This brain-boosting formula not only helps you feel good and get more done; it’s also good for you. Don’t be surprised if you replace your morning cup of coffee or afternoon energy drink with it.

  • Fast-Up is what’s known as a nootropic, or brain-boosting, nutritional supplement. We designed it to lift your energy, mental performance and mood quickly, whenever you need it.
  • Take it before exercise, sports, work or school to help you get up and go and boost your productivity.
  • It’s a healthy alternative to caffeine pills and energy drinks. Fast-Up contains health- and performance-boosting ingredients like NADH, coenzyme Q10, citrulline, B vitamins and Green tea.
  • Regular users of Fast-Up tell us that it contains just the right amount of natural caffeine to clear away the mental cobwebs without causing jitters or other side effects. Many of them have replaced their morning cup of coffee with it. Others take it before workouts because it feels better than traditional caffeinated pre-workout supplements.
  • For the ultimate pre-workout stack, take 1 serving of Fast-Up and 1 serving of Up-Lift 30 minutes before your next workout.
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