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Joint Care

Best Priced and Most Effective Joint Product on the Market
Beverly’s Joint Care is the best priced and most well-rounded joint supplement on the market. With the precise blend of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM this product is effective in helping relieve the pain and inflammation in my bad knees, shoulders and hips. I enjoy the Joint Care very much. It’s a mainstay in my supplement package.

Rich 55 – BI Forum

Joint Care Should Be Called Magic Pills!
I took your advice and have been taking 12-15/day. Sandy & Roger should call these magic pills. My elbow is now almost pain free! I started lifting again this week for the first time in over a month. No elbow strap and no pain! I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because I already know how great your products are! I am a personal trainer during the day and a drummer at night. My elbows take quite the pounding. I won’t ever stop taking joint care again! Thanks a million!

Michael Bistany
Manchester, NH

Throwing and Lifting Like I was Never Hurt At All with Joint Care
I’m a 22 year old college football player suffering from tendentious in my right rotator cuff. I’d done everything to help with the pain, including getting a couple of injections. Nothing helped. If the pain went away my strength just got worse. I couldn’t take it anymore. I started asking around about what I could take to help my joint get better. The manager at my gym (who had just had knee surgery) said that Beverly’s Joint Care sped up her recovery time and got her back to normal in no time. I decided to take the Joint Care, and I’m glad I did because my shoulder has never felt better. Before I couldn’t throw a football or lift 5 pounds without horrible pain, but now I’m throwing a football for hours on end and I never feel any pain. I’m lifting like I was never even hurt. Thank you for putting out such a great product. Keep up the great engineering.

Sean Ryan Daley
Ballwin, MO

Joint Care Made a Remarkable Difference In My Hand Pain
What an incredible product Joint Care is!!!! I was suffering from an incredible pain and lack of grip because of the same. I couldn’t sleep at night. Curls were an agony (I wondered why my biceps didn’t peak). Bench-pressing anything was an ordeal. You get the picture. To give you a better idea, working legs was a welcome relief from agony. My trainer, with all well-minded intention, recommended I try MSM to relieve the pain. He suggested powder form and in the shakes twice per day, YUCK!! If anyone has tasted sulfur, this is it. It comes out in the shake like a vise on your taste buds. In other words, it’s disgusting.

Then I ran into one of the articles on Joint Care on your website and decided to order a bottle. Desperate for some relief while I waited for the order, I went to GNC and bought some capsules of Glucosamine, which did nothing in 4 days. Then came the day I received my Beverly order and there it was, Joint Care. Immediately after opening the box, I dropped 3 in my mouth and proceeded to take 12 per day for the next 3 days, then 9 per day. What a remarkable difference. Whoever reads this may be skeptical and think people get paid to say this about your products, but the fact is undeniable – they actually do what they claim to do. One sad fact, I forgot to order and have been without for 6 days and, even though the pain has not returned in the same fashion, I can tell the difference.

John Calero

50-Year-Old Looks 38 and Feels Like 20
I was diagnosed with crippling arthritis years back. I have a nursery in my yard and couldn’t even grip the potted plants. I had tried all kinds of different medically-suggested products. I started taking 10 Joint Care a day. Soon I noticed my pain was gone. My Doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing. I know it is the Joint Care, because when I run out my pain comes back! In my 20’s, I was a big-time lifter. Now I am 50 years old and for the past 20 years have junked out and gained a bunch of weight. I remembered what worked for me way back then, so I decided to follow my old plan. I got some liver pills and egg protein from Beverly. I cleaned up my diet and have lost 30 pounds. I now have the energy of a 20 year old! Someone even guessed my age at 38! I’ve tried a bunch of different things, but nothing compares to Beverly’s "anti-fatigue" liver formula – Ultra 40. It’s the best ever!

John Benz
Cincinnati, OH

Joint Care Gave Relief for Severely Degenerated Spinal Disc Pain
I’ve lived with chronic back pain for 5 years. On a scale of 1–10 (1 being no pain and 10 being the worst pain I’ve ever experienced), I’d say my pain was always a 3, occasionally shooting to 8 or 9. In other words, very painful. And I believe my tolerance for pain is quite high. I’ve had an MRI showing I have a "severely" degenerated disc between lumbar vertebrae L1 and L2. I’ve undergone massage, chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, physical therapy, medication therapy, and osteopathic adjustments. Though most have provided some form of relief, (seeking those treatments when the pain level was above 5) the pain was only returned to level 3, where it usually was.

You suggested I try Beverly’s Joint Care, which I’ve used now for one week. After two days using joint care I realized upon waking I wasn’t as stiff or sore. Over the next several days, the pain and stiffness continued to diminish. My pain level is now 1.5 after one week of use. I am going to ask my local supplier (Fitness Headquarters in Vestal, NY) to start stocking it. I am sold for life. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Michael Bolles
[email protected]

Joint Care Keeps Joints from Aching
I order 2 Joint Care for myself and 2 for my 85-year-old grandmother in Trinidad. We both love the product. It helps keep our joints from aching, especially our knees. My grandmother lives in a third floor, walk-up building. Since she had started taking Joint Care she has no trouble with her knees and legs.

Richard Louis
New York, NY

Wrecked Shoulder No Longer A Pain
I used to be a boxer when I was younger. Punching so many bags and lifting weights caused my shoulders to bomb out. It gave me fits for years and what I could do in the gym was limited. After trying Beverly Joint Care, I have seen the biggest difference. Now I can train pain-free and do all of the exercises I haven’t been able to do for years.

Brian Simpson
Cincinnati, OH

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