Finally, a pre-workout supplement designed for people who aren’t “stim junkies” and that actually works! Since 2008, Up-Lift is the caffeine-free, zero-crash, zero-jitters, non-habit-forming, you-can-take-it-day-or-night pre-workout formula.

  • Doing a late afternoon or evening workout? Not quite in the mood to train? We’ve got the perfect fix, and you won’t believe it’s caffeine-free.
  • A great many pre-workout supplements are loaded with caffeine, sometimes along other CNS stimulants. While these products may be appealing to “stim junkies”, they can make the rest of us feel like crawling up in a ball rather than going to the gym
  • Enter Up-Lift. Its natural ingredients help prepare your mind and muscles for the best possible workout without caffeine or any other CNS stimulants. You can take it at any time of day without fear of crashing, experiencing jitters, or disrupting your sleep.
  • Because it contains no caffeine or other CNS stimulants, Up-Lift doesn’t produce tolerance and isn’t habit-forming. It works great the first time and the one hundred and first time.
  • Hit cardio or the weights hard, without a racing heart: Too much caffeine can cause your heart to race and make you feel out of breath, particularly if you’re doing intense cardio. With Up-Lift, you can hit cardio or the weights hard without your heart pounding through your chest.
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