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ZMA 2000

Stronger, More Energetic and Virulent with Beverly’s ZMA
When I start taking ZMA I can feel my training recovery double. I sleep so deeply that I usually wake up within 2-4 hours of taking it and think I’ve already gotten a full 8 hours of sleep. Then I realize that it’s only 2 o’ clock in the morning and I get to sleep another 4 hours! Besides not feeling sluggish anymore I’m stronger, more energetic and virulent.

Steven Wade
Wilder, KY

Sleep Deeply, Feel Energized, Train Hard and Increase Lean Mass...all with Bev ZMA!
For such a simple mineral supplement, Beverly’s ZMA packs a multipurpose punch for the hard training male and female. My busy schedule usually forces me to train late into the evening. This typically leads to many restless nights and poor quality sleep. I need every hour of sleep to count in order to recharge and recover for the next busy day. ZMA has enabled me to sleep very deeply and feel energized for each morning. Not only has ZMA aided in my quality of sleep, I have always noticed an increase in lean mass and strength even when on a pre contest diet. I truly believe that the use of ZMA is what has enabled me to consistently train hard, and stay healthy during extremely busy and stressful times of the year.

Jon Abrams
Ft. Thomas, KY

Bust Through Plateaus
ZMA is an interesting product. Many of my clients that have used it experience very significant muscular gains while others report improved sleep and recovery. For those who are "responders", it's busted through their plateaus and made a very significant (actually surprising) difference in their gains. These "responders" are most often men in their 40’s and 50’s by what I'm seeing. I use ZMA for its immune boosting and acne fighting benefits. My friend swears by its effect of helping her sleep like a baby. It’s certainly worth trying, especially since we will gladly refund your purchase if you don’t experience the results YOU want.

Rita Kaya R.D.
Cincinnati, OH

Don’t Use Anything But Beverly Products – The Supplement Specialists
I’ve been using Beverly for a year and a half. For the last 8 weeks, I have been on a Beverly nutrition plan. Even though I was sick a couple of weeks with bronchitis and advised by my family physician to take a couple weeks off; I was able to lose 3% body fat. I went from 13% to 10%. He is experiencing an increase in vascularity; definition and his abs are coming in. After using Beverly products, I won’t use anything else. The diehard bodybuilders know about Beverly, but the general health clubs don’t. The discussion board gives me a place to discuss nutrition, diet and training with like-minded people. I love all of the Beverly products, but ZMA won out as my favorite. Before using ZMA, I did extensive research. After using the product, my sleep has improved, I feel stronger and have more energy. The fact that Beverly’s labels are true to what they say makes all the difference. I wouldn’t use anything else.

I tell those that I come in contact, "If you needed surgery on a vital organ would you go to a family practitioner or would you go to a specialist? Which one would you prefer?" Of course their reply is, “I would take the specialist.” So why would you use anything but Beverly? They are the specialists when it comes to supplements.

Tom Burrick -Three D Fit
Trenton, MI

ZMA Helped Him Get His Strength Back
I don’t think they should really be compared. From some of the research I’ve seen, even the best prohormones out there have a 20% turnover ratio. Prohormones are precursors to their illegal counterpart steroid. When they are ingested, usually the best you can expect is 20% of what you have taken to help. And even worse, normally you get all, if not more, of the side effects that you would get with steroids. As for ZMA, it definitely helped me get back to my normal strength. I think it has numerous benefits, but I wouldn’t buy it over the proteins. The proteins are, in modern or maybe outdated terms, “the bomb.”

Chris Pyle

Strength Gains Are Enormous
Prohormones are crap!! Tried those for a year. More placebo than anything else. ZMA works and works well. Take at night before bed. Strength gains are enormous, and with increased strength comes size.