Nutrition Solutions

Beverly International Diet Library

Click the link above for a guide through our Diet Library. Are you looking for muscle gain, fat loss, or gaining strength? This interactive chart will help you choose the right nutrition plan depending on your weight, condition and goals.


Beverly’s Nutrition & Training Blueprints for Success

Remove the guess work and follow the link above for guidance to training and nutritional success.


The Beverly Method

  1. Beverly International 50-20-30 Gain Muscle–Lose Fat Nutritional Program
  2. “Fit Figure” 50-20-30 Nutrition and Supplement Program
  3. Beverly International Contest Countdown ... 8 Weeks Out
  4. Beverly International Off-Season Bodybuilding Nutrition Program


Competitors Programs

  1. Men’s Bodybuilding
  2. Women’s Physique
  3. Figure
  4. Bikini