Help your body defend itself from bugs and stress with the “stronger-for-longer” vitamin C formula.

  • Vitamin C does a body good. But it presents a challenge. It has what scientists refer to as a “half-life” of only 30 minutes. This means that if you take 100 mg of vitamin C right now, only 50 mg will remain in your blood half an hour later. The solution: Beverly Ultra-C.
  • It’s old-school and it works: The Ultra-C formula has remained unchanged for years because it works. Its sustained-release tablet releases a total of 2000 mg of vitamin C -the strongest potency you can get- for 4 hours.
  • In nature, vitamin C is accompanied by compounds known as bioflavonoids that help it do its job. That’s why we added bioflavonoids from whole lemons to Ultra-C.
  • While Ultra-C is more than powerful enough for the hard-training athlete, it’s also great for anyone who leads a busy, high-stress lifestyle and feels they may not be getting enough vitamin C from their diet. One tablet daily is all you need.
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