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Muscle Synergy

Stronger, Better Recovery and Reaching Personal Bests with Muscle Synergy
I’ve been using Muscle Synergy since Jeff Everson mentioned it in Planet Muscle. I was reluctant to try it because you just never know with the supplements out there. Man was I ever humbled by this stuff. I had stronger pumps no matter what rep scheme I used. My recovery time between sessions and sets has improved a lot as well. I even had my wife using it leading up to her first show and she was hitting personal bests in the two weeks before her show. It simply works. I’ve trained without it and there is a night and day difference. Muscle Synergy is as essential as macros in my opinion! I was indifferent to Beverly as a whole at first. It’s hard to know who is really for the athlete and who’s not. So many companies want to make money without considering their customers. It simply isn't that way with Beverly. Since having the pleasure of meeting Roger and Sandy briefly at the Arnold I was REALLY sold on Beverly products. Great products WITH great people... Beverly just can’t be beat!

Shawn Bellon
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Within Two Weeks on Muscle Synergy My Strength Went Up Almost 50%
Muscle Synergy is my product of choice for strength and muscle gains. When I’m on it I get noticeable results in all my lifts...substantially more than normal. I was struggling to get 5-6 reps with 100lb dumbbells on the incline and in less than two weeks on Synergy I was able to get 10 reps. I was simply amazed when this happened. My workout partners have also experienced similar results. Muscle Synergy is a bit costly, but there is a reason for works! For the results it produces it’s worth the money. I do cycle off and when I do, I do lose a bit but I’m still better off than I was at the start of the cycle, and better than I believe I would be without the Muscle Synergy.


Muscle Synergy Is Amazing!
You were right... New Synergy is amazing!!! I won’t go another day without using it. My renewed sense of purpose, my endurance physically and mentally is phenomenal!!!

Craig Griffith

Stronger than ever after my first dose of Synergy!
I’m a retailer and just got my first order from Beverly this morning. I decided to open a bottle of Muscle Synergy and try it myself this morning before my training. I’ve used a nitric oxide type product in the past and wanted to see how I would feel using the Synergy. I had to call and tell you that the effects of this product are exceedingly different than any other product I’ve used. I know that one dose isn’t going to create mass muscle gains, but I felt an immediate pump after taking the Synergy. It absolutely shocked me how much blood was in my muscles. I had a great workout and was stronger than ever. I am looking forward to the long term results from Muscle Synergy!

Williams Copeland – Premier Nutrition
Ventnor, NJ

Muscle Synergy is by far my Favorite Beverly Supplement for Strength Gains
This may sound like a plug, but I don’t work for Beverly and don’t get paid by them. Muscle Synergy is by far my favorite Beverly supplement for strength gains. Adding Creatine Select takes it to a whole new level with the Beta Alanine in it. The strength gains off this are incredible. I get stronger every workout by leaps and bounds. For instance on leg press I got 18 reps last workout. I needed to add weight since I try to keep my reps at 12. So the next workout I added 50 lbs. I blew out 20 reps. I added another 110lbs and blew out 14! I have a pretty serious home set up, and I ran out of weight! Also keep in mind I’ve been training for 20 years so I’m not a new trainer that would get these gains anyway. That’s what I love about Beverly they don’t make crazy claims like all the rest, in fact, they under sell this stuff. I hope someone that is curious reads this because I spent years messing around with the next best thing or the best deal that was being offered at the time. Although Beverly may not be cheap, for the results you get you’ll be saving time and money in the long run.

Doberman – from the BI Forum

Improved Drive and Focus
I am amazed at the improved drive and focus that I have with the new formulation of Muscle Synergy. My endurance has also improved greatly.


Muscle Synergy Helps Brings 200-lb Squat Increase to Knee Injury Patient
Just months after squatting 1000lbs in my very first power-lifting meet, I suffered a terrible knee injury that required reconstructive surgery. After a year off from competition and a long recovery process, the fire to compete began to burn deep inside. Only 1 month back into hardcore power training, I decided to carry Muscle Synergy in my training center. Since I was going to be selling the product to my clients, I might as well try it. The first day, the arginine and niacin kicked in. My pump was so intense I could barely close my hands. In only 2 weeks from using the product, my squat has gone from 750 to 955. That is with no wraps, no power suit, and even stepping back with the weight and positioning my whole body (which in itself expends a ton of energy.) Training over 100 clients a week, I don’t have a lot of time to eat. I have to rely on many Beverly protein shakes and eat whenever I can. Muscle Synergy is a blessing from above, I know the Synergy is working at all times to help make sure my body gets proper recovery from my all-out brutal workouts when my nutrition may not be optimal. I cannot believe the increase in strength with Muscle Synergy. A 200-lb increase in your squat is no joke. I feel stronger and am recovering like a race horse champion. The 1100 lb. squat and a new world record that I am shooting for in July is definitely in sight. If Muscle Synergy keeps working like this, that world record will get blown out of the water.

Terry Bryan
Cincinnati, OH

Amazing Pumps and Endurance from Muscle Synergy
I am so happy with the new Muscle Synergy. I love the amazing pumps and the endurance that I experience while using it. Other products that I am very happy with are Mass, Ultra 40 and Ultra Size. I feel that I am in better health while taking them and I am fuller and leaner with these products.

The Vitamin Outlet

Gain a Pound of Muscle a Week
I’ve been using Beverly’s Muscle Synergy for four to five weeks. I have to admit I was skeptical at first. I had used an HMB and Creatine supplement before with no results. I knew that Beverly had always produced top quality products plus everything is backed with a money back guarantee. With this being a no risk deal, I decided to give it a try. Wow! I have put on 5 pounds of lean mass. Not bad for a guy that has to eat large amounts of calories to gain weight. I was also a big user of caffeine. Between two jobs going to school, being a husband and father, I relied on caffeine to get me through the day. Not anymore, with the Synergy I’ve cut out all caffeine.

Zach Rivera
Arvada, CO

Unbelievable Hardness and Definition In First 6 Days
First off let me start by saying Muscle Synergy is AMAZING. I wish you would have suggested it sooner. I have been using it 6 days, and the results in less than a week are unbelievable. I am seeing such a difference with the addition of this product. I was so worried I was going to get "big and bulky" – not the case. It has made me so hard and defined. It’s putting muscle on me and that’s what’s helping to burn more fat and get so hard. I love it!

Jennifer O’Connor
Boca Raton, FL

A 100-Lb Squat Increase Feels Incredible
Muscle Synergy is the most powerful formula I have ever taken. I can literally feel it working with the incredible pumps I get. I am now benching 500 for reps and my squats have increased over 100 lbs. My recovery time is much better.

Jason Therry
Akron, OH

Great Pumps and Strength Gains
Muscle Synergy is the best supplement I’ve ever used. I had the best gains in strength and size in years, and I get great pumps using Muscle Synergy.

Ken Reynolds

Beverly was My Turning Point to a Better Physique
Once again, thanks for your quick response and supplement answer. I will be starting the full 16 tablets this coming Monday. Between the Muscle Synergy + the other supplements you suggested Roger, I’m super pumped at the gym. I’ve put on the 5lbs lost from my surgery and looking forward to another show. I’m thankful for both of your dedication and contributions to the BB industry. For me 8 months ago, BI was the turning point to a better physique and much better understanding to nutrition.

Giulia Nucciteli
Irvine, CA

I’m Finally Gaining Weight – 8lbs and Still Climbing!
I am single, 24-year-old male and work 2 jobs, both in shipping. So between work and having to cook my own meals, I struggle to eat right because of lack of time to prepare the food. I’m 6 ft. tall and weigh 181 pounds or less, and never been able to get my weight above 181. In the past 2 years, I have tried other products to put on mass, without any success. I began using Beverly’s Muscle Synergy, Ultra Size and Creatine 3 weeks ago and have seen an increase in mass of 8 pounds. I am now up to 189lbs and still gaining. The personal attention I received from Beverly helped me select the products needed to help me make these gains. By critiquing my diet and using the Beverly products, I have no doubt my gains will be even greater.

Danny Watkins
Cincinnati, OH

Finally Seeing Real Results at 54 with Beverly’s Muscle Synergy
Thank you so much for your encouraging words and help. Since switching to all Beverly products, I feel great and am so excited about seeing real results. Being on Muscle Synergy for only five days has been an eye opener for me. I’m so glad I took your advice and tried it. There is no comparison to the old NO2 product I was taking! The combination of the Muscle Synergy with my other new Beverly products has been amazing. I was on the other NO2 product for a good while and didn’t notice much difference. I noticed a significant difference with Beverly products right away.
A BIG THANK YOU. Again, I can already tell a huge difference... and did I mention that I am 54 years old?

Sandi Brancio

I love the new Muscle Synergy powder! Holy Moly! It makes me look more ripped and lean. I’ve dropped 1% bodyfat in a week and I’ve added a good amount of lean muscle in the last month. My trainer asked what I was doing... and then said, "Whatever it is... keep doing it!

Female Member – BI Forum