Energy Reserve

For decades, Energy Reserve has been trusted by natural physique athletes of all kinds as the no-nonsense, no-compromises L-carnitine supplement. It’s considered one of the most important nutrients in their performance toolkit, and a must-have on keto and any other diet or nutritional lifestyle where the goal is to maximize fat burning.

  • Each serving of Energy Reserve provides a potent 1200 mg (1.2 g) of pharmaceutical-grade L-carnitine. This nutrient that plays a critical role in helping your metabolism turn fat into energy. It also supports cognitive performance, circulatory health and has anti-aging properties.
  • If you’re struggling to lose those last 5 pounds or kickstart your results on a keto diet, Energy Reserve can be your best friend.
  • Fitness and figure competitors use it to help them accelerate fat loss when preparing for physique contests.
  • Regular users of Energy Reserve report it makes it easier to sustain higher intensity levels during cardio workouts (e.g. running, stair-climbing). The higher the intensity level, the faster the calorie burn. Over time, this leads to greater fat loss.
  • Because L-carnitine supports your cells natural energy-producing pathways, Energy Reserve makes a great addition to any daily pre-workout supplement routine.
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