73 Years of Age, Completely Natural, and 3rd Place at the NPC Masters Nationals

At a Glance: Bob Slade

Age: 73

Education: BS – History, Brockport State University

Occupation: Retired; previously #1 Sales Representative globally at MetLife Corporation

Family: spouse – Diane, children – Cheryl and Todd

Current Residence: Jacksonville, FL

Total Years Training: 15 years

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 180 (off season), 163 (contest)

Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Tilapia, sweet potato & salad

Favorite Beverly International Supplements:
UMP – It is great tasting. Your craving for sugars will disappear. I use it as soon as I wake up in the morning and before bed. I usually use two scoops.

Quadracarn – it is an all-around supplement that gives you energy and a feeling of well-being. I use this all year round. It is the heart of my supplement program.

Fit Tabs – vitamin/mineral supplement for good health.

Muscle Synergy - gives me muscle definition and muscle leanness.

Creatine Select – for muscle strength and size.

What would you recommend to someone who has never tried Beverly supplements? I would implore you, no matter what point you are at in your workout or bodybuilding journey, that you try and use the following products from Beverly International if you have never used their products before: UMP, Quadracarn, FitTabs.

Most Inspiring Book: The Conquest of Everest by Wade Davis

Hobbies Outside of Bodybuilding: Sports cars, college football (tremendous Penn State football fan), following the New York Yankees (staying true to my New York roots)

Music Preferences: 60’s & 70’s Rock & Roll

Words to Live by: “No matter the circumstance, NEVER quit!”


I've always been a very competitive individual, whether it be work, sports, etc. In college, I competed in both football and lacrosse. After college I balanced my intense work demands with my advancement in US amateur tennis ranks at the national level. After retiring in 1994, I gravitated towards golf and evolved from being pretty bad at the sport to competing as a very low handicap golfer.

By 2005 I was experiencing shoulder issues and then received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I was forced to turn to something else. I knew absolutely nothing about bodybuilding but joined a gym hoping to combat, or at least reduce the pain and affects of fibromyalgia on my body. I asked a lot of questions in the gym and soaked up information like a sponge. I became inspired as I worked out every day. Soon, I decided to adopt the bodybuilding lifestyle and my first competition was just around the corner.

I placed 3rd in my first competition. This inspired me to continue in the sport. I trained very, very hard over the next 13 years and entered various contests with moderate success.

Then I discovered Beverly International.

Using Beverly’s supplements, I stuck religiously to a solid nutrition plan and started to win most of my contests in both Florida and regionally. Beverly supplements helped me build muscle mass (yes, even at 70+ years of age). They also improved my recovery time and overall feeling of well-being - which is so important considering my medical challenges. I don’t beat myself up over it but often wonder where I would have been if I’d discovered Beverly International’s line of supplements 13 years earlier.

In my most recent competitions at the Masters’ Nationals, I placed 5th in 2018 and then 3rd in 2019. As a completely natural bodybuilder I had to be near perfect with my training, diet and supplements.

Diet & Supplements

Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. It is a year-round commitment. You will notice I eat a lot of fish which helps with leanness. Alcohol, bread, and sweets will kill your physique, and eating poorly up until contest prep time, and then going on extreme binge cycles will destroy your health.

The following is my meal and supplement regimen. I would recommend it to anyone looking to add muscle while getting in the best shape of your life.

Off Season:

Meal #1: UMP protein shake, 2 scoops Muscle Synergy, 2 FitTabs, 3 Quadracarn

Meal #2: 1 cup oatmeal

Meal #3: 8oz turkey breast, egg whites, 1 scoop Muscle Synergy, 1 scoop Creatine Select

Meal #4: 8oz tilapia, 10oz sweet potato, salad, 3 Quadracarn, 3 7-Keto MuscLean

Meal #5: 8oz chicken, salmon, cod, or halibut, 2 cups rice, salad

Meal #6: UMP shake with banana(s)

Contest Preparation: (Weeks 14 – 9 Out from Contest Date): You need 2 extra weeks in-case of any final, minor changes (instead of starting 12 weeks out).

Meal #1: UMP protein shake, 2 scoops Muscle Synergy, 2 FitTabs, 3 Quadracarn, 2 Lean Out

Meal #2: 1 cup oatmeal, 2 Lean Out

Meal #3: 6oz turkey breast, 6 oz egg whites, 1 grapefruit, 1 scoop Muscle Synergy, 1 scoop Creatine Select, 2 Lean Out

Meal #4: 8oz tilapia, 10oz sweet potato, salad, 3 Quadracarn, 3 7-Keto MuscLean

Meal #5: 8oz salmon, cod, or halibut, 1 cup rice, salad, 2 Lean Out, 3 Quadracarn

Meal #6: UMP shake with banana, 1 scoop Creatine Select

Diet Adjustments: (Weeks 8 – 5 Out from Contest Date)

Eliminate the sweet potato from meal four and rice from meal five.

Monday and Thursday: replace meal 4 with 10oz sweet potato, 2 cups of oatmeal with bananas

Diet: (Weeks 4 – 2 Out from Contest Date)

Meal plan is the same but I double my fish portions at meal 4, eliminate meal 5 and the banana at meal 6.

Final Week Before Contest: All supplements the same except for the addition of Creatine Select with every meal.

Meal #1: UMP shake

Meals #2-4: 8oz chicken, 1 grapefruit

Meal #5: UMP shake

Training Routine

I train each muscle group one day per week, with the exception of legs which I train two days a week. I perform five or six exercises per bodypart for 4-5 sets of 10-15 repetitions (unless noted otherwise). I take very little rest between sets on most exercises, but do take a little extra rest on Squats. Some days I superset or even triset groups of exercises. I usually pyramid my weights on each exercise, increasing the weight for each set.

MondayFavorite Exercises
Chest                                         Incline Bench, Cable Flyes, Incline Smith Machine Press, Incline Dumbbell Press, Flat Bench Press, and Push Ups to failure
TuesdayFavorite Exercises
Back                                         Lat Machine Pulldowns (reverse and overhand grip), One Arm Seated Cable Row, Seated Cable Row, Machine Rows, Smith Machine Rows w/ Incline Bench
Wednesday & SaturdayFavorite Exercises
Legs                                                                                 Smith Machine Squats (10 sets x 15, 10, 10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 6, 6, 5), Seated Leg Curl, Single Leg Press, Standing Leg Curls, Lying Leg Curls, Hack Squat
ThursdayFavorite Exercises
Arms                                         Reverse Cable Curls, BB or EZ Curls, Cable Rope Curls, Spider Curls, Close-grip Smith Machine Press, Cable Pressdown, Cable Triceps Extension, Chin Ups (5 sets to failure)
FridayFavorite Exercises
Shoulders                                         One-arm Cable Laterals, Rope Pulls to Face, Seated or Machine Military Press, DB Laterals, DB Front Raises, Rear Laterals, Upright Row on Smith Machine



30 minutes on the elliptical each day after weight training; if I am very tired, I skip cardio that day. The goal is to build muscle every day, not eat away at it through cardio.

14 Weeks Out from a contest:

50 minutes of cardio, 7 days per week. NOTE: Diet, Supplements, Cardio = Success

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