Male Gain Muscle Lose Fat Level 3

This is a great plan for the fairly serious bodybuilder who wants to add muscle while reducing bodyfat.



Super Pak w/ breakfast.

Mass Aminos 4 tablets with each meal or shake

Ultra 40 4 tablets per meal or shake

Glutamine Select Mix 2 scoops in 16oz water. Sip before or throughout training sessions.

Optional Supplements for the Gain Muscle and Lose Fat program:

Creatine Select will help you keep your strength up and train harder. It is a “best buy” when you compare benefit to price. Take 1 scoops with each meal or shake for the first 5 days, then 2 scoops daily on training days, and 1 scoop on non-training days.

Muscle Synergy – if you want to continue to add muscle, get a great pump every workout, and can afford it – then Muscle Synergy is for you. You have to take enough though, eight tablets or 1 scoop twice a day. Muscle Synergy is one of our very best supplements, we just don’t always recommend it to everyone because of the expense.

Up-Lift – take 2 scoops before training for pump, focus, and increased strength.


Meal #1

2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites

5oz lean meat

1/2 cup oatmeal - before cooking

Meal #2

Protein Drink: 2 Scoops UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein), 2 tbsp healthy fat (almond butter, flax oil, olive oil) or 2 tbsp heavy whipping cream, add enough water to make a shake or pudding the consistency you desire.

Whole food option: 8oz lean beef, 1 apple or other fruit from “Master Food List”.

Meal #3

8oz lean meat

6oz sweet potato or 2/3 cup cooked brown rice

2 cups vegetables (broccoli, etc.) or salad with 2 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing

Meal #4

(same as meal #2)

Meal #5

10oz lean meat

2 cups vegetables

salad with 2 tbsp vinegar and oil dressing


Optional Post Workout Shake: if you are less than 10% bodyfat (you can see your abs pretty clearly), you can add a post workout shake of 2 scoops Mass Maker Ultra plus 1 scoop of Muscle Provider for rapid gains in strength and mass.