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Muscle Provider

The Best I’ve Ever Tasted!
I get nothing but positive feedback from my customers! The Muscle Provider protein is the best I’ve ever tasted. I noticed a major difference in my physique in just six weeks using Beverly. The service and products at Beverly are unparalleled. Next day service and a friendly staff is a nice surprise.

Matt Shaul – Bob’s Gym
Evansville, IN

My Muscles Absorb It Quickly
Muscle Provider, especially chocolate, is by far the best tasting protein I’ve ever had. I especially love it right after a workout, my muscles seem to absorb it quickly and recovery time is a lot quicker. I am fast becoming a fan of all your products.

Robin Deacon
Beardstown, IL

Muscle Provider Does Provide Muscles
Before ever giving Beverly a chance, I used to believe the hype that other supplement companies bragged about. Now I know that they’re lies! Muscle Provider lives up to its name. It provides the utmost effectiveness for my needs. I must say that I’m extremely impressed with all of your products! There honestly isn’t one thing to improve upon. The only recommendations I can give is to keep up the fantastic work and keep supplying the world»s best products. I feel that the not only the fantastic quality of the products, but the help you receive from such caring individuals really makes you what you are today! I honestly can’t say how much I love and support Beverly! I would absolutely do anything in the world to help ya’ll! I will argue with anyone that I hear say that another product is anywhere close to Beverly’s. I feel that ya’ll provide the highest quality products with the most knowledgeable advice to bodybuilders! I can say for a fact that Beverly has me for life. I will never even think of using another company»s supplements. Hopefully, one day when I can acquire my pro-card, I can use it to spread the word of Beverly!

John Mansour
Greenville, MS

I’ve Added Extreme Size
Beverly products have helped me to put on extreme size. The Muscle Provider has excellent taste. (I) would recommend the products to any serious weight trainer.

Marc Elwell
Columbus, OH

The Science behind the Products Proves Their Value
The main reason I chose muscle provider was for the excellent list of ingredients that it contained, which presents the ideal anabolic and anti-catabolic environment. I particularly like the quality ingredients, but the taste of muscle provider is astounding. I like to mix it with my morning oatmeal, and it honestly tastes like I am eating a dessert. I use Ultra Size, as well, and the chocolate taste is intense. I have done extensive research on bodybuilding, and Beverly is one of the few companies to use REAL science to help bodybuilders achieve their goals. Beverly utilizes methods based upon proper metabolic processes and basic biochemistry, which tells me that they are well informed about the mechanics of the body and the needs of bodybuilders. Beverly kicks butt!!!

Joe Padula
Coventry, RI

This Works with Any Type of Diet
I honestly feel Muscle Provider is the best quality protein supplement on the market. It costs more than some of the cheaper products, but you get what you pay for. It tastes great and it can be added to any type of variety of diets, since it is extremely low in fat and carbs. I originally never bought it because of the prices at our gym. But, then I used it before my first contest to get in shape and I was sold after that. I honestly feel Beverly has the best quality supplements on the market. I have never experienced as many gains in such a small amount of time by simply switching supplements.

Sean Young
Cincinnati, OH

His Wife Was Sneaking It
First, let me start off by saying thank you for providing such an awesome product! What can I say about Muscle Provider that hasn’t already been said a thousand times over? A truly top-quality (the best!) protein that tastes better than anything I»ve ever tasted. This stuff is addictive! I»ve been trying different protein powders for years and my wife runs from the kitchen when she sees me mixing up proteins. She has never liked a single protein product I’ve had (some, I even added a bunch of stuff like fruit or yogurt). Well, let me tell you, not only did she like the taste of Muscle Provider, but she started using it on her own. First nutritional supplement she has ever used! And I was wondering why I was running out of MP so fast! Keep up the good work and thanks again! P.S. I am a registered and licensed dietitian and I work with malnourished patients (hemodialysis). I tell them that if I could choose any one protein product in the world, it would be Muscle Provider!

Jon R. Gonzalez
Registered/licensed renal dietitian

Easy Mixing, Great Taste
Muscle Provider is excellent. I enjoy the taste and the easy mixing ability. It is, by far, the best meal supplement I have ever tasted.

Justin Tatum
Nashville, TN

Nothing Else Tastes This Good
Oh my goodness, protein heaven. NOTHING on the market tastes as good as vanilla MP, and the chocolate is great too. Another benefit--no gastrointestinal side effects, if you catch my drift. TASTE, TASTE, TASTE! Quality, too, but by far, the taste is what sells this product for me. Excellent company, excellent service, excellent products... a plus!

Tina Kinsley

I Gained 4lbs of Muscle in 3 Months
The main reason I tried Muscle Provider was from the opinion of others that it was the best high-quality protein on the market. Usually, I am disappointed in a product touted by others. Not this one! And when I saw the quality of the physiques in your Champion Profiles, I had to try it. At first, I hesitated because of price. But Beverly is much better than the competitors. I have gained 4 pounds of muscle using your products in just 3 month using Beverly versus the others.

Leslie Troisi
Elmira, NY

Drinking Protein Has Never Tasted So Good
I»ve been taking Beverly for 2 or 3 years. My favorite product is Muscle Provider. I’ve taken all types of proteins on the market and I hated taking them. They tasted awful and had a horrible aftertaste. Contrary to anything I»ve taken before, I love the taste of Muscle Provider. I actually look forward to drinking my protein now, rather than dread it.

Homer Alafa
Edinburg, TX

This Is the Best-Tasting Protein Out There
Through the years I have tried all kinds of protein powder. Without a doubt, Muscle Provider is the best-tasting protein and the best product on the market. At first, I didn»t try Muscle Provider because I»d never heard of it and thought that if it wasn»t advertised in all of the magazines it wasn»t good. Boy was I wrong! Beverly’s philosophy is simple: quality products from even more quality people!

Mark Palmer
Castlewood, VA