GH Factor

Forty years after its initial release, this natural growth hormone (GH) booster is still selling while others have vanished from the shelf. It is a must-have for anyone over 35 who wants to do something more to revitalize their physique.

  • We all know someone whose body seems to defy aging. Well into their 40s, 50s and 60s, they remain lean and physically robust. Researchers have suggested that a healthy level of growth hormone (GH) may play a role. The challenge: As we get older, our bodies tend to produce less GH. That’s why Beverly designed GH Factor.
  • Years ago, studies found that supplementing with specific doses of the natural amino acids arginine and lysine can boost subjects’ GH levels. As a result, many supplement companies jumped on the bandwagon, making “GH booster” formulas of inferior quality that didn’t live up to their promises. Decades later, only GH Factor still stands.
  • Fans of our age-defying formula report that it makes it easier to get lean (especially in the lower body), enhances their muscle pumps and quickens their recovery from workouts.
  • GH Factor is ideal for men and women 35 years of age or older who work out regularly and want to do something more to revitalize their physique.
  • It’s also popular with natural bodybuilders who are on a cutting or fat-loss diet. Some of them combine it with Muscle Synergy in the hours leading up to a contest to heighten their pumps and vascularity when flexing their hard-earned muscles on stage.
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