Mass Amino Acids

For decades, this one-of-a-kind tablet formulation has been turning “hard gainers” into happy gainers and helping natural bodybuilders recoup lost muscle size and strength faster after layoffs from training.

  • Like many of Beverly’s formulas, Mass Amino Acids remains unduplicated since its release some 40 years ago. Its active ingredient, a partial hydrolysate of casein, is produced by treating casein, a protein found in milk, with enzymes. The resulting product is rich in so-called peptide-bonded amino acids, or PBAAs.
  • PBAAs aren’t like regular amino acids, or regular protein, for that matter. Little-known studies provide evidence that they can enhance nitrogen retention up to 200% as much as food protein. The more nitrogen your muscles retain, the faster they can grow.
  • Mass Amino Acids is perfect for anyone who trains hard regularly, yet has difficulty gaining, or even just maintaining, muscle size and strength (so-called “hard gainers”). It’s also helpful if you’re trying to recoup lost muscle after a layoff, or you’re on a restricted diet such as keto and want to preserve as much muscle as possible while you burn off body fat.
  • The casein hydrolysate in Mass Amino Acids is regularly tested to ensure that it has been subject to the proper degree of hydrolysis and contains the proper level of PBAAs. If it doesn’t pass the tests with flying colors, it doesn’t go in the bottle.
  • For even more dramatic muscle and performance gains, take Mass Amino Acids with Ultra 40. Many of our customers have found this to be the most effective stack they’ve ever used.
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