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7-Keto MuscLEAN

Proud to Have Lost 40 Pounds – and Kept It Off
I literally will not go without my Lean Out and 7-Keto. I have taken fat loss products for years, with no success. At the beginning of the summer, I started the Lean Out and 7-Keto combo and have lost 40 pounds. I followed a balanced nutrition plan, did a little cardio and continued hard weight training. I’m amazed at the results that I have achieved using these products. Now that I have reached my weight loss goals, I have loosened up on my strict nutrition plan and am not doing much cardio and am still maintaining my results. I know that if I jumped back on a stricter nutrition and cardio plan that I could lose even more. Thank you for the products and for the guidance on how to use them effectively.

Michael Mongrain
Katy, TX

18 Pounds Down in 60 Days
I’ve been using your product 7-KETO for 60 days and I have lost 18 pounds! I think it’s great

Lou Williams

No Highs, Lows or Jitters Here
I love 7-Keto MuscLean. When taking it, I don’t experience the highs, lows and jitters that other fat burners give me. What I do experience is great energy and fat loss. I recently broke my leg and haven’t been able to do cardio. The 7-Keto is helping me maintain my weight without the cardio activity that my body is used to. My husband has been competing for years. He uses the 7-Keto and has had one of the best competitive years ever, this year!

Jennifer Dale, Scientific Exercise Training
Indianapolis, IN

Here’s How You Can Drop 4% of Fat
I recently began taking the Lean Out and 7-Keto combo. I have dropped over 4% bodyfat in the 6-8 weeks that I have been using them and am excited to see my results continue.

Shane Ruby
Lyons, OH

Weight Loss without Working Out
I love the Keto MuscLEAN. I can use the Keto, not eat completely clean and still lose the fat. I wouldn’t use any other product. I went on vacation, didn’t work out and didn’t eat very well. When I got back my friends wanted to know what I had been doing, they could tell that I had lost weight!

Latia Ely

I Dropped 10lbs of Fat Very Quickly
I love 7-Keto. It gives me energy and I felt like I started burning fat immediately. I follow a high protein and moderate carbohydrate diet. I can build muscle and lose fat at the same time while taking it. I dropped 10 pounds of fat very quickly. Quality products! I learn how to use them and how to make it a way of life. If you build them they will come.

Robb Rickman
Farmington Hills, MI

More Energy with a Side of Fat Loss
I really like the MuscLEAN. Benefits for me were appetite suppression and extra energy. As soon as I began taking it, I was full of energy. I remember commenting to some that I now had the energy I needed to train. The other nice thing was that it never interfered with my sleep. Of course, I think it had fat loss benefits. I competed way leaner than last year, but I started 1.5% fatter only 10 weeks before the first show. Yikes! I say try it and see for yourself.

Jason Theobald
Cincinnati, OH

I Lost 4lbs In a Week!
I have just begun taking 7-Keto and within a week have lost 4 lbs! I am really psyched and cannot believe it. But I stepped on the scale today and there it was, a 4lb difference in one week!!!! I can’t even imagine what would happen if I stacked it with Lean out. I also LOVE UMP taste and would recommend any Beverly product.
Jerry Christman
Cincinnati, OH

Recommendations from my coach,
we incorporated the following into my supplement schedule:

  • 7-Keto MuscLean: 3 capsules twice daily
  • Lean Out: 2 capsules with each meal

Nicole holding 7-Keto and Lean Out
Nicole Phinney

I’ve Lost 7lbs in 2 Weeks
You’re shipping is the best. I faxed an order on Wednesday night and the product was there the next day. I have been a Beverly distributor for about 4 months, and about 2 weeks ago I added 7-Keto MuscLEAN to my supplement program. I have lost 7 lb in slightly over 2 weeks and I feel it is mostly fat loss.

Steve Snyder
Columbus, OH

Beverly International since 1976

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