At Beverly, we've experienced a lot of the crazy stuff happening in the world. We've done the best job possible during this crazy time. Covid swept through the company a few times, which slowed our roll. Our Beverly Advisor Team still personally answers your phone calls, and we respond to emails daily. We fill every order quickly and with a high level of accuracy! We may not be surgeons, but we have checklists just like them to strive for that kind of accuracy and precision.

Our Shipping Costs have all gone up, but we have not passed the increases on to you. In some cases, their service has not met our expectations. We apologize for any inconvenience. We want you to get your products as promised!!


Our Labs and Supply Chain have also encountered challenges. During the past year, we've had to work around lid shortages, bottle shortages, ingredient shortages, bottle seals and scoop shortages, even shortages of people power at the labs, and significant employee turnover. Covid did a number on our economy, that's for sure. We've been issuing Purchase Orders (POs) 6 – 9 months in advance to overcome these issues. It's difficult to predict sales that far in advance, and we don't want to accumulate too much inventory. We pride ourselves on moving FRESH products out the door with FAST and FURIOUS momentum. We had a few fleeting out-of-stock times, but we should be looking pretty good over the next few months. Our product costs have increased, but we have done all we can to not pass the increases on to you.

Our Social Media has been moved back in house. No one knows US, like US. If you are like me, you want take-aways… practical info, knowledge, how-to's, recipes, training, and the good stuff that helps you get better and stay motivated. We've noticed a lot more engagement since we've taken control, and we thank you all so much for that. Unlike many companies, we do not pay influencers or professionals to take staged photos of our line and pretend to use them. We've been taking REAL LIFE photos of our products and recipes. It's way better to see the real deal rather than something prepped so that you can see a pretty photo. That seems fake to me. Beverly has always been about REAL RESULTS for REAL PEOPLE. I still think REAL IS BETTER. We are all about being REAL and transparent. Hence, NO NONSENSE.


If you're in the area, our Walk-in Product Pick-up area is open again. You'll meet our two newest Team Beverly members, Cole Rankin and Patti Laughlin. We are so happy to have them! They are doing a great job for you.





Blend 1 scoop UMP Vanilla or Angel Food Cake with 6oz Sunkist Orange (or other orange-flavored drink)

2 fresh orange slices

2oz almond milk, or your choice of milk

1 tsp almond butter (I use the powdered version)

A handful of ice

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