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How do you Gain 10 pounds in a Year and still come in Harder and Leaner than ever Before?
I took Mass and Ultra 40 constantly, around the clock. I took them with meals, between meals and when I woke up in the middle of the night. I also relied on Muscle Provider and Ultra Size. The combination of these products made sure that I was constantly getting a dense supply of amino acids and nutrients 24 hours a day. This allowed me to gain muscle consistently with just 4 products.

Mark Sangiuliano
Louisville, KY

Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time
Ultra 40 helps me achieve a general, overall hardness better than any other single supplement that I have taken. I am able to consistently build quality lean muscle and lose fat at the same time.

Dennis Auer

I Switched and Could Tell a Difference in One Week
I used to take all popular Brand X products. I wasn’t happy with the results that I was getting from the products or from the taste of the protein powders. I switched to Beverly and my energy levels went through the roof. The Ultra 40 is my favorite product. I could literally tell a difference in my strength, energy and endurance within the first week. I also love the taste of the Muscle Provider. With proteins that taste that good, I want to drink them all day long.

Chris Barbella

My favorite product – Ultra 40’s
Why   They are a great source of protein, iron, and B-vitamins. They can be taken any time of day... I can EASILY take them with me wherever I go (no need for a shaker bottle). Other than Mass Aminos, Ultra 40's are the best and easiest way to "beef" up ones daily protein intake... If Roger and Sandy ever decide to make one of those candy...I mean nutrition bars...I may be persuaded to change my thoughts on my favorite product. Until then I am sticking with my Ultra 40’s.

Jeff Williamson
Batesville, IN

With Beverly, I Get what I Pay For
By using the Muscle Provider, Mass and Ultra 40 I was able to build muscle and losing fat at a more rapid rate. The people around me notice a major difference in my appearance and condition and that is important to me. The price of Beverly products is slightly higher than the others on the market, but I have tried many of the cheaper products on the market and haven’t achieved results. With Beverly I get the ingredients that I am paying for.

John Wilson

Ultra 40... a No B.S. Product for Strength and Mass Gains
I always used your Ultra 40 Liver supplement when I trained for my world arm wrestling titles. I’m now in the process of getting back in shape to win the world grand master titles in super heavyweight class. Your Ultra 40 will again be at the top of my list for strength and muscle gains. This is a no B.S. product. It simply works to give me strength and mass gains.

Richard Lupkes
Rushmore, MN

What the Doctor Ordered or Fantastic at 40
I’m a doctor and have read about and used several different nutrition supplements over the years. I’m a true believer in Beverly’s Mass Aminos and Ultra 40. Since adding these two supplements to my program, my metabolism has increased significantly. I’m almost 40 and am able to burn fat better than ever before. I credit the Mass and Ultra 40 with keeping my body in fantastic condition all year around.

Suzanne BeGell, DC
Syracuse, NY

Using Beverly since 1989
I’ve been taking Beverly since 1989. I started with Mass & Ultra 40, back when they were in a square bottle. The purity and quality of the ingredients that Beverly uses are amazing. The Mass Maker doesn’t contain the sugars of other mass builders on market so I can put on quality lean mass without a load of fat. I weighed 150 when I first started working out. Since taking Beverly products I have put on about 80 quality pounds. I don’t use anything but Beverly products. I used to use Popular Brand X, but after tasting Beverly Proteins and getting the quality protein blend I quit using that immediately. I love mixing it with whipping cream and making “mocha” and also love to make pudding. I am totally natural; drug free for life. I am 35 years old and can hang in the gym with all the young guys. The tips and education from Beverly have made a huge difference in my diet and training. If I ever have a question on how to take something, Beverly tells me how to take it to best achieve my goals. I am not a competitive bodybuilder, but live a bodybuilding lifestyle. It’s not often that you can talk to the owner of a company or that they actually call you personally.

Laszlo Rakovsky
Keller, TX

Ultra 40 helps with Strength and Endurance
I have post-polio, which comes from having polio as a child and having it reoccur as an adult I have trouble training with high intensity and have very low endurance. Beverly’s Ultra 40, Muscle Provider and the overall nutrition plan that Beverly recommend has helped immensely with my strength and endurance. It helps me push my training bench mark up, to train harder each workout, get stronger, have more endurance and increase my energy levels each day. The ongoing nutrition and supplement plan support has benefited me greatly. I often have questions and there is always a knowledgeable Beverly staff member that is willing to help me and answer my questions.

Kent Edwards
Lebanon, OH

After about 3 or 4 days Without Them... I know For Sure that they Work
I really like the Mass + Ultra 40 combo. I’ve noticed that if I run out for a week I lose some energy and am weaker in my workouts and my work (construction.) I have a much harder time recovering without my Mass + Ultra 40. When you take it for a while sometimes you wonder, "Are these really working?" After about 3 or 4 days without them... I know for sure that they work. Over the years I have tried so many different supplements on the market. I have never found a company or line of supplements that even comes close to Beverly. There are a few products out there that are good, but not for the amount of money they charge for them. Beverly’s prices really are the most fair based on the quality and ingredients in them.

Rusty Carmack
Wilmington, OH

Everyone Has Achieved Quick and Steady Success
Everyone that I have put on the Mass, Ultra 40 and Beverly protein combo has achieved quick and steady success. Within just a couple of weeks my clients tell me that they feel stronger, leaner and fuller than ever. I look forward to recommending more products, as well as using the entire line for my contest prep. I appreciate all of the knowledge and free advice you give to assure that my clients and I are taking the products correctly to reach our goals. The information and guidance that you offer is priceless.

O.C. Cleare, Bodies in Motion
Clovis, NM

I’ve put 20lbs on my Bench and Squat in 3 Weeks
I was originally using the 4 Ultra 40 per meal that was recommended on my plan. As I read more NNN’s and BMJ’s and saw what other athletes were doing, I started to experiment with a higher dosage. In the last 3 weeks I have been taking 10 Ultra 40 with each meal and am seeing great results from the increase. In this 3 week period, I have put 20 pounds on my bench and well over 20 pounds on my squats. My recovery time is amazing, as I am squatting 3 times per week with no trouble. I am following a progressive type training program and adding 5-10 pounds to my squat at each session. I have been training for years and have always tried to find that "certain (legal) thing" to make my body respond and take off. This is the most that my body has ever responded. With Ultra 40 my body is taking off the way I want for the first time ever. I am losing bodyfat, maintaining and building lean mass and increasing my strength immensely.

David Shaffer
Erie, PA

Maintained Muscle after Surgery with Glutamine Select and Ultra 40
Glutamine Select plus BCAA’s is a flavorful powder that is easy to use with many benefits for the bodybuilder or fitness buff. Ultra 40 Tabs are a main component in my daily diet. I find them to be invaluable. For the last 3 years I’ve used the Glutamine Select and Ultra 40 Protein Tabs. I’m convinced they have helped me maintain my muscle tone. I had to have rotator cuff surgery in 2005 and due to the injury I was unable to lift or do any upper body work for 8 months. I held the muscle better than I would have if I wasn’t dedicated to those two products. I highly recommend Beverly International products to my friends and personal training clients.

Laurie Mintzer
Rutland, VT

Stacey holds a serving size of her UMP strawberry shortcake
You cannot out train a bad diet! Diet is over 80% of the equation for fat loss while exercise is 20% or less. Diet comes first and then the rest just falls into place. You have to get your eating under control to get the results you desire. If you want abs, crunches will not cut it alone. Eat right first and the abs will follow – Stacey Beers

Enjoying her UMP strawberry shortcake [read the recipe »]