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Here’s How to Look Fuller as a Lightweight
I used the Glutamine Select between each meal and through the night when I woke up during the entire final week before my contest. I swear this is why I was looked so much fuller on stage then a normal 154 pound bodybuilder. I highly recommend adding this approach of loading BCAA’s and Glutamine in addition to Beverly’s final week water manipulation plan.

Sean Sullivan
Mashpee, MA

No More Muscle Soreness, Fatigue or Strength Problems for Me
I LOVE Beverly’s Glutamine Select plus BCAAs!! Recently, my strength gains were stalled and I wanted to try something new. The Glutamine Select product has helped me break past the barrier that was preventing my workouts from progressing the way I wanted them to. In addition, I won’t go without this supplement for the first-rate muscle recovery I get using it.

I’m currently on an intense 5-day a week training split that trains one body part per day. Prior to using the Glutamine Select, if I worked legs, I could hardly walk the next day! Washing my hair became a chore because I couldn’t move my arms on Bi/Tri day. Once I added Glutamine Select to my program, I’ve not had the muscle soreness, fatigue, or strength problems I experienced previously. I’ve tried the Glutamine Select as both a post-workout drink and as a during-workout drink and, in my experience, taking the Glutamine Select in the 2 scoop/16 oz. water combination is the ticket to my training success. I’ve tried other Glutamine supplements from other well-known supplement companies and they don’t even compare to the Beverly product with regard to how well they work and how quickly you notice the differences. I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their strength or looking to combat post-intense workout fatigue and to support recovery.

Beverly’s products and services are top-notch. I’ve tried other popular brands that are widely available and I think the Beverly products, especially the powders, taste MUCH better than the alternatives. Beverly products give you all the "good stuff," without all the fillers and extra junk that is useless.

Christina Clark
Muncie, IN 47304

Amazing Post Op Recovery
I recently had shoulder surgery. The doctors were amazed at my recovery even 1 week post op. My range of motion came back at an alarming rate. I’m too am amazed at my recovery time with Glutamine Select.

Robert Walker
West Chester, OH

I’ve Found the Missing Ingredient That Makes My Workouts Awesome
Glutamine Select plus BCAAs was the missing ingredient in my program. I have always used BCAAs, but never really during training. Even though I knew through my nutritional biochemistry background that I should take them during training, I never wanted to carry around a bunch of pills while trying to concentrate on my sets. I have always carried a container of water with me. So when I found Glutamine Select plus BCAAs, I just mixed it in. I have had much better recovery and growth thanks to this stuff. Thank you for the advice. No one can be trusted more than Beverly International!

Brad Perkins
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Older Clients Train Better
My clients are all older. I am hesitant to put them on thermogenics because of their age, blood pressure and or other health concerns. Glutamine Select is perfect for these clients. It helps them recover quicker, train harder and train longer. They have also had great success building muscle and losing fat by taking Glutamine Select. Quality products. I learn how to use them and how to make it a way of life. If you build it they will come.

Robb Rickman
Farmington, MI

My Workout Recovery Is Quicker
Glutamine Select is an excellent product that is allowing me to recover much more quickly from my workouts. Also, I am taking it both before and after my cardio and am losing fat without losing muscle. Beverly International is not only a company to me, they are a family. I enjoy each and every time I am able to deal and meet with Beverly. The customer service I receive is second to none and the vast knowledge of the members really shows whenever I have questions. I cannot think of a single time when I have asked a question and they were not quick to respond with a response that has worked for me. I thank Beverly for all their time, patience, support and of course their great products.

Mike Short, AKA Shorty
Chillicothe, OH 45644

Glutamine Select Boosts Me Up
This stuff is the bomb!!! I love the way it boosts me up while I am working out and gives me some great pumps. This is one of the best new products Beverly has put out, I love it.

Roger Schei
Chubbuck, ID

Recovery Is No Longer A Challenge. Even On Reduced Calories I Continue To Grow.
Glutamine Select is my favorite Beverly product. I have found it to be one of the most beneficial products I have ever taken for recovery. It’s versatile and can be used during workouts, in shakes to add BCAA’s and Glutamine and between meals to increase the anabolic effect. This past off season I found I could decrease my caloric intake by 10% and still remain highly anabolic by taking a scoop of Glutamine select between meals and at night when I woke up to go to the bathroom. No other single product has provided me with the same versatile benefits as Glutamine select.

Sean Sullivan
Mashpee, MA

Increasing Strength and Recovery By Leaps and Bounds with Glutamine Select
I wouldn’t work out without Glutamine Select. Since I started taking it, I’m very seldom ever sore after hard workouts. I’m almost 62 years old and I went from 90 pounds to 270 pounds on the leg press in the last 10 months. Since taking the Glutamine Select I have seen a huge jump in strength and recovery. I’ve been training for about 29 years and I still like to challenge myself in the gym. The Glutamine Select helps me make those challenges easier and with more success.

Marcy Corrado
Clayton, OH

Dropping Fat and Gaining Muscle Is Easy With Beverly Products
Beverly is the real deal! Beverly’s products and services have turned my bodybuilding career around. My favorite product is Glutamine Select. I take 4 scoops during my training and an additional scoop between each meal. I did this for the last 4 weeks before my last show and saw an amazing difference. Even on a carb-depleted diet, doing this I was able to hold my weight and even gain lean mass at a time when I would normally lose muscle. I was able to drop fat drastically and gain muscle the last 4 weeks. I also took Muscularity and GH Factor for the first time for this show. This addition did wonders for my legs. I could see feathers in my quads and striations in my glutes. Thank you to Beverly. You are great!

Aram Hamparian
Bronx, NY

I consider my supplements essential to my success and longevity in the sport. Here is the supplement schedule I used en route to my Natural Olympia victories. Glutamine Select – 1 scoop near the end of my workout lets me finish strong, & recover fast ZMA 2000 2 before bed, helps me recover from my workout and rest better. Christina Comparato
Sylvania, Ohio

Christina Comparato ends her workout 1 scoop Glutamine Select

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