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QUADRACARN offers potency and versatility

unlike any carnitine-containing formula of the past (also see Comparison Chart, below):

Tested and Reviewed for Safety and Purity:Like the rest of Beverly’s formulas, all of the ingredients in QUADRACARN™ have been tested and reviewed for safety and purity.

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Balance

Each carnitine analog has its own unique chemical structure. Your body will therefore absorb, distribute, metabolize and respond to it differently. In pharmacological terms, we say that each analog has its own unique “pharmacokinetic” and “pharmacodynamic” properties. Thus, by combining several analogs into one formula, you can enjoy a broader range of potential benefits. This is one of the scientific bases for the development of QUADRACARN™.

A “Broadband Generalist”Unlike so many of today’s narrow-minded “specialist” formulas which focus on only one or a few actions (e.g. increasing nitric oxide), QUADRACARN™ is a “generalist” capable of an incredible scope and depth of powerful pharmacological actions. The carnitine analogs and Gymnema extract found in QUADRACARN™ have been investigated in numerous clinical, animal and experimental studies and proven to safely provide at least 21 different pharmacological actions in total (see list below). More actions are being discovered as new studies are completed on these powerful, naturally-occurring chemicals.

“Multi-Dimensional” Bodybuilding Bodybuilding is not just about building muscle. It requires constant changes in the nutritional, metabolic, genetic, cellular and tissue dimensions, among others. QUADRACARN™’s pharmacological actions impact all of them.

Gymnema sylvestre: QUADRACARN™ contains a proprietary combination, or fusion, of 4 analogs of carnitine plus an extract of Gymnema sylvestre leaf. Gymnema has been added to promote insulin effectiveness, another hormone with powerful roles affecting your physique and performance at any age, including your body’s ability to respond to carnitine. All of the carnitine analogs in the formula have been carefully balanced both with respect to one another and the extract of Gymnema for maximum impact.

The Power of “Interconnectivity” QUADRACARN™ is designed to take advantage of the power interconnectivity. For instance, a carnitine analog found in QUADRACARN™ has been shown to increase androgen receptor (AR) levels in healthy, resistance-training humans. In another clinical study, this same analog was found to promote blood flow. An increase in blood flow will encourage the delivery of more testosterone and other androgen molecules to your cells (e.g. of muscle, sex organs) where they can bind to ARs and produce any of a number of different outcomes (e.g. protein and glycogen synthesis, vasodilation, erection, positive mood, etc.). The possibilities for interconnectivity are virtually endless when you supplement your daily diet and training routine with QUADRACARN™.

“Here today, here tomorrow” Do you only care how you look and perform today? Or does tomorrow matter, too? What about the rest of your life? Do you want your body to look good 5, 10 or 20 years from now? Many of QUADRACARN™’s pharmacological actions have the potential to slow or even reverse aging. For instance, one of the carnitine analogs found in QUADRACARN™ displays properties which protect mitochondria (the “power plant” of the cell) from breaking down. The breakdown of mitochondria over time (termed mitochondrial dysfunction) has been blamed as a cause of aging.

"Real Energy" without Stimulants QUADRACARN™ is entirely free of caffeine and other stimulants. It therefore does not produce the undesirable side effects associated with these substances and is easily tolerated no matter what time of day it is taken. One of the carnitine analogs found in QUADRACARN™ is so powerful it has been found to reduce fatigue even in 100-year-old subjects. These energizing effects are real. Stimulants, in contrast, produce an illusion of greater energy that quickly fades, often followed by depression and lethargy.

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QUADRACARN™ is the leader of a new breakthrough category of physique and performance supplements known as Carnitine Analog Formulas. QUADRACARN™ is the world’s first such formula containing 4 scientifically studied carnitine analogs plus Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract.

The only way is QUADRACARN™

Pharmacological actions are only possible when you achieve pharmacological levels. Male or female, QUADRACARN™ will enable you to rapidly and reliably raise your circulating concentrations of its 4 scientifically studied carnitine analogs plus Gymnema sylvestre to levels not achievable through diet alone. Why is this so important? Because only at these so-called pharmacological levels can you experience the interconnecting pharmacological actions –at least 21 in all—documented in scientific studies (where ↑ = “increases” and ↓ = “decreases”):

↑ Androgen Receptor (AR) levels

↑ Androgen Effectiveness

↑ Insulin Effectiveness

↑Muscle Mass

↓Fat Mass (Body Fat)

↓Total Cholesterol

↓Muscle Fatigue

↓ Muscle Damage

↓ Muscle Soreness

↑Nitric Oxide

↑Blood Flow

↑Oxygen Delivery

↑Resynthesis of ATP

↓Free Radicals

↓ Mitochondrial


↓ Nerve Pain

↑Nerve Regeneration

↑ Hair Growth

↑Exercise Performance

↑Recovery from Exercise

↑Erectile Performance


Features & Benefits


Pharmacologically Active

Carnitine Analog Formula


(“Last Generation”) Carnitine Formulas

Multiple pharmacologically active carnitine analogs



Balanced for maximum pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic impact



Tested and reviewed for purity and safety



Contains Gymnema sylvestre leaf extract



21 Pharmacological Actions



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