Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP)

Fans say its seven “game-changing” flavors “taste nothing like protein!” UMP is the perfect protein powder for your first time, and a lifetime. Released in 2004, it remains our best seller. Its unique ratio of whey and casein helps you both build and preserve lean muscle for hours.

  • The best of both muscle-building worlds: UMP contains a unique ratio of the milk proteins casein and whey that gives you an upfront burst of muscle protein synthesis (needed to build muscle) and a long-lasting reduction in muscle protein breakdown (needed to preserve muscle).
  • UMP is perfect for men trying to build muscle naturally, women trying to get lean and toned, and anyone trying to slim down or shape up. No matter what your body type, UMP will help you make it better.
  • The “anytime” protein: Take it after workouts. Use it as a meal replacement. Take it before bed. Take it first thing in the morning to give yourself the nutritional edge. There’s no wrong time to take UMP. You can cook with it, too.
  • Like Muscle Provider, UMP is so clean that natural physique athletes use it right up to contest day. It’s also keto-friendly and can easily fit your macros.
  • 7 game-changing flavors: Fans say “this doesn’t taste like protein, it tastes like a freakin’ milkshake!” and love that you don’t have to mix it with anything other than water to make it taste delicious.
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