Best Muscle Gain Workout, Nutrition & Supplement Program

Best Muscle Gain Workout

You’ll do the following 4 workouts over a 9-day period, then start over on day 10.

Add weight, whenever you can get the top number of a particular rep range on all sets for that exercise.

DAY 1: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Bench Press: Warm-up, then 2x6 reps with 80% of your maximum single, 2x3 reps with 90% of your maximum single, and finally a burn out set of 8-15 reps with 60% of your maximum single

Low Incline Dumbbell Presses:
1x12-15 warm up, 2x6-9 reps

Shoulder Press: 3x6-10

Triceps Pushdowns: 1x10 warm up, 2-3x6-8 reps

Lying Triceps Pullover/Press w EZ-Bar: 1x10 warm up, 2x8-12

Dips: 2 x maximum reps without weight Abs: 3-4x20-25

DAY 2: Rest


DAY 3: Thighs, Hamstrings & Upper Back

Squats: Warm-up, then 3x6-8 reps, 75-80% of maximum, reduce weight 1x10-15, reduce weight 1x15-25

Leg Press: Warm-up, then 3x6-10 (increase weight each set)

Bent-Over Barbell or DB Rows: Warm-up, 3x6-10 reps

Front Pulldowns: warm up, 3x8-12 reps


DAYS 4 & 5: Rest

DAY 6: Chest, Shoulders, Biceps & Abs

Flat Bench Dumbbell Presses: 1x15 reps warm up, 3-4x6-8 reps to failure, finish with a pump set of 1x15

Front Dumbbell Raises: 1x15 warm up, 2-3x8-12

Shrugs: 1x20 warm up, 3x8-15

Straight bar curls: 1x20 warm up, 1x10-14 to failure, 3x8-12

Hyperextensions: 2 sets maximum reps Abs: 2x20-25

DAY 7: Rest

DAY 8: Thighs, Hamstrings & Low Back Leg Extensions: 5x12-16 reps to failure each set; supersetted with

Smith Machine Squats or Non-lock Leg Press: 5x8-12 reps to failure

Leg Curls: 4x10-15 to failure each set, supersetted with

Straight Leg Deadlifts: 4X8-12

Seated Calf Raises: 3x10-15 reps with 10 burns at the end of each set

DAY 9: Rest

Then start over with Workout 1 on Day 10

Time-Tested Muscle Gain Supplement Plan

  • Take a Super Pak with your first meal each day.
  • Drink 2 or 3 UMP protein shakes mixed with water and heavy cream each day.
  • Take 3 Mass Amino Acids tablets and 3 Ultra 40 tablets every 3 hours throughout the day (a total of 15-18 each per day.
  • Optional: Add Creatine Select for rapid strength gains and Quadracarn to maximize your anabolic (musclebuilding) hormonal environment.


Best Muscle Gain Nutrition Plan

Meal 1: 1-2 whole eggs + 3 egg whites, 5-8oz lean meat, ¹⁄₂ cup oatmeal (measured before cooking)

Meal 2: Protein Drink: 2 Scoops Ultimate Muscle Protein (UMP), 2 tablespoons heavy whipping cream or 2 tablespoons healthy fat - almond butter, flax oil, ect., 14oz ice cold water; optional add ¹⁄₂ cup strawberries, peaches, or ¹⁄₂ banana to your shake for added flavor

Meal 3: 8-10oz lean meat, 6oz sweet potato or 2/3 cup cooked brown rice, vegetables (broccoli, etc.) and/or salad

Meal 4: Protein Drink (same as meal #2)

Meal 5: 8-10oz lean meat, 2 cups vegetables, salad

Meal 6: (Optional): Protein Drink or 6-8oz roast beef, 1-2oz Swiss cheese

Note: It’s okay to adjust portions or add or decrease a meal as needed to maintain progress. Do not worry about the particular order of your meals, if you want to eat Meal #1 as your last meal of the day, go ahead, it’s OK. Make sure all your beverages are non-caloric: water, Crystal Light, diet sodas, coffee, and tea.

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