How to Use the Beverly International Diet Library

Select your principal goal for your 12-week nutrition program from one of the 4 Goal areas listed below:

  1. Body Recomposition (BR Muscle) - Primary focus on muscle gain with some fat loss
  2. Body Recomposition (BR Fat Loss) - Fat loss first priority with some muscle gain
  3. Maximum Fat Loss (Fat Burning/contest prep)
  4. Maximum Muscle Gain (gain weight, muscle and strength)


Use the quick start chart below to choose your initial starting diet program from the Beverly International Diet Library.


Quick Guide to determining your condition: Male Female
Above Average 14% <20%
Average 15-19% 21-28%
Improvement needed 20% >28%



Click "Males" or "Females" to reveal charts then click on the plan that most closely matches your condition and goal.

Click "Males" or "Females" to reveal charts.