Glutamine Select

One of our most popular nutritional formulas since its debut in 2004, Glutamine Select helps prevent muscle soreness so you can bounce back from yesterday’s workout like a boss. It’s also a healthy alternative to sugary sports drinks when you want something to help you stay hydrated and refreshed during the day.

  • Just when you think you can’t recover any faster: Glutamine Select helps you bounce back from prolonged or high-intensity workouts with a unique, clinically based ratio of glutamine and the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine and valine.
  • Say goodbye to soreness: Regular users of Glutamine Select frequently tell us that it helps them reduce or prevent muscle soreness after their workouts and make their muscles feel fuller and healthier. Taking two scoops of it daily, before, during or after workouts, seems to do the trick.
  • Drinking Glutamine Select during workouts or in between meals also helps you stay hydrated and supports healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels.
  • Glutamine Select is sugar-free and available in natural wild berry and natural black cherry flavors. Use it on any diet to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.
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