That’s Right, It Can Be Done, but the Relationship Between Training and Rest Recovery Is More Important Than You Ever Imagined.


It is a truism that athletes have varying genetic capabilities. Consequently, there is no point in publishing the “latest secret workout program designed to make you bigger than The Incredible Hulk overnight.”

We would suggest that the one real secret is that pro bodybuilders have chromosomes that would allow them to take an aerobics class, drop a Dianabol tab or two, train with the iron about as often as the moon appears blue, and still build muscle from that.

Well gee, guess what -- ninety-nine percent of the population can not follow that protocol.

Well then, what to do?

First, you have to avoid over-training and exploit principles such as specialization and progression. From our involvement with thousands of athletes at every level, we have developed a miraculous 42-day size-surge workout to increase growth and rest-recovery to cover the wide bell-shaped curve of the genetic population.

Because it reduces over-training and increases growth in even the “genetically challenged,” this program naturally also works for the genetically blessed. Remember: the genetically blessed can grow from almost any program, so this is applicable to everyone.

This routine is built around three core training principles:

  1. Specialization
  2. Planned Progression
  3. Rest-Recovery

Specialization, it’s impossible for the non-steroid athlete to train every body part maximally in terms of volume and intensity. For this reason, specialization becomes essential. We’ve focused on leg development in this program since we find that it is the #1 underdeveloped area in most trainees.

Planned Progression, while promoting rest-recovery, is another basic premise essential to this program. Progression doesn’t “just happen”: You have to map it out strategically. Realistic progression is a key factor that most natural trainees miss because they try to progress too fast or at an unrealistic pace. Trying to progress too fast will cause you to fail. Instead, you have to become goal-oriented in your progression. Every day you go into the gym, set a small goal for yourself, even if it is just one extra rep on a particular set. Performing and achieving the goal in your mind before you physically encounter
the weight will prepare you and your body for constant success.


Rest-Recovery (and free radical suppression) can be promoted by using cycle training, planning rest days around the varying stress levels imposed upon your Neuromuscular and adrenal systems.

Remember that while you may over-train a single muscle like your biceps, you can also over-train your entire neuromuscular system. This is why we suggest two rest days following heavy leg training – because exercises like squats tax your entire body. Recovery and recuperation within the workouts are also promoted by a push/pull style of training on the major upper-body training days. This facilitates blood flow to opposing muscle groups, prevents premature lactic acid buildups and fatigue in one muscle group, and has a spinal core mediated basis for recovery.

Day 1 Chest and Back


Push/Pull Series #1
Bench Press / Bent Row or Seated Cable Row. You will do one set of bench presses, rest 60-90 seconds and then do your set of rows. Follow that for all five sets. For example:

Set #1 Bench Press warm-up – 135 x 10 reps
Set #1 Seated Rows warm-up-7-9 reps

Set #2 Bench Press warm-up – 185 x 3 reps
Set #2 Seated Rows warm-up, 7-9 reps

Set #3 Bench Press 185 x 10–12 reps. Do max reps. If you get 12 reps, then increase by 5% (10 lbs.) the next workout
Set #3 Seated Rows 7-9 reps to failure

Sets #4 & 5 Bench Press 5–7 reps to failure – 215-lbs. on both sets. When you get 7 reps on both sets, add 10 lbs
Sets #4 & 5 Seated Rows 7-9 reps to failure

Push/Pull Series #2
(Same procedure as 1st group – alternate 1 set pressing with a set of pulling)

Incline Press or Lat Pulldown

Incline Press 3 Sets 6–10 reps to failure when you can get 10 reps on all 3 sets, increase the weight by 5 lbs (DB)
or 10 lbs (BB)
Pulldowns 3 sets 8–12 reps

Push/Pull Series #3

Dumbbell Press / Chins
DB Press 1st Set: 20–25 reps to failure, 2nd Set: 12–15 reps to failure
Chins 2 sets to failure (if you can do less than 6 reps per set of chins, add additional sets so that the total reps performed over all sets is at least 12)

Day 2 Light Legs

Compound Sets – (2 sets within same muscle group).
We find very few trainees spend enough time on their legs. The addition of this short workout can make a large difference in your development.

Series One: 6 sets 12 reps each
Front Squat or Smith Machine Squat compounded with Hack Squats. Keep constant tension on the quads by descending below parallel and coming up just 3/4 of the way (non-lockout.)
Try for 12 reps per set. When you can complete 12 reps on all 6 sets, add 10% to the weight. Rest just 60 seconds after completing each superset – take no more than 18 minutes to complete all 6 supersets.

Series Two
Leg curls compounded with Straight Leg Deadlifts.
3 sets 10 reps each – constant weight. (You may add a couple of straight sets for your calves at the end.)

Day 3 Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps

Push/Pull Series #1
Shoulder Press (seated or standing).
Warm-up set, then 3 sets 5–7 reps
Heavy Barbell Curls warm-up set, then 3 sets 5–7 reps
Triceps Pushdown 3 sets 6–10 reps to failure

On the above push-pull series, you alternate exercises: 1st set of Shoulder Presses, with 60–90 second rest. Then 1st set Barbell Curls. Rest. Then 1st set of Triceps Pushdowns. Rest 60 – 90 and repeat the series.

Push/Pull Series #2
3-Way Dumbbell Raises, 3 sets. Do Bent Over Laterals, 1x 5 reps, Front Raises, 5 reps, and finally Lateral Raises, for your last 5 reps. Repeat until 3 sets of each have been completed.

3-Way Dumbbell Curls, 3 sets. Do 5 reps top half, 5 reps bottom half, and the final 5 reps are full reps!

3-Way Triceps Presses, 3 sets. Do 5 reps Skull Crushers to forehead, next 5 reps bring bar behind the head, and final 5 reps is a full Pullover and Press.


Day 4 Rest

Day 5 Heavy Legs

(You use planned progression, and your weights are based on 225 x 10 reps normal workout poundage.)

Squat straight sets (lots of rest)
1st set warm-up 10 easy reps - 135
2nd set warm-up 5 Reps - 185
3rd set warm-up 3 Reps - 205

Work Set #1: Use your normal 12–15 rep weight (in this case 205lbs) and do 15–25 reps. Rest 5 minutes
Work Set #2: Add 20-lbs. (225) and try to get 10–20 reps. Rest 5 minutes

Work Set #3: Use the same weight as work set one (205) and go for max reps.

Note: Add weight when you make 25 reps on your first work set or 20 reps on the 2nd work set, but the 3rd work set is always the same weight as the 1st work set.

Try to add at least 1 rep to each work set above each workout

Push/Pull Series to finish
Leg presses 3 x 8–12 reps
Leg curls 3 x 8-12 reps


Day 6 and 7 Rest

Nutrition / Special Supplements for Mass!

In conjunction with a much more realistic approach to training, understand that even genetic wonders do not get maximum results without optimum nutrient-dense 24-hour nutritional support.

Aim for at least 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein every day. To start, you’ll need at least three regular meals based around whole food protein sources such as steak, eggs, lean ground beef, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, and fish.

Most people just cannot eat 5-7 whole food meals every day. Instead of trying to choke down one can of tuna after the other all day long, protein drinks make getting your protein quota easier.

You need an intelligent blend of high-octane proteins for growth and support. We do strongly believe that Beverly UMP is the best in quality, convenience, taste, and thus results. UMP is best as a rich and creamy drink. Add heavy cream or half and half to your shake for more nutrient density. You can also make UMP pudding, UMP crepes, and more.

No matter how you use UMP, it provides extra nutritional support and superior source of high nitrogen to grow muscle.

Another very important support tool in your program is Ultra 40 – almost a perfect bodybuilding food. This will not only supply a surplus of amino acids and a premium grade beef protein, but Ultra 40 is laced with micronutrients that provide the groundwork within your metabolism for big growth. This will give you the constant influx of nutrients you need to recover and facilitate growth, 24-7!

For advanced trainees, we’ve all heard the phrase “you don’t grow in the gym.” “Forget what the experts say”… you can grow while you train. There are both truths and fallacies to this statement.

Your efforts in the gym stimulate the growth and recovery that takes place outside of the gym, but there certainly is nothing wrong with getting a jump-start on the process. Density, Muscle Mass and Glutamine Select provide top-grade fuel sources of amino acids for your muscles to feed on while you are training. In addition to fueling growth, an adequate supply of BCAAs in the bloodstream stimulates the utilization of fat stores and increases levels of growth-producing hormones such as testosterone, insulin, and growth hormone. During training, take one or more of these high potency amino acid supplements to increase all three anabolic hormonal environments far past what training alone can provide.

Finally, we also feel that Creatine Select and Mass Maker Ultra will help most people gain mass, especially naturals.

How long? 42 Days

Now, if after 42 days, you are still able to meet your planned progression goals, go another two weeks. Be sure you pay close attention to your nutrition. Take your supplements regularly. Plan each training session in advance. We guarantee you’ll build more muscle in the next 6 weeks than you have in the past 6 months!


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