Meet the original “Golden Era of bodybuilding” protein powder. Inspired by Rheo Blair, a nutrition guru of the 1950s and 60s, this creamy-delicious formula consists of an unrivaled blend of 100% natural, made-in-the-USA whole egg, milk and beef protein. It’s ideal for anyone who finds that traditional protein powders just aren’t strong enough to add muscle to their bones.

  • Turn training into gaining: Many “hard gainers” try protein powder after protein powder without success. Until they try Provosyn. It’s also great for anyone over 40 who wants to combat age-associated muscle loss.
  • Provosyn was inspired by Rheo Blair, a famed nutrition guru of bodybuilding’s Golden Era. He prescribed a formula of whole egg, milk and beef protein to his elite Hollywood clients who needed to gain muscle fast.
  • Provosyn contains 100% natural, made-in-the-USA egg, milk and beef protein from whole Grade-A milk, pasteurized eggs and preservative-free beef. The ratio of egg to milk protein in our formula is 2:1, just as Blair prescribed.
  • It’s great for use right after workouts and as a meal replacement. Provosyn helps amplify the muscle-building effects of your workouts for hours and leaves you feeling satisfied, never stuffed or bloated.
  • Keto dieters love that Provosyn is keto-friendly and easily fits their macros. Plus, it’s creamy delicious, with a vanilla flavor you won’t get tired of.
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