In 1991, a key ingredient in this Essential Amino Acid (EAA) supplement became unavailable. Beverly refused to continue making it without it. Sixteen years later, it became available again. Fans told us “It was worth the wait.” We agree. There’s no easier way to get all of your daily EAA needs in one place.

  • To maintain proper health and performance, your body depends on your diet to provide 8 amino acids, known as the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), on a daily basis. Density contains them all.
  • Originally formulated in the 1980s by a PhD chemist, and intended for natural bodybuilders who were striving to make their muscles denser and thicker, Density’s popularity grew as many other users learned just how beneficial it could be for the quality of their diet.
  • Indeed, Density isn’t just for bodybuilders. If you don’t eat high-quality protein at every meal, or even every day, it can provide the missing nutritional link you need to achieve your healthy best.
  • Density contains L-tryptophan, a natural amino acid not always found in other EAA formulas. (This is the ingredient that became unavailable for 16 years.) Importantly, all of the EAAs in Density are in their “free” form, meaning they are not bound to protein. Because of this, they can be absorbed and utilized by your body virtually immediately.
  • Buyer beware: Other companies may mislead you by selling you “amino acid” tablets that contain cheap protein instead of free-form amino acids. Don’t expect them to work the same as Density.
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