A Beverly best-seller since the 1990s, this custom-made multivitamin formula fortified with a unique stomach-friendly form of iron is ideal for women and anyone who is just getting started on a fitness lifestyle. Unlike other multivitamins, we guarantee that you’ll feel the difference FitTabs makes to your performance. Don’t be surprised if you order two bottles at a time to make sure you never run out!

  • We hear it all the time. A customer takes FitTabs for several months and feels great. Then they run out of it, and in a rush, grab a different brand. Not long afterwards, they realize why they don’t feel the same: It’s because they’re not using FitTabs. So they switch back and stay with it for good.
  • It’s what those “fitness girls” at the gym are using: Regular readers of our No Nonsense magazine know that many of our customers are bikini, figure or fitness competitors. In our surveys, over 90% of them tell us they take FitTabs
  • The popularity of FitTabs and our more advanced multivitamin formula, Super Pak, is no accident. Beverly has been formulating multivitamins for decades. We know how to design one that you can actually feel working.
  • FitTabs has all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, including 1000 IU of Vitamin D3, 975 mg of calcium and a unique stomach-friendly form of iron, plus probiotics, digestive enzymes, RNA and more..
  • Buyer beware: Gummy multivitamins may look cute, but they’re typically not potent enough to make a difference that you can feel. In contrast, FitTabs contains 10x the vitamin A, 16x the vitamin C and 9x the calcium of a leading gummy multivitamin.
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