muscle Protein™ (UMP), Beverly International Nutrition has put an end to the tyranny of tasteless and inefficacious protein powders. In fact, UMP served as the inspiration for the “ideal protein” described above. Its exceptional formula, composed almost entirely of top quality milk protein isolate (MPI), has paid bodybuilders, athletes and celebrities incalculable dividends in terms of its ability to support greater gains in muscle size, leanness and overall performance. Regular users admit that they could hardly have known in advance that a protein powder could have such far-reaching effects on their body’s appearance and performance. How does it do it? Let us count the steps...

1.  “ANABOLIC LEVERAGE”: UMP’s exceptionally high MPI content (90% by protein weight) -possibly the highest in the world- is intended to generate and sustain high “anabolic leverage”.

2.  “80/20”: Owing to its exceptionally high content of MPI, each serving of UMP contains 80% slow-release micellar casein and 20% fast-release whey.

3.  “ADDICTIVELY APPETIZING”: There’s no better way to sympathize your appetite and build your body than to savor the inviting and comforting flavors of this top quality protein with dessert-like taste. UMP can certainly cushion the disappointment and sense of anti-climax experienced with every other protein powder you’ve tried! Beverly’s flavor chemists just improved UMP chocolate and cookies & crème flavors. Now they taste even more addictively appetizing than ever.

4.  “CRITICAL CLUSTER”: UMP contains additional “critical cluster” amino acids, namely, glutamine, arginine and BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine) to encourage greater muscle anabolism and vasodilation, among other benefits.

5.  “CLINICAL DOSE”: Studies have demonstrated increases in total body mass, fat-free (includes muscle) mass, strength and myofibrillar protein when subjects consumed 20 g of protein before and again after training (40 g total). These studies used proteins containing far less MPI than Beverly’s UMP. Every serving of UMP contains 20 g of protein, 90% (18 g) of which is “high leverage” MPI!

6.  “THE ANYTIME PROTEIN”: UMP’s unique profile of nutritional ingredients is capable of satisfying muscle building or shaping needs of all kinds, at any time of day or night. Use it 24/7.

7.  “PERFECT CONSISTENCY”: Beverly added top quality whey protein isolate to UMP (5% by weight, depending on the flavor) in order to give you the most desirable consistency possible during preparation.

Loosen the “Lug Nuts” on Protein Synthesis

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein –the protein you eat and the protein inside every cell in your body. The purpose of consuming a protein powder is to raise amino acid levels inside your body. But raising them to even very high levels won’t amount to a gram, pound or inch of new muscle on our body unless they can be sustained. UMP was formulated to support elevated amino acid levels for several hours at a time. This persistence of elevated amino acid levels has been suggested to generate strong upward leverage, or pressure, termed anabolic leverage, on the numerous genetic and non-genetic factors holding down protein synthesis. These factors can be thought of as “lug nuts” like those holding a tire in place. Sustain enough anabolic leverage and the lug nuts loosen, freeing you to gain all of the size, strength and definition your training had the potential to reward you with all along. You breathe a sigh of relief and exhilaration as those longstanding barriers to progress come down and layer upon layer of lean, hard muscle go up.

A “Stimulus Package” in every serving

UMP contains 80% micellar casein and 20% whey. Whey powerfully stimulates protein synthesis. This has been attributed to its ability to raise amino acid levels quickly (“fast release”), albeit briefly. Some studies suggest this may help preserve muscle mass at rest, such as during a layoff from training.

The R&D scientists at Beverly use a metaphor from economics when they say that UMP’s fast-release whey acts like a “stimulus package”, the purpose of which is to “kick things off, grease the wheels of anabolism and get things moving again.” Once whey’s commanding lead evaporates, however, the slow-release micellar casein in UMP is there to help keep the anabolic leverage high and loosen those proverbial “lug nuts” that hold down protein synthesis and stand in the way of your bodybuilding or shaping gains.

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