Creatine Select

The original 100%-sure-thing, works-for-everyone advanced creatine formula. If your training is in a rut and your muscles have stopped getting bigger or stronger, Creatine Select will get you out of it. One bottle will have you hoisting the heavy stuff in no time.

  • News flash: Garden-variety creatine formulas don’t work for everyone! In contrast, Creatine Select has a 100% response rate to date. Since Beverly first started selling it over 15 years ago, we’ve had zero reports of it not delivering gains.
  • What’s the secret? The combination of creatine monohydrate, phosphates, beta-alanine and electrolytes in Creatine Select works like magic to boost muscle size, strength and stamina. Phosphates are a source of phosphorus, a mineral which is essential for the proper utilization of creatine.
  • First-time users of creatine sometimes worry that it will make them look bloated or puffy due to water retention. Creatine Select wins them over because it produces “dry”, hard muscle gains. (FYI, women love it just as much as men.)
  • The “no-wait” creatine formula: You’ll feel Creatine Select kicking in after only a few days of use. To fast-track your gains, you can load with it by taking 1 serving 4 times daily for the first week of use. Thereafter, take 1 serving daily.
  • Fans say Creatine Select tastes like “Tang” or “orange ice pops.” Either way, it’s a complement! Plus. because it’s sugar-free, it won’t throw your carb count off the rails. Doing keto? No problemo.
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